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14th September 2003

1:47pm: There were 25 leopards miraculously cured of a brain disease, and that will be featured on National Geographic Explorer tonight. That's good for the big kitties. And it's hosted by Mireya Meyor. She's a Fulbright scholar and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, you have to remember that. But it isn't JUST that she's a hottie chica babe (although there is that), she is really smart and she knows a lot of really smart thingies about animals. She had gone in search of the world's smallest primate:
Mayor debuted on EXPLORER in ?Lemur Rescue,? a program that featured her genetic research on the highly endangered lemurs of Madagascar. Marie Claire profiled Mayor and her work in Madagascar in their October 2002 issue. In upcoming films for Ultimate Explorer, Mayor will be tracking the elusive western lowland gorilla in the Central African Republic and searching for a previously undiscovered species of primate in the jungles of Madagascar.
And, of course she had the world's smallest primate make her TV debut. And then there were the 400 LB gorillas. And she even got to see for herself where they sleep. mmmhmmmm. And tonight, it is leopards:
8:00 P.M. ET NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER - Wild Vet: Extreme Challenge National Geographic Ultimate Explorer correspondent Mireya Mayor joins Dr. Ulf Tubbesing, a veterinary pioneer who treats some of Africa?s wildest and most unpredictable animals, as he attempts to save a family of leopards stricken with a mysterious and deadly brain disorder. (cc)
Big kitties and Mireya Mayor on National Graphic Explorer tonight. That's always fun.

20th August 2003

10:42am: the fairy faith
watching the sundance channel. there is a relly interesting movie about fairies on now called The Faerie Faith. all sorts of fun thingies about faeries. it is a LOT easier for kids to see faeries than groan-ups. mmmhmmmm. maybe a big fluffy kitty can see faeries.

7th July 2003

9:40am: the 5th led zeppelin album, Houses Of The Holy, has printed lyrics for the album, and after D'yer Mak'r, and at the end it says:

(Whatever happened to Rosie and the Originals?) <-- click here.

um, i thought it was fun anyway.

6th July 2003

4:28pm: five year old girls with deadly pants. in tha hizouse!
my livejornal community Bathroom On The Right is for misheard lyrics. and five year old girls with deadly pants! it's true!

see for yorself.

anyway, i dunno if anyone is wearing deadly pants today. that would be fun. mmmhmmmm. um, i am just remarkably pleased that i have a livejournal community with five year old girls with deadly pants.

3rd July 2003

2:28pm: cleopatra's fluffy kitty dance.
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12:48pm: i have to invite someone dangerous to tea.
How To Be An Artist

stay loose. learn to watch snails.
plant impossible gardens. invite
someone dangerous to tea. make
little signs that say Yes! and post
them all over your house. make friends
with freedom & uncertainty. look
forward to dreams. cry during movies.
swing as high as you can on a
swingset, by moonlight. cultivate
moods. refuse to "be responsible."
do it for love. take lots of naps.
give money away. do it now.
the money will follow. believe in magic.
laugh a lot. celebrate every gorgeous
moment. take moonbaths. have
wild imaginings, transformative
dreams, and perfect calm. draw on the
walls. read every day. imagine yourself
magic. giggle with children. listen to old
people. open up. dive in. be free
bless yourself. drive away fear. play
with everything. entertain your inner
child. you are innocent. build a fort
with blankets. get wet. hug trees.
write love letters

1st July 2003

2:51pm: i made 2 led zeppelin CDs. Achilles' Last Stand featres songs from Physical Graffiti, Presence and In Through The Out Door, with the title song, kashmir,carousleambra, tea for one, custard pie and the rover. and Rock And Roll features most of the 4th album, plus Poor Tom and Walter's Walk from Coda, and all of Houses Of The Holy, featuring The Song Remains The Same, and The Ocean. "Oh so good" yes indeedie.
2:17am: here are the top 20 search strings for my website. i have NO idea what #17 says about me. ;}

