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it's been awhile. [08 Sep 2003|03:25pm]
[ music | another brick in the wall || class of '99 (faculty cd) ]

i have not updated this thing since i got back from france. that was a long time ago. kinda. well i have started my junior year of high school, unfortunately. but it looks like it is going to be a fun year. if you take away all the hard school work that will be coming our way this year. not the mention college-ness.

this weekend...let's see.
on friday me haigs and cai went to the pool aka caroline's job. greg came and joined us and we had our fun playing marco-polo and going down the water slides. we dried ourselves off and ran on back to cai's house but not for long. we went out to dinner at tgif. we retreated back to caroline's and a few more people came to join as we watched austin powers three. it was a good time but i was wicked tired. OH and i got the new elliott cd. i am very happy about that.
saturday. i went into the city with haigs and met up with a whole bunch of wellesley kids at the free big d and less than jake show. then haigs and i landed back at her residence and we freaked out, (more like i freaked out) when we saw that UT, my friend alex's band, was playing that night at our community center. we went to check it out and indeed, there was a show. so i got to see him play and that was exciting. then his girlfriend came, after his band had finished their set. ohh, how sad. but i got to say hi and he gave me a huge hug and he looks good. i hadn't seen him since the spring when i went to one of his lax games. i miss talking to him as much as i used to but he is too busy to talk to me now that he has his girlfriend. woo, go him.
ANYWAYS. sunday. me haigs and alissa went to see american wedding. it was funny. but it took way too much effort to sneak into that. jesus. i mean okay. they sold us tickets to see american wedding and then they wouldn't let us in. i was so pissed. i told him i was 17 but i just didn't have my ID with me. he still wouldn't let us in. we had to change our tickets to another movie (seabiscut...good movie). we then went to our "movie" and stood for about 4 minutes and retreated to the bathroom. we sent alissa to see if the coast was clear and we could get in. she went twice, both unsuccessful because of 1)a cleaning guy and 2) a cop she saw. we finally all went and had no problem. there was NOBODY in the theater. then an usher came in, like 45 minutes into the movie. he stopped right at our isle. scary. but we just sat there, as still as possible and continued to watch the movie. nothing happened. but i was wondering...what exactly do they do to people that they catch watching an R rated movie when they "shouldn't be"?? arrest them? or what?

MAIL! and guess what?! i got my license. like the actually thing. woohoo. hahah the picture is a bit better in color but it's still pretty bad. it's kinda funny. it looks like i have been arrested or something. like one of those mugshots. and my signature is pretty bad too. wow just a wonderful first real I.D.

i am going to go do some homework, like read the sparknotes for into thin air for my summer reading test tomorrow. heh. i am such a good student.

later days...

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woo hoo i am back. [29 Aug 2003|08:55am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | faraway...i miss them and all the norwood show kids ]

well isn't this nice. computer. typing. i am back in america. oh how very very very very exciting. i missed it very much while i was out of the country all month. don't get me wrong i love the french and their country but i missed my friends and teenagers i could have a normal intelligent conversation with...and not have to use my french skills. alissa and i had a blast and a half and we met quite a few french guys.
we have our stories but i am not going to really go on about them in here in great detail because not only do i not feel like it but it might be boring to read.
yes we drank but one night of drunkeness was enough for alissa and i. poor alex, poor alex.
blah blah blah i really don't feel like making a wicked long entry here. i feel like i have a lot to do. and it is really early, well here is it. but in france it is like two in the afternoon.

yeah. i have lots to do today. i will talk about them later because hopefully good good things will come out of todays appointments. ahem. yeah.

school starts very shortly. and all the old seniors are already at college. it's very sad. there will be no good, hot boys to drool over this year. what am i going to do?!
i am kinda ready for school to come anyways. i am kinda missing having a routine and a schedule in my life and i miss seeing everyone everyday. and aduno although this summer was a good one i have had better and i just feel like this summer is ready to end. it feels like one of the longest summers.

that's all for now. i am going to get my surf on and poke around on the web. horray for computers!


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weee [28 Jul 2003|12:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | the get up kids || mass pike ]

okay so my night of the concert.
it was good. very very very very good. i was very excited. i ate three donuts right before we got in. it was sexy. i looked cute in my little outfit. my favorite part about it was my necklace. i made it. woo. so we haigan and i got in pretty early. she was a good girl and didn't let me buy the thursday shirt that i really wanted. she knows i need to stop spending money even though i was only $12. heh. so we went and sat on this unused bar that was set up at the end of the floor pit thing. it was great view of the stage and close. we sat there for the whole concert. through all of the horrible, really screamy bands that we didn't know. except we knew converge. and we weren't really looking forward to that. but then converge had a tech-difficulty. something like a string broke er something. so they couldn't finish one of their seven minute songs and played two more songs instead of three because they took so long to fix it. but that was exciting. because then thursday came on. it was awesome. absolutely amazing. superb. we went into the pit. and it wasn't too bad. i don't think there were mosh pits during thursday. good job kids! we were basically in the third row for a while. we were infront of these really cute kids. they were all really short. two girls, standing in their bras. one had blue hair. and i mean blue. and this little guy without his shirt on. they were cuties. then i saw ryan. from the cadence. i like freaked out because they were supposed to have a show that night but had to pull out because jamel had knee sugery. (i hope you are okay jamel-ia!) so we got up closer now. it was so nice. so now we were in the second row of the pit. nice-n-close. i think i touched geoff's shoulder. they were so gooooooooooooood. then this kid standing in front of me just hopped over the rail and went out of the pit. i grabbed haigan and pulled her with me to share the spot. we were so damn close now. it was wonderful. at this point ryan was right behind me. we met his friend that i thought was jamel at first. but this kid was black and his fro was a real fro and his nose was bigger. he seemed nice. i was behind err next to him for some of it. (that's when we were in the second row). yeah but it was funny because ryan accidentally poked me and since i am so damn ticklish i like kinda yelped and twitched. haha. i thought it was funny. i think ryan felt bad. he even said something when i was talking to him about the show last night. heh. silly boy.
then it was over. and the guitarist threw a water bottle into the pit. but he missed and i got it from one of the guards. i gave it to haigan to save. after jamel-look-a-like and this adorable little girl we made friends with took a sip. okay so this little girl was such a trooper. i loved her. she was so tiny and her pant zipper had broke. so she had safety pins holding it up. but then she lost those. so she was in back of us the whole time. holding up her pants with her hands and not getting pushed out. too cool. i hope you're okay kiddo!
uhhh. yeah. then we wen't home. but not before we went to mcdonalds. and the people that work there are so fucking dumb. it's not even funny. i asked for a 6-piece chicken nugget happymeal. what does she give me? just the chicken nuggets. no fries. no cup. i ask for a cup and she gives me like the biggest one. i come back with my drink to get the food and i am like uhh where are the fries? she's like "you wanted fries?" i was like "uhh yeah. i ordered a happy meal" so she's like oh. and goes and gets fries and charges me more. what a fucking idiot. gah. but i think i slept the best i have in a very long time. probably haven't slept like this since the used concert. (that was awesome too).

