11:34am 23/06/2003
  People actually remembered my anyways it sucked, it was all rainy on my birthdy and I didnt get anything special well the best thing i got was a new watch from my sister which is really pretty. I really like it. But anyways I just wanted to tell all you people that yesterday was my birthday and I want to thank all of you that actually remembered!!! IM FINALLY 14 YAY! Ok well its really nice outside and I really need a tan so.....i'll be going now....  
Up, Up and AWAY!   
06:19pm 15/06/2003
mood: none
music: none here either because its all gone :(
ere I am, up in Connecticut! Away from all of you guys :( Today we had the road race....It was pretty fun, giving people water. They're all so nice. I dunno what so great about handing out water but somehow I had a fun time. I just went through all my old summer clothes at my mom's was very interesting, I was such a LOSER!!! I can't believe I wore some of that stuff.....its kind of funny thinkin about me saying that now...I'm gunna say that next year too and the year after that and the next year.....LOL...anyways...I cant wait to go to Martha's Vineyard that will be so much fun, from what I hear I get a loft to sleep in! haha that will be interesting.
I haven't has much contact with the outside world since I've been here....Like I said, I'm kinda isolated in the freak town called Branford. Ok well, I miss Mark SOOOO much and I've only been here for one day....I miss all my friends too andI cant wait til I get home. But thaats in five whole weeks. You people in North Carolina are sooo lucky. I miss you all and hope to talk to you online sometime this vacation. Ok, dont want to talk too much, which I do babble on and on all the time anyways.....LOVE YA SOOO MUCH!!! Christina, you are sooo cool! BYE
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02:18pm 10/06/2003
You are the beautiful cerecere!!! you are very
beautiful, and talented. mainly you get ALOT of
guys just by sitting there!!!

amazon quartet quiz with pictures, and extra questions
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07:11pm 09/06/2003
mood: sad...yet excited
music: Are you happy now?- Michelle Branch
Abstence makes the heart grow fonder.... Julia said that today....I guess that can apply to my 5 weeks of going to Connecticut. But don't worry everyone, I'll try my hardest to get home early... if I only had $300...then I could get a one-way plane ticket home and I'd be free. I was talking to my mom today and I found something good about going..I'll be there to participate in the roadrace. It's this race they have every Father's day in Branford. It's a tradition to go every year but most of the time I can't go because I leave for Connecticut too late. Well this year I get to participate...It'll be so much fun throwing water at people!!! That's what we do in the race, we don't run, we stand by the road and hand out cups to the people running, most of the time it ends up on their shirts instead.Of course, I'll have fun, but at the same time I'll miss all of you here in North Carolina. That's what they need to do here, start their own roadrace. Lately I've been speaking spanish...I dunno why it all of a sudden came back to me, it reminds me of my stepmom. She was so mean yet somehow I miss her. She taught me a whole bunch of spanish...I used to speak it fluently...I miss spanish, I'm so happy I'm taking spanish next year. It'll be painful but I'll have fun because I've been remembering little sayings every hour or so, like how I just remembered "solamente tu amor" which means "only your love". I can't believe I was so young learning things I didn't even know alot of the things I said...No one knew I was Puerto Rican. Thats pretty fun, I guess I forgot to tell people...My friend Clark moved closer to me today. He says we should hang out, and we probably will. Ya know, I didn't really like him at first but he's really nice, I don't see why people don't like him. I know where he lives now, and someday I will walk to his house.
Ok well I'll stop boring all you people reading this
Have fun getting drunk!
~-Deidra Lauren Wood-~
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10:38am 07/06/2003
mood: hyper
music: dumb girls-lucy woodward
YAY!! Deidra isnt single anymore.....damn its only been 10 days of being single. It seemed alot longer. But thats ok...Guess what else? Deidra is getting her tattoo when she gets back from connecticut! Everything is going well. I have Mark, I'm getting a tattoo, and no one is pissed at me. That really cool. But its gunna be sad when I go to connecticut because I'll be isolated from the world. I cant wait till I get back from connecticut because I have to wait until then to get my tattoo. Isnt that a long wait...o well, its way worth it. I'm gunna miss everyone so damn much...ok well im really hyper so I'm gunna go run around
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10:43pm 05/06/2003
mood: calm
music: none
I went to a winterguard sleepover last night. It was really fun, I got to get to know alot of people more than ever...and I kinda got to talk to my really close friends alot more. It was really fun, and some really funny things happened....ring....ring....ring.....dr. flies....just to name a few really funny things but you had to have been there to understand. Leah and I talked ALOT! We talked about people, not mean things, just things that we've noticed. It was really late and I bet we don't remember alot of the things we said but it was a good convo anyways...then I went home with Kalie the next morning and we hung out at the pool and went to get bagels and played on the trampoline. It was Kalie, Leah, Me, Becca, Mark, and Amanda. Amanda seemed kind of distant though...Then I went home and Mark called me and ended up coming over my house to go swimming until 10, and here I am now at 10:50 talking to Mark online...He got his suspenders back...thats not plan failed...once again....i tried...but they never work....damn......o well
07:39pm 03/06/2003
  OMG! I went to the weatherstone pool today with a whole bunch of people. I didn't go swimming though because I didn't feel good. I'm kinda happy I didn't go in though because I would have been WAY too self-concious...
Why can't I be as pretty as Julia or Kyrie? It's not fair... But it's all good because I had people to hang out with anyways
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i've found my song!!   
11:19am 02/06/2003
mood: accomplished
music: dumb girls- lucy woodward
the song that makes sense!! It sums up like everything....dumb girls by lucy woodward. just thought i'd tell you about it....ok well im out

