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* another one [06 Apr 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | yellowcard-ocean ave. ]

1. Do you wear a watch?: yes
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: well lets see here..my varsity jacket..my peacoat..id say like 4
3. Most expensive item of clothing?: my hollister outfit
1. Do your friends 'know' you?: i would like to think so
2. What do they tend to be like?: ?
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: yeh i guess
4. How many people do you tell everything to?: 3
1. Favorite band ever?: blink182
2. Most listened to bands: blink182
3. Can you play an instrument?: clarinet..and saxaphone..can you say BAND DORK!
4. Type of music never listened to?: hmmm...
5. What type of music do you listen to?: emo, punk, pop/punk, rap-yeh nice combination!
1. Who is the smartest person alive at the moment?: me! yeh i wish!
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny!
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: yes i do!
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: yes. ppl shouldnt commit suicide..theres a better way out
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: happy
1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: no
2. Do you own converse shoes?: no
3. Do you own saucony shoes?: yeh
4. Do you own old school nikes?: no
5. Do you wear tight pants?: yes..bc my ass looks so good..haha..my j-lo ass!
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?: not that i know of.........
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: lmao..thats funny..nah i dont think so
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: no
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: noo
10. Do you own braces?: i had them
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth?: yeh.like an ankle brace
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair?: no..my hair is pretty!
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?: yes
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: no
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: no..mohawks are kinda ugly
16. Is your hair black or red?: nooo
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: no
18. Do you own a bandana?: sure
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: no
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: what the fuck kinda ? is that
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: no
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: no
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from dogpile, lip service, or tiger of London:? no
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: not really..my costume is leopard..its not halloween i know asshole! its a dance costume
25. Are you Disgrunteled? yes
26. Are you an anarchist?: not at all
27. Does the American flag anger you?: nope
28. Are you "working class"?: unfortunately
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: only the bitchy ones..who think they are better than everyone else..they should be set on firee!!!!! man i have this obsession for fire today!
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?: i love hot topic!
31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: used to..badddddd badddddd dana!
32. Do you smoke cloves?: no
33. Are you a thin waif?: a what?
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian?: hell no! i would die!
35. Do you think meat is murder?: yeh it is..but i eat it so who cares!
38. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?: lol i cant go 1 day without a shower..SKANKYNESS!
39. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor?: i dont reek..sorry!
40. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?: no
41. Do you like Mr. Kerouac?: okay..tell me who the fuck he is and then ill tell yah if i like him or not!!!!!!!
42. Are you a member of the makeout club?: nah ill pass thanks
43. Do you say "rad"?: only bc mike says it alot..and it kinda became a member of my small book of vocabulary words
1. Name: dana
2. Do you like it? no! not at all..my name sucks! i want a new one!!!!!!!!! any ideas?
3. Nick-names: chica, dane
4. Screen names: roxychik8102
6. Birthday: august 15 1987..better remember it bitch! ill be looking for a bday present
7. Sign: leo»lion..argh!!!!!!!!
8. Location: NJ..and florida in the summer
10. Status: i have a boyfriend!! haha and you probably dont..and if you do..mines better!
11. Crush: uh i have a BOYFRIEND!! yeh mhmmm thats wut i thought!
12. Virgin?: yes
13. Natural hair color: dark brown
14. Current hair color: brownish
15. Eye color: brown
16. Height: 5'4--midget!!!!!!!!
17. Birthplace: pa
18. Shoe size: 8
1. Number: 12
2. Color: red
3. Day: friday
4. Month: august
5. Song at the moment: yellowcard-ocean ave.
6. Movie: OFFICE SPACE--watch it or die!
7. Food: chicken strips from wendys..with bbq sauce of course..now bring me some food bitch! oh yeh and can you also bring cheese fries and an iced tea! yeh again thats what i thought!
8. Band: blink182-STILL THE SAMEEEEEEE
9. Sport: football
10. Class: algebra 2!! lol only bc i have it with bob!
11. Teacher: hartpence
12. Drink: iced tea
13. Veggie: uh....?
14. Tv Station: mtv
15. Radio station: q102
16. Store: hollister/pacsun/a&f/american eagle
17. Expression: my finger bitch!
18. Animal: cat
19. Flower: rose
20. State: FLORIDA!
21. Country: hawaii--oh shit thats a state..my bad..i guess aruba is a country?
1. Me or you: how about me and you later tonight in my room?
2. Coke or pepsi: pepsi-im lovin it!! oh yeh thats mcdonalds..wow im 0 for 2!
3. Day or night: night
4. AOL or AIM: aim
5. CD or cassette: cd
6. DVD or VHS: dvd
7. Jeans or khakis: jeans
8. Car or truck: truck!! dodge ram 4x4 quab cab..with a HEMI!! can you say hemi?! HEMII!!!!!!
9. Tall or short: Tall..well taller than me
10. Lunch or dinner: dinner
11. *Nsync or BSB?: none!
12. Gap or Old Navy: gap
13. Lipstick or lipgloss: lipgloss
14. Silver or gold: silver
15. Alcohol or weed: alcoholic in the hizzle! yes..i know..im white
1. Do you have a bf/gf?: yes i do! =)
2. Do you have a crush?: i have a bf! didnt i just answer that ? before..you seriously need to THINK OF NEW QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. How long have you liked him/her: a while!! and i love him more than he loves me!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
4. Why do you like this person?: bc hes just so fuckin hot and awesome
5. If you're single, why are you single?: -
6. How long was your longest relationship?: 13 months
7. How long was your shortest relationship?: 3 weeks
8. Who was your first love?: ryan howell
9. What do you miss about them?: he was always so fun to be with
1. What is the one thing you would change about your past?: my entire life--its so fucked up
2. What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: driving 4 days b4 i turned 16 =/ anddd getting caught
4. Last thing you saw: my dad walking in the hallway
5. Last thing you said: you have to read this when im done bc its so funny!
6. What is the last TV show you saw?: the price is right bitch!! best show everr!
7. What is the last song you heard?: ocean ave-yellowcard
1. Saw?: my dad
2. Kissed?: bob
3. Hugged?: bob
4. Fought with?: my dad..bc hes an asshole!
5. Were on the phone with?: bob-gee..see a pattern?? bc i DO!
1. What are you wearing?: socks, sweatpants and a sweatshirt
2. What are you doing?: this and talkin to my love <3333
3. Who are you talking to?: bob
4. What song are you listening to?: im listenin to bob say aboslutely nothing to me!
5. Where are you?: in the "office"
6. Who are you with?: myself
7. Are you online?: yes
8. How are you feeling?: cold
9. Are you in a chatroom?: no
1. What day is it tomorrow?: wendesday
2. What are you going to do after this?: eat and watch the blue collar comedy tour
3. Who are you going to talk to?: bob..but he never talks..we just sit on the phone
4. Where are you going to go?: living room
5. How old will you be when you graduate?: 17
6. What do you wanna be?: architect/interior designer
7. What is one of your dreams?: design and build a million dollar house for myself..and my family
8. Where will you be in 25 years?: florida probably
1. Do you write in cursive or print?: print
2. Are you a lefty or a righty?: righty
3. What is your sexual preference?: i love them guyss
4. What piercings do you have?: 7! wow thats alot
5. Do you drive?: i got my permit 5 months ago......holy shit thats along time!
6. Do you have glasses or braces?: i had braces..and i have glasses..but rarely wear them

