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    Sunday, March 21st, 2004
    7:26 pm
    who thumpin we thumpin who thumpin we thumpin...man we did GREAT at compeition yesterday!!...how many platinums and overalls did we get...YAY...and i got platinum and 3rd overall in the senior category on my solo..wow...but you know what made me the most proud....heather wilson gettin second overall in the intermidiate solos...gah lay it made me feel sooooo good to know that she got that...oh well..i gotta go work on a paper so im out..bye ya'll...i can't wait il competition this weekend

    Current Mood: excited
    Saturday, March 13th, 2004
    10:30 pm
    ooooh...im sooo dagum tired...BEAT..yes that's the word..i had dance for like 12 1/2 hours today...it was so much fun but im dead...kel spent the night with me last night...it was great..talkin to sherri at 1230 then sewin elastic til 2...haha great times girl..."you're a butthead" hahaha...TWO PAIRS OF BLACK SHOES!!!!...gah i was so mad...well frustrated..haha oh well...ima really teach that child how to sew one day gah lay....haha oh well...im tired and i got to acolyte in the mornin so i better be goin...you know what i like this blurty thing or whatever it's called haha....bye ya'll I LOVE YOU...and and i miss adam too..just thought i'd tell ya he's outa town...:(...that's ok though....oh yeah did i mention im SO EXCITED BOUT COMPETITION WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! later ya'll

    Current Mood: drained
    Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
    11:08 pm
    tonight was soo much fun at dance...we gettin ready for our first competition (woooody wooo) and i can't wait.
    it's gonna be awesome...although i dont know if hip hop will be done or not...oh well if it isn't that's ok there's always next competition.. oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY...you're my best friend ever..you know what i've realized...some ppl who say they are your friends ignore you when they're around other ppl but then when you're the only person to talk to they actually talk to you..oh well i know who my real friends are and i luv um to death...but the other ones (who get mad over stupid stuff they shouldn't) can "kiss this and i don't mean on my rosy red lips" yeah you know who you are..oh well...we all know what God sees and you're the ones sittin on a lake in a boat with a hole in it in the end...haha i know ya'll like that...oh well if you get a chance check out 1st timothy 4:12...it's my fav bible verse...i think im goin to see the passion sunday with my mom and sherri..at least i hope so...ima cry my lil eyeballs out..gah you know what...i think i have the best bf possible hes sp sweet..you know most guys could care less about openin doors and stuff but adam he doesn it ALL the time and i think that's what makes a true gentleman and a great guy...awww aint he so sweet..yeah that's why he's mine and i luv him!! well im reeeal tired so i best be goin to bed...luv ya'll..nighty night

    Current Mood: excited and annoyed
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