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    Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
    2:05 am
    Ive gone to live journal, all this stuff will stay up but new stuff will be posted at my live journal
    Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
    10:16 am
    where ive been
    To y'all sorry I havent been on in the past 3 weeks. Ive been busy between exam finals, working our family business, setting up an engineering club at my school, and working 40 hours a week at my job. (just got a small raise and promotion there. Man im tired, i mput myslef on a lower carb diet and im feeling good, lost a little weight but carbs are energy and im a little drained. call me and we'll chat, or just mkessage me anytime, ill respond when i get a chance.
    Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
    10:31 am
    I've had horrendous pain in my jaw for the last 2 days , it went away a few days ago and it just came back. It's about the only type of pain I cant cancel through mediataion or self-hypnosis. I need to yell at my boss till she gives me a day off so I can go to the dentist. Weird entry I know, but I thought I should post someting. Well off to hell to go be in torture. And thanks to me being in a bad mood from the pain, my parents are pissed i came in w/ a bad attitude and then yelled at them when they started giving me shit for yelling when they started asking me bs questions. ARRGH. I think someone is microwaving my brain and they better stop, or else i get a snowblower and it wont be pretty. The cat says "mraa", it doesnt help. Well gtg, V to all.
    Thursday, April 8th, 2004
    3:24 pm
    more poems y'all
    Thoughts of you chase through my mind
    And help me survive this daily grind
    You are my one, the last piece to my puzzle
    The love i sip from you, i wish i could guzzle (Not sexual, I mean the aura people give off)

    But alas we must be apart
    I long to feel the beating of your heart
    To be there with you, in any place
    Would bring the widest, grandest smile to my face

    For then I would in heaven be
    We were meant to be together cant you see
    well the time is slipping, I must go
    Soon well be together, I hope you know

    Off i am to parts unknown
    Wherever i go tis cause the wind has blown
    Back i'll be as soon as chance shine
    And I'll be yours, and you'll be mine.

    as before feedback is generous
    Monday, April 5th, 2004
    12:08 pm
    Im gonna try to start updating on a more regular basis again, I hope it works out. I need a life, anyone wanna loan me one, or at least give me some of the fun parts. mmm fun parts, you perverts!! well tell me what you think of the poems please, tell everyoen you know about them and have them read them, i wanna hear feedback, thank you.
    11:28 am
    tell me if this makes sense to you, Please
    As I don this hood of darkness
    Through this wretched stretch of serv-ed time
    I think back to the greater startings
    of this failed, futile time on earth

    And the needless loss of love and passion
    makes my sad eyes tear and water
    when I see this horrid hate
    Now is the time to move this show on forward

    Into the glorious light we must go
    for with this wondrous movement
    we as a whole grow greater still
    than the sun and moon and stars above

    But into action we must go
    If we ever want to survive this hostile
    this pained and tortured living, must stop and never be 'membered
    For if it is, then woe to all who are then forgotten.

    just written

    and tell me if this other one makes sense to you either

    All i feel is cold and dark
    not a bit of warmth in this frozen heart
    for it is void of hate and love and any feeling
    'sides of which worth of any appealing

    There is nothing there, of which there was some to start
    and nver do i feel any emotion
    for this horrid world of which I'm part
    that is why i care not much for forward motion

    all around is stagnant quiet
    so loud i can hardly think
    It's sound so pressing on my soul
    and the only way to stop it

    Is to share yourself with others
    To give of yourselves a part
    then we'll see a subtle changing
    In this world we all live in

    what ya think, please send any opinion/feelings/comments/anything

    if you like it or not share these with others, i wanna see what ppl think of them.
    Thank you.
    Monday, March 15th, 2004
    8:15 am
    to all my loyal readers
    to all who read this (yeah cause theres so many, lol) been busy working, delivering ink and stuff, trying to get some of those little green things with dead famous people on them. haven't gone out lately, personal life still in same rut. not much to say, just wanted to post something here. Kitty says Mraa. Well ive gotta go research write and practice a speach due on wednesday, oh well.
    Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
    6:50 pm
    Whats happens when you use online translaters too much
    Well happy birthday to you on this glorious day, on which you were born a while ago, i wish you much luck over the next year and alot of happiness, lets all dance around now and sing weird songs, hope you get all you wish for, and love all you get. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    Feliz cumpleaños bien en este día glorioso, en el cual usted nació hace un rato, le deseo mucha suerte durante el año y el alot siguientes de la felicidad, ahora dejo toda la danza alrededor y canto canciones extrañas, espero que usted consigue todos lo que usted desea para, y que ama todos usted consigue. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS.

