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I stink...literally..lol [08 Sep 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | indigo girls- midnight train to georgia ]

It is kind of scary that I am beginning to not "hate" school....dude, I'm really scaring myself- lol. It's also really weird that the days go by mad fast-ha. My classes arent that bad and I have some cool people in them too. Who knows...maybe things will start to get better, lol..one could only hope. Today after school I didn't really do much, just chilled for a while...then went for a 4 mile run. It was really nice out today again. I hope it gets fall weather-ish soon lol. Then after that I went to the gym to renew my membership for another year. My mom and I went to readington dinner because she wanted some dessert or something, so we sat and talked for a while. FUN...yea...haha. Tomorrows schedule shouldn't be too hectic, my dad is picking me up after school and we will probably work out and go out to dinner.

have a good night......

much luv

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its raining but there aint a cloud in the sky, musta been tear from your eye,everything will be okay [03 Sep 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Five For Fighting- Easy Tonight ]

Today was like the worst day ever, it totally sucked so bad. My classes are so bad...and besides that they are gonna be changing and I will behind AS USUAL cause the school is so fucked up that they cant even make my schedule right. GOD DAMNIT BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL MY ASS. Like seriously...what is centrals deal? They have to put on the building that it is a blue ribbon school...NO ONE GIVES! And they always say how talented their students are...well uh...it would be pretty impossible not to have some smart kids out of 3,000 people...YOURE NOT SPECIAL. AHHHHHHHHHH I AM JUST SO PISSED AT EVERYTHING. Every person I want in my class, every teacher I want....I never get it. Whatever. I just have bad luck, I gotta accept that I guess.

Today we celebrated my moms bf's johns birfday..its really tomorrow but oh well. It was fun, we had dinner and cake. It is actually funny...my dads bday is on the same day. I went to go buy my daddy one of those black leather planners cause I remember him saying he wanted one. Only problem was ...I was ten dollars short. I felt really bad b/c I feel like everyone in my family thinks I'm selfish....but I'm really not- I just put up a front to make it seem like that. I'm actually a lot more emotional then everyone thinks.....Ok- I'm making an ass out of myself now. Anyway, I found quarters and now I have enough. I will just have to walk back to the store tomorrow, after school.

right now im sittin in my room pettin' my puppy. Pebbles is the only ones who loves me :(

goodnight kids-

ps....sleep all u can..

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last hours of freedom.... [02 Sep 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Bruce Springsteen- Mary's Place ]

Yooooo. My last day before I go back.....to hell. LOL. Yesterday I went to John and Karen's for a party- even though it was raining we still had a good time. They have such a beautiful house and backyard...It makes me jealous haha. We went in the pool it was so much fun. It is one of those pools that like those rappers on cribs have....with the rocks and waterfalls and slides- TOTALLY AWESOME. Anyways, after watching people get drunk....I went back to britts and slept over. lol. Then today my dad picked me up and we went out to lunch to spinning wheel. He gave me my new phone that came just the other day. It is sooo sexy!! I love it! Then after that I hung out with Julie for a while..and we went to woodbridge mall. We ate at Johnny Rockets. I feel pretty sick cause I'm so full. Oh well. My last meal before I go back to hell haha. Anyways..I better get going. Hope all you central kids enjoy these last hours...

good luck everyone with tomorrow.

dina d

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[31 Aug 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | sigh... ]

heyy. Last night I went to go see Bruce Springsteen with Julie and Donna. It was so GREAT! He is such an excellent performer...and even if you don't like him, you will after you leave! It was insane how many people were there...but it was such a fun experience, definitely. That really makes me want to go see IG...and it seems so far away again. Today I went to New Hope with John, Julie, and my mom. That was prett cool...we went out to dinner at this italian place.

love u-

was nice to see you again...
it's crazy how you can see a smile you love from a mile away.

