18 Dec 2003 - 03:50pm

What a great week I had. ok heres the story. Tonsils out last wednesday. Fine.....Monday comes round and I`m bleeding from the throat. Fine....go to hospital and they sort it out.....bleeding starts again and won`t stop.....back to hospital....rushed to ENT department for emergency surgery at 0400 in the morning. YAY!!! seems I had a massive infection that was stopping the blood vessels from healing right. Oh well I`m fine now. And I still haven`t had a smoke in 8 days. YAY me. Mind you not that I`ve been able to.

I got the funniest phone call earlier from Gary. As he works at the same place as me he hears all sorts......and as it seems the rumour that was going round work was that I had chronic thoat nice of them. Oor the other one is that my band was on a European tour. Funny. I`ve heard it all now. If I was on tour I think I would have known about it by now.

Well I`ll away and leave you all to do what you have to do.
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13 Dec 2003 - 12:13am

Well I decided to go and see some of my cronies down the bar for a few hours tonight. they were in goos Spirits. Well they would be in a bar I guess. Its just frustrating that I can`t drink and they can. I can`t smoke.....But I don`t really want to. This whole tonsil thing has came at a bad time. Arse to it all.

Anyway I think I`ve managed to arrange something with the local music venue for practice space AAAAANNNNDD possibly a few support acts with some pretty cool bands.....We`re not talking uber famous though just i think is the best word.

Getting the practice space may actually help us write more stuff.....give us a little more incentive to do so. We haven`t had a decent practice space for knocking on 4 months now. I think its about time we did... Anyway that might help things within the band.....
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12 Dec 2003 - 02:00pm

Ok I haven`t been around in here for a while.

I have been busy with both work, gigs and a life outwith the innards of a Computer.

Whats happened interesting with me since I last posted? Nothing.

I got my Tonsils out. 2 days ago infact. My throat hurts....Yes.....but Its not as bad as i expected. To many stories......"oooh at 26 it`ll hurt like a mother beetch!!!" Nah. It ain`t too bad.

We had 3 gigs cancell on us over the next couple of weeks. I guess they just couldn`t be arsed or either that their Xmas Parties didn`t sell the tix. Fuck em.......
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Time for the gig.
02 Jul 2003 - 06:28pm

Well It`ll soon be time for me to steam off towards the City Lights for our first city gig.

Hope and pray everything goes well.
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01 Jul 2003 - 11:54pm

Buried Sooty the cat today....Sad, yes....I was. But in the end I think how long he was with us and the life he had....Can`t really be sad about that.....Another chapter gone i guess.

On a lighter not I got a phone call today from the wifey thats getting us to do a Bar circut with the band.... She had a last minute cancellation for tomorrow night and she thought of us first! how sweet!... So we are trecking thru to The city to get us heard for the first time there. Messa looking forward to it!

This should be a taster of whats to come for them I guess. hopefully they`ll get us back for more....Even if it is mid week I don`t mind. And with it being tourist season there will be alot of people coming in to get a gander at what is going on. Hmmmm tasty tourist rock chick....Sounds good to me!

Oh well off to surf the www and see what delights i can find.
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01 Jul 2003 - 12:37am

To Sooty,

RIP my little friend and brother. You`ll be sorely missed.

The outcome )
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Today was the Day of Sick Animals
30 Jun 2003 - 01:44am

Yeah...I think the title say it all....

Animal 1.

6am. Mum came screaming into the spare room where I`m staying at the moment. "The cat is having breathing problems.!!!!!"

Ok so we rush to the nearest Duty vet. I thought the worst since the cat has been in the family for 19 years. The Vet says he has a Thyroid complaint and this led to heart disease and that led to fluid gathering round his lungs....Poor wee bastard. So the vet gave him an injection to disperse the fluid. 4 hours later the Vet phones to say the Sotty has stabalised and should be ok....It just means he`ll be on heart pills and thyroxin for the rest of his life.

Animal 2.

Mum decided that we should go for a drive in the country since there wasn`t much to do. Bully!! Something to do!! Ok we see a Crow sitting at the side of the road. Fair enought I thought. 30 mins later Said Crow is still sitting there..ONly thing I could think of was that it had been hit by a car and managed only to get stunned.. Mum decided to stop and I get out and withought fuss i picked the injured animal up with the intention of taking it to the RSSPB or RSPCA.... THEY AREN`T OPEN ON A FUCKING SUNDAY?!?!?!! So much for that....Back to the Vet?!? No he was 15 miles away... AH!!!! Findhorn Foundation...The Eco Village...They HAVE to know somebody local...As this place is a Eco village/hippy commune, my guess was that somebody had to/should know of somebody that could care for the bird or at least make its final hours a little more comforting for it.

Yep....Couldn`t find we saw a random hippy. Mum called him over... Bully!!!! It just so happened he was a carer at a local bird sanctuary!!! Fuck.....luck was not the word. He thanked us kindly for taking an interest in the welfare of the bird...And we would be rewarded by a higher being/form....whatever he said. So it made me feel a little better that the Crow had a chance. I wouldn`t have had a clue where to start to care for it.

Well Sooty the cat comes back to us tomorrow. They are keeping him in for observation, even though the vet said in 4 hours he made a dramatic recovery.. Specially for a cat his age. We`ll find out more tomorrow.

I`ll keep yas posted.
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Livin a Dream
27 Jun 2003 - 11:04pm

Damn....I feel odd right now.
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27 Jun 2003 - 10:54pm

Ok so I haven`t updated this in sooooooo long.

Sue me.

I got abducted by aliens and have now returned to Earth none the wiser.

I had a big step in my life today....I left the RAF. I was in there 7 years. I guess things are gonna be a little different from now on. I get to live life without having my hair cut every month. I won`t have to shave every day. I won`t have to eat shitty food from the mess. I won`t have to be told "YOU`RE OFF TO THE GULF AGAIN!" to take part in a stupid war that means nothing to me.

Oh well...Can`t you all Guess I`m really happy about it!!!

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18 Mar 2003 - 01:57am

is it just me or is LJ turning into just a Soap Opera? I mean....You look at peoples journal....Its just a scene in a TV show...then you read the next one and its someone else.

I dunno I guess I`m just being a year older and feeling as if I`m too old.
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