( crave the wave*)

* bored yet again . . [06 Apr 2004|11:58am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | yellowcard-ocean ave. ]

.:* basic infO *:.
01. full name _» dana marie
02. nicknames _» -
03. place of birth _» langhorne
04. current location _» hamilton, new jersey
05. jOb _» junior at shs . employed =/
06. d.O.b _» August 15th
07. astro. siqn _» leo <3
08. heiqht _» 5"4
09. weiqht _» 107

*:. currents .:*
10. make-up _» none at the moment. wayy to lazy
11. sOnq _» ocean ave. - yellowcard
12. hairstyle _» scrunched
13. clothinq _» sweatshirt + sweatpants ... they're comfortable

.:* are yOu ... *:.
14. giggly _» if im in a good mood i'll never stop laughing
15. talkative _» most of the time
16. ticklish _» all over.
17. pretty or ugly _» idK
18. shy _» i can be around ppl i dont know
19. loveable or mean _» loveable until you get on my nerves
20. simple or complex _» both at times

*:. favorites .:*
21. music _» whatever i feel like listening to
22. store _» hollister
23. hairstyle _» straightened
24. male actor _» paul walker
25. female actress _» julia stiles
26. movies _» office space, the wedding singer, austin powers, 10 things..
27. cartoon _» blues clues
28. tv shows _» chapelle show
29. color _» red
30. teacher _» hartpence!
31. sneakers _» etnies
32. sport _» football
33. sports teams _» new england patriots, yankees
34. piece of jewlery _» my necklace from bobby <333
35. place to be _» anywhere but here
36. vacation _» fL-23 days!

.:* friends *:.
37. dramatic _» we all have our moments
38. shy _» hmm. depends on the situation
39. athletic _» hmm
40. outgoinq _» all of us.
41. most unique _» all of them
42. longest knowing _» joanna
43. lives the farthest _» hmm...probably joanna..which is only like 20 mins away! lol
44. most trustworthy _» nicole
45. biggest drunk _» def. me and rachael!
46. biggest druggie _» hah, cuTtin up rachael!! cuttin up!
47. knows me the best _» joanna
48. have grown away from _» olga and amanda =/
49. best personality _» all

*:. most likely to be .. .:*
50. on survivor _» none of us can survive! lmao
51. travel the world _» joanna-leavin on friday =/
52. married with many kids _» definitely me!
53. be successful _» nicole!
54. become famous _» hmm
55. on america's most wanted _» rachael! hit and run! lmaoooo

.:* dislikes/hates *:.
- cold weather
- lonliness
- attitudes
- mornings
- working
- assholes
- needles
- ticks
- sicknesses
- bleach

*:. likes/loves .:*
- bobby<3
- sleeping
- iced tea
- family, friends
- shopping
- clothes
- music
- AiM
- beach
- florida
- summer
- stars

.:* wut i look for in a guy *:.
- looks . im not saying Drop Dead Gorgeous, but decent
- personality
- humor!
- style
- someone who has at least 1 common interest
- someone who loves me <33
- basically bobby..bc he is the most perfect guy in the world and i love him so much

( crave the wave*)

* .. april fools! [01 Apr 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | maroon 5-this love ]

hah! today is april fools!! i got bobby so bad! he told me yesterday i couldnt do anything to get him.. but after math i was lookin upset..and hes like whats wrong and i didnt tell him til lunch and i told him my dad bought a new house in colombus next to my uncle and were movin in may and he believed it! haha!! i got him it was so great!

well tomorrow is prom..and im really nervous....tonite im gettin my nails done at 6 and tomorrow im gettin my hair done at 230 tomorrow.. and i gotta go to bobbys at 6 and conlows at 630..and the prom is at 7!! im really really really excited too! after all the drama that happened in like the past month im really excited! and i wanna get it over with..i know his social isnt gunna be that much drama so im excited for that!

me and bobby have been together for almost 2 months and its still absolutely wonderful! i love him so much!!!!!
hes so good to me! and ive never felt this way about anyone before!

but yeh thats about it! and im goin to clean..later loves

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. . boredum [21 Mar 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | nothingg ]