yeah so it is the day before i leave for france. and i am going to miss every one of you so much. i think especially haigan because i have been spending the most time with that kiddo. hi bambi!
aduno what i am doing today. day wise. i kinda forgot it was monday. which is bad. because i was going to do something with greg today. and i thought to myself "we can do something during the day". scratch that. ::frowns::
but tonight at like 5 i am going with alissa, caroline and haigan and possibly natasha (i am unsure.) alissa's mother is taking us out to dinner and then a movie. woo. for her close friends before we leave.
i just realized that because i am doing something tonight and greg has work that i might not beable to see him before i leave. this is very very very sad. i might cry. grrr. why can't i leave wednesday just so i have one more day. one. ::sigh::

all that said. aduno if i will be able to update before i leave. hopefully i will later tonight. but i am not sure.

if i don't update...have a good month of summer without me! have fun kiddos and remember i love you and miss you. if i really love you i might send you a french postcard. we will see.

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how did i manage this? [26 Jul 2003|01:33am]
[ mood | distressed ]

somehow i forgot to mention that tomorrow night i am going to a THURSDAY show!
aduno how that slipped my mind when i was updating. but for all i know, right now you are reading this saying "uhh cole? you already told us." well screw you. i am telling you...again. errm. YEAH.

the big dilemma is what to do with my hair. this is a problem. see because there is a thing called the pit. and hair never really stays...intact lets just say. so it is not a good idea to leave it down. although i would like to. because i might end up missing large parts of hair if it is not basically plastered to my head in some way-shape-er form. grrr. i am yet to figure out what to do with it. damnit.

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meow. [25 Jul 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | funky toons coming from the guy downstairs... ]

so today.

i went to see seabiscuit with haigan and my mom. my mom wanted to go so badly that she almost made me go in my pjs. goodness. it was good though. a little bit too long. but good.
then haigs came back to my house and we had ::breathes out:: "tuna" sandwiches. (hahahah, too funny haigan.)
uhhh. we watched oprah. it was fun.
later we all went to haigan's house. me, haigs, cai and alissa. we went to rent a movie. this random guy was like helping caroline find a movie. i have no idea who he was or why he was helping us. i think he was making fun of us for picking up the weirdo movies and reading the backs out loud. caroline saw someone she knew. which isn't surprising because she knows everyone. it's insane. we also saw jason. with his sister. haha. he got a haircut and it makes him look like he is going into the service. he didn't even say hi to us. he was probably embarassed. hahahah. on our way out. steph and joe came in. it was just an eventful blockbuster visit.
we got gossip. which was interesting. it had kate hudson and josh jackson and MY BOY, norman reedus, in it. he is so hot. woooo. and he was artsy in the movie. it was sexy.
now i am home. oh what a good story. ::rolls eyes at self::

i'm in a weird mood. and it makes me mad. i think i am in one of my normal moody-moods. but there are definatly other factors that make it worse.

i feel like i need to be made of use. do something creative. maybe i will start myself yet another project that i will fall asleep in my bed doing. surrounded by magazines and small clippings.

i am in a mood where i wish i would stop thinking. because i am making myself sick. i just hate being me. and i wish it would just stop.

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huh. lets see. [25 Jul 2003|11:09am]
[ mood | 1st part:mad 2nd part:excited ]
[ music | hot hot heat stuck in my head. ]

i don't think i ever talked about my last two nights.

err yes i did. just not last night.
forgive me it is very early for me and my brain does not function at high levels. at least not right now. heh.

okay so. last night. i came home from the after-funeral thing. which was at wilson and his wife's house.
tash had been looking for me apparently. she we all excited and everything. she really wanted to do something fun.
she suggested bowling. now since i need to save money. for my driving gas and paying the insurance on my car. i was hesitant to say yes. although i really wanted to go. tash wanted to go so badly that she said she would pay for me. i was in. so we got all these people to come with us. haigan. greg. and canti with frenchy. first haigan couldn't go out. her mom didn't want to give her money, err something. then greg was told he couldn't go out. he had come home too late the night before. ::waves finger:: then our rides started to fall apart. and it was getting kinda late to start bowling. tash's parents (our ride there), said that since it was such few people, it wasn't worth the hassle. further ruining the plans and even telling tash that they wouldn't drive her anywhere.

