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    Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
    8:16 am
    May 5, 2004

    Omg....if i get robbed from work one more time i swear that i will quit on the spot....it is ridiculous that they cannot find out who did it.... at this moment i really don't care who did it.... i just want my money back from them....i cannot stand people who have to steal from their friends to get what they want......i mean they took the money on sunday....we get our paychecks on Thurdsay.... what's the deal wit that.....omg...wait a few days to buy somethings...and another question that i have is why did the person in question only take $20 from my wallet there was about $50 in it in ones.....i don't understand people...in all actuality if they would have taken a few ones i probably wouldn't have noticed...but i knew that there was a $20 in my wallet so when i wasn't there after work i knew that it was stolen....GOD....this is bringing back so many memeories from 8th grade.....When a certin person took my cell phone from my purse in my locker....what is up wit people....i do not know!

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: Lincoln Park
    Friday, April 30th, 2004
    3:37 pm
    Fun and interesting day
    Today was a very fun and interesting day at school....i woke up and my hair was curly and fluffy...so i put hairspray in it and it looked so cute....and the day really went good...i was calm and mellow the whole day.... until now....now i have to go to work...grrrrr...i really don't want to in anyway...but whatev i have to earn some money so i guess that it is not that bad after all.....

    ----high school is full of drama!!!!! i cannot wait till it is over...

    p.s. to....you know who you are!!!
    -----i'm sorry if i came off as a bitch to you over the last week but i was just expressing my feelings...we need to talk face to face or on the phone...this internet fight has gone on too long and we just need to come to an understanding with each other...i don't want to lose someone who i think of as one of my best friends over this....CALL ME! <3 danielle

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
    10:13 pm
    In response to.....
    In response to the earlier messages i thought that i would clear up some things.....when i wrote the first message on last Saturday night i was with lauren and we....no i was drunk.....the message was blown way out of proportions and i'm sorry for that.....the follow up message about bakers square was in reference to a girl that we met the night before and she was giving us rude looks...this was all my perspection on things i know that everone has their own perspection on things.... and i'm only human....i don't want to drive people away from what i write...when i write it....i'm so sorry if i offended anybody in anyway...if you are reading this and you really know me you know that's not something i would intentionally do to somebody.....
    Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
    9:42 pm
    Things and how they change so quickly!
    Today started out as a normal day...i went in early to make up things that i missed from the day before and had a rather good day at school...then i came home then i went to the mall to Go to work b/c today was the last day to get 40% off in the store and these days only come around once in a while...then i came home then i went to this Landmark Thingie(a class that my mother and otto take once in a while...there was a family thing tonight so i decided to go)

    ------While i was there JEFF (my dad) called and said that Karen's mom had died about an hour ago....OMG!!! So right after i got the news i broke down.....in the back of my mind i just kept on thinking how much Karen must be going through at this moment....so after that i got on the phone and called LOIE and she made me calm down to the point where i could i had to get out of the place where i was at...so i went home and that is where i am as of now....I really don't know what to think as of now...i am at most shocked....i knew that she was sick but i really didn't know to what effect....so yeah....

    Current Mood: sad
    Sunday, April 25th, 2004
    9:32 pm
    DAD what do we need them for?
    As of right now i am on the phone with my dad....He is basically screaming at me about how he is right and how i am wrong about everything that i know! He keeps on saying that people who don't get good grades are a falure in life and that people who don't get good grades aren't happy in life and that the only people who are happy in life are the ones who wear a suit and are successful (in his eyes)! i completely disagree with that...if you look at the world the people who are at the top and who are "successful" are the most miserable and the people who love what they do and mabye not the most successful are the happiest...i think that the reason he is saying that is that he is so miserable in life and has to get at somebody to make him feel better...Why ME??? what did i do to deserve this harrasemant...He tells me that i'm stupid and dumb>>>>What kind of Dad says that to his only child....he hates the fact that i want to go to community college before a university....he says "Community colleges are for failures" so basically he just called 3/4 of the United States a falure...that's my dad....He thinks that i don't know anything at all....i cannot wait for the day when he wakes up and realizes that he doesn't have a daughter anymore b/c i'm not kidding i will completely disown him entirely...he thinks just because he is my dad he can treat me like this....I don't even let my best friends talk to me like this!!!