0001. first name; dana
0002. middle name; marie
0003. last name; how bout no
0004. nicknames; -
0005. how old are you; 16
0006. when's your birthday; 8-15
0007. what hospital were you born in; st. marys
0008. do you have any siblings; 1
0009. what are their names; tommy
0010. what colour eyes do you have; brown
0011. what colour hair do you have; brownish reddish
0012. how tall are you; 5'3
0013. what are you wearing, list everything; ponytail, ring, jeter shirt, blue capris
0014. what five objects are within three feet of you:
1; food
2; glass
3; mouse
4; phone
5; paper
0015. smell anything; garlic bread
0016. hear anything; nelly-ride w. me
0017. what are you listening to; nothingg
0018. what are you thinking about; bobby
0019. are you worried about anything; eh not at the moment
0020. what time is it; 7:00pm
0021. are you eating anything right now; spaghetti and garlic bread
0022. how about drinking; gatorade
0023. what do you smell like; curve
0024. name three of the most embarrassing cds in your collection:
1; BSB
2; -
3; -
0025. do you sleep with a stuffed animal; yes, i need something to "snuggle" with. ;)
0026. favourite 80s song; jenny by tommy tutone
0027. do you watch lifetime; hell yeh!
0028. are you gay; no
0029. whats the first thing you notice about the preferred gender; eyes
0030. what turns you on about the preferred gender; humor
0031. what do you hate about the preferred gender; boring
0032. what song do you totally and completely hate; through the wire
0033. what song could you listen to for hours; i am a revenant-the distillers
0034. five favourite cds; blink182-and 4 mixes
0035. do you download music; yeh
0036. how many cds from the following people do you own: britney spears; 3
0037. christina aguilera; 0
0038. weezer; 0
0039. incubus; 0
0040. backstreet boys; 1
0041. nsync; 3
0042. hanson; 0
0043. dashboard confessional; 0
0044. jimmy eat world; 1
0045. tatu; 0
0046. mariah carey; 0
0047. good charlotte; 1
0048. michelle branch; 0
0049. rammstein; 0
0050. evanescence; 0
0051. hilary duff; 0
0052. jessica simpson; 0
0053. 98°; 1
0054. no authority; 0
0055. lfo; 0
0056. b2k; 0
0057. 112; 0
0058. eminem; 1
0059. 50 cent; 1
0060. jay z; 1
0061. aaliyah; 0
0062. nirvana; 0
0063. eve; 0
0064. bright eyes; 0
0065. a perfect circle; 0
0066. nas; 0
0067. do you have a crush; yes
0068. are you a racist; no
0069. do you shop at hot topic; yes
0070. are you old; no
0071. are you sexy; oh yess!
0072. will you go out with me; no..im happily taken

0073. are you anti-social; no
0074. do your parents think you are; yes
0075. do they nag you constantly to get out of the house; yes
0076. have you ever shoplifted; yes
0077. are you tired; yes
0078. five things you are wearing:
1; shirt
2; ring
3; pants
4; hair up
5; earrings
0079. five things you are doing right now:
1; this survey
2; eating dinner
3; talking to my boyfriend
4; sitting down
5; thinking
0080. five things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1; bread
2; spaghetti
3; doritos
4; mcdonalds
5; cereal
0081. five things you did so far today:
1; slept
2; got dressed
3; ate
4; watched basketball
5; and watched nascar
0082. five things you can hear right now:
1; the tv
2; my typing
3; my boyfriend
4; his brother
5; and his mom
0083. five thoughts in your head:
1; i'm bored
2; this survey is long
3; bobby
4; im still hungry
5; i needa drink
0084. five things you look for when you're picking a girlfriend/boyfriend:
1; honesty
2; compatability
3; personality
4; sense of humour
5; reliability
0085. five famous people you'd bang in a second:
1; the rock
2; jonny depp
3; bam
4; raab
5; jamie mcmurray
0086. what is your sign; leo
0087. do you wear glasses; yes
0088. do you drink; no
0089. got any pets; yes
0090. favourite type of music; whatever
0091. favourite actor; colin ferrell
0092. favourite actress; sandra bullock
0093. favourite movie; office space
0094. favourite soda; dont like soda
0095. favourite food; italian
0096. favourite car; acura rsx s type
0097. favourite song; nick lachey-this i swear
0098. favourite colour; red
0099. favourite tv show; chapelle show
0100. favourite brand of beer; eww
0101. favourite brand of liqueur; smirnoff triple black
0102. favourite brand of clothes; whatever
0103. favourite online chat thing; -
0104. favourite shape; dots
0105. favourite texture; cotton?
0106. favourite game; twister
0107. favourite place; anywhere with bobby
0108. favourite year; dunno
0109. favourite holiday; chistmas
0110. favourite animal; kittens!!
0111. favourite drink; iced tea
0112. have you ever lied; yes
0113. do you lie often; no
0114. would you tell a lie that stopped your death but caused the death of your
lover; NO!
0115. would you lie to get laid; no
0116. are you single; no!
0117. ever been in love; ya
0118. how many times; 2
0119. looking back do you regret it; kinda
0120. are you happy with your current status?; very
0121. are you still holding on to the past; no
0122. do the following apply to you: witty; no
0123. charming; no
0124. quiet; no
0125. loud; yes!
0126. pretty; mehh.. i can be
0127. radical; no
0128. sucky; no
0129. smart; some what
0130. stupid; no
0131. dumbass; no
0132. ugly; at times
0133. slow; depends on what
0134. fast; depends on what
0135. talented; yes
0136. useless; no
0137. punk; no
0138. young; yes
0139. old; no
0140. daring; yes
0141. courageous; no
0142. caring; yes
0143. powerful; at times
0144. athletic; no
0145. artistic; sometimes
0146. sexy; at times
0147. is the following good or bad: sex; good
0148. love; very good
0149. happiness; very good
0150. rap; okk
0151. pain; bad.
0152. pop music; okk
0153. anime; bad
0154. tv; good
0155. country music;ok
0156. metal music; bad
0157. nu-metal; bad
0158. death metal; very very bad
0159. industrial; bad
0160. punk rock; good
0161. easy listening; bad
0162. korn; bad
0163. murderous rampages; bad
0164. sega; good
0165. nintendo; good
0166. playstation; good
0167. game boy; bad
0168. chinese food; fuckin awsome!
0169. italian food; very very very good
0170. japanese food; good
0171. mexican food; good
0172. online quizzes; good
0173. online surveys; good
0174. what's your deep dark secret; if I told you, it'd no longer be a secret
0175. what's your biggest fear; suffering being alone
0176. what is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you; i rarely get embarrassed
0177. would you make a good candidate for jerry springer; no
0178. do you agree that a dvd is much better than a vhs; yes
0179. do you hate america; sometimes
0180. do you think bush is doing a good job; absolutely not
0181. are you going to heaven; maybe
0182. are you going to hell; no
0183. first best friend ever; olga
0184. love is; the best feeling in the world
0185. who was your first love; ryan
0186. love or lust; love
0187. best love song; love song by 311
0188. is it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time; i don't believe it is.
0189. when love hurts, you; cope with it
0190. do your parents' opinion of your boyfriend/girlfriend matter to you; hell no
0191. how are you today; okay i suppose
0192. what does your hair look like at the moment; like shit
0193. what song are you listening to right now; none
0194. how is the weather right now; cold
0195. what are the last four digits of your phone number; 4103
0196. if you were a crayon, what colour would you be; red
0197. how many kids do you want to have; 2
0198. how many tvs do you have in your house; 6
0199. do you have your own tv; yes
0200. do you use any instant messengers; yes