i was so upset. i got so excited to see all my friends and i got all dressed and looked cute and everything. i started to cry. it was bad.
i am leaving soon for france. this tuesday. to be exact. and i will be out of the country for a month. this is basically the rest of the summer and i will miss everything that goes on here. not to mention all my friends. so i was all upset because this all meant that it was one more night wasted watching tv when i could have gone out and had a fucking blast with my friends.
it think my father felt bad for me and he even asked me "how many people are going?" me: crying-"it doesn't matter!" my father:"i will drive you both ways."
what a sweet little man. i am so glad he will be with me for the whole month in france.

speaking about france.
i am very excited to go back! i love the way of life over there. woowoo. provence.
i will hopefully work up my tan, read, shop, and reunite with the neighbor's children.
and this year it will be even MORE fun because alissa is coming with me. AND gene's (the american friend that lives there eight out of tweleve months) son. alex. will be there. he is our age. and i have met him before. he is very nice. quiet. but nice. and he is excited i am coming.
(this is also ANOTHER reason why i am saving my money. i need to shop in france!!)

okay okay. now cole, lets stop writing and see what today has instore for you.


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how some humans are extra amazing. [24 Jul 2003|11:55pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

today was different.
touching in amazing ways.

one of my mom's good friends lost her husband eariler this week.
he had a very serious yet uncommon respitory disease.
he was a wonderful man, although i did not know him all too well.
today was the service. and it was unlike any funeral service i have ever been too. and i have been to many.

to begin with the place where this whole event started was beautiful.
there was so much nature. it was all so beautiful and old. i hope that when i die i get buried in a place as beautiful as this one. i can't describe it.
and the day was perfect. it wasn't too hot and there was a breeze every once in a while.
you could really smell the nature in bloom. aaah. special.

we were in a small chapel-type building. maybe a little under a hundred of us.
it was a very long service. with multiple readings and several loved-ones who got up before us to speak about him. all of which was very touching.
the speeches of the two sisters and two daughters made me tear up.
i tried very hard not to cry.

this was extremly hard to do when the mailman came up.
he spoke about how wilson was always sitting on the front porch, with his oxygen tank.
he was always there. the mailman told us how he knew he would always be there to talk to and how he always knew he could stop and go to the bathroom if needed. or even get a bite to eat or something to drink. (which made us all chuckle).
it made me cry so hard. just knowing that this wonderful man lived. that he made everyone in his life feel so cared for. even his mailman who was just doing his job. he made this man's work day just that much easier to get through. just knowing that he would always be there. on the porch.

later. another man came up. a friend. a neighbor i think. and he talked about how when they got together he always just sat there talking. drinking rolling rock. and this mans speech was not planned or written down on a card or anything. he just made it up on the spot. and it really caught what wilson was like. it was another touching moment.

all in all this makes me even more sad.
because after going to this service. i realize what a special person this man really was. and i wish that i had known him better. that he had taught me something. weather it be just about life and living or even about his talent and passion, photography. i knew that he taught. but just to see all of those lives in that small chapel. all those different human-beings that he touched and even slightly made them who they are and shaped their lives by being in it.
i think this is why the mailman's speaking made me cry so much.
it all still amazes me as i look back on today.

my love go out to him and the memories of him, as well as his family and the many people he touched.


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a little better. [23 Jul 2003|05:19pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

my mom is such a sweetie.
she took me to get a manicure and a pedicure. i think it was to make me feel better. ::smiles:: i love the people at the place we go. they know my whole family. me, my sister and my mom. so nice.
so i got my toes done this cute summer-y pink. very nice. it will match my old navy pink striped bikini (yay!). and then my nails are this pink-ish color. kinda a skin tone color. really hard to explain. (as you can tell).

so update on my horror story of a day...
before my mom and i left for the nail place, we checked the emergency brake on the car ourselves. and guess what? it DOESN'T work! so screw you dad! i hate you. gah. he made me cry so much.

i better have a good time tonight.

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RAGGING MAD. [23 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

i can't even speak i am so mad. i just can't.

i went for my drivers test. i waited a hell of a long time in the registery room. the trooper finally came in. he scared the crap out of me. he didn't like my mom. (haha, bitch). i went out with the car and waited. again. he finally came to me and was checking all the things like brake lights and blinkers. then he asked me to check the emergency brake. so i pulled it up as far as it would go. pressed the gas. it slightly rolled. he made me do this several, and i mean several, times. he then asked my mother when the last time the emergency brake was serviced. she acted dumb. (fuck her). he told me that i couldn't take my test because if he needed to stop the car, he couldn't. well screw him. i came home and my dad checked it and HELLO IT WORKS. now my dad is all mad at me. he is blaming everything on me saying that i must not have pulled it up high enough. how the fuck can i pull it higher than it lets me?? so i am pissed and crying and i total fucking mess and all for nothing. because i don't even have my fucking license. he wouldn't even get in the damn car. he told me to call back and make another appointment. he said if i talked to a person instead of a machine then i could probably get in by the end of the week. well screw him. again. my new appointment is now for august 29. yeah. i have to wait another fucking month. because everything is booked and i am going to be out of the damn country. so the day after i come back from france, i have to go threw some MORE pain and suffering. sitting and waiting as i worry and sweat the hell out of myself. THANKS RMV OF WATERTOWN. I HATE YOU. AND YOUR DAMN TROOPER.

on a brighter note.
the new deodorant i got from greg (he works for the company) is working! because i can still smell it. after that horrible nightmare of a day.

oh and finally.
thank you mom and dad for being the most unsupportive parents on a very important day of my life. i hate you.

that's all for now kiddos. hope your day is better than mine.

