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病気ー!!?? [04 Aug 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

not fair. I have ...I don't know really... a cough. I sound like a dog. ... I got a job, sorta. ...I'm a slave to capitalism I swear. whee, I get an extra $40 a week... ...-_-

went to uni today...again...starting coughing like a dog so I left the class...rang sis at 3.05pm she didn't have her fucking phone with her...seems I had to wait went to see monday class lecturer (didn't go to the class either)...he said I don't have to do my oral presentation cos I'm doing the korean nite class for extra (w00t!) ...but I left a msg on my sis's phone to get me a lift on her way back home with dad...I figured they'd get home at about 4.30pm, so I waited in the cold (with no jacket cos they were all in wash/at kirstens house!!!) and coughing my lungs up (no, I'm not a smoker ...><) ...nobody came, so I caught two trains and the bus home... (!!!!!!! nobody even knew I was waiting cos sis didn't check her phone !!!!!!!!)

so yeah, I'm going to crawl into bed now... cos I need to be well for uni tomorrow.


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イーーヤーー!!! [20 Jul 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | conconjump - yume ]

be more patient..???

...this patience is killing me inside.

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チック・トック・チック・トック [05 Jul 2004|03:55pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | conconjump - baka musume ]

The time is going so slow... I got home this morning at about 6.30am, went to bed, twohours later everyone else was up being noisy as all hell, and meanwhile I'm feeling dizzy from lack of sleep and too much alcohol. Then mum decides to vacuum at 10am ...-_- so I'm just trying to sleep and then I still can't so I get up, the first thing Ebony says to me is, can I have $3. ...><|| so I take it out of my 'money jar' which everyone has just been taking money out of anyway... even tho it's my emergency transport money. (I woke up like 12.30 by they way)

I was supposed to go to family too last nite, but I forgot. but its all good, I had fun at the beat. XD

Mari almost lost her bag again... and Eva did loose her cigerette case. luckily Rie had Mari's bag, but Eva cigerette case thingy had been handed in to the manager. So I had to run around looking for Jason... who I didn't know was the manager... yet I'm pretty sure I'd met him before, somewhere else tho, not at teh Beat. *shrugs* so that was lucky. Oh, and then I met Amanda and her friend Damian, anyway we were dancing... and then her friend was like, shit I've lost my shirt O_o and we had to look for it, but of course someone had stolen it. (air head)

China teased me too. shithead. She's like, (in japanese) yeah yeah Mari, Losa can speak japanese really well... and then for like 30mins they refused to speak english to me... >< it was alright, cept I was drunk, so they speaking in japanese and I was replying in english...

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...(o_o) [02 Jul 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | BEP - lets get retarded ]

wow, it's July now.... I didn't notice that yesterday. dang, missed out on punching my sister.

bought new shoes, didn't like the brand name (sixty-nine) so I cut the tags off. like anyone gives a hoot. listened to my music at earsplitting level, had two glasses of wine, lay on my bed, ate a whole garlic loaf, and drank 4 glasses of milky milo :) ... w00t ... I have no money :( hmm, I wonder if they'll have a job opening at the uni library yet.

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イライラ!!!! > [01 Jul 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

dagnamit! what is the justification of getting a loan to pay off a loan! how does that work, it doesn't!! you still have money to pay back, only now, you have a different group breathing down your back about giving them money...gah!! fucking stupid retarded. (><;)

I don't wanna live here anymore, but I don't have the money to move out. Why? cos they fucking borrowed it off me and now I don't have the money to get on my own two feet and be independant which is what i wanna do!!!!!!!!!! (T_T) *sigh* I'll just stay here, put up with eating microwave shit... just like, in japan... only I'm living with my parents. that kinda makes it sad.

meh, I'm just all morbid cos mum's fussing about in the kitchen, yelling about how she wants to get another loan, so stupid. AND THEN SHE THROWS AT ME THAT I HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!! what what what??!! am I getting a loan to pay off my credit card NO! fuckin hell!! I'm living in poverty to pay it off, just like I'd be living in poverty while I saved up for everything I wanted, only now I have it and I'm living in poverty still but hey! ... besides, I'm already in enough debt with uni fees. (;_;)

I wouldn't be living here if mum didn't borrow my money off me.

