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I love you more then I ever loved anyone before [25 Aug 2004|01:18am]
[ mood | emo ]
[ music | Matchbook Romance ]

One word, Emo.


I hate being like this, it's so sad. I love being happy. I miss Ian much. I wish he could hold me forever and never let go.


Well now everyone has deciding I'm a bad kid and that fucking sucks.


School starts soon, with school brings drama and a bunch of tears. I have my best friend back so that will help me much. Terese leaves for college in a few hours, it will be so weird here without her. I don't know what I am going to do. I love my sister so much.


Tell me why I have to miss you so.

Kiss Of Death

I'm back bitches [23 Aug 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Bright Eyes//Something Vague ]

I rarely write in here, awe I feel kinda bad for the poor journal. I have way to many out there some where. I shall find you all. hahah. La-ooo-ser. I got myself a new boyfriend. He kicks ass. We've been goin out for a month. Not like time matters, but it's a reminder to myself. heh. Terese goes away to college Wednesday, I'm real upset, but it will be alright. (I hope) Tomorrow is registration. Ew, grose. School starts in a week, Friday is Ashleys party and Saturday is the Rescue Betty show. SUMMER IS OVER :cries:

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What did I do to deserve [10 Jul 2004|03:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Coheed And Cambria ]

Just chugged a Monster. :o) I love those things hehe. I read some of this, I always loved Brandon so much, I don't know why I let every little thing get to me. Insane child I was. I was really annoying too. I hope I'm not like that anymore. ::shakes head:: I think I may be, But I don't try to. I really don't, hehe. My mom told me I'm not allowed to eat becaue I'm fat. So I'm not going to eat for a very long time and see what she does.

I miss having someone, but I don't miss having you.

Kiss Of Death

[23 Oct 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I read Carries journal and it made me want to write in my blurty.

Everything sucks lately.

Kiss Of Death

[19 Sep 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I just read Carries blurty and decided to write in mine. I wonder if anyone follows these...I have 5 journals...hah. I'm lame as hell. I feel like fucking shit Theres a game tonight but I have no one to go with so I will just sit around by myself. woohoo...I wanna call my boyfriend but I'm afraid to (stupid bitch)

Kiss Of Death

Your still around [10 Aug 2003|11:55pm]
Oh my jeez did anyone remember i had this because i sure as hell forgot. I dont think im gonna write in it cause i have a live journal which i love deeply. lol but not as much as my wonderful boyfriend. ::kisses::

just let go we deserve it

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SAM! [04 Apr 2003|05:02pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | countin crowns ]

Deadjournals updateing theye page so i have to use my blurty.


we all share suckers and shit, and we were putting our suckers together for pod squad.

i had a head ache. AND A SOAR THROAT!

1 year 272 days

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but its alright thats who i am inside not much to say on this nontoxic ordinary day [01 Apr 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | sr71-non-toxic ]

what's your name; karen
do you like being naked; what the fuck!
if we had the proof god didn't exist, what would happen; i dont know!?
do you like cheeze whiz; no
left or right handed; right
are you smart; im not stupid
what's your middle name; elizabeth
how many personalities do you have; uummm i dont know one?
how many piercings do you have; none
what was your first word; sex hehe i donno
are you superstitious; no
do you read your horoscope; yes
do you belive in that stuff; eee not really
can you do a cartwheel; lol no the whole school found that out last year
do you have contacts; no
do you have a retainer or braces; braces :'(
can you drive; not legally
do you snore; no (i supposively talk)
do you drool in your sleep; no
do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge; lickkk
do you keep a journal; yes
do you like onions; no
do you like cotton candy; yessss oooo i want some now
what instruments can you play; guitar
do you like to dance; depends on who im with
do you like to sing; yes but i wont do it infront of ppl besides tabitha
are you any good at it; no
do you like to talk on the phone; depends on whose on the other line
do you like where you live; no!!!!
are you organized; heh umm sure
do you sleep with socks on; no
are you shy; mmmm not really
do you talk to yourself; yes i am right now lol
are you a morning person; mmm sorta
are you a virgin; yes
are you proud of that; no
do you believe in god; ya
do you believe in ghosts; ya
how old do you wish you were; 16
what will you name your future daughter; GEORGETTE! hehe
what will you name your future son; brandon :)!
have you ever thought you were gonna die; yes
where do you wanna go; to brandons