( crave the wave*)

. . green acres . . [21 Mar 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | mercy me-i cant only imagine ]

well i havent updated in a while..i just dont have anytime! nothing exciting has happened..i guess..me and bobby got in a fight and it was my fault..of course..but were over that now..and he came with me yesterday to my cousins party which was good! my parents really didnt bother me when we were there like they usually do..i was too busy watchin basketball..i dont understand it..i never ever watch college basketball and now that its march madness im like glued to the tv..but anyway..i was glad bobby came with me bc he got to meet my familyish..they are awsome! and then me and tommy and my cousin and my 2 uncles went in the hot tub..which was awsome! im seriously gunna buy myself one! hah yeh right..but i wanted bobby to come in but he wouldnt =( thats alright though..and then when i got home we talked on the phone til like 3 in the mornin..which was great! i love him sooo much..i love being with him and talkin to him and everything..he makes me so happy..but im outt to dinner..laterr

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. . green acres . . [21 Mar 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | mercy me-i can only imagine ]

well i havent updated in a while..i just dont have anytime! nothing exciting has happened..i guess..me and bobby got in a fight and it was my fault..of course..but were over that now..and he came with me yesterday to my cousins party which was good! my parents really didnt bother me when we were there like they usually do..i was too busy watchin basketball..i dont understand it..i never ever watch college basketball and now that its march madness im like glued to the tv..but anyway..i was glad bobby came with me bc he got to meet my familyish..they are awsome! and then me and tommy and my cousin and my 2 uncles went in the hot tub..which was awsome! im seriously gunna buy myself one! hah yeh right..but i wanted bobby to come in but he wouldnt =( thats alright though..and then when i got home we talked on the phone til like 3 in the mornin..which was great! i love him sooo much..i love being with him and talkin to him and everything..he makes me so happy..but im outt to dinner..laterr

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* . . unknown subject [17 Feb 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | nick lachey-this i swear ]

*this is the happiest ive been in a longgg time!!!! bobby is the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world and i love him so much =) . . on valentines day he came to my house b4 we went to the movies with joanna nick and conlow!! and he brought me a dozen pink roses and chocolate and a build a bear!! its the cutest thing in the world! and then we saw 50 first dates..which was a funny ass movie!! but there were some parts that were kinda sad and i cried of course..cuz im mushy gushy! lmao. then he came back to my house for a lil and that was it..it was the best night ever!!! and now im sick and i feel like shit and i gotta go to work! ugh!! i need like a month off of work bc im so tired all the time and have no energy to go to work..and work just freaks me out now..and i just dont wanna work anymore..and i need money desperately bc i have none and i now have no car and i need one badly..yesterday was 6 months until i get it! its so weird how its been 6 months since my birthday and 3 months since i got my permit! but i cant wait til i get it..freedom!! hah! its only 183 days away! that alot but itll come fast! thank god!

jenn came to see me today..she picked me up in her NEW car!! and its awsome as hell and hopefully we hang out this weekend bc i miss her so much =( she got me presents too!! heh i love her so much!

well i feel like shit so im gunna go lay down..peace fuckkers!! =)

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*young and in loveeeeee!!! [07 Feb 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | good charlotte-hold on ]

*yeh..im goin out with bobby! finally lol!!! hmm lets see i was like totally obsessed with him last yearr!! lol remember dez!! haha and yeh..i love him alottttt!!!! hes the bestest guy everrr!! and we have like 6 hour conversations and its so fuckin great! im soooo happy with him!!
*and the semi pretty much sucked!! it was alot better afterwards and everything..i mean i had fun and all but it still sucked! and it was gayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait til prom and shit! bc its gunna be like 400x better! lol..bc ill be with my wonderful boyfriend who i loveee!!!!!!!!! hehhhhhh =)))
*yehhh and im on the phone with him now..and were talkin about absolutely nothing except how he needs a remote and hes lazy and cant get up and his brother is his slave!! lolll...yeh so im gunna talk to him! laterrr

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*double dicking [01 Feb 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | jessica simpson-with you ]

well last night was a night of pure fun and weird ass shit! so much shit has never happened to me like this in one night i swear to god! first off the dude who did my nails messed them up so fucking much and my hair came out not at all the way i asked for it..and my dress wasnt fixed until like 6:30 and it still got messed up anyway..but the semi was fun! i think jeff was a little on the bored side though..but i think he had fun at lindseys house..i hope so..i felt so bad bc every 10 seconds i was like what wrong and everything and i kept bugging him bc i didnt want him to be bored..i asked him to dance with me a couple of times but he wouldnt..and that was okay..he did wut he wanted..and if he was having fun i was happy..then we got to lindseys hosue!!! holy shittttt what a freakin night that was hysterical..and ill tell all about it later bc im goin to my aunts house to watch the super bowl and talk to bobby (yeh thats right! bobby..bc hes so hot and were gunna go out! yessss) about how my team is the best and such..laterr

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*surveryyyyy [22 Jan 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | boomkat-wastin my time ]

( WHAT )

