04:54pm 19/11/2002
  strike that,
reverse it.

i give up.

alone isn't that bad.

what you're
chewing on
is the truth
and thats
hardest thing
to wash down
with a
glass of lemonade.


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eventual doom   
04:39pm 19/11/2002
mood: pissed off
music: tori amos - concertina
i was in heaven
dressed all in leather....
- xtc-that wave

there is so much shit in my head,
it's unbelievable.
i can hardly stand myself

i called her
less and less magical.
and i meant it.

she doesn't deserve me.
...few people do.

i want to be alone
and i want to be held.

why doesn't she understand that?
i love her so much.
i hate her so much.
she's fucking with me.
i just know it.

fuck her back!

i really can't stand myself

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