    Affluent Happy Birthday in this glorious day, in as you were born a short while ago, him desire much luck during the following year and alot of the happiness, now I leave all the dance around and song strange songs, I hope that you obtain all the one that you wish for, and that she loves all you obtain. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Feliz cumpleaños afluente en este día glorioso, adentro como usted nació un cortocircuito mientras que hace, él deseo mucha suerte durante el año siguiente y el alot de la felicidad, ahora yo dejan toda la danza alrededor y la canción las canciones extrañas, espero que usted obtenga todo el para el cual usted desea, y que ella ama todos usted obtiene. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS

    Happy Birthday affluent in this day glorious, inside as you were born a short circuit whereas she does, he desire much luck during the following year and alot of the happiness, now I leaves all the dance around and the song the strange songs, I hope that you obtain all for who you wish, and that she loves all you obtain. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Afluente del feliz cumpleaños en este día glorioso, dentro de como usted nació un cortocircuito mientras que ella lo hace, él desea mucha suerte durante el año y el alot siguientes de la felicidad, ahora hojas de I toda la danza alrededor y la canción las canciones extrañas, espero que usted obtenga todos para quién usted desea, y que ella ama todos usted obtiene. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS

    Affluent of Happy Birthday in this day glorious, within as you were born a short circuit whereas she does it, he wishes much luck during the following year and alot of the happiness, now leaves of I all the dance around and the song the strange songs, I hope that you obtain all for whom you wish, and that she loves all you obtain. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    6:01 pm
    Conversation I had with friend after call
    someguysweb1975 (11:31:56 PM): dude whats up
    (Name deleted) (11:32:35 PM): yo
    (Name deleted) (11:33:01 PM): nothing, just printing out papers
    (Name deleted) (11:33:02 PM): you?
    someguysweb1975 (11:33:07 PM): what you doing tomorrow after test?
    someguysweb1975 (11:33:16 PM): im kinda pissed
    (Name deleted) (11:33:25 PM): pissed?
    (Name deleted) (11:33:50 PM): home after test...test ends at 6:30
    someguysweb1975 (11:35:11 PM): i told a friedn someone was talkiin about them behind there back, my friend called the person up then called me and 3-wayed the call, and i fell asleep before i had a chance to say anything to the person that was talkin the shit was trying to lie to me and my friend
    someguysweb1975 (11:36:04 PM): i called them back like 10 minutes ago and they are were pissed cause i ended up sitting throught the whole thing and then saying good and
    someguysweb1975 (11:36:16 PM): goodbye*
    (Name deleted) (11:36:24 PM): whoops
    Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
    6:18 pm
    My Car
    My car is back, its up and running, im so happy now, but now ive got to, get my license fixed, before my butt cant drive no more. I went to a local shop and we put a new strut on my car. still have to get the side bent out. Well im gonan go out and have some fun i hope. ttyl later, longer entry should follow.
    Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
    8:16 pm
    Thought I might as well open the window to my world again. Things still aren't going great waiting to know whats going to happen with my car, school is going well, getting a's and b's. Can't wait to take over my dads business. Haven't had time to write more poetry but this will be first place its seen. Trying to get all my things together and maybe I'll be able to balance a personal life somewhere. Well I'm going to go chill downstairs for a little, or play a game. ttyl. (user falls down stairs and breaks patella, gets up and glues it back together with superglue, eww sticky hands lol)
    Friday, February 20th, 2004
    7:07 pm
    Not much changed
    Still waiting on insurance company, still have no life, still need to shave, still catching rides till car is fixed, still going to computer to work saturday (over in west palm at south florida fairgrounds), if you need ink/toner/dvd+r or dvd-r or dvd-rw/little rc cars/keyboards/mice/little rc insects(beetles)/comp etc. give me a call at 954-304-4303 or catch me here/ or someguysweb1975 on aim, we could use the sales.
    Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
    8:07 am
    The picture is my cat
    My car is till sitting on my lawn and im waiting for the adjuster to come by and look at it. Either way im gonna have it fixed, and if the insurance doesnt cover it im just fixing the shocks and leaving the rest for a while. Hmm aced my past 2 trig test and one of my calc tests which is good. ALL MY CLOSE FRIENDS ARE BEING SO DAMN FLAKY!!!!!!!! With that said, shout outs to all the one who listen to my rants, "mucho le apreció para la paciencia gente maravillosa, yo es bendecido por el dios para tener gente que escucha", "beaucoup vous a apprécié pour la patience les personnes merveilleuses, je suis béni par un dieu pour avoir des personnes qui écoutent" I appreciate that. And if you cant read a subject line the picture in the corner is my cat chilling on my bed, i had to crop it and remove the sides for it to fit right. Gonna get a haircut and shave then ill post myself. Power to the people, and free manderines. (User takes rocket launcher and shoots annoying fly on wall, oh man there goes the bubble tape)
    Sunday, February 15th, 2004
    1:55 pm
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    7:36 pm
    Got in car accident while leaving my driveway today at 5:45 est. I was pulling out road was clear, guy came barreling down road and hit my rear right tire, my front fishtailed out. my tire is at 45 degree angle right now. Im fine (actually upbeat mood) dads angry cause it is gonan jump insurance. Guy was freaky looking and had his handicap plaque up and blocking his vision. Guy had messed up face, twictchy eyes, kinda stupid, he even left his car on till i told him to go turn it off. funny thing i called my friend to tell them about it and they said they did a hit and run with a car. i had a nice talk with insurance agent after 20+ minutes online. she had a nice voice sounded cute actually, had a little convo with her about how busy it was today. (was also on phone with triple a for 15+ till they picked up). Any questions, drop me a message here or messag me at someguysweb1975 on aim.
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
    11:20 am
    2nd poem
    Sorry had to go run to class, poem is currently untitled

