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Friday, August 6th, 2004

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    I don't give a fucking shit anymore
    You never fucking cared about me
    It was all a fucking big lie
    Just so you could watch me be in pain

    I told you I loved you
    And you said the same
    You said 'mine' when ever you talked to me
    And I called you 'mine'

    We said we will be together forever
    But forever is a long time
    We claimed that we were in love
    An that no matter what-
    We would always be together

    But in the end
    You fooled me by saying
    'We will always be friends'
    But I thought friends were
    Supposed to be there for each other

    Not turn their back on the other one
    When they are needed the most...

    written by me

    Current Mood: angry

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