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eeeek. [23 Jul 2003|12:14pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

got home from work and mum made me some scrambled eggs. yummy. i used to hate all eggs. i think it was because when i was little i remember it was a kind of comfort food for me. i remember it was like a sunday and i was watching my favoirte movie, ET. i don't think i was feeling too hot because i was walking around with my blankie and such. but anyways i had scrambled eggs for dinner and i later threw them out. delcious! so i didn't like eggs anymore. woo. good story nicole.

anyways...i have to go get dressed and go out to watertown to take my drivers test. i am extremely nervous. it is very worrysome. eeek. but i need to go get dressed so we are there like extra early because i think there is paperwork to be filled out and of course my mother hasn't asked and already filled it out. GOD. she makes things so stressful. not to mention that she is always late. always.

wish me luck kiddos!
let's hope i come back with my license.

-nervous cole

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overall good day. [22 Jul 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

okay this will have to be quick because of the compter-taker-away-er aka my mum.

-got up early but 3 alarms for work.
-didn't go...told to go tomorrow.
-fell back asleep with cell in bed.
-was awaken again by greg from work.
-got up.
-called and woke up haigan (sorry muffy!)
-went on train to south station with haigs and alissa.
-got on red line.
-one stop to broadway.
-up escalador
-greg standing there...cruel intentions style as he said. hehe.
-thought we wanted subs.
-stood in line.
-i wanted breakfast and so did alissa so we went to a little dinner.
-greg copied me and got french toast. alissa got an omlette and haigs got a tuna sub-thing.
-the food was amazingly tasty.
-hugged greg good-bye.
-got back on train (after a little thought and difficultly, haha).
-sat in south station for about an hour. talking with my girls and playing cell phone games.
-went to haigan's
-it rained A LOT
-got THURSDAY TICKETS for show this saturday. (too excited haigs. oh jeeze.)
-went home. ate dinner.
-went to greg's. saw gabi and sister (yay!). saw some more of the in-coming freshman (eww).
-went to jer's. (brought bikinis but didn't wear em ::sigh:: but got a short tour of part of the wicked big house. played some pool with haigan (we sucked). watched real world (new one, yay!). laughed. a lot .
-came home. currently sitting and typing this.

i have to go to bed and try to get to sleep early because i have work at 8 AM so daddy is waking me up at 7:30. eww. THEN i have my drivers test at 2. but i have to be there a half hour early or i am leaving my house at 1. to be extra safe. ::nervously smiles::

goodnight my kittens.

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look! another one. [22 Jul 2003|02:01am]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | fan, computer hum, keyboard keys ]

*The basics* Nicole Gobiel
2.age: 16
3.Birthday: 10-29-86
4.Where do you live: wellesley
5.Where do you go to school?: wellesley high
6. Pets?: no
7. Eye color: blue
8. Hair color: natural blonde
9. Height: 5 6
10. Shoe size: 8…generally
11. Parents names: Anne Marie and Robert (bob, bobby)
12. Siblings names: michelle
13. What do you want to be when you grow up: artsy.
14. How many windows are in your room: in my bedroom…two, three including my bathroom. But in the current room…two.
15. Size bed you sleep in: full
16. Happy with your room size: sure
17. Color socks you are wearing now: none.
18. Do you wear a tie for fun: no
19. Piercing: three 18 (regular) gauged in my right ear, two in my left and hopefully 18 gauged or slightly bigger in my left cartilage. Very soon hopefully.
20. Tattoo: I would be dis-owned by my family if I did. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.
21. Are you wearing jewelry? yes
22. Freckles: yes
23. Do you wear eyeliner?: yes
24 do you know Frank?: …
23. Glasses?: yes…and contacts
24. Hair- long or short: medium?
25. Ever had braces: YES
26. Are you a product of fear?: pardon?
27. Do you like candles?: yesm
28. How many computers do you have in your household: 2
29. Are you wearing nail polish?: I was…like yesterday. Toes.
30. Do you have a birthmark?: a few
31. What do your bed sheets look like: yellow? Or floral…I forget.
32. Do you shave: yes
33. Do you have any posters on your wall: yes
34. If so of what: dashboard and a shit load of mag ads/celebs
35. Do you have a pool? No but jer has TWO.
36. If so what is your address?: hah.

