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    Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
    8:40 am
    This is the Moment...
    So today is the day...dear god am I neverous...I dreamt about it all last night...I have no idea what to say...but neway so rehearsal is today and i hope someones absent because i would love to read their lines it'd be just fantastic...i wanna take pictures of the show sumday so i hope I get to do that...maybe when I'm a child she'll let me...lalalalalala...Today should be a good day...let's pray for it lol...I'll write again after rehearsal with lovely delectible details of my day...

    Current Mood: hopeful
    Monday, February 16th, 2004
    6:51 pm
    ohhhhhhhhh sweet mystery of life at last i've found you...
    well oday was quite possibly one of the greatest days of my life...I found out the one thing I've ever wanted to know....I've never been happier to owe someone a lets just hope i owe her 3 (if ur miss lew or someone I've told you'll understand, and if u dont, then ask me) was fantastic...dear lord lets hope I end up with my lil cuteness sweetness babydoll...

    Current Mood: hopeful
    10:06 am
    You're my best girl and nothing you do is wrong, I'm proud you belong to me.......I started singing it in the shower...made me a bit depressed...I really miss that was my first big show...and it made me feel accomplished, like I was really gonna be somebody...soaking up the compliments made me feel so proud...I was only 11 but already in the high school musical spotlight...and I've been dreaming of that ever since...and it has no chance of happening until next year...I want Lindsay to see...I see her name in the papers all the time...shes gone so far (she was Mame when I was Patrick)...*sigh* those good old days...well...I must go...Today is my day to see my sweetness and i must prepare...ta...

    Current Mood: chipper
    Sunday, February 15th, 2004
    8:19 pm
    The Incomparable Miss Todd
    Well u can think that she annoys
    If you really truly do,
    But in my heart of hearts I know,
    It simply is not true...

    She's cute beyond compare to me,
    And really quite divine,
    So it isnt very hard to see,
    Why I wish that she were mine...

    Her hair it shines like amber,
    Her eyes shine like the moon,
    And every day I'm near her,
    I hear the lovebirds tune...

    For she's my little sweetness,
    My Incomparable Miss Todd
    Whom I believe with all my heart,
    Was sent to me from God...

    And though it just so happens,
    She may be half my size,
    She's still the cutest sweetheart,
    When looking through my eyes...

    Current Mood: hopeful
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    6:14 pm
    Valentines Day is here again
    nothing to do...I ate dinner with my grandparents...egh.....i got the lil shop soundtrack for my present...I cant stop thinkin of her...I think of her like glad I get to see her on monday and tuesday...its crazy...well im off.....write again later

    Current Mood: melancholy
    Friday, February 13th, 2004
    9:42 pm
    Valentines sucks hugely love life has gone to hell in a hand basket (my favorite phrase int he world) and I'm currently trying to rebuild it...and it sucks to have valentines day all happening at the same time...I feel more alone than I ever usually do...My grandmother asked me if I was sad that I didnt get a valentine...of course I pulled my little thing where I pretend to be fantastic when inside im bawling my eyes I sit here, eating the hershey kisses from the valentines gift I had the school send to me...yes, I bought one for one else was te middle of history they delivered it and everyone thought sumone loved me...fooled em I guess...I was trying to, but I did...egh.........*sings* somebody hold me too close...somebody hurt me too deep...somebody sit in my chair, and ruin my sleep and make me aware of being alive...being alive.....somebody need me too much...somebody know me too well...somebody pull me short, and put me through hell, and give me support, for being alive....make me alive...make me alive...make me confused...mock me with praise...let me be used...vary my days...but alone...not alive...

    Current Mood: depressed
    Monday, February 9th, 2004
    6:56 pm
    Interclass Plays
    They went lovely!!!...and I must stop a moment...and speak of the Most Incomparable Miss Alex Todd...the most adorable, talented, enjoyable little cutie pie that god has ever bid to walk the earth...I do not exaggerate...oh no, not on a matter of this seriousness...I speak true...Cant help but love that cutie pie!, she was fantastic in her play...and we were fantastic in ours proud am I...very, thats how anyway, the juniors...well their acting was good, and the play was decent, but their timing was much less than comical...and the seniors...dear lord...laughter like I have not known in many years lol...the first and fourth skits of their 4 part show were by part the best, the other two lacking volume and any kind of stimulating plot overall, WERE A SUCCESS!!! and the musical is My Fair Lady, which means theres a good chance David shall be singin "IIIIIIm on the streeeeet wehre you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive".....lovely song...well I must flee...have a lovely night!