He broke my heart today
I don't know what to say
I can't feel a thing at all
I did not see it comin'
Now you just a man that got away
I look at the ground
And give the sky the middle finger
Something inside said
"Here's a day you should remember
So mark it on a wall"

I never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to dumb girls
Taking themselves too seriously
I was so damn smart
I was the one girl
Who never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to somebody else

I miss you so much
Can't stand it
You bring out the blonde in me
'Cause I'm still hanging on
Even though you done me wrong.
And I got the heart to forgive this
But I'd never let you know.
What kind of girl would put herself
In that postition?
To think that I could ever fight the system
And I got fooled again

I never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to dumb girls
Taking themselves too seriously
I was so damn smart
I was the one girl
Who never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to somebody else

I thought I was strong (I thought I was strong)
But I was just dreamin'
I can't believe it (can't believe it)
That nothing was wrong (nothing was wrong)
I thought I knew what was goin' on
But love was deceiving me (love was deceiving me)
Now I'm just a dumb girl
A dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb girl
That's what I am
yeah, yeah

I can't believe that it happened to me
Something like this only happens to dumb girls
Taking themselves too seriously
I was so damn smart, yeah
I was the one girl
Who never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to somebody else

(only shit like this would happen to me)
Can't believe this shit could happen to me
yeah, yeah
'Cause something like this only happens to somebody else