37. Song title: …too many
38. Day of the week: Friday err saturday
39. Shoe brand: converse?
40. Band: currently enjoying Elliott
41. Item of clothing you own: tilt stretch jeans
42. Color: black
43. Food: …that’s hard.
44. CD\tape: Elliott—False Cathedrals
45. Movie (s): how to deal…last one I saw.
46. Actor\actress: …mandy moore is cute, kate hudson, ashton, josh hartnett…
47. Song: hot hot heat—bandages, the postal service—from such great heights
48. Who's your favorite mike: as in the person?…goodmood mike, or v-mike. ::sigh:: I miss camp.
49. Sibling: only have one…
50. Famous pirate: how about…jonny depp. Haven’t seen the movie but haigan loves him…and the movie.
51. Bodily function: snort
52. Subject in school: art or english
53. Person to make fun of: ME
54. Belt you own: studded
55. House color: aduno
56: underwear brand: whatever looks good
57. Nail polish color: pink?
58. Toothpaste: aquafresh or colgate
59. Cereal: lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops
60. Bread: french bread…the kind IN france.
61. Animal: puppy
62. Letter of the alphabet: ?…n
63. Sexual position: on the beach
64. Bean: baked beans
65. Breed of dog: aduno
66. Video game: one I can actually play…
67. Porno flick: i duno
68. Soap: french soap is nice
69. 69! syre
70. Math teacher: gah
71. Candy: rollos, sedish fish
72. Gum flavor: orbit’s blue box
73. Diet plan: track
74. Give me a call if it works: it does. Thank you.
75. Computer game: snood?
76. Board game: monopoly, twister, trouble, mastermind!
77. Eating utensil: spoon
78. Spice (not girl): salt (even though thats a mineral)
79. Side of a dice: six
80. Arcade game: duno
81. Restaurant: magus, johny rockets
82. Meat: chicken
83. Vegetable: carrots?
84. Fruit: raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, plums…yay fruit!
85. Ice cream flavor: raspberry custom blend from truly, cookie dough, plain vanilla
86. Ice cream place: truely
87. Place to hang out: someone’s house?
88. House to go to: jers…haha I’ve only been their once.
89. Drug for pain relief: nothing works on me
90. Car: MINE…no actually caroline’s is really nice
91. Cartoon character: i danno
92. Vacation spot: north captiva, france (south of)
93. Flower: hmmm
94. Scent: i dunno
95. Scent on opposite sex: ax deodorant…the good one (forget the name)…phoinex?
96. Ride: rollercoaster…
97. Fire color: red
98. Animal cracker: an animal shape I can actually make out…like the elephants
99. Fire starter: lighter
100. Name: star
101. Favorite Dalmatian: the spotted one
102. Favorite race: white, but black people’s skin is so beautiful
103. Spot you see after camera flash: it’s all the same…
104. Meal: of food.
105. Time of day: night
106. Freckle: favorite freckle?
107. Punctuation mark: period
108. Foot (right of left): right
109. Kind of mathematics: …math
110. President: FDR...he was so emo (alex’s answer. heh.)
111. Black president: …
112. Woman president: you.
113. DDR song: (very alex question…but he didn’t make quiz) sandstorm--daudre
114. TV show: gilmore girls…and many others
115. TV channel: MTV
116. Holiday: halloween or christman
117. Blink 182 member: Tom
118. Oldies song: toooooo many, heh.
120. Radio station: FNX
121. Shampoo: tresemme tresemme OH LA LA
122. Bathing suit you own: fishies or pink stripes. Hard to choose.
123. Saved by the bell character: zach
124. Color highlighter: pink or green
125. Pancake: perfect “sand-dollars”
126: season: summer
127: salad dressing: my mum’s
128: citrus fruit: orange
129: magazine: the teeny ones…seventeen, cosmo girl…etc.
130: sport: track (hurdles)

*Either Or*

131. Coke or Pepsi: coke
132: Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
133. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate: milk
134. Juice or soda: juice is better for you!
135. Pen or pencil: pen
136. Phone or computer: COMPUTER
137. Short hair or long hair: long
138. Jerry Springer or jenny Jones: both…
139. Cold or hot: cold cause you can make yourself warmer if you are cold easier than the other way round
140. Breakfast or dinner: breakfast!
141. Bacon bits or croutons: bacon bits
142. Soup or salad: salad
143. Zack Morris or AC Slater: that’s HARD
144. Cory or Shaun (sean, shawn?): oh come on…
145. Coffee or tea: coffee
146. Star Wars or Star Treck: star wars
147. Sweet or sour: sweet AND sour…sauce
148. Soggy or crunchy: crunchy
149. Rock or pop: ehh
150. Chocolate milk or strawberry milk: chocolate!
151. Clubs or arenas (to see shows): clubs
152. Ears pierced or not: pierced!
153. Blonde hair or brown hair: doesn’t matter…
154. Sneakers or sandals: hard.
155. Fried or scrambled: scrambled(eggs)
156. Chicken or beef: chicken
157. Shower or bath: shower
158. Eating in or eating out: out (if not with my family)
159. Minty gum or fruity gum: minty
160. Night or day: night
161. Christmas or Halloween: dunno
162. Davey Havok's voice or River Cuomo's: OH DAVEY FUCK ME(alex’s answer)
163. Peaches or Nectarines: PEACH
164. Medium rare or well done: medium well
165. Pulp or Pulp Free: pulp free....ew
166. Scotch, masking, or duct tape: scotch err dutch, not masking
167. Black and white or color: black and white pictures are pretty
168. CPR or Heimlich:
169. 1-69! HEHEHEH
170. Pepperoni or cheese pizza: cheese please
171. Sunny D or regular orange juice: never had sunny d…I am a deprived child.
172. Blinds or shades: black-outs…I guess they are called shades…?
173. Haha or LOL: haha
174. Basic, Trick, or Maniac:
175. Shaving cream or water: wtf
176. Skittles or M&M's: BOTH AT THE SAME TIME
177. On or Off: on
178. Fruit2o or H2o: h20
179. Mom or Dad: hard.
180. Potheads suck or Potheads stink: heh
and there is no 181…
182. Tom, Mark, or Travis: asked already?
183. Adam or Wilkee: what
184. Shrek or Myke Doyle: what?
185. Stuffed animal elephant or real elephant: elephants
186. Electric razor or Disposable razor: dunno
187. 1987 or 1986: 86
188. Barney or Baby Bop: barney
189. Mickey or Minnie: mickey
190. Draw or paint: ehh
191. Floor or ceiling: both
192. Sprinkles or Jimmies: same thing…I call em jimmies!
193. Rub or stroke: rub
194. Shampoo or conditioner: both
195. Spanish or French: le francais
196 Tickle me pink or macaroni and cheese: I love crayons
197. Never or sometimes: …
198. Weezer or Shannon's wheeze: who the fuck is shannons weeze
199. Paper or Plastic: fake plastic trees…hahaha
200. Can or bottle: doesn’t matter?
201. Band-aid or natural heal: kiddy bandaids
202. Get a Clue or Clueless: clueless
203. Leave and beat the traffic or stay and beat your meat: I don’t have meat!
204. Leave a message or hang up: hang up

*Random Questions*

205. If you could spend a night with anyone from a band who would it be: i dunno
206. Do you like to bowl?: mmm
207. Mini golf is an extreme sport correct?: correct
208. Would you rather freeze or burn to death: freeze
209. Do you like orange juice: not really
210. 210 AHHHH…
211. Do you play an instrument: no. I have no musical talent what-so-ever
213. What sauce do you use on your chicken fingers: sweet-n-sour
214. Do you believe in the tooth fairy: no
215. Do you floss: noooooooooo
216. Do you make yourself believe you're not fat its just baby fat: no…
217. Did you have a CD burner?: yes but it doesn’t work!
218. Do you wait 2 rings before answering the phone: usually
219. Do you know Morse code: beep beep beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeep……………..weeeeeee. (that’s SOS but it’s all beeps and clicks and stuff)
220. How many belly buttons do you own: hopefully only one. Unless I lost mine or I have another one hiding.
221. Do you have a bruise on your left knee: no.
222. Are you lazy: I think so.

