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    Saturday, October 25th, 2003
    8:28 pm
    hey everybody
    hi. i guess it has been awile. anyways, yesterday:
    we (bree, veronika, bianca, becca, and i) went to bianca's house and tried to spike bree's hair. it didn't work and i spilled egg all over her. yeah. so then we went to the scene and we got there like two hours or so early. so we went to Big Kay and played with the bouncy ball and hoola hopes. and we got food. it was yummy. then we went back to the scene and sat and waited. we saw leanna and becca kissed her foot. then becca was out of it. so we had to help her walk sorta and she fell a few times. the show was cool. we met some guy named John there. he was cool. but i missed pickle. oh well. then we went to my house and eat wendys.
    woke up (somehow veronika lost her shirt when we were all asleep and she found it behind the couch)and talked for awhile. we finally got ready two hours laterand went to Dennys. yumm. we didnt have enough money for the tip so oh well. we had four boxes coming home and i ended up caring then all the boxes. then we went to the park and played it the misters and went to the skate park. becca tried to pull bree into the guys bathroom like michelle did to leanna. but bree was too smart and didnt go. then we went to my house. bree couldnt see texas chainsaw massacre, so she went bowling and the rest of us (becca, veronika, and i) went to the movies. it was the best and scariest movie i have ever seen. everyone should see it. i screamed when the people in the movie screamed and so we were all laughing at a scary part. it was funny. then after the movie we got ice cream and then waited for bree. then we walked home. on the way home this bitch and her friends followed us. they bugged us until we leaft and then they followed us. bree, veronika, and becca ran and i just walked and they were right behind me yealling at me and some of her friends were starting to surround me so i finally ran for about twenty feet, then i saw my friends and started walking again. then we were idiots and went back about ten minutes later. we thought they were gone so we walked towards the baseball parks to see if there were and games. the girl was there. so she followed us again and tried to provoke us. we just kept walking and she kapt following. then she started to walk back and becca fixed her bra strap and the girls friends thought she flipped the girl off so she followed us again, only i wasnt paying attention so my friends ran and i didnt. the girl grabbed me and her friends said i flipped her off. so she beat me up and i had no one there o help me because my friends were gone. now they feel bad and it isnt there fault. so yeah im done now. bye bye.
    Sunday, August 17th, 2003
    10:52 am
    Big Girls Dont cry yi yi yi.
    Friday- I went to Beccas aunts house at 6 a.m. and met Leo and Lucy. We played video games.and tried to put the kareoke, but we couldnt figure it out. I dyed the tips of Becca hair black twice. It turned purplish brown. Then we went in the jaccuzzi, and hid from a black bee. I never met those neighbors of hers but oh well. I tried to walk lucy, but I guess she walked me. We ate almost a whle bag of cookies. I kept stepping on the one cokie I dropped. Then later we went to the LIT thingy at the SAntee Teen Center. We played poker with Mercades and Kyle. Then Kyle and this kid Aaron were playing basketball, and they kept hitting Becca and sometimes me. THen, I put streaks in Beccas hair; Red, Blue, Gold, and Pink.
    Saturday- We evntually got my dad to give us a ride to Dennys so that we could have milkshakes.We split those new mini cheeseburgers. And Becca ate the lemons for her hair, but I used one in my drink. Then when we were walking back to my house, all these guys were looking at Becca, and most of them were older guys. Becca found a plastic rubber duckie. Then when we were a few houses away from my house, these two guys were whispering and stareing at Becca, and after I looked back at them, they asked us how old we are. Becca should of said 10. And after 4 hours of begging my dad, he finally took us to the Casualties show, down at the Scene. When we got there, there were like 90 people in line to get tickets, and we accidently cut the entire line, and nobody cared, because the cool people in front let us. After, an hour of staring at people and talking we went inside and I ripped the top of my pants on the bench. Then we went up tp Leanna, and Becca gave her a hug, and halfway through the hug Leanna relized who Becca was. Then we were sitting on the bench and this creepy guy was talking to Becca. Then all of a sudden Becca was 5 inches closer to me. Then Becca made me get in my FIRST mosh pit. It was the shit. And of couse I fell on top of Becca who was in a big crowd of people who fell down. I pushed her down to get back up. Then when we got out of the mosh pit, we went over and found where they sell those refreshment thingys, and we were like second line in line, the two guys in front of us, kept turning around. One kept looking at Becca and the other stared at my boobs. I just stared at him into his eyes until he noticed and looked away. THen Becca drank almost all the Sprite I bought and I had a sip. Then this girl showed us her tatto of this naked guy. All because we wanted to see if this girl had lipstick of blood on her shirt. Then the Briggs started playing. I looked at the lead person, and I said to Becca "isnt that the guy from line who looked at me?!?!?!" and we got in an arguement about who he was looking at. WE both said he was the one who looked at me, but we couldnt hear what the hell we were talking about so we thought we were argueing different things. Then the Casualties started playing, and.......a big mosh pit started and everyone started crowd surfing and shit. The Casualties were awesome. Then Becca stomped on some guys foot and got a liberty spike stabbed in her eye. Then Becca bought a Cheap Sex CD. And........then Kenny scared us when we were about to leave. Then Becca ran into him on the way out, and I almost ran into his friend. Im done.

    Current Mood: hot
    Current Music: Shes a Lady by Tom Jones.
    Thursday, July 17th, 2003
    2:53 pm
    Finally Another Entry
    hi. ummm......since the last time i wrote in my journal my dog got sprayed by a skunk, becca and i saw Finding Nemo, Johnny and I went to alateen, my twin and I saw Charles Angels Full Throttle, and other stuff that I either forgot or don't care about. Becca probably wrote about most of this stuff so I really don't want to retell it. Well i have to go now anyway so bye.

    Current Mood: blah
    Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
    9:19 pm
    First Entry.
    Tonight I went to Alateen with my twin. It was hilarious. It was funny when Becca said her crappy which was, "My crappy is that, I don't have a ride to the Cheap Sex Show.................This Weekend." All the guys faces had different expressions, but they all said "CHEAP SEX?!?!?!" THen this one guy was like, "Who?!?!" Then, another said, "Cheap Sex....... I went to one of their shows." Then another said, "THey rock. " Then the last one said, "My Favorite." *I dont think it was about the band.....* GOd, Johnny is always starting a riot. Then, in the closing we (Me and Becca) had a pinching war. After that, we went to Walmart and Becca and I were taking off caps to all the deodorents and smelling them. When we were doing that, this guy, who looked familiar, was staring at Becca for about two minutes straight. It was creepy. Anywho, we are at my house. Bye Bye.