-;- is your first name? dana
-;- are your nickname(s)? dane
-;- are you currently wearing? jeans and a black tank top and a pink overshirt
-;- jewelry are you currently wearing? nothingg
-;- is on your computer desk? can of pringles, rasinettes, magezines, digital camera
-;- is the color walls of your room? white
-;- is currently on your desktop? a girl surfing
-;- is your favorite subject? psychology
-;- is your favorite food? cheese fries
-;- beverage? iced tea
-;- is currently in your cd player? mixes
-;- was the last website you went to? blurty
-;- did you last eat? can of pringles and rasinettes
-;- drink? water
-;- listen to? gin blossoms
-;- write? a phone number
-;- turn on? the light
-;- turn off? the water
-;- read? the word read?
-;- watch? the road when i was driving! lol
-;- fix? the door cuz i broke it =/
-;- purchase? semi tickets!
-;- say outloud? ok
-;- think about? if i wanna get up bc i gotta pee
-;- crave? tacobell
-;- talk about? if joanna can come over
-;- makes you happy? stefano!
-;- sad? douche bags! hahaha
-;- depressed? not having a boyfriend or someone to love of the opposite sex.
-;- tired? lack of sleep
-;- do you do for excercise? i dance..thats enough exercise
-;- is your most common overused phrase online? "dude"
-;- movie did you last watch? office space
-;- was the last thing you over reacted about? my brother not doing the dishes
-;- obsessed about? jeff
-;- spazzed about? sliding on ice when iwas driving
-;- was the last creative thing you did/made? myposter for peerleadership
-;- played? hmm..thats not hard..MADDEN 2004!!
-;- raved about? my semy dress
-;- ranted about? -
-;- was the last thing of that you put in a picture frame? pictures..thats usually what you put in a picture frame
-;- program you clicked? microsoft works
-;- shampoo you use? pantene pro v
-;- conditioner? ^^
-;- way are you wearing your hair? up
-;- mood are you in now? hungry
-;- was the last candy you ate? rasinettes
-;- is your favorite ice cream flavor? peanut butter and chocolate
-;- was the last song you listened to? mest-drawing board
-;- was the last channel you watched? mtv
-;- was the last thing you succeded in/at? getting a b in sociology
-;- failed in/at? i got a d in algebra 2..and failed my english/algebra 2 finals...
-;- do you do to relax? listen to music
-;- do you turn to when your bored? tv
-;- is your favorite item of clothing from your wardrobe? my sweats!! hah
-;- accessorie? my class ring and my watch
-;- cd? afi
-;- music artist? jason mraz
-;- tv program? real world
-;- recent movie? along came polly
-;- older movie? office space
-;- time of the day do you usually shower? night
-;- time do you go to bed at night? whenever i feel like it
-;- wake up for school/work? 7
-;- color are your nails/toenails currently? none
-;- did you last put away? the dishes
-;- throw away? paper towel
-;- thing you spent a lot of money on? my stepmoms watch
-;- big event you attended? dont know
-;- is on the floor of your room? everythinggggg
-;- are you up to on the weekends? alot of nothingg
-;- was the last joke you made? dont know
-;- negative comment made? my brothers a lazy ass
-;- are you known for? uh..
-;- was the last name you were called? dana


-;- did you last eat out? wendys! hellyeh! chicken nuggets cheese fries and iced tea!! and dont forget the bbq sauce!
-;- drive to? poor boys in my dads jeep!! milestone for dana!!
-;- shop? eckerd
-;- do you turn to when your stressed out? my friends
-;- where you born? pennsy
-;- do you go to school? steinert
-;- work? eckerd
-;- do you first go when you go to the mall? foooood!!!!

-;-are you when your having fun? out!
-;- are you on the weekends? out!
-;- are you when you get a slice of free time? out!
-;- was the last place you took a vacation to? camelback

( HOW )

-;- many times a day do you brush your teeth? like 400!
-;- apply deoderant? 2
-;- often do you shower? every day
-;- are you feeling right now? hungry and cold
-;- is the weather out? cooold
-;- do you approach a hott guy? haha. i dont..
-;- do you come off when you like someone? stupid!
-;- many people are in your house? right now only 2..
-;- many people are you talking to on im? none i hate talkin to ppl!! hah
-;- messy is your room? a disaster
-;- many glasses of water do you drink a day? 45
-;- often do you cry? alot!
-;- often do you paint your nails? rarely
-;- many hours of tv do you watch per week? maybe 5
-;- go to the mall? when i have some $ and time
-;- see a movie? couple times a month
-;- rent a movie? never..i love satellite! lol
-;- have long night conversations on the phone? rarely
-;- many times a year do you go on vacation? this year-4
-;- have you traveled by plane? iveonly been on a plane 3x
-;- been to another continent? nope
-;- old were you when you learned to ride your bike? 4
-;- tie your shoe? 5

( WHO )

-;- who is your best friend(s)? jenn, olga, amanda, laura, joanna, courtney, rachael, diana, mike, nicole
-;- do you trust the most? jenn
-;- the craziest? olga
-;- funniest? joanna
-;- quietest? courtney and laura..well not around me
-;- most intelligent? olga
-;- sheltered? jenn
-;- goes by the rules? nicole! hah
-;- weirdest? me! =)
-;- wackiest? joanna and laura!
-;- stupidist? me
-;- do you have the most fun with? all of them
-;- who last asked you out? mike
-;- last dumped by? jeff =/
-;- kissed by? jeff
-;- hugged? rachael!! bc she loves me!
-;- said i love you to? my mom
-;- were you last angry with? my brother
-;- was your last/current crush? jeff
-;- did you last tell off? my brother
-;- did you last im? matt
-;- call? joanna
-;- say "hi" to? joanna
-;- did you last compliment? stefano! bc i love him so much!
-;- is your favorite band? hmm..afi/riddlin kids
-;- singer? me! haha mhmm yeh right! jason mraz
-;- is your idol? american idol! scooter girl!!!!!!!!!!
-;- called you last? joanna
-;- did you last email? this girl to redo my blurty
-;- receive and email from? the horiscope lady
-;- who/what did you last cry about? my parents yelling @ me
-;- who did you last yell at? my brother
-;- laugh with? my stepmom
-;- make a joke about? -
-;- did you last lie to? uh
-;- was the last person in your mind? jenn
-;- can you trust with your whole life? jenn
-;- will go out of their way just to do something you ask? jenn!
-;- was your 3rd grade teacher? ms. ferri..she was new and she was a kick ass teacher!
-;- 5th? mrs. abromovich
-;- 8th? mr. weiss, mrs. bernhart, ms. hart, mrs. scott, mrs. sorichello
-;- was your first best friend? olga and amanda
-;- did you last have a dream about? ryan lysy!
-;- did u last cuss at? myself

( WHEN )

