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    Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
    11:30 am
    Stupid Shit!
    Today Sucked So Much Ass Its Not Even Funny. I Got Up At 8am Thinkin I Had To Work @ 10am, When I Get To Work I Find Out I Dont Have To Work Til 11am Which Totally Started My Day Off Bad. Then My Check Sucked Ass, Which Pissed me Off. I Got Home From Work Early So My MOM and I Can Go To Mott, oh And my Lil Sister Too, Well My COusins Didnt Go Home Today Like They Were Going To, Which Put Me And My Sister Niki In A Bad Mood... So We Have To Take Them With Us... Whick Wasnt To Bad Cuz They Sat In The Car, But WHat Really Sucked Was Takin Them Into The Mall, My Cousin David Complained About Every Little Thing, And Every Stor We Went In To. We Go Home And My Mom Makes Dinner, Which Was A Bad Thing, Cuz Davis Eats Like a Fuckin Horse, He Slerps and Chomps Its So Nasty. He Does Every Thing Possiable To Annoy People. The Mom And Dad Go To The Casino And Leave Niki To Watch Then... Poor Poor Niki. The Only Good Thing About My Day Was My Baby Jeff Comin Over, Thats Always A Good Thing. So Hopefully Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: People = Shit- Slipknot
    Thursday, August 14th, 2003
    11:30 am
    Long Ass Day!
    Wow... Today was prolly the longest day of my life. I got up around 9:30 a.m, got ready, waited around for my mommy to get back from the doc's, She got home around 11am, So we decided to go Shoppin for School Clothes. We decided to go to Great Lakes Crossing Mall, We stoped a few places on our way, Before We went into the mall we went across the steet to Kohles were i got 4 pairs of jean and sum shirts and sum boots, adn my sister got sum shit too. We leave there and go to the Mall, we get inside and were tryin to make our way out of Out Door World When the Power Went out and we got stuck in the mall, so well get out of ODW and the who mall is black... no power, so i talked to a cell phone lady, so now im getin a new cell phone, cuz my old one sux balls, meanwhile durring all of this I seen Britney she didnt have to work today(hottopic) because she was takin her baby the oh soooo cute Kasper to get his pictures taken, i cant wait to get one. We leave GLC and the traffic was soooo crazy non of the gas stations were workin, it took us 2 house just to get to Lapeer, which should have only taken us 45 minutes. We go get Jeff and Go to Gennesse Vally Mall, I didnt get anything there cuz it sux ass, came home, went to taco bell, took jeffrey home, and now i am hear. I hope that day doesnt happen again.

    Current Mood: cranky
    Current Music: Edge Crusher- By Fear Factory