there's a letter on the desktop
that i dug out of the drawer
the last truce we ever came to
in our adolescent war

and i start to feel a fever
from the warm air through the screen
you come regular like seasons
shadowing my dreams

and the mississippi's mighty
but it starts in minnesota
at a place that you can walk across
with five steps down
and i guess that's how you started
like a pinprick to my heart
but at this point you rush right through me
and i start to drown

and there's not enough room
in this world for my pain
signals cross and love gets lost
and time past makes it plain
of all my demon spirits
i need you the most
i'm in love with your ghost

dark and dangerous like a secret
that gets whispered in a hush (don't tell a soul)
when i wake the things i dreamt about you
last night make me blush
you kissed me like a lover
then you sting me like a viper
i will follow to the river
play your memory like a piper

i feel it like a sickness
how this love is killing me
i would walk into the fingers of your fire willingly
and dance the edge of sanity
i've never been this close
in love with your ghost

unknowing captor, you'll never know much you
pierce my spirit, but i can't touch you.
can you hear it, a cry to be free
i'm forever under lock and key
as you pass through me

now i see your face before me
i would launch a thousand ships
to bring your heart back to my island
as the sand beneath me slips
i burn up in your presence
and i know now how it feels
to be weakened like achilles
with you always at my heels

and my bitter pill to swallow is the silence that i keep
it poisons me
i can't swim free
the river is too deep
though i'm baptised by your touch
i am no worst at most, in love with your ghost

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

makes me think back...

soul mates....you werent that far off there, buddy........

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*** [27 Aug 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Bryan Adams- Let's make a night to remember ]

Today was okay- pretty uneventful.
Here is a list of some random thoughts...

-I met with flip and meaney, it was good to talk to them. I feel a lot better now, they're the best.
-I ate shrimp today, it was mad good.
-School is coming and I think for once I'm kinda happy....weird huh?
-I have to stop being lazy...although I think this habit comes along with summer.
-Ig concert is in oct...that seems really far away, and kalie prob isnt comin :(...jules and i will still have fun!!
-I have to call my guidance counselor to change my sched. cause it is alll messed up!
- and I am really hot in this house so I decided to just wear my sports bra and shorts.

Yeah that is just some random rambalings....just thought you'd like to be updated. haha.

oh and by the way I'm listening to a great song called. "Let's make a night to remember" by Bryan Adams...here is the lyrics to it:

Let's Make A Night To Remember

I love the way ya look tonight
With your hair hangin' down on your shoulders
N' I love the way ya dance your slow sweet tango
The way ya wanna do everything but talk
And how ya stare at me with those undress me eyes
Your breath on my body makes me warm inside

Let's make out - let's do something amazing
Let's do something that's all the way
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

Let's make a night - to remember
From January - to December
Let's make love - to excite us
A memory - to ignite us
Let's make honey baby - soft and tender
Let's make sugar darlin' - sweet surrender
Let's make a night - to remember - all life long

I love the way ya move tonight
Beads of sweat drippin' down your skin
Me lying here - n' you lyin' there
Our shadows on the wall and our hands everywhere

Let's make out - let's do something amazing
Let's do something that's all the way
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

Let's make a night - to remember
From January - to December
Let's make love - to excite us
A memory - to ignite us
Let's make honey baby - soft and tender
Let's make sugar darlin' - sweet surrender
Let's make a night - to remember - all life long

I think about ya all the time
Can't you see you drive me outta my mind
Well I'm never holdin' back again
Ya I never want this night to end
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

until next time...

<3 ya's,
Dee :)

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It's been a while... [26 Aug 2003|05:34pm]
[ music | Damien Rice- Volcano ]

Jeez! I really have problems with this blurty thing. I haven't updated in over a month, I'm silly. lol. Wow...a lot has happened since the end up July. To sum it up...went on vacation, made a decision to move and was serious about it, went to the montgomery field hockey meeting, decided not to move, now I'm back here again being bored. I don't know why I changed my mind, it is so hard to justify. I was so caught up in playing field hockey and I didn't think about things that matter the most. Whatever- I really don't even care about field hockey anymore--I think I'm past that. I guess that there have been a lot of downs in my life lately and it is time for me to get a little back. I'm tired of this whole rejection bullshit with it though. Whatever..I'm just gonna stop talking about it because theres nothing I can do about it. I guess I have learned a lot about sports though. No one is your friend and it is nothing but a big spider web of politics. A lot of people surprised me...some in particular. I thought that they were there for me and watching out for me- but it turns out that they are all the same...
Anyways- about today. Today was pretty boring. My dad picked me up at 2 and we went to the place where I got my cell phone. I'm actually switching to verizon ( I have t-mobile now) and I get a new sexy phone. A silver flip phone with a color screeeeen! I'm excited. See this is how lame and boring my life is. I get excited over a freaking phone...Anyways, I can't believe school is starting soon (sept. 3)- That's CRAZY! My schedule is all messed up and I need to change it soon. For some reason they always manage to mess up my schedule. I can't wait for freakin college..just get outta here! Alright well- WHO KNOWS WHEN I WILL UPDATE NEXT. JK