-;- did you wake up today? 7
-;- was the last time you showered? 2 hours ago
-;- brushed your teeth? 10 mins ago! lol
-;- combed your hair? when i showered
-;- listened to music? currently
-;- took a nap? last night..a whole 8 hours!
-;- watched a good tv program? yesterday
-;- went on a walk? the summer! lol
-;- yell? today
-;- compliment someone? last night
-;- give someone a hug? today
-;- scream? today
-;- speak in a different language? today when i cursed at my brother
-;- read a book? --
-;- magazine? today
-;- went shopping? last week
-;- cried? yesterday.
-;- cried of happiness? friday!
-;- was the last time you accomplished something? ---
-;- made a good grade? hah! i dont think so!
-;- called someone? 5 mins ago
-;- ran? dk
-;- stretch? last night @ dance
-;- pig out? uh today
-;- make something? like an hour ago
-;- go to a new website? the other day
-;- talk to your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend? earlier
-;- was the last time someone asked you out? months ago
-;- turned you down? ---
-;- kissed you? a week ago?
-;- were you last given a complient? today
-;- greeeted? dont know
-;- pet an animal? my cat
-;- dissed someone? meh
-;- bought something you didnt need? dont know
-;- took a picture? yesterday
-;- went swimming? over the summer
-;- had a big meal? tuesday
-;- went over to someone's house? hm.
-;- truly said "i love you"? to my mom a few days ago
-;- told someone off? ---
-;- made a fool out of yourself? dk
-;- tripped? this mornin
-;- studdered? yesterday
-;- sang in the shower? not too long
-;- eat something sweet? earlier today
-;- burp? dont know
-;- sneeze? yesterday

( ARE? )

-;- you caring? yes
-;- optimistic? yes
-;- negative? yes
-;- depressed? soemtimes
-;- angry? sometimes
-;- in shitty moods? sometimes
-;- peaceful? sometimes
-;- athletic? when i want to be
-;- original? yes
-;- unique? yes
-;- pro-active? yes
-;- funny? yes
-;- intelligent? yes
-;- dumb? yes
-;- retarded? yes
-;- silly? yes
-;- annoying to others? probably
-;- whiny? not usually
-;- insecure? no
-;- mature? yes
-;- wise? yes
-;- happy? sometimes
-;- sensitive? yes
-;- independent? yes
-;- lonely? sometimes
-;- friendly? when i want to be
-;- attractive to others? i hope.
-;- talkative? when iwant to be
-;- shy? sometimes
-;- sheltered? no
-;- sweet? sure.
-;- artistic? yes
-;- creative? yes
-;- open minded? yes
-;- close minded? sometimes
-;- daring? sometimes
-;- weird? yes
-;- different? yes
-;- ambitious? yes

( DO.. )

-;- do you cry more of happiness or sadness? sadness
-;- love yourself? yes
-;- have good friendships? yes
-;- believe in yourself? yes
-;- like someone right now? yes
-;- go after your goals and dreams? yes
-;- like your life? yes
-;- have a lot of little friends or a few close ones? few close ones
-;- believe music is life? yes
-;- think your smart? noooooo
-;- a good person? yes
-;- you think if you were someone else would you be friends with yourself? and be attracted to you? man. i dont know about that one

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*hey jealousy [16 Jan 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | gin blossoms-hey jealousy ]

*jenn came and picked me up from schoolll!!!!! hell yehh!! i havent seen that girl since december..and it sucks really bad bc shes my bestest friend everrrrr and it sucks not being able to see her ever day like i used to..and my parents..well my dad and stepmom dont help much either with them not letting me see her..so i have to sneak around to see her..and i hate lying to them bc ive lied to the so much..i promised my dad when i got caught driving that i would stop lying..and that didnt work..bc i just kept on lying to them..and when i got caught smoking he was like thats it you cant see jenn anymore..and it sucks really bad..i wish he could realize how bad it is not being able to see her..and last night he gave me this long ass talk about how im disrespectful and i dont do anything around the house when i do sooo much around here..and how i disrespect bj..when i get along better with her than i do my dad..and my dad sits there and says you dont know how good you have it and everything..i dont have it good!! i would love for my dad to come home and just talk to me and be like so how was your day? and i could talk to him like i talk to my mom..i tell my mom everything..and im glad i do bc it helps me alot..and my stepdad does soo much for me that my dad wouldnt..but if i ever told my dad what harry does for me he would flip and ask why i do stuff with him..and he complains that if i ever needed money i should go to him and not to my aunts or my mom..but i go to them bc my dad doesnt give it to me! so whats the point..i wish things were different..i wish things could change..i wish he could change and be a better father to me..bc right now hes not =(
*anywayssss...this weekend is dedicated to sean!! hah..i absolutely miss hanging out with sean..last year we hung out every weekend..usually quadding is his backyard..and it was soo much fun..his parents were like mine..they did everything for me..i love that family so much! and i miss being with sean..we hung out once this entire school year..that was it..so im happy we are gunna spend the weekend together..were gunna go to the movies tonight and see tourqe..which looks fuckin awsome! and then tomorrow were gunna go to the mall ((again for like the 3x in 2 days!)) and then go to his house and dinner and such..im so excited! and monday we dont have schoolllll!!! woo-fucking-hoo! ill sit on my ass all day..and watch all in the family and the price is right..bc they are awsomeee!!! lol
*the semi is in 2 weeks! very excitedd..me and val ford have the same dress..but its all good! yeh and thats about it..im gunna go get ready and watch tv bc im a lazy ass!!! peaceeeeeee

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*sleeeeeeeppppppppppp [14 Jan 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | rufio-she cries ]

:x: name = dana

:x: piercings = ears
:x: tattoos = -
:x: height= 5'4"
:x: shoe size = 8
:x: hair color = red
:x: siblings = tommy - 14

:x: movie you rented = pirates of the carribbean
:x: movie you bought = fast times @ ridgemount high
:x: song you listened to = amanda marshall-inside the tornado
:x: song that was stuck in your head = britney spears-toxic
:x: cd you bought = blink182
:x: cd you listened to = afi
:x: person you've called = my stepdad
:x: person that's called you = my aunt
:x: tv show you've watched = real world
:x: person you were thinking of = lindsay

:x: you have a crush on someone = mhmm
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = definitely
:x: you think about suicide = i did
:x: you believe in online dating = no
:x: others find you attractive = sure
:x: you want more piercings = yeh!
:x: you like cleaning = hahhhh no
:x: you like roller coasters = definitely
:x: you write in cursive or print = print

:x: long distance relationships = for
:x: using someone = against
:x: suicide = now im against
:x: killing people = Against!!
:x: teenage smoking = cancer sticks--against
:x: driving drunk = against
:x: gay/lesbian relationships = meh..wutever floats your boat
:x: soap operas = for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:x: ever cried over a girl= yeh
:x: ever cried over a boy = yeh
:x: ever lied to someone = mhmm
:x: ever been in a fist fight = with my brother
:x: ever been arrested = no