*Friends and People*

223. Name your friends: Haigan, naomi, greg, natasha, cai, alissa, canti, matty, chris, david, hu, jenny, mike, ben, rich, drew, seth (pardon me if I forgot you)
224. Name your closest friends: greg, natasha, haigan, naomi, alissa, cai.
225. Funniest: greg, drew
226. Smartest: YOU
227. Friend that recycles most: naomi
228. Cutest: chris
229. Most attractive in a sexual way: chris
230. Friend that tastes the best in a non-sexual way: BLANK
231. Last friend you licked: a hye rolla? Haha aduno
232. Last person you called: greg
233. Last person you hugged: greg
234. Last person that made you smile: greg and naomi
235. Last person you made fun of you: greg…JUST now. rar.
236. Last person who made you cry: dunno..myself?
237. Last person you said I Love You to: aduno
238. Friend that is most supportive: tash, greg, nomi, chris, matty, haigan…heh
239. Best smile: chris
240. Nicest person you've met in your whole life: greg
241: Prettiest eyes: aduno
242. Ugliest person you know: adam from the real world (agreeing with alex’s answer)
243. Sweetest male: OH BABY
244. Person you want a massage from: hot boys…who know how to massage.
245. Tallest: matty err chris?
246. Shortest: caroline…?
247. Last autograph you've received: all of simple plan…
248. Last person's head that was on your neck: greg.
249. Last person's pool you swam in: jers TWO pools.
250. Once again, what's their number? ADUNO.
251. Most outgoing friend: caroline
252. Friend you tell your secrets to: my CLOSE friends.
253. Person who will listen to your problems: greg, chris

*Random again*

254. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar: probably me.
255. Is this normal: what is normal??
256. Last thing you wrote in a card: Nicole.
257. Do you have dirty pores: hopefully not.
258. Does the sandman put sand in your eyes at night and you cant get it out in the morning: yes.
259. How many houses have you lived in: one.
260. Whats the longest you've been idle: I’m never idle.
261. When is the last time you've visited the zoo: long time ago.
262. Were you a cute baby: I think so.
263. Last thing you were for Halloween: a biker chick!
264. Have you ever been to Hawaii: no
265. Do you like onions: no.
266. Do you crack your knuckles often: occasionally.
267. What side of the computer screen do you keep your buddylist on: right.
268. Do you constantly look at peoples profiles even if you just looked at it 5 seconds ago: yeah, I find myself doing that a lot.
269. Who has the coolest aim profile that is online right now: greg AND nomi!
270. Are you brave: not exactly.
271. Are you a product of fear: again??
272. Do you often feel nervous and feel like youre going to throw up: no.
273. Did you own a Ken doll: no.
274. Is the reason why you turned out the way you are is because your aunt gave you a Barbie after you had eye surgery that you could give it hair cuts and your mom said you could never cut it because you would make a mess: YES, exactly! (I never had barbies ::cries:: ).
275. Do you often cry: mmm.
276. Have you ever been hit by a car: a few times i think.
277. Have you ever been in a car accident: yes.
278. Were you eating ice cream while it happened: nope.
279. When you were a kid and you were crying did you ever wanna hug your mom but she wouldn't let you: no.
280. Did you ever get stitches? No.
281. Have you ever had surgery: no.

3 sets of keys pressed| silent keys

here we GO. [22 Jul 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | bouncy bouncy baby me. bouncy me high and i go "weeeee" ]


[Full Name ]: Nicole Louise Gobiel
[ Nicknames ]: cole, blonde, blondie, blonde bear, nikki g, nikki,
[ Born in ]: newton
[ Resides in ]: wellesley
[ Good student? ]: Not bad
[ Eyes ]: blue
[ Hair ]: blonde. And I like it like that.

Last time you...

[ had a nightmare]: long time ago
[Ate at McDonald's ]: who knows, I do too much.
[ Brushed your hair ]: this afternoon, when I actually got dressed
[ Washed your hair ]: yesterday
[ Checked your e-mail ]: hmm, I probably should now.
[ Cried ]: recently. Two days ago?
[ Called someone ]: today
[ Smiled ]: today
[ Laughed ]:yesterday
[ Talked to an ex ]: who knows

Do you...