I guess I'm just a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb girl
That's what I am
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb girl
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05:42pm 31/05/2003
mood: productive
music: ghostbusters theme song
Ok well it all started with me when I slept over her house the night before that party. It was all good. Then we woke up and got ready and everything, people started arriving. Then alyssa got the water balloons out and I didn't want to get wet, and I almost didn't. THne I walked outside...BIG mistake. I got hit once so I decided to hit other people with balloons....haha I didn't get anyone...I'm no good at making them. Then Mark hit me AGAIN! he got it all over my face and on my shirt. UGH! I bit him :D he deserved it. So everyone went inside and played truth or dare. At first, I just sat around and gave people ideas, which was fine with me...but I think it bugged Mark...he like really wanted people to dare me or something...the loser...Well, Alyssa dared him to kiss me! The evil whore!!! So he kissed me and I was glad that was over with. Then Alyssa got mad because we had too many people on the couch, so half of us switched to the "strip poker" room and started playing another game of truth or dare. And of course...MARK just HAD to dare me to kiss five different girls on the lips! WHAT A FRUIT!!! Like I said to Leah... he seems to be trying his hardest to get me to hate him. I mean seriously. I have a bruise from him from biting me...though I doubt I'd ever hate him...unless he did soemthing really mean to me or a close friend of mine. Amanda dared Miranda to make out with Mark.... It was pretty fun though..not counting certain moments. Gosh, this week has been so filling....I've had sad moments, happy, hilarious, and depressing....but it's all good because I was with my friends and I'm really happy I got to see them. Atleast I haven't cried today. I've cried like every other day of this week...this week has been very eventful and I hope all my weeks are just as good...
10:09am 30/05/2003
mood: good
music: The remedy
Woa! It's all over. I'm not in the 8th grade anymore. I cried ALOT! I thought I wasn't going to cry, but that was before I saw Alyssa. I got so close to her this year, finding at the end of the year we won't be at the same school anymore. I graduated about 3 days ago. I went out to eat with some friends...then we went to the pool and hung out, and later that night we had a big sleepover. It seemed like a weekend, and I still think it hasn't hit me. I realize whats going on..but its not comprehending. It's never going to be the same again... never... Last night I went to a pool party. I didn't think I was going to get in the water but, of course, I ended up getting in. It was really fun. I'm so happy I didn't leave early. I don't know what made me want to leave but I'm really glad I stayed. People seriously bite hard...including ... I have like 8 bite marks and a bruise where Mark bit me. But it's all good because I bit him back..tehe... I did pretty good for one girl fighting off three guys. I made a truce with Ian, even though I shouldn't have. OK, well I'm gunna go now. I'm actually doing well...I'[m not depressed anymore which is really good....I don't like being depressed....I'm depressed too much arent I? O well I'm not anymore!
Love Always,
its weird...   
05:45pm 27/05/2003
  Today I am single again. It's really weird to say that. I think its awesome that Mark and I will stay friends though. I hate it when you break up and never talk again. That's happened before with my other really sucked.... I had lots of fun with him...I only regret one thing...and thats not kissing him goodbye...  
mark [mostly about]   
09:03am 25/05/2003
mood: good
music: vertical horizon- Everything you want
I talked to Mark yesterday night. I think we understand eachother now. I wonder, why...why that happened, why things weren't better....why I was being so mean. I really don't like being mean and right after that I felt horrible. My depressing day. Anna and Kyrie and some other people that I won't mention said to dump him. And I think they ALMOST cinvinced me too.....but I guess I loved Mark more. Julia was right...whats new. Julia is always right. I dunno what to say now....haha I made Mark speechless :-D. When i told him why I loved him....It was kinda funny....yucky grandma is coming visit....ok well I'll go bye bye now....

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09:59am 24/05/2003
mood: lonely
music: the cores
I hate fighting. It's horrible. It makes me really sad to know that I just got in a fight with the person I love. I never that could be possible but its just another bump in the road. I don't know what to do anymore. I wish Leah was here, she always gives good advice. For once, its not me giving the advice. I can't believe some of the things I said. I wish I could go back and take it all away. I don't feel good, maybe today will get better.....hopefully........
03:27pm 22/05/2003
  I don't like it when my best friends change. She was so cool last year but now shes like...a whore! but thats ok......Turner signed my yearbook, it said, [word for word] "Deidra, You are my favorite lover of all time, let's keep up our phone sex -turner-" then he put his phone number. isnt that funny?? tehe.....
FOR BECCA MICHELLE SLITER!!! LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA SING A SONG! LOL ooo wait NO "LOL" I mean't tehe.....yea...tehe.... Maybe i should get some sleep...I think im too happy...
Here it comes   
03:29pm 21/05/2003
mood: sad
music: One more sad song-All american rejects
The last day of school is almost here...too bad...I'm gunna miss so many people. I swear that I'm guna cry for like ever. I remember when we had the SOHCAHTOA sleepover and we were crying then thinking about how sad it would be to split up. It was horrible. I wish I could change school but then it wouldn't be fair for everyone that is going to Green Hope. I never thought I would ever have to worry about this... but now... here it is. Like 5 days away. What am I supposed to do? I'm gunna lose so many friends to the stupid district. CHRIS I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH I DUNNO HOW I'M GOING TO LIVE W/OUT YOU!!!! I thought this year was the best but when you get down to the last couple days, it's definantly the WORST! I won't forget anyone I PROMISE! You're all so loved, how can I forget you? You all helped me through the year and my surgery and but really you guys are the best friends anyone could have I dunno how..............................................Ok I have to stop now because I'm almost at tears. But you all should know that I really do love [all of] you. I'll miss you [all] so much. Have fun without me....I hope our paths cross many times in the future.

