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rivera is cute in an innate adorableness that only blind and deaf men can see [29 Jan 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | infomercials ]

aaahhh i hate midterms. yesterday i had spanish which was the hardest thing, guessed on more then 50%, and no amount of studying could prevent otherwise. then went home early after a two hour snow delay. today i had algebra 2 and history. both pretty easy, tho the AP questions on the history were ungodly long and boring. so tomorrow i just have gym and english, study for english in gym and then insanely rewrite a 10 page essay by hand just caus West is a crazy bag woman. aaahhh chem on monday but i will study over the weekend . . . i hate stochiometry . . .

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

come on baby, dont say maybe [26 Jan 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | the eagles ]

hey, well i never update nemore, so too bad. on friday we had some good times over at seany quinns house, me pat em laur and madison went over there and stayed all hours of the night to film the Real World Camden. good stuff. im the confused slightly manly girl who is not sure of my sexuality. haha pat is an obnoxious texan and laur is a lesbian x-con who makes out with snakes. emil is a sugary christian freak from canada. sean is the gay "liam" who does callistetics to richard simmons, and madison is the blond alcohalic/bitch/sexholic. good stuff. so that was friday and then on saturday laur ash em and i went to AC courtasy of aunt fran, top floor suite: huge bathrooms, 2 butlers, comp robes, free movies and free godiva choc. delic. so we get there and flirt with the butlers and then just hang in our obese robes and slide on the marble floors to some oldies. then we went to florentinos and got some good old italian and some sickeningly delicious desserts. got waited on by some hairy italian men and were determined to finish off our water glasses before they could top em off again. then we went to the arcade where ash and i got the high score yet again in match 'em up and then played some good old air hockey and played some steve miller and queen on the juke to the other peoples great dissatisfaction. then we went walkin around and to the talk of the walk and made fun of every possible ugly leather/fofur piece of "fashion". then we went downstairs and hung around and then i went upstairs with great dissaproval, which will be left unnamed. then we went back up after stockin up on the cholessteral ridden junk food from the gift shop where laur got a old ladys gamble sweatshirt and emily, the perpetual tourist got a shot glass then got hit on by some loser who thought she was at his poker table. haha dork. then we went back upstairs to godiva and watched school of rock with "jeff" black. ash and i had the worst stomach aches after like 4 peices of godiva and 2 bags of doritos each. yum. so then we went in the bedroom and tried to get lost in translation but the monkey wouldnt work and i went to sleep without really realizing it on the extremely comfy bed. then the next mornin we got room service for breakfast and more butlers and watched freaky friday then packed up and left but not before laur did a little burgling of a vase. ahh then i came home and did some homework and freaked out over my math midterm in which i will eventually fail. alright so now we have a snow day and i tend to split it with equal proportions of tv and study. yea right. later days bill

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

took ur car, drove to texas [19 Jan 2004|03:17pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | sheryl crow ]

this three day weekend has been a total waste. i feel even more shittier now due to an unshakeable headache and runny nose then i did when it started. iv pretty much just sat on my ass and watched a boatload of tele and ate the least healthy things in the world: choc chip cookies, reeces cups, cookie dough icecream, captain crunch cerial, coffee cakes, and of course the greatest confectionary delight ever; entamins crumb dounuts. my mouth is watering just thinkin about em. hah im gonna be a fat beast for summer. i dont give a shit tho; its pure heaven in a box. neway on friday laur ash em and pat found their way over to the kirwin estate and drank all the soda and watched the half hour cartoon version of sleepy hallow. classic if there ever was. then on saturday i slept in and did nothin cuv the parentals needed me to babysit but then didnt go newhere. then on sunday slept in and watched a boatload of tele again and that night em and laur came over and watched g.i. jane with viggo (not that hott). then today i slept in late and walked to dog and now i feel sick and am writing this.
im bored to death and i feel guilty watchin tv caus i get nothin done, but then i wanna read but then i dont to cuz im afraid ill forget the last book i read that was absolutely spectacular. may i recommend dumas? neway so now im tryin to write the screenplay but so far im only through with page 10 of the book and its takin forever mostly because im doin it by hand and only in 8th period. well i need to get my shit together. later days bill

