12:40pm 27/03/2004
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05:39pm 17/01/2004
mood: artistic
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Been Awhile   
09:14am 14/01/2004
mood: satisfied
Ok this is a run on/down with what is going on in the life of the fighter of pink bunnies and happy rainbows :
Ok so me and Rob broke up, went back out and broke up again... he hit me, tried to kill me, now i am with doug, doug wants to kill rob, rob is a jerk, i am doing cool, i started smoking, doug is an awesome person, he is so sweet, and he is the type of guy that would take the shirt off his back if u needed it, i could see myself falling in love with him, doug is taking me to see the mushroomhead concert, but it is supposed to be a surprise, i kinda found out about it, doug is so cute, although he is short (5'5 whereas i am 5'8), but i dont care he turns me on when i just look at him, happy here for right now
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Rox my Sox   
09:29am 01/12/2003
  I am so happy Journalism Rocks! I get to stare at Charmed pictures for hours and get a grade for it yay!!! I am so so happy. I haven't been using blurty a lot lately, since I use melo. look me up if you have melo at darklyblessed05. well, i am going to go back to staring at Charmed pictures. I am so happy.  
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09:55am 29/09/2003
mood: crushed

In His Arms

I thought I had found it,
you know that thing.
For he wasn't the first,
but he was my dream.
I had lustedto touch him,
just that once.
However I got more,
a lasting 7 months.
It seems like forever,
that I would lay in his arms.
I sit and wonder,
how could I have done so worng?
Now it is too late,
for he has moved on.
I just hope she will be happy,
on my baby's arm.
It pains me to look at you,
these scars won't go away.
As I ponder if,
you will ever feel the same.
I feel like,
crying or even dying
Please stop looking at me,
that way

Seven Months

Pain is all I feel,
when I look at your face.
Trying to hide all
the scars that mark my disgrace
Longing for your touch,
to become mine once again.
As I sit and wonder
if we will ever be friends.
I wish I could undo
Turning back all
my crime
I guess I should
start to make amends.

I have more, but I have a lot. These were all written while Rob was going out with Rissa.

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no glasses   
09:45am 25/09/2003
mood: chipper
well i have perfect vision so no glasses. i am about to go give out school newspapers.
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Glasses Here I Come   
04:03pm 24/09/2003
mood: artistic
I am off to go get my eyes checked, hopefully get new glasses. yay. i loved my glasses i look so cute.
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I Don't Feel Broken   
06:37pm 19/09/2003
mood: blah
Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
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03:44pm 17/09/2003
mood: crushed
well now that i dont have anything to live for (rob not only doesnt wanna be with me, but he never wants to talk to me again) he thinks that i dont love him. which i know i do thats why i want to die, but instead of being selfish and killing myself i am going to just cause myself the pain i caused him for the rest of my life everyday until i die from the pain. i hope that he can one day move on and be happy, he deserves that he is my life, my soul, and my love. i wish nothing but his happiness. i think it is a good thing i decided to break up with walter though, it means that i can cause myself pain. i can show myself what i have done to rob. how bad of a person i am and how much i deserve to die. i hope he is happy i really do, thats all i want.
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Being Bored   
10:26am 15/09/2003
mood: horny
I took this quiz for sake of being bored:

The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

I am sad Walter hasn't called me. He was supposed to call me yesterday when he got off work ::looks and watch:: still waiting. Oh well I guess I will have to deal with this the whole time we are together, so I need to get over it.

I miss Rob, but we realized the chance of us ever being back together is slim to none ::cries::

I am out to spend more time on Quizilla. Maybe I will post more...
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Bored so I took a Quiz   
10:33am 11/09/2003
mood: crazy
This is me yea o well I hate people, but I am an equal rights kinda person I just happen to hate everyone...

Aryan Bear
Aryan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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So I Lied   
10:45am 02/09/2003
  I have been updating at melo. I have just been going trough a lot of shit lately. Rob is a dick I should have never slept with him in the first place. O well it will be his problem one day and not mine. He will one day realize all the shit I did for him and all the pain he caused me. He lies and tears out hearts. He needs to be hurt like he has hurt so many other people (Paul, Erin, and now me) I just hope he doesn't hurt Rissa the way he did to the 3 of us. I found out I have a bunch of physco problems now that Rob has fucked my whole mindset up. I did however have a great weekend though. I spent time with Dani on Fri night and we went and played poker. Then, Sat I went to this chicks house since it was her b-day. Well my grandma was supposed to pick me up but she didn't so Dani picked me up. We then went to the pet store and I got two water dragons (they are so sexy). Anywho, then we went to Steak n' Shake and I walked in and the dining room was crazy so I went in back grabbed a bus tub and me and Dani bussed the whole dining room. Then we got home about 5 in the am and I waited for Walter (my old manager at Steak n' Shake) to come over. It was great we spent the whole morning just talking and then we went to this other guy who used to work at Steak n' Shake and we smoked up. When we got home I fell asleep in Walter's arms and then I don't really remember what happened from there on. But this morning Dani called and said that I slept with him for like a min (which is really bad cuz i don't remember it). I am going to go to my next class now peace...  
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So I Lied   
10:21am 02/09/2003
  I have been updating at  
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Jerks are Men   
11:41am 18/08/2003
mood: aggravated
music: Love Ridden ~ Fiona Apple
I broke up with Rob on Sat. I cried all last night wishing that bitch wouldn't have taken him away from me. Then, this morning I realized what a jerk he is for putting me through this hell. I am going to have to go get help because of him, he drove me insane. Well what happened? He was with me and another chick Rissa. Well, if he loved me like he said he wouldn't have been with both of us, he would have broken up with me first instead of making me feel like shit for being with him when he didn't want me. I think that I will be ok though he will be happy and I will move on. Who needs love anyways.
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Back to School   
11:16am 11/08/2003
mood: sleepy
I am now back to school and will being back to regular updates...

I have lots to update on, and I will do so sometime in the next 2 days or so
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