    Current Mood: rejected
    Sunday, February 8th, 2004
    8:53 pm
    Valentines Day
    I will be VERY lonely........I bet Carli that I wont get ne flowers...Dont go out buying flowers just to prove me wrong...I only want flowers if u were planning to get them the whole time............I want a bad....let me go cry now....

    Current Mood: lonely
    12:02 pm
    Last Night
    Last night was lovely...the show went fantastically and afterward we all went to applebee's where kira, I, Melanie Tata, and other people chatted about streaking, williams birthday present, and downstairs...many other various things was fantastic and we laughed our behinds off...well...the doesnt even feel like it ever happened...its cuz it didnt really affect my life that much...I mean it brought me closer to Kira Lew and all the cast members...but it didnt do nething earth shattering...i didnt meet new people, and it wasnt an emotional feels like it never happened...Musical next...My Fair Lady...Quite excited am I...Im on the street where u, im not a stalker, thats from one of th songs...probably the one im gonna audition with if its in my note range...I hope to GOD that it is.....taaaaa taaaaa

    Current Mood: content
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    10:31 pm
    Long Road to Nowhere
    Well, that whole thing kinda went nowhere real fast...and stayed there...and will stay sucks hugely but hey I guess I gotta start getting used to it...people tell me it makes me stronger so hey...maybe it does......I'm searching for a dazzling halloween costume...yes, halloween costume...I must be divine, and that requires some planning....which means Salvation Army the second I get my first paycheck over the summer lol...well im bored and sumwhat depressed...I hope to god we have the show doesn't feel like we're ready at all...we havent even practiced with our real gun, our costumes, or our entire set and tomorrow night is the show if all goes well...can u say scared out of my ass???? out of my ass lmao....well neway, I'm gonna go wish my life was going sumwhere...

    Current Mood: bored
    Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
    9:48 pm
    Good Times
    As I sit here singing "I Dont Know How To Love Him", I begin to write in my journal...Come with me...take a step into my mind and into a was abeautiful day in the was........yeterday...



    *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Amazing woozy dream sequence effects*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    ...I saw that our set had finally been painted, so I went in search of the black for the edges. Along the way I found I had nothing to open the paint cans with to search for the black, therefore I found a screw and used it to open the cans to search for the black. I finally injured myself with the screw, and therefore went in search of a screwdriver. Along the way, Kira Lew arrived,and I took her on my quest for the screwdriver. Once we got our sacred object, we returned to the paint room...or as I liek to call it now, the zen room. Upon arrival I started opening many a can, discarding them quickly since not one of them was black. The fumes of the illeaglly oily paint began to fill the room and Kira and I began to laugh incessantly...This was only the beginning of our journey. We later found black spray paint. Kira then used this black spray paint to spray paint her name on a cardboard box. I told her that her father would have her head, and she followed my comment up with an astounding "He won't know it's me". We turned to each other, and had a fantastic round of laughter that put my bladder on the edge of eruption. The fun did not end there...oh no...we then had rehearsal...lovely rehearsal...and neither Kira nor I could keep from laughing. Following this, I had a lovely phone discussion with my grandfather that consisted of me being hungry and him yelling. Later, I went to Boston Globe rehearsal wher eI got to give people fantastic notes and fell in love with the adorably adorable Miss Alex Todd, the most bubbly lil blonde in all of Leominster High. After reharsal I returned home for some delicious food, and watched half of CSI before dozing off. I woke up this morning horribly tired and unprepared for todays course of events...but that comes next.............

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: I Dont Know How To Love Him
    Sunday, February 1st, 2004
    5:18 pm
    so sucks but I guess im kinda ok...i have all the meatballs I can eat and thats good...problem is I'm bored...and lonely........the irony is I bought cranium to play when I had friends over...but I wasnt thinkin that they dont come over in the first place....actually thats just tragic, it isnt ironic...but yeah, life sux right now and i wanna just sleep for a year or two and wake up to a brand new life...