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

that i only come home when im so all alone [14 Jan 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | billy ]

well, this new year has started out with boredome on the largest scale imaginable. as if falling out wasnt enough, being replaced is. i've learned that indespensability is precious, though in my case perpetually harder to hang on to. if im ever going to improve it has to be for me, who cares if im second best when i no i should be first. i dont care. thats a lie i do care. but its not like u know what im talking about, and its not like anybody reads this neway * * * this song always makes me cry * * *

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

love is a many splendid thing . . . [08 Jan 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | the rythmic lines of dumas ringing through my wafting mind ]

i just finished the best book of my life . . . laugh if you want but im the one that is, for the moment, inconcievably happy!

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

can't find a better man [07 Jan 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | not that i can remember ]

dreadfully cold & feverishly tired: a dangerous duo.

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

we fell through the ice, when we tried not to slip we'd say it [01 Jan 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | verve pipes ]

wow, i suck at updating, but nobody reads this neway. i will just start at christmas. it kinda sux that i lost the xmas spirit in the last few years, but i can still remember what it used to be like, so i guess thats enough. i got a leather jacket and a mini fridge and a bunch of other stuff. xmas eve i went to my aunts for my couz's bday, tradition and that is the only slightly better side of my family. then christmas was alright, different fam and more annoying. then i went to my dads in the afternoon and it was kinda weird, i feel bad that i dont go there, but i just hate it. just to clear things up im gonna enlighten anybody that doesnt no: numero uno: it is all the way in collingswood, i no its not that far, but it is when ur stuck there all weekend. numero dos: my dad is so non-understanding (i dont know if thats a word, i dont care) i no everyone has that, but with my mom not there it sux. numero tres: all my sis and dad do is sit around and complain, eat, and accomplish nothing. it is so goddamn pessimistic over there, and i end up against the wall to my dad and sis. numero cuatro: whatever i do it is never good enough, no matter if my grades are twice as good as my sisters, we will never add up.

so neway, sry. then the day after i had my third christmas with yet another family. it was allright, only limited setbacks with few but steady speedbumps. last year i brought richie, kinda weird, and my uncle smacked my ass (and now im more then a little apprehensive whenever im forced to be around him). then all the next weekend i cleaned, finished my desk and scrubbed floor to ceiling. then on sunday i got more then a little upset, cried for the first time in awhile. but i was convinced to go out, no greater therapy then anticipation. i went to see cold mountain with my mom, great movie by the way. so neway, skip ahead to new years eve. went shoppin with my aunt, sister, and couz (i hate her) but i love my aunt, she is my fave. so neway, i wasnt really in the mood to shop, i only got a belt and a shirt. then we dropped my sister off at work and went to Borders where i got four books; only the essentials: shakespeare, dickens, lawrence, and dumas. then last night for new years eve i went to laurs with pat and ash and jen but then ash and jen left at eleven to go with their parents. so new years came, yet again i wasnt in the spirit, noise makers and embraces galore, and laurs dad played his old trombone, well he tried, nothin funnier. when we came back inside laurs grandfather asked franny to hook him up with a "hooch" haha, funny. so pat left at 12:30 and then laur and i watched conan til 2 and then went to bed. just as i was falling asleep, however, laurs bro came home with steve cutts and scott kiry, and someone came in our room and started making weird noises, laur freeked out and i couldnt get back to sleep for like an hour. we slept in til 12, which is what iv been doing lately, horrible i no, i feel like iv wasted so much time. but neway i came home today and 3 and jumped in the shower then went to the mall with laur and pat to get something for someone. sssshhh . . . its a surprise! neway, now im bored and ill either read, write, or watch tv. you decide which is more stimulating. later days bill.

philadelphia, atlanta, LA

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