1 year 269 days

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some of these questions pissed me off so i deleted them [01 Apr 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | thursday- the dream ]

Music-Do you like:
Korn: yea
Drowning Pool: sure
Adema: ya
N'sync: nop
Backstreet Boys: nope
Garth Brooks: lil
Beethoven: dont listen to him
Paul Oakenfold: dont know who he is
Robert Miles: or him
Unwritten Law: i like a few songs

Creatures-do you like:
Vampires: ya
Fairies: haha sure
Wolves: mmm ya
Humans: sometimes
Tigers: ya
Pheniox: isnt that a bird?
Witches: sure
Trolls: like under the bridge of course
Horses: eeee maybe

Creatures-do you believe in:
Vampires: ya
Witches: ya
Trolls: mmm sure
Fairies: hahaha no
Wizards: no
Shape-shifters: ? no

Do you fall into:
Goth: --
Punk: --
Jock: of course
Unkown: --
Loner: --
Protector: --
Dork: --

Do you like:
Girls: no
Guys: sometimes
Both: nope
Neither: ?

Korn or N'sync: Korn
Vampires or Witches: Vampires
Books or Magazines: Magazines
Horses or Tigers: Tigers
Glass full of blood or Glass full of an unkown substance: Glass full of blood
God or Devil: God
Innocent or Evil: Evil

Music: everything
Fantasy: hehe lets not say :)
Tom Cruise: mmm
Stuart Townshend: mmmm
Jonathan Davis: mmm

What would you chose if you HAD to pick between these?-Continusiously angry music or continuiously happy music: Continusiously angry music

What kind of life would you hope to lead?-One where you are strong and independent or one where you are strong but dependent on someone: Strong and independent

How much has this survey bothered you? 1-10 (1 being that it bothered you a lot, 10 being that it didn't but you at all): 1

Would you ever want to be a vampire?: no vampress maybe

Would you ever want to be immortal?: ya

Would you ever want to be famous?: no

Kiss Of Death

Dream A Little Dream Of Me [01 Apr 2003|06:29pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | glass jaw- pink roses and the graveyard ]

stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you"
Birds singin' in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me, yes

Say nighty-night and kiss me
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me
While I'm alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me

Stars fading but I linger on dear
Still craving your kiss
I'm longin' to linger till dawn dear
Just saying this, yes

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

Yes, stars fading but I linger on dear
Still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger till dawn dear
Just saying this, yes

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me
Yes, dream a little dream of me

I wanna call brandon, but he said he didnt want to come over *tear*

1 year 269 days

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Dont let it go to your head boys like you are a dime a dozen [01 Apr 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | taking back sunday- youre so last summer ]

today was great. I love my boyfriend so much! I really want to see him *sigh*

Hey Allie its almost rollerblading weather...and your birthdays comin up damnnnnnnnn

hhumm, i had some stuff to say but of course i forgot...OH Ambur did my hair today hehe but I had to take it out it was annoying me.

Yep yep yep.

1 year 269 days EEEEEEE i love um

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Can we say I have no life...YES [31 Mar 2003|10:03pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | SILENCE ]


01. Time you start: 10:04PM

02. Full Name: Karen

03. Nicknames: (i really hate this one) Kare,

04. Screen names:
Insightfulone6 DayDreamer4299 Deadlykiss341

05. Pet(s): theres a fish in my front room

07. GPA: 3.8?

08. Sex: female

09. Birthdate: 1.20

10. Zodiac sign: Aquarius/capricorn

11. Location: Michigan

12. Hair color: brown (UGLY)

13. Eye color: blue

14. Siblings: Terese

15. Bestfriend(s): Tab, Carrie, Heather, Brandon, (dave)

The CRUSH Side:

16. Crush: Brandon

17. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Brandon

18. If you could go out with anyone, who would it be: Brandon

The PAST Side:

19. Memory [thing] you miss most: Last summer. Or that one night when brandon and marty stayed at aries till likw 1

20. If you could go back in time, where would you go: I would go back to some bad things ive done and never have done them

21. Memory you would like to forget: -not saying-

22. What'd you do yesterday: sat at home,

23. Last person you talked to on the phone: dave

24. Last thing you said: what the fuck

25. Last song you listened to: dry cell~last time


28. TV show: Cheers, Threes company

29. Song: Punk Rock Princess- Something Corporate

30. Color: purple

31. Day of the week: saturday

32. Month: janurary

33. Holiday: christmas (we get the long break)

34. Number(s): 20

35. Sport to play: volleyball

36. Sport to watch: volleyball

37. Ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough

38. Candy: kisses

39. Channel: nickoledon (cant sp)

40. Shampoo/Conditioner: whatever my mom buys..

41. Saturday Night Live quote: ummm not that big of a fan

42. Sports Team: tigers lmao i donno

43. Actor/Actress: ashton kutcher

44. Non-alcoholic Drink: coke

45. Alcoholic Drink: teqhila lol i dont knwo how to spell

46. Band/Singer: new found glory (sad I know)

47. Movie: dirty dancing


48. *N Sync OR BSB: N Sync

49. Peanut butter OR Jelly: peanut butter!

50. Boxers OR Briefs: boxers.

51. Matt OR Ben: Ben

52. MTV OR VH1: vh1

53. Apples OR Oranges: oranges

54. Vanilla OR Chocolate: chocolate

55. Flowers OR Candy: flowers

56. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: neither

57. Romantic, Comedy, Horror, OR other: comedy

58. TV OR Radio: radio

59. Max and Liz OR Michael and Maria: what the....?

60. Joey and Pacey OR Joey and Dawson: what?


61. Do you believe in angels: ya

62. Aliens: ya

63. Heaven & Hell: ya

64. God: ya

65. Yourself: sometimes

66. Love at first Sight: no

67. True Love: yes

68. Soul Mates: yes


69. Been on a plane: yes

70. Cried in public: yes

71. Climbed a tree: yes

72. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: yes

73. Met a celebrity: no

74. Been scared to get a shot: yeah

75. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: nope

76. Skipped school: no

77. Gone out of the country: ya


78. Bill Clinton: billy gamble

79. Dreams: sleep

80. Sex: brandon

81. Whipped Cream: brandon

82. South Park: timmy

83. Boy Bands: tabitha

84. Guys: brandon

85. Girls: ditz

86. Death: sam


87. Dog/Cat: dog

88. Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate

89. Pen/Pencil: pen

90. Boy/Girl: girl.


92. Are you getting tired of this survey:yes

93. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes

94. How many buddies do you have on your list: a lot

95. Do you like this survey: no

96. One pillow or two, cotton or feather: 2 cotton

97. Last CD you bought: damn. uhh ataris- end is forever

98. Last movie you saw: what ummm mermaid

99. How long are you in the shower: depends on if i wanna stay or not usually 20-30 mins

100. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: open my mouth insert candy chew

101. What does your screen name mean?: im emotional

102. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous: right

103. What is on your mouse pad: lvhs

104. What is under your bed: scarpbook materials

105. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop: 987654

106. Do you like the person who sent this to you: i found it


107. Been Kissed: yep.

108. Been In Love: i am now

109. Had Alcohol: yep.

110. Done any kind of drug: nope

111. Failed a grade: no

112. Skipped a grade: no.

113. Sang and Danced while alone in your room: yeah

114. Missed someone: yes


115. Cried: an hour ago no that was about to hehe umm friday no saturday I dont knwo

116. Told someone not related to you that you love them: long time

117. You were on the phone: yesterday

118. You laughed until you cried: saturday

119. You stayed home all weekend voluntarily: donno

120. What time is it now: 10:24 PM

Carrie were losers hehe im so proud to have a loser with me.