...and that's all I'm saying...

meanwhile, all I wanna do is sleep. don't wanna do anything. its holidays, I don't even wanna meet up with anyone. Although I am supposed to be meeting huniyo. meh. ...well, it would be cool if I could speak korean too... *grrr*

...man, I would sleep under my aunties house, on the hammock, if I couldn't stand it anymore, but obviously its not so bad, cos I can handle it still...

I'm mean, I've only been putting up with my mums bullshit since as long as I can remember. ...*childhood memories* ...(-_-')

another 20yrs couldn't be that bad. besides, I'm so not gonna live anywhere near her by that time.

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起きたばかり... [29 Jun 2004|12:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Erica just woke up... its mid day already!!~~! we have a japanese test today ~kya! ^^; last one for this semester~! XP ...only 20% tho, what is the point.

oh, I had the weirdest dream last nite... first vivid one I've had in ages that I can remember. *stretches*

Ok, so Kirsten, someother ppls and I were in this massive freaking library (yay... -_-). I remember it had over 13 floors. Anyway, someone started writing really horrible, scary, threatening things on the tissue paper in the bathroom (the paper you use to dry your hands) and then just sticking it around the bathroom for all to read. Now, most of the stuff written was about me, and don't actually know what it was but I was convinced that it was Kirsten doing it. So I was hating her. ...Everyone was all confused so we had a meeting. We pushed all the study tables together next to some periodicles (file thingies) and sat around them, and Kirsten wasn't there. Automatically most agreed it was Kirsten doing it. So I walked away and sat on some stairs just crying... and then I walked some more... and cried. Meanwhile everyone else was just putting the evidence together... and everything became very vague. We realised that K was missing and the msgs were still getting written, so we got video cameras to record everything. Then someone found a small bottle of blue liquid which we discovered after some kind of remarkable sniffing test was invisibility stuff... I was like, see! Kirstens made herself invisible and is writing all this shit about me!! (wah wah wah ... more crying) then I coulda sworn I saw would looked like the outline of an invisible body, so I was trying to catch it... I was also trying to hold the camera at the same time I tackled the figure to teh ground and did somekind of monkey magic thingy on her and realised it was someone else, and she just laughed at me.. and I was like, its you! (even tho I've never seen teh person I saw in my dream before in my life) Everyone else than joined in and we made her tell us where kirsten was... she bound up and hidden in the toilet storage room... the colour blue. like as if she had been dipped in blue water colours... her clothes and hair were a darker blue than her skin. So I freaked out, and I had to carry her (don't know why it was me and not a guy carrying her) up to the 25th floor to medicle assistance (yes a hospital in a library)... they said to me sorry, you'll have to take her somewhere else, so I had to run back down to the 13th floor, where I was refused again, and then back to the 24th floor, where I was told if I tied her to a massive sling shot and shot her out the window a giant eagle would swoop down, grab her, and fly her off to the real hospital on next door... so I did that, watched the eagle pick her up.. the went back to confront the other chick... but I woke up before I reached her again... so yeah... how bizarre, I can't believe I remember that shit.

I should go study japanese now or something huh...

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[28 Jun 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]


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つまらない [28 Jun 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | BoA - 아틀란티스 소녀 ]

Today has been one of the most boring days of my life. So I decided to play around a bit on the computer, of course I studies before, but what the hell... feel like eating chicken.

Anyway, I have my last exam tomorrow...not last as in never have one again...but just until next semesters exams anyway... I'll have about 2/3wks holiday... I have to check that one.

If I had of had the money I probably would've bought a ticket back to japan, but I didn't get a job did I... I tried tho. I'm just too good for everywhere ;) j/k

(^^)v well, I'm gonna go do something constructive now... like get icons or something :P ok bai bai

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[28 Jun 2004|04:52pm]
you wish
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