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[05 Apr 2004|03:37pm]
school was ok today...we switched cycles and now im in sewing and matt is in my class :)....yeah once again im bored so i did a survey

Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi
Love or Lust?: Love
tv or movies?: TV
cats or dogs?: Dogs
meal or dessert?: Dessert
east coast or west coast?: East
tall or short?: Tall
football or baseball?: Fottball
soccer or basketball?: Soccer
outside or indoors?: Outside
blonde or brunette?: Brunette
apples or oranges?: Apples
aol or yahoo?: Aol
stars or moons?: Stars

[04 Apr 2004|07:52pm]

fredddddyyyy [04 Apr 2004|01:13pm]
ME AND TARA GAVE FRED A MOHAWK LAST NIGHT......Click here to see it )

survey [03 Apr 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Reel Big Fish: Everything Sucks ]

I'm bored and me and Tara are going to Dippy's and I did a survey...

::15 Random Favorites::
1: My Guitar
2: My Computer
3: Kazaa Lite
4: My cds
5: Food
6: Friends
7: My dog (Harry)
8: Television
9: AIM
10: www.purevolume.com
11: Cd Burners
12: Xbox
13: Gamecube
14: Video Games in general
15: Goodwill
::14 Favorite Foods::
1: French Fries
2: Pizza Rolls
3: Chicken
4: Cheese Fries
5: Peaches
6: Strawberries with coolwhip and sugar
7: Pretzels
8: Doritos
9: Candy
10: Fruit Snacks
11: Pears
12: Bacon and Eggs
13: Hasbrowns
14: Mozzarella Sticks
::13 Most Watched Shows::
1: The O.C
2: American Idol
3: Survivor
4: Hey Arnold
5: The News
6: That 70s show...sometimes
7: Full House
8: Roseanne
9: Cosby Show
10: The Inferno
11: The show with the chinese people on Spike Tv
12: Saturday Night Live
13: Dora, because my sister is obsessed and it sucks
::12 Good Bands in your Opinion::
1: Reel Big Fish
2: A Static Lullaby
3: A Heartwell Ending
4: Riding Bikes
5: My Chemical Romance
6: Calico System
7: Feeling Left Out
8: Senses Fail
9: The Movielife
10: Thrice
11: The Beatles
12: Forevers End
::11 Memories::
1: Tara sleeping over like every weekend 2004
2: When Chris and Missy slept over 2004
3: Halloween 2003
4: When Val and Tara slept over 2004
5: Snow days with Chris and Tara 2003-2004
6: Movies with Matt, Dot and Tara 2004
7: April Fools Day 2004
8: Computer Lit 2004
9: Lighting things on fire with my cousins
10: Maine
11: My sister was born
::10 Close Friends::
1: Tara Epstein
2: Chris Selfridge
3: Val Tobin
4: Dottie Logan
5: Lindsay Adomaitis
6: Lisa Siano
7: Tricia Carlson
8: Jackie Andrews
9: Matt Morgan
10: Missy and Brittany
::09 Things you're looking forward to::
1: My Birthday
2: Summer
3: When schools out
4: Hanging out with my friends
5: Weekends
6: Seats changed in Spanish...thankgod
7: Growing Up
8: Next Year
9: Geting a job and money
::08 Things you wear daily::
1: Pants
2: Socks
3: Shoes
4: Eyeliner
5: A Shirt
6: My Belt
7: Bracelet
::07 Things That Annoy You::
1: All the whores in our school
2: Rap
3: People who like rap
4: this blurty sometimes
5: Teachers
6: School
7: When you have nothing to do
::06 Things You Touch Everyday::
1: My Computer
2: My Hair
3: A Brush
4: Food
5: TV remote
6: Clothes
::05 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::
1: Hooke
2: Ferris Buller's Day Off
3: Breakfast Club
4: Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King
5: Ninja Turtles movies
::04 Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys::
1: Big Wheel <3<3
2: Action Figures
3: Sega
4: Skipit
::03 Best Celebrities::
1: Tom Delonge
::02 Of Your Favorite Songs::
1: Green Day: Basket Case
2: Reel Big Fish: Everything Sucks
::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With::
1: Matt

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Hey Hey Hey Hey WHOREEESs [02 Apr 2004|10:14pm]
Hey, I'm at Tara's right now and we are chilling and watching Whos Line Is It Anyway...and we tried to walk up to Dippy's about a half an hour ago but they were closed...what whoreeess...I wanted a Vanilla Water ice so figging bad...yeah well anyway today was career day at school and it was kind of boring except for the guy who talked about drugs...I wanted to laugh so bad "IF YOU CAN'T TALK THE TALK...THEN YOU CAN'T WALK THE WALK" haha what a moron...well anyways I guess school was ok because we didin't really do anything...cya


[01 Apr 2004|09:28pm]
Today was so much fun I hung out with Dot and Tara all day...I went over Taras around 4 and we went to Dippys to get free ice cream and we saw pat...hahaha, and we went back to taras and were playing with the ribbon dancer haha...then we went to the talent show around 6:20 hahaha 6th graders dancing to toxic...pretty funny yet annoying all at the same time...then we went back to taras and got more free ice cream, and dot of course goes nuts and almost pees her self because she is laughing so bad and then i got sick from laughing and eating so much ice cream :/...but its all good it was still so much fun...and Tara is probably going to sleep over tomorrow...yay...ha tomorrow is career day woopwoop


[01 Apr 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | R.E.M ]

today was fun...it was just another great day at school (seriously), today me dot and tara are going to dippys and then we are going to jmt talent show....yesss, she is picking me up around 4...i cant wait, im in such a good mood today :)...