Kiss Of Death

the stars up in the sky are slowly passing by [31 Mar 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | ataris-i wont spend another night alone ]



What time do you wake up? school day: 7:30 Weekday: around noon or 1pm
How many minutes does it take before you actually get up? right away
How many hours of sleep do you think you need? 13

Do you...

Have an alarm clock? yea
Think you are your own alarm clock? No Id sleep forever
Find yourself waking up in the middle of good dreams all too often? :( sometimes
Find drool on your pillow? nope
Have horrible hair when you wake up? sometimes
Sleep with two pillows? Yes
Find yourself tangled in your blankets or on the floor when you wake up? yea, not on the floor though
Wake up to someone snoring? mmmm probably
Wake up to your own snoring? No
Sleep with any stuffed animals? yes


Do you do first the moment you get up? Cant I go back to sleep
Mood are you usually in when you wake up? Depends,
Makes you want to get up in the morning? Seeing Brandon
Makes you wanna sleep and die? Not seeing brandon


Baths or showers? Showers
Bare hands or washcloth? Hands
Hot or cold water? HOT HOT HOT
Bathtubs or regular shower rooms? tubs
Glass or curtains? Glass
Bright bathrooms or dark ones? dark


How long are your showers/baths? 20-30 mins
At what time do you usually take them? around 8-9PM
How many times a day? Once or Twice


Soap? Dial
Shampoo? Pert
Lotion? Lots
Body wash? that herbal shit my mom had
Scent? BRANDON. (or P.E. Perry Ellis)
Facial wash? Clean & Clear

Do you...

Sing in the shower? sometimes lol
Close your eyes often? yes
Wash your face before you take a shower/bath? Nope
Take forever? Yeas
Wish you had a better bathroom? Yes
Call it a bathroom? Yes
Think showers make you feel better? mmm once in a while

Do you...

Eat breakfast right after you wake up? No
Drink coffee? No
Eat any breakfast at all? No
Feel too sleepy to eat breakfast? No

Cram your food into your body in five minutes for your own reasons? Nah
Find yourself starving later on in the day, wishing you had at least a bagel? Rarely
Even like bagels? Yeah
Like butter? umm kinda


Do you eat for breakfast? MY FOOT eeewww lol i dont eat breakfast
Is the best thing for breakfast? Pancakes?

How do...

You like your eggs? No eggs EEEWWW
Your toast? mmmm lightly toasted? lol i donno
Your pancakes? ...maple syrup

.:School:. (Even if you're working. Just remember the days)


What time do you go to school? Around 7:50AM
What time is dismissal? 3:30PM
How many classes do you have? 8

Are you...

Often late for class? mmmm depends what class
Involved in many activities? no
Often wishing you have more time? nope
A good student? Sure
In the mood to tell me one thing you do in school that you take pride in? (Please be detailed) no. im not in the mood


Your day at school only. For instance, name all your classes or the classes you will take/took: Advisory, Art, Chior, Math, Language Arts, Lunch LOL, Science, History, Enrichment
Lunch: talking, stop light



What time do you arrive home? Around 3:50PM
How many hours on your way home? 20 mins?


Is your method of transportation? Bus
Is the one thing you hate about going home? Annoying little kids on the bus
Do you think of the moment you stop inside your house? Going online
Time do you eat dinner? Around 6
Do you usually have for dinner? mmm whatever i see
Do you do the moment you get home? go online
Time do you sleep? Around 11
Do you wear to sleep? shorts t-shit underware
Think of to make yourself sleepy? anything but brandon.
Makes you go to sleep with a smile? Brandon


1 year 268 days

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were not so bad you know but you wont give us a chance [31 Mar 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | reel big fish- dateless losers ]

you say your down you cant lose that frown life sucks what else is knew thats tough not much you can do your not the only one not havin ne fun ive got a funny feeling were all born to lose and ive got a funny feeling that this life aint worth livin through ive deen deperessed and i get so stress life sucks i dont wonderr why thats tough i just keep on trin

rar im bored rar im sad rar rar rar

roseta might let me dye my hair.

