Again? you got to be kidding...   
11:17am 28/08/2010
mood: confused

Where is the line with you? *Bjork

Dear Charlene:

Again? I ask the question. Where is the line with you? Yesterday you told me all the nasty things I never want to hear, starting the same argument that drove us apart (and does every time). One day you tell my friend how much you love me, how you love the direction of my nose and you love how my hair grows, the very next day there you are complaining about money and how me not working is hindering you from your responsibilities, how my volunteering with The Steel Yard is not "paying me," and then say I got two weeks to find a job. Where is the line with you?

Read more... )There is such a thing as "too late," when you draw the line at the edge and you push too far, it’s too late!

Someone who really cares, Mystro

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