    Current Mood: empty
    Saturday, January 31st, 2004
    10:15 pm
    good mood turned bad
    well I've been in a fantastic mood then sumone turned it bad...they tend to do that...if I find a reason they tell me why it shouldnt make me cheery...I love them neway tho (platonically of course)...anyway, things suck right now majorly...very very majorly
    Friday, January 30th, 2004
    5:06 pm
    Today is ok
    Thats the way all my titles are...oh well...last night was a lovely flesh-filled event, but I couldnt really keep my mind on the guys cuz my mind was on someone else...and still is...I got to be in Ed's tango line and recieve a banana it was lovely...ceramics on monday will be lovely...we'll actually MAKE something...I wanna put one of those messages in the devils advocate for someone....but I gotta find sumthing out first...lalalala...gotta get sum candy for Krysta...she's me honorary valentine considering I couldnt get any other one...but shes a sweetie...lalalalala...david's bored....please dont make him be bored all weekend AGAIN...pleeeeeeeez ask me sumwhere lol....gotta find sum funny things for the play, bye byes

    Current Mood: cranky
    Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
    9:33 pm
    Today friggin sucks
    u wanna know why today sucks?? well I dont even know...thats right! im in a horribly bad mood and racking my goddamn brain all over something I dont even know, and probably never will at the rate I'm being told about tomorrow I go to Mr LHS all the fuck alone...all alone...just liek the goddamn chorus concert...wont that be fun??? the center of the back row all alone feeling like the biggest loser ever?? fun fun fun fun...if you go be sure to look toward the back of the auditoriuma nd say hello to me myself and I

    Current Mood: depressed
    Monday, January 26th, 2004
    3:37 pm
    The Way~Dedicated to my cutie
    There's something bout the way you look tonight
    There's something bout the way that I can’t take my eyes off you
    There's something bout the way your lips invite
    Maybe it’s the way that I get nervous when you're around
    And I want you to be mine
    And if you need a reason why

    It’s in the way that you move me
    And the way that you tease me
    The way that I want you tonight
    It’s in the way that you hold me
    And in the way that you know me
    When I can’t find the right words to say
    You feel it in the way
    Oh oh feel it in the way

    It’s something about how you stay on my mind
    It’s something about the way that
    I whisper your name when I’m asleep
    Maybe it’s the look you get in your eyes
    Maybe it’s the way that makes me feel to see you smile
    And the reasons they may change
    But what I’m feeling stays the same

    It’s in the way that you move me
    And the way that you tease me
    The way that I want you tonight
    It’s in the way that you hold me
    And the way that you know me
    When I can’t find the right words to say
    You feel it in the way
    Oh oh feel it in the way

    I can’t put my fingers on
    Just what it is that makes me
    Love you, you baby
    So don’t ask me to describe
    I get all choked up inside
    Just thinking about the way

    It’s in the way that you move me
    And the way that you tease me
    The way that I want you tonight
    It’s in the way that you hold me
    And the way that you know me
    When I can’t find the right words to say
    You feel it in the way
    Oh oh feel it in the way

    It’s in the way that you move me
    And the way that you tease me
    The way that I want you tonight
    It’s in the way that you hold me
    And the way that you know me
    When I can’t find the right words to say
    You feel it in the way
    Oh oh feel it in the way

    It’s something bout the way you look tonight
    There is nothing more to say that I feel it in the way
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    9:53 pm
    will this work???
    C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\My Pictures\black and white bette
    9:47 pm
    All Is Well
    Well, everythings great again, and I'm very happy...:-) he makes me that way....*sings* cant help lovin that man of, g'night folks, and many happy returns!

    Current Mood: indescribable
    9:53 am
    Today is Gonna suck...I gotta feeling yeah today is probably gonna be another amazingly boring day where I do nothing at all...It drives me crazy it really does...I really wanna see a movie and I really wanna go sumwhere with arcus...Maybe I'll call him if i get up the courage...the show is almost done thank god...dress rehearsal this friday...and Mr. LHS on thursday...busy week....rehearsal on wednesday along with singing lessons...I dont want gym to start...and I dont wanna have to be int e same room with amy in Ceramics...egh...and I dont wanna fail chemistry like im doing...but yeah, neway, I'm here watching TV Land and wishing I was sumwhere else...and daydreaming...lots...but yeah enough about that...I'm off to see if there's any possible way for me to find sumthing to do...

    Current Mood: hopeful
    Saturday, January 24th, 2004
    3:52 pm
    The Dating Scene
    so yeah, AOL says that staying single and dating is all the rage...I used to quite enjoy being single...but yeah there's one person I'd definitely give that up for...but yeah, today is very boring...I'm doing nothing, just as I'll be doing for the rest of the day...If you're reading this, I'm sorry for boring you

    Current Mood: bored
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