Kiss Of Death

just give me an hour and then [31 Mar 2003|04:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | counting crows ]

Okay I had so much to say. Today hhmm...start good or bad....start at the beginging. art was fucking funny ass hell me allie and sam sit at a table its gonna kick ass. we have to make stop signs for code red and allies like what is quintaro gonna run around holdin the signs screamin stop stop lmao. chior was funny me and ambur talked all hour. Brandon told me i had to wash his hoodie before i gave it to him. Science I went and took that advanced english test. BOOORING social studies was ok and enrichment flew by. maybe caz me and jesse were late caz he forgot his I told brandon that we nneeded to talk caz I really want to talk to him about what he thinks but I think that he thinks that what he thinks is all that matters and he doesnt want to hear it...hes too busy today hes hangin out with scott buying baseball stuff and watching tv no time for me. *sigh* "baby you could drive mine and maybe i could drive your baby if your messin your gonna become my ex we aint never gonna have no" hahaha I5 baby. Oh on the bus ride me and allie talked. Shes really kick ass when she aint talking shit i love her, we could talk for hours. haha this summer were gonna go rollerblade....Dave tried to get my to delete my blurty caz he thinks his mom will see it and it'll somehow get him in trouble. He burnt himself and he yelled at me because if i would of let him come over then it wouldnt of happened but I didnt let him come over :). hehe. well i must be going because Im bored and theres not much more to say OMG TIME OUT CARRIE IF YOUR READING THIS IM LISTENING TO "I LOVE GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" LMAO FIVE BUCKS SAYS YOU DONT REMEBER THAT.