:x: shampoo do you use = pantene pro-v
:x: shoes do you wear = etnies/sketchers
:x: are you scared of = death

:x: of times I have been in love?= once
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = 3x
:x: of hearts I have broken? = 1
:x: of girls I have kissed? = None
:x: of boys I have kissed? = uh...lol..cait n i did this the other night but that doesnt mean im sharing it with you
:x: of girls I've slept with? = None
:x: of boys I've slept with? = wouldnt you like to know?!?!
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 6
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?= my pictures been in the newspaper! but my name=4
:x: of scars on my body? = uh--well like 5 or 6 from surgery and other junkk
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = alott

:x: pretty - i guess
:x: funny - hah! sure
x: hot - again, i guess
:x: friendly - mhmm
:x: amusing - oh of course
:x: ugly - i dunno
:x: loveable - yeh
:x: caring - sure
:x: sweet - yeh
:x: dorky - mhmmmmmmmm

5 letter word: shoes!
actor/actress: tom welling/julia roberts
Candy: rolos
Cartoon: blues clues
Cereal: cinnamon toast crunch
Chewing gum: orbit
Color(s): red
Color nail polish: red
Day of week: saturday
Least fave day: Monday... blah
Flower: Rose
Jello flavor: Cherry
Jewelry: my class ring
Special skills/talents: drawing/writing
Summer/Winter: Summer!
Trampolines or swimming pools: Pools

|| Person who last.. ||

Slept in your bed: me and cait =) wink wink lolll
Saw you cry: cait..but only bc im stupid and ran into the door..dont askk
Made you cry: myself! ^^
You went to the movies with: joanna
Yelled at you: my dad..NOTHING NEWW!
Sent you an email: the horiscope lady

|| Have you ever.. ||

Said "I love you" and meant it?: mhm
Gone out in public in your pajamas: mhm
Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
Cried during a movie: of course
Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: lol noo
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: No
Been on stage: all the time!
Been to New York: yuppp
Been to California: noo
Hawaii: No *sigh*
China: Nope
Canada: noo
Europe: Nope
Asia: Nope
South America: Nope
Australia: Nope
Wished you were the opposite sex: only for a day
What time is it now?: 5.58pm
Apples or bananas?: Apples
Blue or red?: reddddd
Walmart or target?: Target
Spring or Fall?: spring
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: sleeeeep!!!
What was the last meal you ate?: wendys!! chicken nuggets and cheese fries
High school or college?: high school
Are you bored?: yehhhh
Last noise you heard?: my stepmoms shoes
Last smell you sniffed?: my perfume cuz i sprayed it all over my house
Last time you went out of state/province?: xmas

|| Friendship/Love ||

Do you believe in love at first sight?: nooooo
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: yes--3
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: trust

|| Other Info ||

Criminal record?: none
Do you speak any other languages?: yeh--4!
Last book you read: chicken soup
Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: my bed;; 2 dressers;; a desk;; tom brady;; nightstand;; entertinment center;; posters & pictures;; oh and did i mention tom brady?!
Thing you dislike about yourself the most: i talk before i think
Worst feeling in the world: no loveI Love to... dance..its a way of expressing myself the way i feel comfortable.
I Miss... living with my stepdad..and jeni and justine..and how i used to talk to jeni about everything and anything and she would always have an answer for me..for everything..how she gave me insight to everything there was..and how i had sisters older than me who were there for me bc no one else wasnt..how jeni helped my when i tried out for cheerleading freshman year..bc she was a cheerleader and so was justine..and pushed me as hard as she could to do good..how we could tell each other absolutely everything and not have to worry about the other one telling bc we had so much dirt on each other..i miss when justine used to take us to the mall..and how we would chill in her car alll day and ride around absolutely nowhere and have the bestest time..how we would always go shopping and i would always have the coolest clothes bc jeni and justine got them for me..how they made me become a better person..and i think if i still lived with them i wouldnt be like i am today
I Wish... everything could go bak to normal..i dont know what normal is..but whatever it is now isnt normal..i wish my dad would accept me for who i am..bot what he wants me to be..i wish my parents would stop fighting alll the fucking time and my parents would just get the hell along bc they want to..not bc they have to..
I Hope... i get better grades so i can get into a good college..a 840 on my psats is gunna get me into mccc..maybe..i dont even think thats good enough..im too lazy in school and i dont apply myself to anything in there! i need to study more and concentrate on school..i need to get out of new fuckin jersey and move to louisiana and go to tulane and be isolated from everything im used to being surrounded by for a while..and see if it works..bc nothing is
I'm Annoyed by... everything..when people are talking to me and they say nevermind..when people constantly poke me and touch me..unless its like cute..but if not..dont fucking do it bc ill kick your ass!! im annoyed by the person that i am..and what i make ppl think of me..im annoyed by my family and how they are so caught up in everything in their lives that they cant spend 10 minutes talking to you when you need it the most..im annoyed by ppl who lie or dont just come out and say whatever it is that have to say..im annoyed by people who use me..and thinks they did nothing wrong.
I Am... 16 and tired and listening to rufio
I Want to Be... an architect/interior designer..and make my own house for me to live in..i want to be a better person..i want to be away from hereee
I Would Never... like the eagles! bc the eagles suck and will not win sunday!!!
I'd Rather... be in a different state with different parents and a different life..like switched!!
I Am Tired of... peoples bull shit! and homework..and school..and i want it to snow so we dont have school tomorrow!
I Will Always be... me..and thats it..if you dont like it..i dunno why bc your mom does!!! hah

|| Have you ever.. ||

Thought you were going to die: In dreams, yes
Wanted to Run away: Yes
Flunked a grade: noo
Skipped a grade: ha!