    ---another thing he told me on the phone was that he apparently told me before i got a job that he would pay me to go the GYM and work out everyday....so on top of everything my dad thinks that i'm FAT that's a beautiful image to have of your daughter...no wonder i had a eating disorder for the last few years.....i finally got past the point of doing that to my self...b/c i realized that anything i will ever do will never make him happy...NOthing!!! I could be a strait A student...validvictorian and he would still find a way to make me feel less of him self...Like the saying goes "Make others feel bad to feel better about your self" I think that he has this engraved somewhere....he must have...everything to him is set in stone anyways...it wouldn't suprise me if he did have it in stone somewhere....ENOUGH OF THAT!! i'm going to bed i have wasted too many words on MY DAD ( who from this point on i am going to refer to as JEFF!! I have completely lost all respect for him!

    Current Mood: depressed
    11:03 am
    -No Subject-
    So..woke up today and feel like my head in a balloon....some kid must have come into BAB and gotten all of us sick....i hate it when kids do that! That's how i got sick over the holidays...I hope that this doesn't last long at all!! On another note lauren spent the night last night and when we woke up we wanted food so we went to Bakers Square..and we ran into these girls that we met the night before....these girls kept giving us annoying looks...CHILDISH GROW UP GIRLS! so that's all.

    Current Mood: blah
    Saturday, April 24th, 2004
    11:04 pm
    Feelings that are not suppoest to be felt
    Omg....Guys are so stupid....You can basically throw your self at them and they don't get the hint! They care more about being fucked by nasty ass hoes then caring about two of their best friends feelings...Ouch, my heart aches...no wait screw them....they missed out on the best thing they never had...so there!

    Current Mood: drunk
    Monday, April 12th, 2004
    6:22 pm
    Who needs them??? someone answer that for me! my dad just came home from the Masters (a golf thing) and he thinks b/c he went that he is better than everone else! Let me add that it was afree trip for him...he was invited to go and he is making it seeme to everone that he payed the entire way...i know that the Masters is a big deal for those golf fans but comon'....and when he got home he started to dictact yo me about the appropiate time to be home.....he says that i should be home around 9:30ish...when i'm out with people at his house........MY MOM HAS MY CURFEW AT HER HOUSE AT 11:30...tell me how that's fair??? then he tells me that i am a child and that i should want to hang out with ...and i quote "kids my own age....." what is he trying to imply here doesn't he get that when i am in texas i have NO friends my own age...i never had any here....now he would notice this if he really cared...but he doesn't...why am i wasting typing space for him....

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Sunday, April 4th, 2004
    8:28 pm
    When Days Go Bad!
    So today is Sunday.....this morning started out great...lauren spent the night for a long awaited girls night out....but i had to get up early to take her home because i had to be at work at 11:00....because Kim didn't have very many closers last night because so many of the new bitches that they hired at work called in sick(everone knows that they really weren't sick though).....so i got out of work at 6:35....and called up brian and alex and hung with alex for alittle bit than drove him home and when i got home my mom must have been PMSing or something....her and her husband started bitching at me about stupid ass things and how they cannot trust me and that i am the rudest and most stuck up daughter they have ever met...so after a shitty dinner with my so called parents they were like totally flipped out that they missed 10minuted of NYPD blue... like that stupid TV show is more important than their daughter! WTF??? On the other hand i am leaving to Texas on Wednesday!! YAY i am so excited...i don't have to see that bitchy mom for two whole weeks and i can do whatever the fuck i want to in Texas w/o anyone caring at all!!! SWEET! At this moment i think what would happen if i decided not to come back from texas....My life would be so great and wonderful...and i would have a beautiful Mercedies C240 to drive around in.....remind me why i live here? So yeah i'm going to go pack and get ready for texas!!! CYA later!

