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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
10:35 pm - bleh
Five things you are wearing:
01. shorts
02. shirt
03. bra
04. undies
05. headphones

Five things you can see:
01. computer
02. my cup
03. cd player
04. papers
05. a phone book

Five things you are doing right now:
01. this.
02. talkin to my lele
03. listenin to a great song
04. ignoring aaron
05. dying?

Five things you ate/drank in the last twenty four hours:
01. water
02. a brownie
03. crackers
04. toaster struddle this morning
05. thats all

Five things you did so far today:
01. i wrote in this
02. finished my book
03. listend to my new cd lol
04. got yelled at

Five thoughts in your head:
01. i wanna...
02. i wish hed get on
03. i want to be albe to ride
04. i love this song
05. i hate life

Five names you like:
01. stormy
02. taylor
03. andrew
04. micheal
05. mary

Ten objects in your room you love:
01. my radio.
02. muh pictures.
03. my journal
04. my cds.
05. my bed!!

Seven people you love:
01. holly
02. erica
03. amber
04. john
05. josh
06. leanne
07. kurt

Seven facts about you:
01. i have braces
02. i wear reading glasses
03. i spend to much time on thsi site
04. im afraid of just about everything.
05. speacally worms
06. im a...'tard'
07. im going to lousiana friday... miss me please?

current mood: blank
current music: i am || eminem

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
8:29 pm - home again
well, ive been at ambers, of course! do i ever go anywhere else? no. and then when i do i for some reason cant go. ugh! well james came over. if course. hes been at her house evernight for the past week that hes had his lincense. lol, loser. amber and ms amy went to foodlion to get coolwhip while leaving me and james at her house alone. lol, haha it was just kinda odd. we ended up having a big whipcream fight. ah well, it was fun. i got ambers mom real good to, lol all in her hair. im glad my hair wasnt down or itd have been everwhere. amber got it the worst. her sister came up behind her w/the hole thing. as ms amy was getting a picture of it. haha shes a bigger camera whore than i am. blah. im leaving friday rather than saturday to go back to lousiana. man i thought i was leaving a day later.kinda sucks lol, im really not looking foward to going. at least itll only be for 8 days tho =\

i really hope john can come over on wed or thurs, my mom said he could and i told him i wanted to see him. so i think he will, haha. if he doesnt wanna come when anyone is here he can come while there at work. *gives angelic look*

current mood: curious

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Saturday, July 5th, 2003
5:09 pm - let down and ignored.
fuck i just typed a really long entry and it deleted it. il lred oit later or something im hungry

current mood: pissed off
current music: world upon ur shoulders.

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