Shitennou Ficathon   
09:45am 16/05/2004
  Gertrude: set almost entirely on the internet, Mako and Neph are talking and she's bitching and he's making her smile. At the end of hte story, she posts a "brb" and goes to his room. Awkward moment, then she kisses him. "because you always make me smile." he grins and tells her to wait, and types something on the screen before turning it off. When she gets back to her room, it says "I love you".

Neph's SN is something like PrinceCharming, or something ><

Myrtle: Maybe something about the first revival of the world after the great freeze? Maybe not romance relatated, try for a Mina/Kunz story. Still have time to plan.

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10:56pm 04/04/2004
  watch "Gone in 60 seconds" sometime soon.  

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05:12pm 05/03/2004
  The Darker Side of Light
She leaned demurely against the tree, staring out at the soft, fat rain. It was cold, but she didn’t notice it. She noticed instead how the puddles bubbled, and the dripping of the leaves over her head as they bowed and bounced under the weight of the water. She noticed how continuous the rain made the world feel; everything got wet, no exceptions. She noticed how slowly the water seeped through her thick hair and finally reached her scalp in single drops tracing their way across her skin. She noticed the weight of her ponytail, and how single hairs clung to her face and across her eyes. She noticed how the rain cooled her heated cheeks and ran down the same tracks a few stray tears had left a moment ago. But she did not notice the cold.
Her clothing was sodden and chilly, her skirt clinging wetly to her thighs, like a child afraid of being taken from his mother. She shivered involuntarily, a little from the actual chill but mostly because of the dark thoughts racing through her mind. Subconsciously she rubbed her arms and tapped into the warmth dwelling inside her to warm her skin slightly.
“Mako?” the voice seemed distant and hazy in the rain, though the speaker had just appeared at the girl’s elbow. Makoto didn’t deign to acknowledge the voice, and continued to count the raindrops.
“Mako?” the voice asked again. The rain around her stopped and the hollow pounding of water on nylon echoed around them as a pink umbrella with bunnies on it was offered. “I know you like storms, but you’ll get sick if you stay out here like this forever.” Mako gave her companion a fond look of gratitude, but was unable to mask the hollowness in her eyes. Usagi caught that immediately, and both of them knew it.
“How much...” Makoto began slowly, trying to string her thoughts together. “How much do you remember about our past lives, Usagi?”
“Enough.” The short blonde responded, smiling.
“I...I remember too much, now. Luna said it would take time for the memories to completely return, and I wish they hadn’t.”
“I...I see. Here, hold this.” She handed off the umbrella to Makoto and began to dig through her pockets. A frown graced her face as she dug deeper, but suddenly her eyes light cheerfully as she found her prize. She grinned at Mako. “If this is about what I think it’s about, then I know just what you need!”

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01:13pm 10/01/2004
music: Just can't wait to be king: Lion King
don't really remember where the rest of the thought went, but I'm gonna rewrite what I have so far in my BatB story.

His father's name is Richard.
Last name? Something either French or English. Probably English, as French is fairly dead.
Talk to Katie about French phrases.

The beast is French as well, she keeps Beaux because she admires his drive, and feels he has the greatest connection to his mother so to get even with her.
Does the beast have a name? Maybe it's Belle ^.^`` Name her that at the end. It could be real cute.

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Short Stories   
01:21pm 02/01/2004
mood: busy
music: LoTR; Fellowship soundtrack
Story exercise about a Cat, a Well, and a little boy named Johnny Green )

Sunday: Cosmic Threads clip )

Stolen Enchantments: possible side scene )

Was cleaning my room today, and found lots of papers that I wanted bits and pieces from. Here they are, so I can get back to cleaning. Goodie.

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01:11pm 02/01/2004
mood: busy
music: Evanescense: My Immortal
"All that it takes for evil to triumph is to have good men sit back and do nothing." Edmund Burke

Haiku by me:
Magic of the dark
While ghostly black clouds drift by
Full moon hangs heavy

Song lyrics from who knows what...Enigma, Enya, etc:
Roses that take thousands of years to bloom for one night under the twilight under the break of heaven
Rain and river
Angel tears
talk of the break of morning

the sea turned black
the sun turned cold
the air turned to blood
the beast turned grey
the stars turned fast
the sky turned red

Creative Writing class experiments:
Bonnie Learn, a teacher who is pregnant, is sitting alone in the quiet park on October 6, 1945. She is sad because she is so in love with her husband but she got into a fight with him because of her unborn childe.