[Smoke? ]: no
[Do drugs? ]: no
[ Have sex? ]: not yet, and probably not for a long time
[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: mhmm. I’m a nerd.
[have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: I will have dreams that keep going all night. Like I will wake up a lot and fall back to sleep and the dream continues. At least that’s been happening lately. But not the same night-to-night
[ Play an instrument? ]: no musical talent what-so-ever
[ Remember your first love? ]: I don’t think I have ever loved before. Hopefully soon
[read the newspaper? ]: every so often
[ Have any straight friends? ]: Is it rare to have straight friends? …I have gay friends if that was what the question was meant to be.
[ Consider love a mistake? ]: Haven’t felt it, don’t know
[like the taste of alcohol? ]: depends
[ Believe in God? ]: nope
[ Pray? ]: no, I wish though…
[ Go to church? ]: no. haha.
[ Have any secrets? ]: everyone does.
[have any pets ]: no.
[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: sure.
[ Wear hats? ]: not too often. But I like my cap, and canti’s irish cap
[ Have any piercings? ]: three 18 (regular) gauged in my right ear, two in my left and hopefully 18 gauged or slightly bigger in my left cartilage. Very soon hopefully.
[ Have any tattoos? ]: I would be dis-owned by my family if I did. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.
[ Hate yourself? ]: sometimes
[ Have an obsession? ]: mmm.
[ Have a secret crush? ]: it’s not secret but I am getting over…them. (yes meaning more than one).
[Collect anything? ]: snapple caps, you could say bracelets.
[ Have a best friend? ]: I have a few…haigs, alissa, cai, nomi, tish, and greggy is quicky becoming one.
[ Like your handwriting? ]: sometimes. I change it a lot.
[ Have any bad habits? ]: is being depressed a lot a bad habit? What about thinking too much??
[ Care about looks? ]: everyone does. I care about what I look like according to my standards. I want to look nice for myself. I don’t want to dress a specific way for a specific person or anything. Just for me.
[ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: huh? I don’t have a boyfriend…
[ Friends and other people? ]: confused…
[ Believe in witches? ]: yet to be convinced…but not saying I am a non-believer
[ Believe in Satan? ]: no
[ Believe in ghosts? ]: I’m leaning towards…yes.


[ Dress ]: old non-stretch Tilt jeans, underwear with tigers on them, short-sleeved v-neck top…black, 18 bracelets on my left arm, gold bangles, small chain and elastics on right arm, two rings (one on each hand), bra…pink, necklace, home-made headband from an old tee-shirt
[ Make-up ]: not yet, I am yet to go out.
[Music ]: nothing at the moment because my kazaa is being testy
[ Taste ]: nothing really, not bad not good, just…mouth
[ Hair ]: to shoulders, natural blonde, down with handband
[ Annoyance ]: myself, being in my house.
[ Smell ]: My house

Silly Generic Questions, like all the other questions that are on most surveys:

[ Favorite Band ]: can’t choose…right now maybe elliott?
[ Favorite Store ]: american eagle, newbury
[ Like accents? ]: Irish ones are hot, french ones are pretty…most of the time.

Last Person:

[ You Touched ]: Greg or Natasha
[ You Talked to ]: Haigan
[ You Hugged ]: Greg
[you Instant messaged ]: Haigan
[ You Yelled At ]: my mum
[You Had A Crush On ]: most of you know…the two...gah. ::dies::
[ Who broke Your Heart ]: probably Justin…but it wasn’t his fault, he was just gay.
[ Kissed ]: I don’t know his name…I’m not a slut, that has only happened to me once. Shhh!

Who do you want to:

[ Kill ]: it changes with my mood…
[ Slap ]: see above statement.
[ Tickle ]: heheh…aduno.
[ Talk To ]: Greg, Justin, …my friends??
[ Have Sex with ]: aaaaaaaaaaaalright
[ Kiss ]: aaaaaaaaaaaaaalright again…a hot boy…? Heh.
[ Be Like ]: …Kate Hudson?

a longerrrr one on the way kiddos. get ready.


silent keys

[21 Jul 2003|11:40pm]
rar haigs i was taking that quiz too. before you i know it. i take these tests really slowly. i multi-task. weeee. so yeah. COPY-CAT. only not. because it was from alex's/kim's journal.

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small, quick question [21 Jul 2003|05:00pm]
kiddos-- i am doing a quiz.
i ask of you, what are my nicknames??

thank you.

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goodness [21 Jul 2003|11:31am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | from such great heights || the postal service ]

i have not been able to update in forever. it's depressing. i haven't been in my house much i guess. but whenever i am at night, my mother doesn't allow me on the computer....bitch. as greg would ask "why does she strip you of your electronic privilages" my answer is simple. she's a bitch. ::smiles big::
now i am up and i really can't believe i am. it's 11:35AM and i went to bed just, seven and a half hours ago. i need more sleep! but i got up so that i could do something with my friends. so they wouldn't all leave me. but they did. ::cries:: i hate knowing what day of the week it is during summer. but i almost always do now because greggy works and cai is going to this SAT bootcamp (good luck hunny).

::holds back screams:: why can't everyone in this house just leave me alone?! everytime i am on the computer i have to get off so that something can be faxed or someone can fax something or so that uncle can fucking see if a fucking fax machine he got for fucking 10$ at some fucking yardsale works. who cares?! try it on the OTHER LINE. the line i'm NOT ON. is it that hard? NO!

i just want to be online for once. god. i don't want to have to get on and off at everyone else's convinence. i live here too, thank you. this is my computer. why can't i just get it in my room so that everyone will just leave me the fuck alone. and they wonder why i stay out with my friends all day... GOD. (at least i have not snapped today. good job cole, good job.)

oh so yeah. way to make me stress out and be even more unhappy. my mum told me about the special doctors results on more blood testing. and everything is messed up. she said something about "my whole system being in-flux" or something. which isn't good. the doctor wants more blood in a few months for, yes, more tests. i am so scared. i don't understand what is wrong and i don't want to take meds to fix it. i don't need them. i am fine...maybe. but i don't want to have all those nasty side-effects. i don't want to gain weight. i already think i could lose some pounds. and i don't want my face to puff up like that kid at school...jack singleton, i think. just no. i want them to fix it and it be the end of it. no long-term meds. PLEASE. ::cries and worries a lot ::

so basically. i am in a bad mood. BAD. rar. beware of dog...errr cole.

