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Happy Halloween =D [31 Oct 2003|09:52am]
[ mood | halloweenie ]
[ music | MCR, of course! ]

it's halloween, you guys. aren't you excited?!
im going to arisara's house and watching scary movie 1 and 2. then the next day, we're gonna see scary movie 3. yayy!

+_stand. up fucking tall don't let them see your back._+
<3 rizz

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in school again! yayyy! [29 Oct 2003|10:10am]
this text is pretty damn hawt. i wonder what im goign to do for halloween. anyone got any ideas for me? i wanna look spiffy! okay well i havent got anything to update on. when i get teh chance i'll add tara and mel to my community, sorry i havent yet!
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whoohoo [28 Oct 2003|10:20am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | HEY i'm bored ]

i got pictures and ill post them as soon as i can. help me tawa!
English is fun

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[26 Oct 2003|04:10pm]
alright, hello all!
this community is for people who want to show off their metal (or plastic or stone or ink... you know)
of course there are some rules
1.) dont be all mean
2.) no genitalia piercing photos.
wow well that was it... not many rules, and they are easy to follow.
comment so i can accept you, it makes me feel all powerful!
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yeehaw [26 Oct 2003|11:39am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | STILL the t.v. in the background ]

Name: Christine.
birthday: 3.19.90
sign: pisces
sex: girl
locatoin: franklin lakes
school: franklin avenue
glasses/contacts: yes! theyre emo.
braces: yeah, and theyre shaped like stars
fat/skinny: holy fuck.. uhm, no
tall/short: i'm rather short for a female
do you like ketchup: yea, but i dont know what i would eat it on
do you like mustard: nope
do you like mayonaise: nah.
do you like pickles: yes.. mmm
do you like boys or girls: girls
do you like pickle relish (yuck): nope.
do you like chicken: yuhm.. no?
do you like spinach: no
do you have any sibling: none... none at all. i was adopted
what are their names: shaun, bob, lexa, sarah, tina, janet, patrick, burt, .. i mean i told you i have no siblings, silly!
how old are they: -rolls eyes-
do you have any pets: yeep!
what are their names: Guy
what kind of pets are they: hes a piggy! a guinea pig
do you like school: hate hate hate, and youll hear every other teenager say that but i really do hate it (stolen from mark)
if you could choose anyone to rule the world who would you choose: justin sane
do you like pokemon: nope
do you talk to voices in your head: ehh, sometimes. ufortunately.
do they tell you to do stuff: nope. we have friendly conversations
do you listen: jesus christ!
have you ever had wet dreams about someone: y.. no
how often do you talk on the phone: sometimes.
how often do you surf the web: alot...probably too much for my own health
how often do you hang out with friends: a LOT.
do you have a bf/gf: nope
do you love them: -ghetto hand sign- hes my boy! MY BOY! even though i dont have one.
have you ever loved anyone: not really.
have you ever made-no.
are you loopy: of COURSE im loopy! im also wacky and nutso!
have you ever broke any bones: no
if so, which ones: noooo
how often do you shower: once a day
which group do you hang out with at school: the 'punks and goths'
do you get good grades: yeah pretty much
do you always get in trouble: never
do you get along with your parents: one of them.
are you gonna go to college: hopefully
who is your best girl friend: either sarah arisara corinne or melissa.
who is your best boy friend: probably billy
who do you talk to the most on the phone: arisara
who do you talk to the most on the net: random people i dont know
do you like email or snail mail better: snail mail
do you like gold or silver jewlry: silver
have you ever prank called a 1-800 number: nope
have you ever tried to impress your crush and ended up embaressing yourself:nope. let me explain to you that there is not one single good-looking male in our entire area.
what are you most afraid of: small spaces (i.e. caves -shudders)
are you weird: yea...oh well
how long does it take you to get ready for school: like 3 minutes literally
do you have a crush: no!
do they like you: hmm...they might...im not sure...none of them would work out though
what are there names: Mike Glita! yum. famous.
do you sleep with one pillow or two: like, uhm, 5
do you like coffee: YESSSSSSSSSSSS
if not, howz come: i like it, you twit.
what is the longest you have went out with someone: oh, please.
do you regret it: *evil smile* hes still in my basement
how do you know the person who sent this to you: i got it off of el slitchos journal


do you want to live? nyc
is the most fun place to go? nyc
do you want to meet your husband/wife? trash and vaudeville! that would be .. absolutely perfect
do you want to go heaven or hell? what the fuck! why would anyone want to go to hell? -shrugs- heaven.
do you want to get married? yes ASAP right now. marry me.


Do you like to do? not much, i like to liosten to music
was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on? hawaii
friend is always there? to tell you the truth, no one is ALWAYS there.-
relative sends you the most money for christmas? gramma
do you like about your church or school clique? they.. rock
do you want to be when you grow up? enterpreneur
do you want your husbands name to be? Glita. Trapp. Miller. Zablocki. Nielson.
is your favorite piece of clothing? me bum-flap <3

have you, in the last 24 hrs...
Cried? wow. actually, no
gotten in major trouble? nooo
cut your hair? no, but i hate a manicure/pedicaure/haircut and color/european facial/massage waiting in NYC December 21.
ate a meal? nope
hugged someone? yeah, tara
kissed someone? my dad or something
made a new friend? uhm no
lost something? probably

have you ever...
Been so drunk you passed out? nope
gone out in public in your pajamas? yeeeees!
had an imaginary friend? i thought i had a ghost actually.
cried during a chick flick? nope
owned a new kids on the block cd? nope
gotten in a car accident? no
liked someone so much you cried? taht depends, and i dont feel liek explaining it
cussed when your parents were around? yea, they laughed
told your sister/brother he/she was a bitch? dont have one
sung in front of the mirror? yeeeeeah
made faces in the mirror? who hasnt?
spent more than one hour on your hair? uhm, oh god. no.
sleep- well.. yeh?
walked talked in your sleep? all the time
watched a scary movie and couldn’t sleep all night? no
gone caroling? yeeeah! with my church

without it all

ok kiddies! [26 Oct 2003|05:04am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | TheT.V. in the background ]

hello all. i just made this brand-spankin-new community for all you people who wanna show off your metal (or plastic or stone or ink.. yeeeah.) So, there are a few rules.
1.) be nice
2.) no genitalia piercing pictures, puh-lease.
actually thats it.

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field trip [24 Oct 2003|10:59am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | 8th graders complaining about computers ]

today we went on a GT art field trip. i got a hand boiler thinygy, its pretty rad. anyways, i have to stay after school to finish my social studies project which kind of sucks.
i wonder if im going to see a movie today? scary movie 3= out! tara should come.
im bored.
8 minutes left in schooooooollllll.......
plus now im a vegan.

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nothing! [23 Oct 2003|08:18am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | the keys typing stuff! ]

it's totally a half day!
tomorrow we're going on a trip for art. no school (or Gym!)
i have to go for rubes will yell.
dont you love my mad html skills?!?!?!?!

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once again... [22 Oct 2003|10:08am]
[ music | my chemical romance ]

look at my mad html skills!

without it all

school again =) [22 Oct 2003|09:57am]
im in school again and guess what? Mark's new name is El Slitcho. Totally. nothing else to update on, psychiatrist today.
<3 rizz.
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