later kids-
dina d

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heres a little survey i took :) [24 Jul 2003|11:11am]
[ n a m e ] : dina

[ birthday ] : 6/22/87

[ loc ] : whitehouse station, nj

[ siblings ] : 3 brothers, jeff-19, mike-17, dan-9

[ pets ] : dog, pebbles

[ eye color ] : green

[ hair color ] : brown

[ best feature ] : my sillyness J

[ artistic? ] : when i want to be...

[ color of your room ] : i wish it was green

[ what were u doing 15 mins ago ]: eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

[ what are u wearing now ]: a field hockey jersey and blue shorts

[ u drink ] : when i feel like it

[ u shy or outgoing ] : outgoing

[ had fun this summer ]: in a way

[ piercings ] : just my ears in the usual spots, but the top of my ear done

[ tan or fair ] : tan...but i can get pretty white in the winter

[ age difference limit ] : lets not go there...hahahahaha

[ smart/dumb ] : im pretty dumb

[m o r e a b o u t m e]
[ chocolate milk, or hot chocolate ] : chocolate milk in the summer, hot chocolate in the winter

[ mcdonalds or burger king ] : ewwww- i like the mcd’s salads though

[ would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover ]: perfect lover...but im not perfect soo...

[ tea/coffee/cappuccino ] : coffee, cappuccino if im in the mind

[ dark or white chocolate ]: milk chocolate, dark has an after taste, and white chocolate isnt chocolate J

[ sunny or rainy ] : i like when it rains really hair, minus lightning/thunder

[ vanilla or chocolate ] : chocolate

[ done anything illegal ] : haha yes....i guess its not that bad, but oh well...

[ do ya like rock, punk, rap, r & b, alternative, techno, pop..etc ] : i like everything basically..rock, alternative, folk are my favorite....

[ bunk or water bed ] : bunk beds are the shit

[r e l a t i o n s]
[ Best friend(s) ] : julie

[ Who you go to for advice the most ] : it depends on the issue

[ should talk to more ] : like all my friends, im anti social during the summer

[f a v e s]
[ color ] : hunter green, sage green

[movie]: E.T

[object ] : a thing called a c.d...

[ ocean or pool ] : ocean

[ silver or gold ] : silver

[ diamonds or pearls ]: diamonds

[ sunset or sunrise ] : sunrise

[ showers or baths ] : if i always had time, it’d be baths

[ food ] : italian, chinese, mexican

[ board game ] : TROUBLE!!!!!!! Or life

[ all-time song ] : Whoa, too many

[ current song ] : Tegan and Sara- Come on

[ rap song ] : Ah, fuck no

[ holiday ] : Used to be thanksgiving....

[ movie star ] : Johnnnnnnnnnnnnny (music video star J)

[ magazine ] : SI for women, (cancelled now)

[ tv show ] : six feet under

[ Disney character ] : Dory from finding nemo

[ animal ] : mooses, dolphins

[ drink ] : diet dr pepperrr

[ perfume ]: Abercrombie- 8

[ brand of sneaker ] : New Balance, now brooks

[ activity ] : field hockey, running, working out

[ fruit ] : Peaches, Plums, Strawberries

[ juice ] : Apple

[d o y o u ...?]

[ do you like school ] : I hate my

[ do you like to talk on the phone ] : yes

[ do you have your own phone line ] : no

[ do you like to procrastinate ] : i dont like to do it, but i do

[l a s t t i m e y o u ...]
[ last time u showered ]: About to take one...but yesterday

[ went runnin ] : Yesterday

[ went to a movie ] : last week, legally blonde 2

[ talked on the phone ] : to my dad like 20 mins ago

[ wished u were somebody else ] : i’ve thought about that alot

[r a n d o m]
[ where would you love to travel to? ] : california.....