oh so to add to my ever so depressing entry. wilson died a few nights ago. in his sleep. poor man. he was such a nice man. thank god he wasn't in the hospital like last year. when the damn hospital people didn't know how to take care of him. and were basically like "there is nothing we can do". so merril had to show them how to do it. what is that?! HELLO YOU ARE A HOSPITAL! god. people are so dumb. at least he died in his sleep. that's the best way to go. quietly. no pain. i haven't cried about him. i was in a lot of shock the morning i woke up and found out. i don't know if i can cry about it because i wasn't very close to him. but if i go to the funeral or wake err whatever, i know i will cry. i can't not cry when other people are in pain and are crying. ::sigh:: everything is so depressing lately. err always in my case.

on a brighter note i have been hanging out with greg a lot lately. haigan too. i also recently had to privilage of swimming in two, not one but two, pools. this was at jeremy's house. a wicked huge mansion of a thing. i don't even think that it is finished. wow. also cai came home recently and so i have hung with her a bit too. tish finally came home too. i have seen her lately too. and all of their (tish and greggy's) friends. i believe today alissa and canti come home. which is exciting. the hye rollaz will reunit and more of our group is back. yay!

okay i am sick of updating and naomi just called on the other line so i am going to call her back on my cell phone.

bye munchies.

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really quick [17 Jul 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | the fan ]

okay yeah today i...

rearranged my room.
did more organizing. (i am just the queen)
went to greg's house.

that's all i have time for. more tomorrow because mum is being a bitch and making me get offline. ::holds back screams::

goodnight munchies

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my town is strange. [17 Jul 2003|02:04pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | in pieces||a fitting line AND get up kids||oh amy ]

"She reached across him, opened the driver's door, and pushed the 160-pound lawyer out while the car was still rolling. She then slid into the driver's seat and drove off with the dog in the back..."

yes that is a quotation from the boston globe article about the wellesley woman who hy-jacked a man's car. on rt. 9.

the whole story is quite amusing actually. you can see for yourself right here...

yeah i found it funny when my dad told me he was outside painting the house when he saw a blue audi and about 8 police crusiers speeding down rt. 9.

the crazy lady made it pretty far. wellesley to peabody. on her way hitting multiple crusiers and even a police man. i can just picture headlines "something finally happens in the summer ghost town of wellesley; depressed people hitting cops with cars"


ANYWAYS. tish got home last night. i am very excited. i haven't seen her in so long and i am dying to see her.

nomi came home from ohio early, which is very good. more time between now and when i leave to plan to hang out with her. i haven't seen that girl in months. ::frowns::

but for now i am going to go take a shower because i feel kinda dirty. yesterday i made 60$ working. hooray for money. my grandmother (mama) asked me to organize her bookshelves (and pay me 20$), which was easy and i like organizing so it was kinda fun. so if you need something organized...give me a call and i will help you out. and if i like you maybe you won't have to pay me. heh.

but i got something more out of it than just money. we had to go to a used bookstore place and buy these new bookshelves for her. while we were there i saw these bookshelves that would be perfect to put in my closet to organize me clothes (lately my clothes home has been my floor or my laundry basket) so we called daddy and he said to buy some. YAY! mum and i did. (and the guy working there so was cute. in the older, emo-looking way. just the way i like em ::wink::)

so last night i organized my whole closet and it looks great, all neat and everything. i also cleaned my room. i need to move stuff out of my room and possibly organize the guest bedroom closet which i have already taken over. ::smiles::

but yeah i awas up pretty late organizing. (4AM) i'm such a nerd. ::sings- "cause i'm just a teenage dirtbag baby":: but i have this awesome idea to put a twin bed on my empty wall and make it a little lounge-couch-type thing. ::smiles because is so smaaat::
i could make it all pretty and get another one of those long body pillow things when i go back to france. i was also thinking maybe putting the bed on four milkcrates in order to make it higher. aduno if it would hold the bed and people...i will ask my fassa.

::is listening to daurde || sandstorm and makes me want to dance:: ::is chair dancing::

weeeeeeeeeeee. okay i am going to go take a shower and get ready for my day of aduno-what.

until later kiddos. ::blows kisses::

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whhhhhhhhy [16 Jul 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | hot hot heat||bandages ]

::holds back screams::

i hate this.
i really do.
both of them.
trying not to think about it.

i'm off to organize my closet and call haigs about tonight.

::gets mad at self:: i think too much!!!!!!!!


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watch out more quizzes... [16 Jul 2003|02:13am]
[ mood | awake ]


You Are A Romantic Kisser!

About Your Kissing Style:

You'll only kiss if the mood is right and if you think you are falling in love.

Some may say you're old fashioned, but when you kiss, you see stars!

One kiss from you, and anyone will be hooked forever.

What Your Kissing Style Says About You:

You're no prude, but if you're going to get sexual, it needs to mean something.

You prefer to take things slow, because it only makes them better in the long run.

You're much more likely to find yourself engaged than in some stranger's bed.

Your Personal Kissing Matches and Mismatches:

You and another Romantic Kisser is just pure bliss. You both enjoy the finer aspects of
seduction and have the preference of taking things slow. It's practially love at first site.
You'll also find yourself attracted to Juicy Kissers. The
way a Juicy Kisser locks eyes with you and draws you in is almost cosmic...

Manic Kissers are to be avoided at all costs. These kissers
love to kiss everyone and can never commit to one person. Next! Carnal Kissers aren't
your style either. They'll push you for sex way too soon... and get very upset when they don't get their way.

How Do *You* Kiss?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

thong panties

You Are Thong Panties!

Lusty, and a little slutty.

You turn heads everywhere!

What's Kind of Panties Are *You*?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

^^that is one ugly thong!!

okay that's it kiddos. too lazy to take more.
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