SweetxDecemberxKisses' Day

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

5:21AM - ha ha ha Im just to cool

Me and Mike are discussing The Big Comfy Couch. Dude that show rocked. Ryan, Alex and Jason invited me to go to the mall tommarow with them.. Havent seen these kids in like 3 years.. Odd. Well I saw Ryan at Warped Tour. That was odd. DUDE... warped tour rocked. I met lots of new people. only grunge punks there. It was cool. I get to babysit Hannah Friday. Im excited. I decided I dont want to Write on here.. Oh well.. DOOD. My face is peeling!! I got a letter from james today. heh Yes its way cool. I think me and Mike should go and get coffee.. HOLY SHIT. I wanna Mocha Freeze.. or a Cap Crunsh.. AHH. I want ice cream.. AHHAHA

My brother Nicholas' voice is EXACTLY like Vinnies. Thats soooo funny.

I guess the neighbor died here. Thats so sad. The boys are playignin the rain. hehehe Its cute


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6:22PM - .......

I feel so stupid. Jesus.

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