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    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
    9:12 pm
    So yeah, ive been in a morgue for the past two forevers. somehow eating cats and having no body temperature means youre dead, so the mortuary picked me up and stuck me in that damned box. i didnt even have a radio.

    sue me for being a vampire


    on the other hand, i learned how to teleport today. it beats flying i think, because you dont get wet when it rains.

    somehow i wish i could turn into a bat.

    so i saw these kids in the road today, driving big wheels and eating candy, so i stabbed them all with a sharpened pipe, and ate the fat fuck.i was hungry having been in a freezer for so long without even the smalled of cats to munch upon.

    i drew an anarcy sign on the sidewalk next to the chalk hopskoch and four square games.

    fuck the government indeed.

    anyway, i have to go walk my dog and water my flowers
    i talk to them sometimes... its supposed to help them grow.

    Fuck you all,
    rot in heck.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: Ass Ponys - Earth to Grandma
    Thursday, September 4th, 2003
    10:08 pm
    i just walked outside and tried to talk to some black people standing around a car, but they shot me and tried to steal my shoes, so i got real ultra dark on them and told them that they werent very nice, and tore out their hearts and some of the junk that was holding onto the heart. it rather reminded me of kfc in a sort of lude nostalgia.

    i decided that i am much darker than you are.

    i guess thats it.
    youll see me when i suicide your cats. yes the black one too.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: ABBA
    9:57 pm
    So today i went to kfc and ate lots of chicken, i hear they torture their animals, which makes the meat dark... angst juice makes them taste sooooo good.

    today i went stalking more cats. i remember back when i was but a young darkling, i did a science project on cats, a grey one, a white one and a black one, and the black one ran the fastest. just like real black people.

    dark rocks.

    so i downloaded this AWESOME underground slayer cover cd entitled "Baptized In Shit", it goes great with my DeathFuck mix cd.

    people make me want to suicide all over myself. ignorance makes me want to poop.
    i bet youre not cool.
    sometimes i want to hide under your bed.

    on a side note green chocolate milk makes green chocolate poop.

    green excites my thirst.

    fuck you all,

    Current Mood: Angsty
    Current Music: Slaya-Baptised in Shit
    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
    9:20 pm
    So im feeling a little extra dark today. My cat suicided all over the coffee table, this made me EXTRA angry. Sometimes i am so mad. I took lots of pictures of me and my cat before he suicided, i looked angsty while he sort of had a sullen brooding thoughtful look. maybe he suicided because he knew hed never be as dark sullen brooding or thoughtless as i am. id be jealous too if i were him.

    so i went out last night to look for other vampire types, but i didnt find any. i guess being a loser wrapped up in a fantasy world isnt as cool as its cracked up to be. oh well, youll all be sorry when i drain your cats of fun and fill them with brooding envy that will make them suicide on your tables.

    youll all be sorry.

    fuck you all,
    Todd aka. Nephron

    Current Mood: Brooding
    Current Music: DeathFuck- Green Like Moss