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[17 Jun 2003|09:13pm]
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When you were young you had such big plans. [17 Jun 2003|08:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Avengers ]

Fri. 13 - Seminar G / Algebra H
Mon. 16 - English C / Biology D
Tues. 17 - History E / P.E. F

Wed. 18 - Spanish A / Keyboard B
Thurs. 19 - EFGHABCD
Fri. 20 - Summer

Like I said, Saturday I did nothing. Sunday I studied for English and Biology. English I did really well on and I suck at Biology so forget that.

After school Monday I went to Jim's. We played basketball at the park near his house, golfed balls into the pond behind his house, and skateboarded. We both haven't skateboarded in so long, I don't know how I used to be able to do all those tricks and jump huge staircases.

When I got home I studied for History, which I had today. It was easy. Then I had Gym. We had to do a small written thing, also easy. Then I played floor hockey the rest of class. It was me, Jimmy C., Dooley, and Joe D. against four freshmen. We kicked their asses.

I came home and slept and just woke up a little while ago. I need to study for the last day of finals tomorrow. I have Spanish, which will suck, and Keyboarding, which will be pretty easy. Then Thursday we just go to school and go to every class for about 20 minutes and say bye.

I can't wait to wake up late Friday and it be summer, then walk down to the show at Ipswich.

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I am the horizon. [14 Jun 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Saetia ]

Friday was amazing. This week went by so slow because I just wanted it to be Friday so I could put my Mighty Mighty Bosstones tickets to use. I've just been staring at them for months. Even though I’ve seen them so many times, I’m always excited to see them again.

I had my Seminar and Algebra finals Friday. In Seminar we didn't really have a final, so we just sat around. Algebra was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Fri. 13 - Seminar G / Algebra H
Mon. 16 - English C / Biology D
Tues. 17 - History E / P.E. F
Wed. 18 - Spanish A / Keyboard B
Thurs. 19 - EFGHABCD
Fri. 20 - Summer

After school Friday I met up with Brandon and Jim and Jim's mom drove us to my house. We played basketball, listened to music, ate a bunch of food, walked to the store and back, watched Old School (Blue your my boy!), and just chilled to pass the time.

We left for Hampton Beach at about 4:30, listened to the Bosstones on the way, and got there about an hour later. Everyone we were with wanted to go out to eat, so we did. We three ate so much food that day, it was ridiculous. After we ate we just left everyone there and went off on our own, it was about 6:00. We went and sat on the balcony/porch at the cottage and talked/fantasized for an hour.

At 7:00 we started walking the boulevard to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. The show started at 8:00, so we just chilled inside and waited.

Catch Twenty Two opened, they are an amazing ska band, enough said.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, the only west coast ska/punk band there, were all right. Everyone else enjoyed them though.

Next were the Pietasters, when we all started our crowd surfing and dancing. They are an amazing ska/reggae band. I finally got one of their shirts too.

Finally, after a long wait, were the Bosstones. I love when the whole crowd chants, “Mighty Mighty! Bosstones!” right before they take the stage. Then the lights go off, their intro music goes on, they get on stage, and its absolute chaos. We all lost each other for a good amount of songs at the beginning, but then found one another for the rest of the show. Brandon had his camera, so hopefully the pictures come out good.

It was another awesome experience seeing them live again. I love seeing the Bosstones, I love when they represent Boston where they came from, I love ska, I love Hampton Beach, and I love my friends.

The show ended at midnight, and then we walked back to the cottage in the rain to meet up with everyone to go home. All three adults were drunk, one was in walking distance to their house, and the other two were passed out. So, we relied on my sister’s friend to drive us home because my sister is horrible at driving. We got home at 1:00 AM.

What a fucking great night.

Today I’m probably doing nothing, and tomorrow I’m studying for finals.

I can’t wait for summer.

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Through! Our bleeding! We! Are one! [09 May 2003|10:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | My ears ringing from one of the best shows ever. ]

4 PM: Arrived. I met up with a friend I have been talking to that I met on the AFI message board. We sat and talked in the front of the line.

4:30 PM: Jade (guitarist) walks on the sidewalk across the street with his hand next to his head and we wonder if it's really him.

4:40 PM: Adam (drummer) walks out of the door next to me from sound check and goes to get Jade around the corner.

5 PM: Jade and Adam walk back and we run and meet them, while everyone else in line stares in awe.

5:30 PM: Doors open. Got a white zipper down AFI sweatshirt and a red AFI, "Death of Spring Tour", shirt.

6:30 PM: Recover played. They suck. We sat on the side wall and watched.

7:15 PM: The Explosion played. They’re a pretty good band. The Hives meet the Unseen type band. The first song they played I loved, "No Revolution", so I jumped off the wall into the pit for their set.

8:15 PM: AFI comes out with "Miseria Cantare" intro, jumped right off the wall into the crowd. There was a huge stampede for the stage. I was at an angle being held up by all these people standing, along with a lot of other kids at an angle about to fall. Kids were on the ground, I was stepping on this kid’s ribs for about 3 minutes and I couldn't move. I felt so bad. Like 5 kids were on the ground and we were all screaming, "Move! Pick them up!" but no one could move and the kids in the center pit didn't know so everyone was still getting pushed on us. I couldn't breathe at all. I pushed my way through to get on the side platform to get air for 2 songs when we finally got up.

After I caught my breath I got to the front again. So much crowd surfing, I got kicked in the head so many times, Doc Martens sometimes. I had to keep looking behind me to see if anyone was coming.

I crowd surfed during the end of their set and I pointed at Davey (vocals) and was screaming my lungs out and he grabbed my hand when I was about to fall over the security barrier. It was amazing. Then right when I was pushing through to get in the front again, Davey jumps in the crowd and they held him up by his knees. So I jump over everyone and crowd surf right to him and he falls forward right in front of me so I fucking flip and grab him.

The only one I didn't meet was Hunter (bassist).

Somehow I have pink stuff on my hands, scratches on my face, sort of pink teeth, and some blood on my neck.

All my shirts are soaked in sweat.

I saw Nichole and her brother Phil. Phil actually pushed me up for one of my crowd surfs, and it was the one when Davey grabbed my hand.

9:30 PM: Show is over.

One of the best experiences I'll ever have in my life. And I'm sure I'll have more with AFI.

I got the picture I took of my friend Liz and Jade, guitarist of AFI, on the sidewalk of Lansdowne Street.

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