[ whats ur middle name? ] : don’t have one

[ is ur hair color natural? ]: Yeah my highlights grew out now

[ do u have a cell phone? ] : Yes

[ whats ur online screen name ] : trouble87d

[ what do u want to do with your life? ] : go to college, get a job i love....i think ive got one in mind

[ last time u went bowling ] : last year

[ are u any good at bowling ] : hell yea haha

[ last time u went to the doctor ] : 2 yrs ago maybe

[ do u have a credit card ] : no

[ do u consider urself a "nice" person ] : somtimes

[ last book ]: catcher by jd

[ are u stressed out? ] : yes

[ do u believe in angels? ] : sure

[ what are u driving now? ] : dont have my license yet..

[ do u think ur spoiled? ] : a little bit

[ do u like mustard? ] : yes

[ have u seen the exorcist? ] : yes, haa its a comedy

[ how bout dumb & dumber? ] : yes

[ ever been skydiving? ]: no

[ number of tattoos ]: none
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chaos- [23 Jul 2003|06:28pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Ani Difranco- Gratitude ]

damn i cant take this crap, it's too crazy for me. I can't take all this argumentative bullshit. I need to just get away from all this............ahhhh! I decided to cheer myself by listening to some ani and taking some fun quizzes..enjoy my results :o)

Gangsta Bitch!
You're Gangsta Bitch Barbie. You're tough and you
like it rough, and of course you like to pop a
cap in any wiggers ass.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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I hate you so bad
you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
bunny. You hate everyone and eveything and your
not ashamed of it.

which happy bunny are you?
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thunder and lightning- :/ [23 Jul 2003|12:21am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Ani Difranco- Untouchable Face ]

OK- before I talk about anything i'd like to say thanks to caydeeeeeeee for designing my whole journal! You're the bestttt! Today went by so fast......maybe. I was on the computer this morning looking around and bidding on ebay, downloading music, and talkin to people and what not. Then at around 1ish..my dad picked me up and we went back to his house. We went to comp usa cause he needed new speakers for his computer, that store is awesome.....i wish i had a lot of money cause i'd definitely have some fun in there. When we got back I burned a Tegan and Sara/Ani Difranco cd....that I am actually listening to right now. Damn they are goddesses...I wish I could have gotten tickets to the Ani concert at the summerstage in central park...but o well I'm seein indigo girls in less than a month. I also had a pretty hard work out today, which was good b/c I was really in the mood for one. I'm so confused with this whole moving situation, it's driving me crazy. There are so many reasons why I'd want to move...but are they good enough? I don't know....I think I should think it over more. Oh well. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow- I hope I figure out something fun. Well I'm gonna get back to talk to jessica and kate......later kids&goodnight.

love you,

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hello [21 Jul 2003|10:12am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Tegan And Sara- Time Running ]

Hey everyone...yet another journal i've started! Today was pretty boring. I went to the pool with britt and heather and daniel...which was fun, but we couldn't stay all too long. The "life guard" was hitting on britt as a joke? who knows, but it was funny as hell...MARK! My mom is driving me crazy she is INSANE. I go out with donna & julie to pick up snacks cuz we rented a movie and we finally get home and watch 5 mins of it and then my mom tells me im grounded and have to come home. She seriously has issues..Yesterday was pretty boring too, well the first part of the day at least. I went out with colleen to the diner and we literally sat there for like an hour and a half, i think the people there wanted to kick us out cuz we were being kinda loud....oops. Actually I have been thinking a lot today, and I am starting to really consider moving to montgomery (where my dad lives) because I really feel like theres nothing here for me, and I really do not like central. To tell you the truth, I really don't want to leave my friends....but you know what, high school is almost over. That's the way I look at it. I mean when you think about it, I think this goes for everyone......you can probably only count on your hands the people that care about you A LOT. Anyway, the grading system sucks, the schedules suck, the number of students suck, but most of all the athletic program sucks MAJORLEY. I'm playing field hockey, fuck you!

<3 Dina

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