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oh, gross! its carpeted! [20 Oct 2003|09:04pm]
my life is boring. 1+ mak35 m3 wan+ +0 +yp3 lyk3 +h15

im watching a funny show with a gay guy who gives people handjobs on it, and i am laughing. but im still bored.

you xanaDONT it!

alright. im totally failing french and being random.

i hate being single you guys >.<

that was an angry face right thurr.

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no subject, you monkey [19 Oct 2003|05:03pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | S.T.U.N ]

im in a relatively good mood!
+im turning vegan soon
+i got a cd
+i figured out how to make a vegan grilled cheese sandwich
+my moms not yelling at me
+i get to see mark in silly pants on saturday.
<3 rizz

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did it work?! [18 Oct 2003|11:33pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | my chemical romance ]

does the marquee thingy work? im mad. im me or comment or something and ill tell you.. ARGH

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[17 Oct 2003|10:11pm]
1.) Stunning procedures are not monitored, and they are often inadequate. Poultry slaughterhouses commonly set the electrical current lower than what is required to render the birds unconscious because of concerns that too much electricity would damage the carcass and diminish its value. The result is that birds are immobilized but are still capable of feeling pain, or they emerge from the stunning tank still conscious.
After passing through the stunning tank, the birds' throats are slashed, usually by a mechanical blade, and blood begins rushing out of their bodies. Inevitably, the blade misses some birds who then proceed to the next station on the assembly line, the scalding tank. Here they are submerged in boiling hot water. Birds missed by the killing blade are boiled alive. This occurs so commonly, affecting millions of birds every year, that the industry has a term for these birds. They are called "redskins".
2.) Prior to being hung upside down by their back legs and bled to death at the slaughterhouse, pigs are supposed to be 'stunned' and rendered unconscious. However, 'stunning' is terribly imprecise, and this results in conscious animals hanging upside down, kicking and struggling, while a slaughterhouse worker tries to 'stick' them in the neck with a knife. If the worker is unsuccessful, the pig will be carried to the next station on the slaughterhouse assembly line, the scalding tank, where he/she will be boiled alive.
3.) Prior to being hung up by their back legs and bled to death, cattle are supposed to be rendered unconscious. This 'stunning' is usually done by a mechanical blow to the head. The procedure is terribly imprecise, and inadequate stunning is inevitable. The result of poor stunning is conscious animals hanging upside down, kicking and struggling, while a slaughterhouse worker makes another attempt to render them unconscious. Eventually, the animals will be "stuck" in the throat with a knife, and blood will gush from their bodies whether or not they are unconscious.
4.) In addition to restricting the animals' movement, veal producers severely limit what their animals can eat. The calves are fed an all liquid milk-substitute which is purposely deficient in iron and fiber. It is intended to produce borderline anemia and the pale colored flesh fancied by 'gourmets'. At approximately sixteen weeks of age, these weak animals are slaughtered and marketed as "white" veal (also known as "fancy", "milk-fed", "special fed", and "formula fed" veal). Besides the expensive veal which comes from calves who are kept in small wooden crates, "bob" veal is the flesh of calves who may be slaughtered at just a few hours or days old. While these calves are spared intensive confinement, they are still subjected to inhumane transport, handling, and slaughter, and many die before reaching the slaughterhouse.
5.) Regardless of where they live, however, all dairy cows must give birth in order to begin producing milk. Today, dairy cows are forced to have a calf every year. Like human beings, the cow's gestation period is nine months long, and so giving birth every twelve months is physically demanding. The cows are also forced to give milk during seven months of their nine month pregnancy. In a healthy environment, cows would live in excess of 25 years, but on modern dairies, they are slaughtered after just 3 or 4 years and then used for ground beef.
6.) Practically all laying hens have part of their beaks cut off in order to reduce injuries resulting from excessive pecking, an aberrant behavior which occurs when the confined hens are bored and frustrated. Debeaking is a painful procedure which involves cutting through bone, cartilage, and soft tissue. Poultry researcher, Dr. Ian Duncan notes, “there is now good morphological, neurophysiological, and behavioral evidence that beak trimming leads to both acute and chronic pain.”
7.) For every egg laying hen confined in a battery cage, there is a male chick who was killed at the hatchery. Because egg laying chicken breeds have been selected exclusively for maximum egg production, they don't grow fast enough or large enough to be raised profitably for meat. Therefore, male chicks of egg laying breeds are of no economic value. They are literally discarded on the day they hatch - usually by the least expensive and most convenient means available. They may be thrown in trash cans where they are suffocated or crushed under the weight of others.
8.) In some restaurants, fish are actually eaten alive. They are eviscerated and filleted, and delivered to the serving table. The eye is covered so that the fish will not see and react to diners reaching for parts of his/her body. An article written by Hodding Carter IV described eating a live fish, "We each reached in with our chopsticks. The fish buckled... Now, as it slowly died, would it feel each piece of its body lifted away and hungrily masticated?"

and thats why im going vegan -big smile-
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ajvhberlvhg!! [17 Oct 2003|12:25pm]








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mg! [17 Oct 2003|07:36am]
hey look my icon is mike glita!
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3rd time in the computer lab today...eesh [16 Oct 2003|12:06pm]
im having a computer overdose!
i have to research stuff (yet again) and its. so. boring.
were coming in again tomorrow so i can update again wheeeee!!!
i also have that silly study skills thingy after school. its boring, too.

++Stand. Up fucking tall. don't let them see your back. __+
_+_take. My fucking hand. And never. trust.++_

I <33 My Chemical Romance

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french again [16 Oct 2003|07:53am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | my chemical romance ]

i wish more people would comment. maybe it would help if i gave this link to people, hmmmmm...
im in french (again) and im. so. bored.
i feel really bad. apparently something i said bothered arisara a lot. but i dont know what. i wish i did so i could say i was sorry, for whatever.
i might go to IHA next year, but i don't know. it sounds really cool. you get your own laptop and can set stuff up on it and download stuff and whatnot.
periods almost over
peace love unity

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ergh! [15 Oct 2003|04:42am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | keys typing stuff. ]

i'm in french class... anyone know anything about montmorency waterfalls?!??!?!!?!?!? theres only 20 mintues left and i CANT FIND ANY INFO!! dlkfjhvegybweouyg!!!!! well its ok if i fail. ;/
anyways, i cant go online like EVER because of school work so i'll update in school as i can.
thank you mewissa for the pwetty layout, and ARISARA for the SLASHY FANFIC !!!!!

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quick updaty thing. [13 Oct 2003|09:20pm]
update.. real fast:
1. went to 6 flags
2. throat, back, head, stomach hurts
3. school tomorrow
4. im really mad only im in a good mood. *spoooooky*

and some things to remember-
*dance like ace, its healthy.
*talk like sergio, its healthy
*have humor like jeff, its healthy
*be smart like joe, its healthy

AND LASTLY i wuv mewissa, thank you thank you for the layout! it is gweat!
<3 senses fail <3
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