1 year 268 days

Kiss Of Death

family love... [30 Mar 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

daydreamer4299 (9:24:09 PM): video games are bad for you
daydreamer4299 (9:24:47 PM): your gonna fry you brain like french fries
daydreamer4299 (9:24:59 PM): did you hear how their gonna change french fries to fredome fries?
daydreamer4299 (9:25:02 PM): thats gay
daydreamer4299 (9:27:22 PM): brain looks like brian but brian doesnt have a brain
daydreamer4299 (9:31:36 PM): haha
daydreamer4299 (9:32:09 PM): you going to come back to your computer and be so excited caz you got a bunch of i/ms from your favorite relative
daydreamer4299 (9:32:14 PM): (hint:me)
UNL4BELED (9:39:27 PM): ...
daydreamer4299 (9:39:38 PM): LMAO
UNL4BELED (9:39:51 PM): Why are you laughing your ass off?
daydreamer4299 (9:39:58 PM): i dont know lol
UNL4BELED (9:40:08 PM): LMAO
daydreamer4299 (9:40:17 PM): :-) hehe
UNL4BELED (9:40:52 PM): Brian says "lol" constantly
UNL4BELED (9:41:01 PM): Each message has it
daydreamer4299 (9:41:11 PM): lol hes a funny boy
UNL4BELED (9:42:07 PM): brb
daydreamer4299 (9:42:11 PM): k
UNL4BELED (9:42:30 PM): back
daydreamer4299 (9:42:38 PM): that was a long time
UNL4BELED (9:42:38 PM): Didn't take as long as I had expected.
UNL4BELED (9:43:27 PM): How many sn's do you have?
daydreamer4299 (9:43:32 PM): 68
daydreamer4299 (9:43:35 PM): lol i donno a lot
daydreamer4299 (9:43:41 PM): i forgot about most of them
UNL4BELED (9:43:44 PM): Why?
daydreamer4299 (9:43:53 PM): caz my cpu got fucked up
UNL4BELED (9:43:59 PM): Hmm...
UNL4BELED (9:44:06 PM): What happened>
daydreamer4299 (9:44:12 PM): i donno
daydreamer4299 (9:44:15 PM): i dotn remember
daydreamer4299 (9:44:20 PM): itwas like 6th grade!
UNL4BELED (9:44:35 PM): You've had them that long?
daydreamer4299 (9:44:47 PM): nto this one
UNL4BELED (9:44:51 PM): Thought that they would have expired...
daydreamer4299 (9:44:57 PM): they cant
daydreamer4299 (9:44:59 PM): can they
UNL4BELED (9:45:10 PM): 'bleve so
daydreamer4299 (9:45:16 PM): daydreamer4299 (9:41:42 PM): is your name brian
daydreamer4299 (9:42:28 PM): lol
bvav22 (9:42:45 PM): yeah
bvav22 (9:42:52 PM): is ur name pablo?
daydreamer4299 (9:43:03 PM): i dont even know how to say that
daydreamer4299 (9:43:04 PM): lol
bvav22 (9:43:36 PM): lol
bvav22 (9:43:40 PM): then what is ur name
daydreamer4299 (9:44:02 PM): shaniqua
bvav22 (9:44:32 PM): well how did u get my sn shaniqua?
daydreamer4299 (9:44:39 PM): gary
bvav22 (9:44:59 PM): gary who
daydreamer4299 (9:45:07 PM): pablo
UNL4BELED (9:45:19 PM): 'blieve*
UNL4BELED (9:46:03 PM): interesting
UNL4BELED (9:46:10 PM): Brian is asking if I gave somebody his sn.
daydreamer4299 (9:46:14 PM): lmao
UNL4BELED (9:46:16 PM): What should I say?
UNL4BELED (9:46:25 PM): Who should I say that you are?
daydreamer4299 (9:46:26 PM): "what are you talking about"
UNL4BELED (9:46:50 PM): that won't work
daydreamer4299 (9:46:54 PM): lol
UNL4BELED (9:46:58 PM): it's too late
UNL4BELED (9:47:11 PM): OH! Now he's called me a fag.
daydreamer4299 (9:47:19 PM): bvav22 (9:47:09 PM): gary is this u?
daydreamer4299 (9:47:13 PM): lmao yes
daydreamer4299 (9:47:29 PM): bvav22 (9:47:16 PM): cuase if it is...............
bvav22 (9:47:21 PM): wow u are dumb
daydreamer4299 (9:47:35 PM): bvav22 (9:47:27 PM): u have to much time lol
daydreamer4299 (9:47:37 PM): omgonna piss
UNL4BELED (9:51:20 PM): Who should I say you are?
daydreamer4299 (9:51:28 PM): you
UNL4BELED (9:51:38 PM): That won't work
UNL4BELED (9:51:47 PM): I already said that it wasn't me
daydreamer4299 (9:52:01 PM): grrrr say im the girl down the street
UNL4BELED (9:52:52 PM): You mean down his street? You mean a friend of his, just unspecified?
daydreamer4299 (9:52:59 PM): i dont care
UNL4BELED (9:53:37 PM): Eh. I figured that we could find some way to use it to mess with his mind.
UNL4BELED (9:53:45 PM): Bad idea, I guess
daydreamer4299 (9:54:02 PM): daydreamer4299 (9:53:33 PM): HAHA, I can type like Gary!
daydreamer4299 (9:53:54 PM): Don't I look just as smart?
daydreamer4299 (9:54:21 PM): If he was smart hed read my info and go to my blurty
daydreamer4299 (9:54:24 PM): and relise who i was
UNL4BELED (9:54:55 PM): :'(Dats not nice
UNL4BELED (9:55:03 PM): I know who you are, but Brian doesn't
UNL4BELED (9:55:10 PM): At least I don't think
daydreamer4299 (9:55:19 PM): i just told him
UNL4BELED (9:55:49 PM): Oh. when you said he I thought you were talking about me in the third person.
daydreamer4299 (9:56:00 PM): no
UNL4BELED (9:56:05 PM): I was confused. . .but I'm used to it
daydreamer4299 (9:56:10 PM): lol
UNL4BELED (9:56:48 PM): Why did you say that you were typing like me? How does that suggest that you are smart?
UNL4BELED (9:57:02 PM): I'm guessing that it was some joke that went over my head.
daydreamer4299 (9:57:15 PM): Lol yea
daydreamer4299 (9:57:25 PM): you always capitalize what you type
daydreamer4299 (9:57:33 PM): and use proper punctuation
UNL4BELED (9:57:41 PM): eh
daydreamer4299 (9:57:56 PM): yeah whatever now your gonna try and look dumb
daydreamer4299 (9:58:01 PM): lmao
UNL4BELED (9:58:11 PM): No, I'm not.
daydreamer4299 (9:58:15 PM): lol!!!

