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12th June 2004

7:34pm: i haven't updated this in forever. what are all these rude anonymous comments about?

7th March 2003

7:25pm: oh. and um. new layout even though its just my lj layout with 1 different color for the table.. its so ugly. arg.
7:17pm: um. oops. i haven't updated in.. forever. i hate this username it annoys me but i don't see the point in getting a new one because its not like i ever update this anyway.. ugggggh.

2nd February 2003

6:57pm: 75% of my buddy list is away. also, now it is 83.3% because i am going to eat cookies, even though i am not particularly hungry.
6:52pm: also, i don't update.
i want those lucky charms fruit snacks.

21st January 2003

8:45pm: go join SKöRDA DET BALLooNS! NOW! or i'll de-SKöRDA them!

19th January 2003

8:14pm: i have written a song
and its crap
la la la la with his finger
i don't even li-ike that song
but its stuck
in my head
and the form in my guestbook
is red!
2:50pm: conversation with ica
leak in the roof: haaha
leak in the roof: 22 bucks for SHIPPING AND HANDLING? damn lorelai what are you trying to buy?
dol amarth: er... a 3 foot tall stuffed penguin?
dol amarth:
leak in the roof: HAHAHAHA
leak in the roof: you're crazy
dol amarth: nick munch is crazier, he paid 55 bucks for a pair of ripped jeans, and then 50 for another pair of non ripped ones.
dol amarth: because he is a moron

17th January 2003

3:31pm: however, due to the fact that i only have this layout because i stole it from jeff and am a complete *FAILURE* at blurty layouts.. i have only succeeded in giving this new colors. and stars, instead of hearts.
3:17pm: so today i updated and downloaded ton of songs by mineral, cursive, and bright eyes. oohyeah. <33 mucho.. inspired by the emo game. then i came here to update and realized i need a new layout.

12th January 2003

9:03am: YAY OKAY! thank you gabi :) fructose, you were the #113th comment BUT i deleted 2 of gabi's so i would have... ELEVENTY ONE!!! because that is another of my favorite numbers which are: 111, 42, and 9 :)

so nobody comment on that last entry anymore :P

11th January 2003

6:28pm: i never update.
6:28pm: so, here's the plan, kids. i get 100 comments and this won't be dead anymore! YAY!

5th January 2003

5:40pm: I haven't posted since last year, and then when I do its a plea for help. This is what I posted at _coma and my livejournal:

I have to do this thing for science. Leslie (my friend)'s description of what we have to do is this:

"your lab should be in this format... title, state question to answer (does the sl;ope effect the velocity) list ALL materials and quantities, expalin precedure (number them 1- whatever) show your results in a table, draw conclusions based on data, and draw a conclusion about other subgroups data (the stuff about how does the discharge effect the velocity of a stream) in a paragraph, and add some real world applications... make sure you have units on everything, and that the question and conclusion are in complete sentences"

I have my 2 data tables, and the procedure. Also, for the conclusion/etc for the first question, i have this:

"A steeper slope causes the stream's velocity to be greater. As the slope increases, the velocity increase. Water coming over a waterfall is much faster than water in a stream going over flat ground. This is because a waterfall has a much greater slope."

I need real world applications & conclusion & stuff for the 2nd question, which is like.. how does the discharge effect the velocity of a stream or something. And its due tomorrow and I NEED HELP. I called my friends. Alice told me the procedure.. ERGH. SAVE ME!

P.S. Don't bother replying if it is after about 9 PM EST, as it is a school night and apparently I have to get ready for bed at 9. Which is craziness, since my parents get up way earlier than that and they don't go to bed at 9.. Anyway, that's all. PLEASE HELP OR ELSE I WILL DIE.

You can also im me at DOL AMARTH or email me at if you can help me. *cries*

29th December 2002

4:55pm: haha. my brother wants to get something to watch dvds on in his room. one of his ideas is to get an xbox. he is $30 short of having enough to get it. i have $171.25. if he got an xbox, i realize that i could get games and use his xbox to play them on! he says it wouldn't be fair if he spent all this money and i got to use it for free to play my games on. and so therefore.. he wants me to pay him the $30. sadly, the LOTR game (TTT, coming out 1/1/03, apparently FOTR isn't buyable? Hmm. WILL HAVE TO INVESTIGATE!) is $49.99. hate spending money. gaspeth! & am very bad at games. haven't gotten past hagrid's garden in the HP GBA game. pffff.


23rd December 2002

9:20pm: your blood in mine...
(you know you want to sign up...)

21st December 2002

8:41pm: today was christmas celebration with my mom's family. I GOT TWO OF THE THINGS I WANTED MOST! this (but where are the stickers? HM! oh wait. my aunt got it at hot topic, apparently, so there it doesn't come with stickers :() and this! yay!

also, i expect that either from my parents or from my dad's side of the family, i will get clothes, and probably emily the strange ones as that is what i asked for. I HEART EMILY! weeeoo. maybe i'll make an emily blurty layout. eh, no, can't be bothered.
12:34pm: 1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'll be 24 years old and not living anywhere near Dryden.

2. In that 10 years what year do you think you'll enjoy most?
The year I move away from Dryden

3. What kind of place are you going to live in?
One that does not resemble my present house.

4. What kind of animals would you have?
A chinchilla, a corgi, and a golden retriever.

5. Do you think it's all possible?
The being 24 years old and not living anywhere near Dryden. Unless I die.

17th December 2002

i am a blurty neglector. that is all.

13th December 2002

7:42pm: i added people that were on jeffie's friends list to my friends list. not all of them on his but some. um. yes. well. SOOOO THAT IS THAT.


11th December 2002

3:50pm: Brother: "Hey, listen to what Marcin's profile says; 'I am a nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect.' Can't argue with that logic."

Me: "But you aren't perfect, so therefore you are aren't a nobody!"

Brother: "I guess you can't argue with that logic, either...

5th December 2002

6:21pm: WANT THIS BLURTY LAYOUT? you have to credit me because if you don't and I find out, you will DIE. you also MUST comment if you use it because i want to see :( you can change the colors, if you want. )
3:56pm: oh, sure.
so the add new entry thing says it doesn't work. so i download the client for my computer. and then have to get my password sent to me.. and THEN it decides to work. dumb. so i copied jeff's layout but mine is better because it has HEARTS. well okay his is better but shh. anyway so ummm comment and yeah.

4th December 2002

8:15pm: weather pixie
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