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    Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
    5:31 pm
    bye ben.. :( / whatever else is happening..
    today's the big day.. one of my closest friends is going to leave for Canada.. permanently.. i honestly don't know how im going to deal without him.. he was my rock.. my secret-keeper.. my true friend.. oh well.. life must go on.. thank God for email!!!!!!!!! :p anyhoo.. i woke up at, like, 2:15 in the afternoon.. my cousin and i pulled an all-nighter.. hahahahahaahah.. that was fun.. i feel really energatic and alive today! :) though she kinda feels like she wasted the day.. heehee :) i feel so baboy.. dunno why.. i didn't eat too much naman.. weird. oh yeah, i talked to anton last night! he was kinda sleepy, 'cause he just got home from cebu the other day.. yeah.,. that was fun.. i guess.. he's nice to talk to talaga. :) ..no hint of "i like him" there, mind you! ..'cause i don't. okay.. im gonna sign off now.. im beginning to feel like i wasted the day too.. later! :)
    Monday, April 14th, 2003
    7:52 pm
    i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.. ;)
    i dunno.. i totally feel the need for a journal.. i need release.. sooooooooo much stuff has been happening lately! you know how crappy life is sometimes? let me explain.. you know.. teenagers and their stoopid short-lived crushes.. well excuse me madame.. i am a teenager!!! i have stupid short-lived crushes!!! :p the most horrible, unbearable part is.. after ive "lost" the crush and reconciled with the fact that im unappealing/unattractive to that particular person.. they start to notice me and msg me and consequently, like me.. like like me.. what a load of bullcrap. its not fair! the only way out is to a. like them again, or b. just settle for being friends. its really hard.. AND really annoying. i mean, gould it not have been in better timing? life is so ironic.oh well. c'est la vie! ..at least im dealing with it well.. :) On a happier note.. someone who i thought could never possibly enter my life.. did. i dunno.. maybe things will work out.. maybe not.. but for now, im just happy i got to know the person better.. ;) just finished eating dinner.. never eat fried fish with capers.. as in just capers.. eeeew.. too sour for my taste. :p more updates soon.. this journals' cool.. au revoir! :) P.S. you'll be hearing about the Wonderful Story of Nick* pretty soon. *its a codename.. okay bubi? hahahahahahaha :)

    Current Mood: amused
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