daydreamer4299 (9:54:44 PM): im your favorite cousin why wont you talk to me
bvav22 (9:55:16 PM): my favorits cousin is my cousin pablo sanchez
daydreamer4299 (9:55:29 PM): :'( no
daydreamer4299 (9:55:32 PM): haha
bvav22 (9:56:04 PM): lol
daydreamer4299 (9:56:40 PM): brain if you were smart you would of read my info and went to my blurty and relised who i was
bvav22 (9:57:25 PM): yes karen i knew it was u
bvav22 (9:57:30 PM): i call u pablo sanchez
bvav22 (9:57:33 PM): my fav cuz
bvav22 (9:57:42 PM): i saw the link from the begining
daydreamer4299 (9:57:45 PM): lol shut up
bvav22 (9:58:09 PM): killed u with my kisses?????
bvav22 (9:58:20 PM): wtf
daydreamer4299 (9:58:25 PM): hehe
daydreamer4299 (9:58:35 PM): you know you had a name like that
daydreamer4299 (9:58:37 PM): dont lie
bvav22 (9:58:54 PM): lie bout what
daydreamer4299 (9:59:33 PM): i knwo you want to have a name like killed you with my kisses
bvav22 (9:59:40 PM): yeah i do
daydreamer4299 (10:00:00 PM): your can me killed me with your kissed lmao
bvav22 (10:00:15 PM): lol
bvav22 (10:00:30 PM): or killed u with my pistol
daydreamer4299 (10:00:42 PM): lmao

UNL4BELED (10:01:25 PM): Have you ever decided to do something, despite that you feel that it's morally wrong?
UNL4BELED (10:01:44 PM): That question made no sense, did it?
daydreamer4299 (10:01:54 PM): nope none at all to big of words lmao
UNL4BELED (10:02:37 PM): Have you ever done something against your morals?
UNL4BELED (10:02:42 PM): How's 'bout that?
daydreamer4299 (10:03:12 PM): i dont even know what moral means lmao
daydreamer4299 (10:03:14 PM): haha
UNL4BELED (10:03:20 PM): Hmm...
daydreamer4299 (10:03:37 PM): you have to think like a 2 year old to get through to me
UNL4BELED (10:03:44 PM): Your morals are you values; what you think is right to do.
daydreamer4299 (10:03:52 PM): then ya
UNL4BELED (10:03:55 PM): Give yourself more credit
daydreamer4299 (10:04:04 PM): 3 year old?
UNL4BELED (10:04:05 PM): How often?
UNL4BELED (10:04:10 PM): Taht's better.
daydreamer4299 (10:04:11 PM): why are you asking me?
UNL4BELED (10:04:14 PM): That*
daydreamer4299 (10:04:14 PM): lol
UNL4BELED (10:04:23 PM): Just curious.
daydreamer4299 (10:04:51 PM): oooh, i dont know

lmao family love does wonders

Kiss Of Death

When your spending everyday on your own [30 Mar 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | ignition ]

eeee, he smells so good. i dont think hell ever get it back. *giggle* *grin*....

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare im just a kid i know that its not fair nobody cares caz im alone and the world is having more fun then me what the fuck is wrong with me dont fit in with anybody how did this happen to me wide awake im bored and i cant fall asleep

i wonder what my fingers would type if they went on typing on their own, hmmm i dont think itd be anything interesting because im tring it right now. haha im an idiot i have no idea what im doing, yes i do im letting my fingers type on their own lol, damnit my minds starting to think faster then my fingers so my words come out lie this i caht think that fast damn see ill think one things and the dnes word comes out bad. hah.