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Monday, March 22nd, 2004
    3:21 pm
    Bored and wanted to do this!
    ***BASIC FACTS***

    what time is it? 3:21pm

    name as appears on birth certificate: Danielle

    single or taken: single

    zodiac sign: Gemini

    Chinese zodiac: rabbit

    Natural Hair color: Whatever they put in that month!

    Eye color: Brown

    height (last time you checked): 5'7"

    shoe size: 8

    glasses or contacts: Glasses Sometimes

    braces: Nope

    piercings/tattoo: 1 hole in each ear

    birthplace: KS

    current residence: Birmingham,MI

    siblings and ages: Evan,11

    ***HAVE YOU EVER...***

    Gone skinny dipping? No

    Been drunk? Yes

    Gotten high? No

    Smoked a cigarette? Yes

    Skipped school? Yes

    bungee jumped? No

    kissed someone not related to you? Yes

    had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes

    French kissed? Yes

    TP-ed someone's house? Yes

    won something (contest, race, etc.)? No

    asked someone out? Yes

    Been rejected? Yes

    Been in love? Nope

    used a lighter? Yes

    *** FAVORITE... ***

    food: Sushi

    school subject: Fashion Merchadising

    TV show(s): Friends, Will and Grace, and Queer Eye For The Strait Guy!

    breakfast cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats

    number: 4

    book: Where the red fern grows

    movie: Bed of Roses, How to loose a guy in 10 days!

    candy: Rider Sport Chocolate

    soda/pop: Canada Dry Ginger ale and Sprite

    color: PINK

    vacation spot: Paris

    sport to play: None

    Band/singer/rapper: JLo, Shania Twain

    letter: D

    fast food restaurant: Subway

    Favorite Cartoon Duo: Don’t watch cartoons

    holiday: My Birthday

    Name for a mouse: Teeny

    Name for a girl: Julia and Marie

    Name for a boy: Andrew, James, and Brian

    *** DO YOU PREFER... ***

    Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

    boys or girls (not sexually, just whose company u prefer)? Girls

    hugs or kisses? Hugs

    summer or winter?: Summer

    long relationships or one night stands? Long relationships

    either scary movies or comedies?: comedies

    silver or gold?: white gold

    Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons

    ***Things That Come To Mind***

    doctors: anoying
    hedgehog: cute little thing
    School: Seaholm
    Grass: Smoke?
    Canada: Bridge
    mouse: Minny
    Hand: Large

    *** IN THE PAST 24 HOURS, HAVE YOU... ***

    watched a movie? Yes

    Talked on the phone? Yes

    Cried? Yes

    Thrown up? No

    Drank a glass of water? Yes

    Gone to the bathroom? Yes

    Read a book/magazine? Yes

    Watched TV? Yes

    Looked in the mirror? Yes

    Taken a shower? Yes

    Taken a picture? No

    Listened to music? Yes

    hugged/kissed someone? Yes

    done your hw? Yes

    told someone you loved them? Yes

    *** DO YOU BELIEVE IN... ***

    Heaven? Yes

    Hell? Undecided

    Aliens? Undecided

    Fun for the entire family? Yes

    freedom of speech? Yes

    Love? in true love? Yes

    Magic? No


    last movie you saw in theaters: Dawn of the Dead

    Are u listening to music now: No

    What color shirt are you wearing? White

    Do you like your middle name? Yes

    what color is your backpack (for school)? Black Bag

    what time is it now?: 3:27pm

    Now count the number of minutes after u started: 5 Minutes

    Current Mood: bored
    3:16 pm
    No Sleep
    Omg...so last night i was up to 3:00am finishing a fashion project that i put off to the last minute...so i got about 2 hours of sleep so today i was functing on a can of Dr.Pepper!

    Current Mood: tired
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