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Harvest Fest Madness [26 Sep 2003|05:12pm]
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[ music | see thru it-aphrodite ]

Subject: yes one more entry (harvest fest maddness)
Time: 9:51 pm.

(This is going to be a dull entry, well just like all of mine are. But I feel no effort to putting excitement into this, since i have told the story about a million times to people. haha.) So deal biotches.

Hmmm I guess I will just start from friday, when sarah simon and I left for Toronto.

We didnt end up leaving Tweed until like past midnight. haha. it was amusing, and agravating at the same time. Simon decided to take his car apart THAT DAY, the day we leave for TO. So his friends and him spent alllllllll day putting it back together. We were suppose to leave around 9:30, and we didnt leave until hours later, because we had to wait for him to CLEAN his car. haha. :) Soo yah...

We got to TO around 2 or somthing like that...and we went and stayed at some guys house, and he had some other people living with him. Really nice apartement, it was in a really nice part of TO too. Huge place. And it wasnt that much, since there were like 4 people living there. So...Sarah and I were both dead tired, but we didnt get to sleep until like almost 4 because there were people talking and being loud. But Meh. Oh well. We got up fairly early the next morning and one of the guys at the apartment took us to some restuarnt so we could eat breakfast. We ate on the roof. :) It was nice. Good food. ^_^

Ummmm yeah. so we stopped over at maxs residence, which is some hotel that UFT bought for the students. Its a really nice hotel actually. So yah. we got to see him and jesse, and meet his roommate. We would have stayed longer but we couldnt. But it was super nice to them. I actually really miss max. hes a cool cat. ;o)

Uhhh yah. so I forget the order of events. but the simons car started to fuck up. The brakes or somthing werent working properly, which was causing the car to stop or somthing weird like that. i know nothing about cars. so deal with my lack of knowledge on the problem .
But anyway, so we had to stop in China Town for a while, to see if Simon could figure out what was going on. He did, kind of. Or rather, temporarily. Then like 10mins later, the car started acting up again, and we had to stop again. We were on some street for awhile, letting the car cool down.. etc etc. And people seemed so genuinly concerned. Ha. right. they just like to stare. and laugh in their heads. ha. stupid people. stuck. dont know how to fix their own car. bums.
no not really.
but maybe.
its possible. they sure did stare a lot.
Ummm then we were on our way again. We were going to pick up John at his house, (a friend of sarahs that she met at a new years party) But the care messed up again, so instead of risking it to johns, we told him to meet us at the nearest MCd's.
Turns out, his place was like 10mins from where we were. haha. but yeah, down from Mcd's some crazy guy was having a lil street sale.
And I found some cool anime comics. A pack of 3 of oh my goddess, and the other pack of 3 was some new anime vampire ones. pretty crazy comics. haha. anime is so sexual i find. >_<

So yah. Simon drove like a maniac all the way to Bondhead, to where the farm was. And the car lasted until we got there.
Simon haha, of course, tried to get out of paying, so he made a commotion with the gate people. they didnt fall for his 'sweet talk' lol. so sarah and him had to pay, but they didnt have enough mulla on them so they had to go back into town and get some.
So since Ryan bought my ticket for me a head of time, I stayed at the gates to wait for him. John waited with me, cause he already has his ticket. So we sat there for a couple of hours and had a nice chat. He is really really nice guy. I thought he was like 23 but hes actualy only 18 or somthing. He use to live in the NWT, but came to TO to go to school.
so yah. He turned out to be a really wicked guy, great style ;) I loved his clothes.
Ryan finally showed up, and i talked with him briefly.
Got into the festival, it was now getting dark and cold. haha.I just wanted my freaking wine, and john wanted to be warm. (as did I) But Mostly, i just wanted my friggin wine.

We explored a bit, and then went to the kitchen and ate some tasty organic foods to pass the time, until simon and sarah got back. I guess the car was being dumb again, and they just barely got back to the festival and then the festival peopel were freaking out cause simon wouldnt move his car, but of course he they had to just deal with where it was parked. the gate people were being stupid and anal about everything.