    All my time thats uselessly spent
    living through a forever lent
    Never going out and being crazy
    Always waking to find previous days unhazy

    I have the urge to go and rave
    But ever the voice I must behave
    I long to breakout and say
    "I'm gonna live my ****ing life today"

    Though never the chance I have to go and do
    things to benefit me, and not serve you
    This is the life I am currently acting
    And when I think to the future, there is no exacting

    What I'll be doing or who I'll be
    I must bide my time and wait to see
    the things in store for this wretched slave
    And then we will see, If I still behave

    Charles J Greenberg
    10:34 am
    New poetry
    Old one i just found looking through notebook for place to write new one

    Gothic Life
    "Vampiric Life"

    All the night I cannot sleep
    I hear, I see, I smell and taste the blood soon to seep
    I am a creature of the darkness I fear
    I (enjoy and feed/take pleasure) in every scream I hear

    I have lived so long only taking lightly
    of any blood I can find that shines brightly
    As you have probably guessed
    The word Vampire describes me best

    I sleep during the day while others walk
    for the sun will burn me like a fire
    During the night is my time to stalk
    I will hunt my prey and will never tire

    This I fear is my damning curse
    My victims will join me after they are taken to the yard
    After all the people have left, and so too the hearse
    Then they will join me, and be my bard

    Second Poem I will post in about a half hour.
    12:26 am
    GRR Angry!!!
    Just got called my friend pleading for money for weed, just bout to get to sleep and my cell starts ringing, first they wanted 5, then 10, then 20 and they wanted me to wander to the end of my block to go give it to them, if you read this, get a job please, come on. So im waiting at the end of my block, smell weed in the air, that or someone has a whole lot of cigars they been smoking. Its very conspicuous standing on my corner at midnight, theyre used to be a really big prob in this area so cops patrol all night and there is like 3 UC's and 3 cops living on my block. That girl has gotta get a job, im gonna have a talk with her tomorrow afternoon when she isnt surrounded by all the other potheads. Well im going to sleep now, just had to rant for a minute. (user feels shaky from standing outside for 10 minutes, wow pretty colors, i have hands, yeah) (im just kidding, moo hahaha)
    Saturday, February 7th, 2004
    11:09 pm
    One of my older works, if you like it comment and ill post some more
    The way I feel for you makes me joyous
    And to show you my feelings I am poised
    To let you into my world of love
    But I don’t want to lose you, because of

    When we are together I feel complete
    And I say this to you my love with no deceit
    I ponder you when I am awake
    And treasure every moment we are together

    Simply being with you is pure pleasure
    It gives me more energy than the strongest seizure
    I love the time we spend together
    Talking, hugging, walking the mall, and snuggling, it doesn’t matter whether

    You are the only one for me
    Everyone else clearly they see
    You are my friend, my confidant, my genuine love
    You are the one I want the rest of my life, to spend


    These words come from my heart truly
    But they will not leave my brain unstuttered
    That’s why I need this DeBergerac
    To sum up all I want to deeply utter

    Charles Joseph Greenberg

    This poem was written for a friend to give to my best friend, they have been going out for the past sixth months, their such a cute couple.
    10:22 pm
    No video tape YaY
    I had fun at work today not much to do,worked with nisha (little indian girl) shes cool. Best part was owner forgot to put video tape in surveillance sytem vcr so we just chilled in the back and blasted music for a while. Not too many customer and i made 20 bucks of the owner for doing a few little jobs. Had a nice dinner, loaded over half a pound of chicken on a little sub. MMM Toasty Good night
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