[31 Mar 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Calico System: Love Will Kill All ]

For some reason school was fun today, I think it was just a good day...Ha at second run chris got into a trashcan and it tipped over and he fell...haha it was so hilllarious...yeah im bored and I'm talking to Tara online right now...and Dottie just came over and asked me if I wanted to walk to the park lol, dumb dot...yeah well cya


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[30 Mar 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Reel Big Fish: Ban The Tube Top ]

school was ok today...yeah im bored and tara just sent me the picture of me and CMP (aka: Colleen) hahaha

!!!!!!!CMP!!!!!!! )

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[29 Mar 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Feeling left out: At arms length ]

hey, i feel really crappy...maybe its because i took a nap, i always feel this way after i wake up from a nap...ahh and i can't go over taras and im so bored, and im a loser and I feel like poop...cya

Feeling Left Out
You've met your match
He sounds like a superhero
He's just like you, just like you
Everything you are looking for
He loves your every move
Sleep next to him...
While I sleep alone

I'm just asking for honesty now
I need a reason to keep you away
A reason to keep you at arm's length
I never should have let you back in

And now it's 3:17
As my alarm clock seems to read

This hate has nothing to do with you
I hate myself
For letting it get this far, once again
I could have prevented this harm
But living in sin
Keeps us warm....
Keeps me warm

Similar situation happened last year
Should have been fair warning
to keep you at arm's length
Keep you at arm's length


just got home [29 Mar 2004|02:51pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Atreyu: Lipgloss and Black ]

hey just got home from school, it was fun...and the weekend was cool too, and on sunday me tara and dottie went to the moorestown mall, that was fun...yeah ill write later, maybe...cya

<3 :)

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[27 Mar 2004|12:41pm]
Tara is here and we are waiting to get a call from Matt so he can tell us when he is coming over and Jackie is coming over too...what a rockin' weekend, ha
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hey there buddy ol' pal [26 Mar 2004|06:31pm]
Haven't written in here for a while because sometimes these things get on my nerves. Tara is sleeping over tonight and I can't wait until tomorrow because Mathyou is coming over and so are Jackie and Tara...I get to spend the whole day with my lovely friends and we are going to the movies to see "Secret Window" and then just hanging out at my pad, and probably playing video games lol, it should be fun...cya

hey [22 Mar 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Reel Big Fish: Everything Sucks ]

today was ok i guess, in computers i had to give my presentation haha,

well yeah right now im eating food and talking to tara and val online :), im so bored well yeah nothing really exciting happened today...cya

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in computer lit [22 Mar 2004|01:04pm]
im in computer lit right now with linda and tara Linda aka Lola is the coolest person ever I LOVE HER

eyyyyyy [21 Mar 2004|07:29pm]
last night was fun, chris and missy slept over and missy hit this car with a bottle cap and the guy slammed on his breaks and chased us and we had to run behind these bushes but he followed us, and i tried to talk to him and calm him down hahaha, so funny...and we watched school of rock, and then we just watched some tv..(saturday night live) and we went to bed around 5 and we had to wake up at 8 because missy had to so i did too, just because im nice like that, yeah then missy left around 10 or something, and then i found out my cousins got a guinea pig and two hamsters :), i want a guinea pig!@#%^...yeah well anyway now im going to do some of my homework, because i need to and i have nothing better to do...oh yeah and my aunt had the beatles cd so i got to copy it and now i have it...:)!!!!! cya

woohoo [20 Mar 2004|02:57pm]
Tara and Chris came over last night, hahaha....funny times, and we also hung out with chase fred and dottie...yeah and today i went to the mall and got me some lovely pumas...

pumas )
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hey there [14 Mar 2004|11:15am]
hey....tara and val slept over last ngith and we watched roger rabit and me and val took weird pictures of us and val looked evil in one, haha...yeah then we just sat around and watched tv...lol, oh yeah and we went to jims last night and we got chicken and cheese fries...ahhh the people are scary hahaha...and kayla's underwear and the wrench peice of chicken...lol, yeah well im a loser, cya
pictures from last night and today )
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pictures [12 Mar 2004|11:28pm]
heres pictures from taras...tara deleted all the ones that i took of her, fag...
Loser )

[12 Mar 2004|11:03pm]
ahh what the hell i had to change this entry because it put an entry twice...gay blurtyyyy

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