So yah..they finall got back and we set up our tents and everything. and i got my wine!!! wooo!

we when first got there in the pyramid thing there was a guy playing my fav instrument, the diggerydoo and he was using a distortion petal with it, and some girl was singing along. it sounded really really cool.
THe other stages were both barns, 3 levels to them . Really cool set ups. they had huge pictures/slide shows played on the side of the barns. The shows were pretty strange...random words...nature..bugs...bugss...ikky. spiders. ew.. that was kinda gross.

I think (well other then the little little kids) sarah john and I were the youngest ones there. Most of the people there were in their 30s and above. Kinda neat though.

Peoples get ups were pretty cool. It was fun to watch people dance. And the crazy hippie guy was there again with his bmw van. haha. he was at OM too. Hes quite the character. a lot of 'new age' hippies there...of course... (i forget the actual term for them)
The music was awesome though. A lot of it was kinda hard to dance to, but it was great to listen to. Even though some of it was trance and house, it wasnt your tradition trance and house and what not. it was pretty cool...they even played tricky, which i found pretty cool.
oh yah, and the pyramid thing, was mostly a chill out place for smoking pot, djs and the odd mc was in there as well. lots of beds and couches. pretty cool..............

Um yeah. the only shitty part. haha you will think i am a total loser and a geek for this, but we all went to bed at like 2 in the morning (the main party time) how pathetic is that. but we were sooo tired. haha. and it was sooo cold. I thought i was going to freeze to death. agh!

so yah. haha .we got up around 7 or somthing, and wandered breakfast..sat by the fire.... but yeah. the evening was pretty fun --i did dance! ha.
sooo many cute dogs there. :) In the morning before we left, the doors of simons car were open, and the cuttest fluffiest husky dog jumped in, and we didnt even notice she was there until like half an hour after..but she was adorable..and i wanted to take her home with us. but i wasnt allowed *pouts. I want a dog. haha.:oP

(dammit. I am sick of typing already.)

Bored yet? yah. :0)

Ummm so the car was being dumb again when we started to leave in the we stopped at some gas station in some small town. tried to fix it with the help of simons friend brennon, still didnt work properly. Sooo they went to barrie which was like 45 mins away, and took john with them to drop him off at the go station.

So sarah and I stayed at the gas station, and in front of the parking lot there was a little ditch, near where the car was, so we curled up on blankets and slept for over an hour. haha. people laughed at us.and made random comments "are they alive" "goodmorning" blah blah. silly nonsense for weird people. haha. jesus. we were tired!

so yah. the gas station peopel were being anal about letting us use their washroom, saying the keys were lots etc etc, when we just saw a million people use the later we walked down to the IGA, used their bathroom...bought some food.

went back. the guys still werent back....we waited like 3 hours give or take for them. finally they got back, turns out while we were gone, they were there and had tried to put the car back together, except canadian tire the assholes forgot to give them a they had to go allllllll the way back to barrie. jesus we waited half an hour for them to get the car working. miracle, its starts working fine. so we go down to coffee place or whatever its called, to get food. brennon says he will meet us in new market or somthing to eat a real meal. so he goes off in his car. Simons car starts to fuck up again, we are screwed, cause brennon was long gone. So we made it back up to this closed garage across from the gas station we had been at for hours. (so yah. great.back where we started. wonderful.) simon tried to get a hold of people, and CAA to get his car towed. decided not to get it towed, and instead we called sarahs dad.
So steve had to come allllll the way out to where we were to pick us up. We felt really bad, but there was nothing else we could do. We ended up getting to new market ok, and meeting them at MCDs.
haha. sarah and i had a vinegar fight there. and ended up smelling like it all the way home. ewwwwy. haha. it was funny though. so yah...steve met us there...we got home not too later, around 1:30 or somthing. Simon ended up taking his chances and riding back home. ahh. i hope he got back ok. I am sure he did. but i havent talked to him or sarah since that night. sooooooo . :o| I dunno?!

But yeah. I think that is all. that was my little adventure. with many other laughs and giggles, and fun stuff involved. but my mind at the moment can not recal everything. so there. entry is finally written.

much fun.
didnt take pictures cause i was too lazy.

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Wow [25 Sep 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | erics trip ]

Hey Look.

I found a new



Another one.

By god. It blows my mind.

what ever shall I do?

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