Love always and forever,
Deidra Lauren Wood
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12:25pm 17/05/2003
mood: depressed
Here I am home with my sisters while everyone is doing something fun without me. Of course, I should be cleaning my room and doing my report but I'm too depressed thinking of what to do with him. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just messed up. Maybe it's everything I thought it wasn't......
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Haven't written a poem in here for a while!   
03:28pm 12/05/2003
mood: weird
music: evanescence
I almost forgot my poems TIL TODAY!


of joy;
happiness arrives
loving the world
never thinking to die

Can't you see?
of sadness;
filling our world

Decieving life

Today we had EOG's but no fears it was easy as pie. I learned all that stuff last year in 7th grade. More EOG's tommorrow...great. It's not that bad though it all easy, I'd rather take EOG's all year then do work
11:19am 11/05/2003
You're not so much depressed as you're totally
freaking insane. Kati would be friends with you
because she's just like you. You could stay
over her house and make pasta and biscuits at 4
am. You're also astoundingly similar to Invader
Zim's GIR. Viva la little robots wearing green
dog suits! Let's make biscuits!

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Life is like a banana...the sugar isn't that sweet
10:47am 11/05/2003


You are a very calm and contempative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at!

I HATE THE COLOR GREEN! I guess the same happened to Tina..I want to be violet!

discover what candy you are @

Me? Clingy? O thats alright...

find your inner PIE @

thats cool....

YOu see the world in Neutral
Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the
world in a negative or positive way and you'll
never judge or assume a situation- you just
look at the facts. People like you are peaceful
and accepting.

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ya...i can see that....

You're Belle!

You are a true bookworm and dream of a life better
than the simple, quiet one you lead now. Your
good looks can attract the town jerks, but you
manage to ignore them most of the time.
Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by
idiots. So what are you waiting for? You don't
need your father to be kidnapped to get out and
see the world. Although you can be stubborn,
you're also very compassionate and see beyond
people's façades.

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I took the fruity fruit quiz

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Yum..I like strawberries....

You're Perfect ^^
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being around your boyfriend.

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Rare...but both me and Christina got this...hmmm...maybe its the who 'I'ma Wood' Thing...

You are a temptress

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You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
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You're unsure whether you really want to smile or
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you suck, and that's sad
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Hazel Eyes

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Balanced. You accept your emotions as normal and
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Ya know some people are soo stupid...   
07:58pm 08/05/2003
mood: angry
music: none
The first stupid person is the anonymous person that wrote back to one of my journal entries [dont bother looking for it..I deleted it] But whoever you are yes I did actually do all that, and you're a loser for not having the courage to say your shit to my face...Why the hell would I make up shit to sound cool? All the stuff I said was true and if you dont like it tell me to my face or don't say anything...

The second stupidest person is anyone that judges people by their clothes. I'm serious that is pretty pathetic and if you don't know anyone like that you are very lucky...

The third stupidest person is Eric Deloso for leading ANY girl on... That is the meanest thing you could do and I swear to god that if you keep doing that your going to have your own personal haters club. Don't you ever do that to another friend of mine becuase I will kick your fat ass.

The fouth stupidest person is anyone that thinks they can seduce me while I'm going out with Mark. I love Mark and I'm not going to dump him for you so stop trying because its not going to work!

The fifth stupidest person is anyone that feels bad for me because I like my life and I'm happy the way I live so stop worrying about me and find something new.

The sixth stupidest person is Jake because he throws food at me!! grrr....

The seventh stupidest person is all you perverted people out there [coughrichardcough] becuse you're just wrong...

The eighth stupidest person is anyone that thinks of themself better than anyone else because thats really mean everyone is equal and no one is superior.

The ninth stupidest person is Hanson for ever thinking they would get far in the music business...

The tenth stupidest person is anyone that isn't nice to people they never got to know, seriously WHAT NERVE?!?! You don't even know the poor mother-fucker!
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