21 year old Josh is in the jewelry store. It's winter time and he's fumbling with his clothing as he waits to be attended to. He's buying a wedding ring for his girlfriend. He stumbles on the way out of the store and slips on the ice, but he makes it back to his cabin where his girlfriend is waiting. He just wants tomake her happy.

Melissa Drake is a secretary in a legal office. She's strongheaded and on Jan 17, 2000 she goes to the mall and steals a sweater because she really wanted it and she manages to talk her way out of it.

Terri Braddock is a classic middle aged housewife who smiled and kissed her daughter's cheek as she tied her up in the early morning in an empty apartment littered with boxes. This wouldn't be happening except Terri had a few too many pills and went psycho.

Swiss Miss wore her usual gothic wear as she went shopping at the crowded supermarket early President's Day moorn. The market was in a strip mall along a New England beach. Swiss Miss needed to find someont to fix her toaster.

Joanie Lee is in her nightgown in a costume shop. She's thinking about a guy. She gets her first kiss from her worst enemy.

Looking back at all those, I realize what I rush I must have been in to get them done for class, and how tired I must have been. Who knows if I'll ever do anything with them, probably not. But at least I can get rid of the paper that had them on it now that I have it written in here...

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random work   
01:42pm 24/12/2003
mood: frustrated
music: Ayumi Hamasaki: Boys and Girls
I've really grown attached to these two characters, and decided to write a short story about them in the early years. I've done so much with Marti so far, cause she's so down-to-earth and I like that, but Elle...Elle needs some attention too.

Er...Elle has run away (she's 12 but looks 8) and meets Marti. Marti has also run away. Elle suggets they go to Bordertown, but Marti thinks it's silly. Mini adventure, they both go home in the end.

I don't know. I feel like I can't write anymore. I want to, but I just can't get the words out right. I've been so taken with drawing lately. I'll go back to that for now...but I don't want to stop writing. I really don't want to.

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Art ideas   
12:19pm 19/12/2003
  Two picture ideas:

A woman about to go to the public baths. sheet wrapped around her loosely, looking back over her should "well, are you coming?" look back-shot. Try to do realistic.

Dark room, maybe down-shot, girl sleeping, cat by her side also asleep. Ghost of a man either: 1) bending over and kissing her forehead or 2) kneeling by her side holding her hand. Possible caption: "remember when I told you I'd be with you forever?" or "With you in your dreams"

Also, remember to do the requested art of a realistic Jadeite. Don't know whether it'll be fanservice or not (kinda probably will be) head-shot would be too boring. X3 Model art: Glen (SoI?) Teddy, Josh (Broadway)...we'll see how that goes.

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02:12am 10/12/2003
  Please God....
I just want to love someone....

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Just remembered   
12:38pm 07/12/2003
  An old, old story idea that resurfaced in my mind. Basic story; girl is out walking by the highway (in a park of sorts or something) and is taken into another time. Falls in love, and is brought back. Finds him again when she time has passed? Not sure yet. Some passaged derived from choir:

It was cold. Bloody cold. Not even that. It was frigid, freezing. It was what Marti both hated and loved about Minnesota weather.

She heaved a sigh, the moisture of her breath condensing on her scarf and make the wool uncomfortably scratchy on her face.

The clear digital tones of the "Mexican Hat Dance", played two octaves too hgh, penetrated the cold air. Marti shifted the leash to her other hand and dug into her coat pocket, pulling out hte ringing cell phone. Pulling her scarf down with her wrist, she hit the button and held the phone to her ear.

Play this with Marti and Elle from AP class, since I liked them so much and didn't get the chance to let them stretch to their full potential.
Elle has a blind-date set up for Marti that night and is why she's calling "don't walk my dog for too long, there are plans tonight!" something like that.

