10:46pm 03/04/2010
  Dear Robby,

I leave tomorrow for West Virginia. And although i'm not even a minor part in your life, i just wanted to let you know how i feel about you. I really, really like you, and i really care about you. More than any of those other 'hoes' ever could. I know i was probably just a chick that gave you rides everywhere and who gave you money so we could smoke, but you, you were a part of me.
At first i didn't let myself even think about liking you. and then you would do something nice for me which got me wondering. Once i started thinking about it, it was downhill from there. When we were talking about how you never give anyone money, ever, and then you gave me money so i would have enough gas, that really made me happy. it made me feel like i was different than all those other girls you use for money and sex and places to sleep at. but am i really? am i actually different than all those girls, or am i one of them?
i've known you since 8th grade, and we even 'dated' in jr high for a little while. you were there when i went 'crazy', you were there when i smoked weed for the first time. you were there after everyone believed i was insane, and you're there for me now. or is it the other way around, and i'm there for you. either way, i like being there for you, because i care about you. i care what happens to you, and if you need me i'll be there. i know you know that, and sometimes i think you take advantage of it.
it's so cliche, girl falls in love, guy has no idea, girl moves on. but i know that somewhere down the road i'll see you again. whether it be in 6 months or 6 years. i guess thats the thing that keeps me going for now, the fact that i'll see you again, someday. i wonder if i'll have the same feelings as i do now, or if time and life will change me.
its really embarrassing for me to admit that i like you this much. i don't want to, it scares the shit out of me. because i know that you don't like me the same. i know you don't want to be 'tied down'. and i know that you couldn't even imagine dating me.. that's why i'm not even sure if i'll send this. it just feels alright to have it all out in the open, instead of in my head.
i know me leaving probably wont change your life to much, and you wont really miss me, but i just wanted to tell you.

With love,
The one that mattered
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