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10th April 2003


22nd February 2003

1:07am: *props her feet up on the table and looks around.* Where have I been? Man I missed so much good gossip shit around this place lately. It is a damn shame too because I could have gotten into the action. I could have helped someone make someone elses lives miserable. I like doing that. I am good at that. Oh yes I am.
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Bowl For Soup: The Girl only bad guys want...

31st January 2003

9:47pm: Damn where have I been.. Out and About Yes out and about.

12th January 2003

7:00pm: So you all have been looking for me. Looking for Dawn Marie to make all your fantasies come true. Anytime anyone of you want me all you have to do is ask. I am not picky. I just want to play.

Shannon get a hold of me and we will talk.

31st December 2002

11:57am: New Year...
I thought I would have to wait until the new year to get what I want but guess what I didn't I got it right when I needed it. And now maybe I will calm down. Maybe I will not be so bad and cunning. Maybe just maybe I might be the good one that everyone always talks about. Maybe-----------
Current Mood: accomplished

26th December 2002

11:41pm: Today has been one of the greatest days of my life. For the first time in a long time everything is going so perfect. Absolutely perfect. And I think by the end of the night I will have what I want. Then I can post about my little adventure on here for all you wonderful people to read about. Christmas was fun for me. I got a lot of new things. Santa was very good to me. I think I might use them out in a little while. I am not real sure yet. I will let you get back to your every day business. Happy Holidays. Boys and Girls.
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Keys to the City: Lil' Kim and Trish

17th December 2002

10:15pm: Pretty girl in her pretty little car and her pretty little hair buying pretty little oranges. *laughs*

16th December 2002

12:23pm: Good Morning Everyone. *smiles* I am just so unbelievably happy. I just love it. I tell you I am so happy. Tell me I did not look good last night. And Torrie. *laughs* How sweet. I thought you might like the icon I made. *smiles*
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: I would do anything for love: Meatloaf

15th December 2002

12:50am: I thought it was about time for me to update. I just wanted to show of the darling icons that I made. Isn't it the great thing that you have ever seen in your life. :smiles: I thought that you all would like it. I also hope that you like the background too that I have created.

13th December 2002

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