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Shadows and silhouettes   
11:59am 07/12/2003
  Another story idea: something about the beauty of silhouettes. I was walking at dust and watching my shadow on the ground, and I was struck by how beautiful my shadow was. Like, without the features attached to it I could be beautiful. I extended my hand and it was long and shapely, my hair framed my head in the breeze and it was strikingly beautiful. And I wanted to capture that somehow.

Maybe it'll be like the story of Little Burnt Face (indian telling of Cinderella) and she can only be beautiful in her shadow anymore. One day, when it's dusk (time of magic) she touches her shadow and is taken into that world. Does that make her happy? I don't know. I'll work it out later.

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Some sort of story   
11:53am 07/12/2003
  I'm thinking this could be something like the way Eleanor Farjeon wrote "Martin Pippin" but I'm not sure what would go between the dialogue yet....

(F) "Do you believe in God?"
(M) "I don't know. Do you believe in miracles?"
(F) "Maybe. Do you believe in magic?"
(M) "Perhaps. Do you believe in fairy tales?"
(F) "I don't know. Do you believe in love?"
(M) "Absolutely. Don't you?"
(F) "Oh, my boy..."

The world wept for the past. How could she not? This world of metal, dirt and ugliness...when faced with the future, the pain was overwhelming. No pain is comparable to the pain of loving those who refuse to love in return. And so she wept. She wept for times of mystery, of love, of magic, and everything that had been destroyed by time. Sometimes, she could feel the ancient pull she longed for, but never strongly. Still, she reached towards those faint glimmers, trying to pull back into what she yearned for. But the glimmers were never pure, and her silent pleas were lost. The past was tainted by these ones, who relived it for novelty’s sake instead of for the pain and beauty of everything. The world knew that time measured nothing, but these ones, who insisted that it always flow forward, trapped themselves and trapped her with them. And so the world wept for the past she could never regain. How could she not?

(M) "Do you ever dream?"
(F) "About what?"
(M) "Anything. Life, happiness, the future..."
(F) "I don’t dream. But I believe."
(M) "In what?"
(F) "A lot of things."
(M) "Love?"
(F) "Maybe."
(M) "I'm glad."
(F) "...You know it's all a bunch of lies, right?"

The past wept for the world. How could he not?

(M) "And if I were to kiss you?"
(F) "Would that make you my prince charming?"
(M) "If you like. Would that please you?"
(F) "Maybe. Shall we find out?"
(M) "My child..."
(F) "My boy..."

(Start story. Mill of Dreams-esque)

(M) "There now, do you believe?"
(F) "In what?"
(M) "In what? In love!"
(F) "I told you, I believe in a lot of things."
(M) "But not love?"
(F) "I can't answer that. Not to you."
(M) "I love you, child. Can't you look at me?"
(F) "No, please don't make me..."
(M) "Child..."

(F) "What is your name?"
(M) "Do you need so desperately to know?"
(F) "Must you answer my questions with questions?"
(M) "Won't you look at me?"
(F) "I'm afraid."
(M) "You shouldn't be."
(F) "If I look at you, it will all be a dream..."

(M) "Do you believe in dreams then?"
(F) "Yes! Oh yes, my boy, I believe in dreams. I believe in dreams and love and...I believe in you, my boy. So I can't look at you. Please don't make me."
(M) "Is the world really so frightening?"
(F) "Without you? Can you doubt it?"
(M) "You make me laugh. No, never at you. Please, look at me. I promise I'll be here when you do."

(F) "Oh, my boy, where did you go?"

(M) "My child, why won't you believe?"

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translating is the hardest   
11:44pm 04/11/2003
mood: frustrated
music: Beat Beat Drums
So I've gotten the first part of my NaNo all worked out, right? It's this wicked idea, and I love my characters and their backstories. It's so frickin' awesome, I love it ^_^ Only problem of course, I can't focus on writing at all. Oi. What a pain.

Have I updated my word count? Hell no. I'll catch up when my laptop comes back. But I feel so much better just having a clearer idea as to where this story is going...