Top 20 of 58 Total Search Strings

# Hits Search String

1 6 6.19% javacam
2 5 5.15% cleopatra
3 4 4.12% cleopatra pics
4 4 4.12% kitti
5 4 4.12% turtles
6 4 4.12% xuxa
7 3 3.09% cleopatra picture
8 3 3.09% monster
9 3 3.09% ninja
10 3 3.09% when come back bring pie
11 2 2.06% cleo
12 2 2.06% cleopatra pictures
13 2 2.06% cleopatras theme
14 2 2.06% kittycat.com
15 2 2.06% laverne
16 2 2.06% laverne and shirley
17 2 2.06% monster dick
18 2 2.06% my cam
19 2 2.06% ooo
20 2 2.06% page three girl

30th May 2003

3:32pm: t3rrx0r l3v3l
they changed the terror level alert thingie again today. i forget the exact details, but i think they went from magenta, which is the "Woah! Dude!" level of bad thingies happening to the maroon level, or "Get your panties out of a wad." or something like that.

26th May 2003

8:07pm: and i don't know what to do about those
tossed salads and scrambled eggs
they're calling again

um, actually i have NOT been watching frasier. i just likes me some salads and scrambled eggies.

9th May 2003

7:51pm: tortoise
i like the biggie galapagos tortoise. that is all.

4th May 2003

5:27pm: murmurs
anyone know the murmurs? listening to them now.
Current Music: the murmurs

3rd May 2003

2:12pm: the Magic Coffee Mug answers your questions and lets you see the answers to the most recent 5 questions asled. the last question is mine...Read more... )

30th April 2003

2:13pm: this just in from typing teacher Mavis Beacon: "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs." an anonymous music teacher added that "every good boy deserves fudge" but refused to speculate any further.

29th April 2003

10:53am: Walter Matthau was the star of the 1994 movie I.Q. which was filmed on location in Princeton, NJ, where i live. i saw them film one scene in Palmer Square, and i actually made eye contact with Walter Matthau in full Einstein makeup. that was kewl. he was about fifteen feet away from me.

24th April 2003

3:07pm: ooo, this is me...ramensaurus!
much of good Looks yes indeedie. of course i likes me some ramen noodle. :o)

23rd April 2003

8:12pm: Two submarines were sitting in a tree knitting. A pig flew by with a twig in its mouth. A little later, the subs were still knitting in their tree when a pig flew by with a twig in it's mouth. Later still, the submarines are still sitting, still knitting, when a pig flies by with a twig in it's mouth. One of the submarines turns to the other and says, "Must be building a nest."

Two sausages in a frying pan: one turns to the other and says "Damn, its hot in here"
The other says "Oh my god! Its a talking sausage".

Why do seagulls fly by the sea?
Because if they flew by the bay, they'd be 'bagels'.

22nd April 2003

6:35pm: did martin mcfine's friend push him into sally at the castle party?
actual questions from the Magic Coffee Mug.

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21st April 2003

4:13pm: Mommy, Mommy!
mommy, mommy jokes are fun. mmmhmmmm.
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18th April 2003

4:09pm: piccies from Matrix Reloaded. yayness.
Let There Be Frozen Peas! sadly, there is STILL no spoon. :(
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16th April 2003

4:21pm: stella moo and thumper
stella moo. as seen with glitter princess moocow and moobelline. NOT named after the Streetcar Named Desire character, but the Grateful Dead song, Stella Blue. that's always fun. and here is thumper. name suggested by theinnocence on livejournal.


the one on the right is NOT new, but i never got around to putting on cam before.

14th April 2003

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10:39am: new moo
cleopatra meets the new moocow, just arrived earlier today. cleopatra sniffed the new moo, and, of course, had a nice fight. i did NOT know the cowgirl is in moocow fight club!
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13th April 2003

2:57pm: kitty lick
kitty lick
cleopatra was licking my breakfast plate this morning. i had scrambled eggies.

12th April 2003

10:17pm: i won this swell talking sea world turtle on ebay
another turtle plush toy, but this one talks! yayness. comes from a non smoking house, i will NOT give it any cigarettes either. mmmhmmmm. of course the NEW turtle needs a name too. :o)

see the auction here.
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