I miss my boyfriend, *sigh* damn, *tear*.....silence...."toot toot beep beep" hehe.

im gonna go find something to do.

1 year 267 days

Killed you with my kissed
*wave* good bye :-*

Kiss Of Death

turn her over a candle is lite i see through her [30 Mar 2003|04:30pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | joj- when i am queen ]

Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over watch me falut her your living like a disaster she said kill me faster with strawbverry gashes all over called her over and asked her if she was improving she asid feels fine its wonderful wondeful here hex me told her i dreamnt of a devil that knew her pale white skin with straw berry gashes all over- I lay quiet waiting for her voice to say somethings you lose and somethings you just give away sold me failed her if only i held on tighter to her pale white skin that twisted and witherd away form me watch me lose her its almost like losing myself give her my soul and let them take somebody else get away from me watch me falut her your living liek a disaster she said kill me faster with strawberry gashes all over allover me

Im not afraid of standin still im just afraid of being bored im not afraid of speaking my mind im jsut aafraid of being ignored I'm not afraid of feeling and I'm not afraid of trying I'm just afraid of losing And I am afraid of dying I'm not afraid of being sick I'm more afraid of being well I'm not afraid Put the gun in my hand I'm just afraid it will hurt like (hurt like) hell I'm not afraid of screaming and I'm not afraid of crying I'm just afraid of forgetting And I am afraid of dying Fear of I'm not afraid of looking ugly I couldn't care what they say I'm not afraid of happy endings I'm just afraid my life won't work that wayI'm not afraid of forgiveness I absolve you everything I'm not afraid of lying But I am afraid of dying Without you yes I do and I hope that you do too Without you yes I do

Jeez louise im so fuckin bored its not funny. *sigh* wahooo I had a wonderful day today. I think Ill go call dave, woah no i changed my mind im gonna sit here. hehe funnn.

drown drown drown myself

hush baby dont say a word andd nevermind that noise you heard its just the beast under your bed in your closet in your head exit light enter night take my hand were off to never ever land

1 year 267 days

Kiss Of Death

Im unbroken [29 Mar 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | summertime ]

Today! i never thought Id have fun with my family but i did the impossible. it was so funny my aunt patty my grandma and my sister were dancing to shake your booty. FUNNY SHIT.

Daves cds got burnt.

Brandon I miss you. I wish you missed me. Wait, does that sound right. *giggle*

1 year 266 days

2 Deaths| Kiss Of Death

Jelly Braclets [29 Mar 2003|05:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | joj-nazi halo ]

have you ever been so pissed and then the little things just make you blow up. Holy shit i got that x100 right WoAh. holy shit hahahaha. i sound like an asshole. hahaha.

familys comin over today caz my aunts moving to flordia and my mom wont let me have dave over. Im gonna go insaneeee. I cant have someone over but Terese can? I wanted brandon to come but hes being silly. hehe. I need some drugs. lol im jk.

I wonder what it would be like to move to another school. eeeee....hehehe

You know how sweet itd be if Christine and Melanie came to Lakeshore next year...thatd kick ass. I wanna hang out wit them.

NosferatuOrDante [4:55 PM]: hi
Auto response from InsightfulOne6 [4:55 PM]: fuck you :)
NosferatuOrDante [4:55 PM]: how bout ya doa
InsightfulOne6 [4:56 PM]: i dont like yoda
NosferatuOrDante [4:56 PM]: lol
InsightfulOne6 [4:56 PM]: *giggle*
InsightfulOne6 [4:56 PM]: lol thats a funny word
NosferatuOrDante [4:56 PM]: lol

woah and a half

1 year 266 days and counting hehehe counting crows...what if i wanted to count chickens or camals how do you spell that camel camal camle....*wonder* mmm i wonder who will stop the rain hehehe i could go on forever "forever and ever a men as long as i live this love that i give is gonna be yours untill the day that i die" ~and i dont want to die tonight~ in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight eeeee RAR

Kiss Of Death

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