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NaNo begins at last!   
09:12pm 03/11/2003
mood: accomplished
music: Roomie's music
So I'm sitting here, trying to write when all I want to do is sleep. Didn't get around to finishing "Gloves", which adds to my writing workload. And then of course I have homework I still need to do (though that's minimal. Should I be happy or sad?) and I just sit in front of my computer and eat. I think I'm going gain quite a bit of weight by the time the month is over. For shame.

My current 3,017 words of NaNo nonsense )

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NaNo NaNo   
07:07pm 30/10/2003
mood: bitchy
music: John Lennon: Imagine
Rawr, NaNo starts on Saturday, and I have lost all enthusiasm I had for it. Why, do you ask? I have no idea. I fell out of the writing mood. I went through a spur, or something, and now I'm dead again. Maybe it's just cause I've yet to finish the song for the first chapter. I should do that...

I'm also trying to finish up "Gloves" before NaNo starts, so I have something to submit ti Speculative Fiction and so I won't be distracted during the month. Is this happening? Not really. Again, I feel so out of it, and just apathetic towards everything.

Lis's friend Kira is doing NaNo, about a guy who can see wings on everyone but himself (different kinds of wings). Until he meets one other person who doesn't have wings, and then he has to question why this is. I can't describe it well, but damn, it's a good idea. She says she got it from Lis, and my jealousy factor skyrockets. Fuck me, but I can't think of anything kickass like that. I feel so hopelessly uncreative. I don't know why I write, sometimes. There doesn't seem to be any point.

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Dear 'Noma   
09:35am 29/10/2003
mood: exhausted
music: Russian #3
Instead of booting this journal completely, I think it'd probably be a good idea to do as Anoma's done, and make it a haven for my writing plans. So that's what I'm gonna do: if you're really wanting to read my ideas I won't stop you. So yeah. That's what this will be. Cheers, children.

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New home!   
12:29am 29/10/2003
  Oh, you can't keep up with me, can you? Well, I'm changing again, because I am so easily swayed by my peers. Go see my *new* journal (that looks *exactly* like this one) at http:://

I know, it looks *exactly* the same. So why do I bother? Gods knows. But I do, so put up with it. Nyah.

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Quiz junkie ^_^   
10:48am 28/10/2003
mood: busy
music: Barrage
Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The

"When I wake up alone, the shades are still
drawn on the cold window pane so they cast
their lines on my bed and lines on my

The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness,
melancholy, and patience. It is governed by
the goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword,
or Unrequited Love.

As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a
hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so
much love to give, but thing just never seem to
work out the way you want them to. In life,
you can be very optomistic, even when things
are gray and nothing works out to your

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla

Which LotR Character Are You?

Created by PinkPunkerz.

Damn you, Peter Jackson, for wrecking my character. ::razz::

Probably more later, but I've really got to buckle down and do homework.

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Down and out.   
12:35pm 27/10/2003
mood: melancholy
music: Barrage
Feeling down. Don't necessarily know why, maybe it's the weather. I always seem to get down in winter, even though I love it. Lunch was nice, I laughed. But otherwise, I just want to be lethargic. I don't want to really socialize, cause I know I'd pull people under. I want to sleep and stare sadly into space. Oi, I hate my life.

Can't I just curl into a ball and cry? I don't want to come out again. I just want to lay dormant, hybernate and ignore everything I should care about but decidedly *don't* at the moment.

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12:03am 27/10/2003
mood: okay
music: Some random anime opening
today was, as usual, uneventful. Though this evening I did have a marvelous talk with people on my floor about my homesickness, which was a lot easier than talking to my usual crowd. I guess because it wasn't directly related to them, it was easier to talk out. I'm not sure I felt better after it, but it was nice to know that other people are feeling the same way about things. I'm not the only one who's missing the love. It's not about the popularity, it's about the love. And it was hard for some people to grasp that, but Emily understood. Maybe because she's a theatre-geek too. I don't know. In any case, I'm glad to have finally begun to talk out some of my issues.

5 days til NaNo. And now, all I want to do is write fanfic. It's a sick, twisted mind I live in.

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