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Friday, June 24th, 2005

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    ok here's the scoop i am leaving now. like i am grounded but i dont want people to forget about me so i figured i would tell people about what is goin on in my life. today was my last day to see anyone beofre i go to kansas because i am grounded and my stepmom is a complete bitch. I am grounded bc of her, so i dont get to have much of a summer. but whatever, her goal is to get me down, but it wont work she cant do it! Plus i am leaving fo rmost of the summer, what can i say. but over everything and i gonna miss my boyfriend James's and I am gonna miss my bestfriend sammie and Ian. I dont know what i am gonna do without them. maybe through this i will beome a stronger person, or perhaps just a lonlier one...

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