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*countin pennies! [11 Jan 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | jason mraz-u and i both ]

*well i just got home from work and im eatin dinner and talkin to caitlin..nothing new..eatin and talkin to caitlin! lol..this weekend was awsome!! friday night jeff came over and we hung out..it was cool..he was attatched to the tv all night longg!! lol but it was fun..there were like 40 ppl at my house..well not really..only like 10 but thats enough bc my brother broke the bathroom and we had to fix it..hah! then i had to get up at like 5 on saturday to go to a cheerleadin competition..and we got to st. raphels at like 630 and got all ready and practiced and junk..and they called us and were like the truck with the mats broke down in maryland and wont get here in time..so its cancelled..and they couldnt have it any later bc it was at soverign bank arena and there was a titans game that night..so we were screwed..so me and cait came back to my house @ like 8 in the mornin and we just screwed around and took stupid pictures of nothing but it was fun! then my momma came and we went to the mall..i got my semi dress..and my semi date finally..lol..my dress is from forever 21 and im not tellin anyone wut it looks like!! lol..but im goin w. jeff..i hope he has a good time..bc i want to have a good time! and we bought lotsa other stuff..matching pants..shirts..and sneakers for dana!! lol..they are sooo hottt!! and last night we hung out..and slept on the fake craftmatic bed!!!!!!!!!!!! haha..wow i cant seeeee...my legs are too high! hah..that was great..and today we went tannin..and cait dyed my hair..its red and it looks good..i need to get it done again but other than that its all good..and then i went to work and thats about it! gunna go watch the packers kick the eagles ass..bc the eagles suckkk!!!! patriots are gunna win the super bowl!!!!!!! again! bc they are just go damn good ha..the end...

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*2004--sucks already [04 Jan 2004|12:32am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | afi-the leaving song ]

*well 2004 is finally here! and im glad it is!..well i was glad..i hung out wih my family and then went to jenns..and i was actually allowed..but only bc my mom let me..and it was the best night ever!! i was so glad i got to go there..it was great..every time im with her its like everything else doesnt matter..bc im so glad i get to see my best friend bc our parents are assholes..our fathers dont understand shit! fathers always have to make daughters lives a living hell..and thats what ours are doing!!
*yeh..i got a new years resolution..my last year was to stop being a bitch to everyone..and stop smokin n shit..well gee that didnt work..well this years is to just not give a fuck about the little things..and just to give up on the shit im not gunna get..or had my chance and its gone now..ie--jeffrey..he told me he liked me..and got a gf..but yah know wut..im happy he does..as long as hes happy thats fine with me..same with mike..things dont always work out like i want them too..and thats just too bad..atleast someone is happy here!! im glad..really i am
*on another note..since mikes gotta gf thing goin on..i have no date to the semi..oh fucking well for me..i dont even have a fuckin dress or anything..but stefano sed hed go with me..and ever better..he gets to stay here all weekend!! ahh..lotsa sex that night!! jking--jking but he gets to sleep in my bed!! woohoooooooo...thats even better than chris--hah sorry man..i still love you too!!!!!!
*anyways..things with sean are going good..i just wish we could have the talks and the stuff that we did before..i was so happy when i was with him..he was the only one who treated me right..and all that good junk..shit happens..but then we realized that we had to be best friends no matter what..and im glad we did..im so glad hes there for me and such..bc he is the bestest!! ryan likes tina..tina likes ryan..tina and ryan are probably gunna go out..i guess im happy..its just that i was the last person ryan was with..and i love that kid to peices..hes the best thing that ever happened to me..and him being my best friend i dont wanna see him with someone..i mean i love tina..shes the coolest..but i just dont know..wutever..like i said to matt..i wish that fuckin skiier dude would have hit me just a little bit harder..maybe he woulda killed me! yay..danas not here anymore..cry me a fuckin river..but then yah know wut..i dwell on the stupidest fucking shit..i mean come on..get the fuck over it..theres so much better stuff out there waiting for me...........somewheres..please..come here..i need it now!! i cant wait 4 months to go to florida..and its not even a vacation..my dad and tommy are going!!!!! talk about being up your ass all the time!! and then im goin to daytona in july..but thats way too far away..i cant wait that long..i need to go away nowww!!!! im taking caitlin with me and we are goin on a god damn getaway..where we can have sex (not w. each other lol!!) all day and night..every day and night! and not give a shit about anything!! yeh..wish that could happen..maybe ill win the lottery and leave this shithole..another thing that will not happen..oh fuckin well!!!
*well im gunna go to bed..piss off yah fuckers!

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*elmo [30 Dec 2003|03:34pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | green day--waiting ]

well right now im on the phone with ryan howell talking about absolutely nothing bc were like that!!! but its all good..my stepdad brought me coffee and we talked for about an hour..which was good..it was nice to talk to someone..and hes taking me shopping on friday so its all good..i gotta go to work at 5 and still have to shower and im too lazy and dont wanna but i gotta so yehhhh...tomorrow is new years and i still dont know wut im doing..the love of my life jenn came to my house today and it was nice to see her again..she and this girl rachelle who is pretty cool told me to come over their house tomorrow..and party..caitlin invited me to her aunts house and my aunt told me to come over so i dont know wut im doing yet..and i got a project to do and im screwed..and just yeh!!!!! anyway..im gunna go shower now bc i really gotta get ready..i havent worked in like 3 weeks..which was actually kinda good..anyways..laterrrrr

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girl wit the small penis?!?!?! [29 Dec 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | blink182-im lost w.out u ]

yesterday and today have been so muchh funn..yesterday i got home and caitlin called me and was like come over..so i was like okay..and i ended up sleeping over and it was the bestest..i havent had that much fun in a while..i was beginning to forget the feeling..we went to wawa and got like $40 worth of food for the night..and watched 28 days later..which was freaky and weird..and the naked guy!! woohoo..then we watched darkness falls which was freaky and then we watched lotsa tv and the sex lady..and the girl with the small penis and asshole muscles..you wont understand so dont try! wink..and then i was talkin to tommy and he told me i won the football pool which was like 200 bucks..which will pay for my bill cait!! haha..that was scaryyyyyy..never again..then today we did that god damn puzzle..and the god damn sky..which we didnt god damn finish..oh well..maybe tomorrow..and today we went tanning..and i got burnt of course..but its all good..then we got hair dye =/ and went to vitos..and saw dez and debbie doan and hung out with them for a while..which was good bc i havent seen/ hung out with dez in a while..and it was nice..then cait is sleepin over and were about to go to blockbuster..yeh well we just got back from blockbuster..and we got pirates of the carribbean and jackass..so were gunna cuddle on the couch and talk to stefano..bc hes so hot and sexy and i wanna have sex with him so bad! wink wink..my jeep is better than your prelude..mine is red..booyah!! haha i still loveeeee youuu!!!! and right now were listenin to clay aiken..bc hes NOT GAY!! hes super hot too..but stefano is muchhhhhhhhh hotterrr!! lol...anywaysssssssssssssssssss..i found sum shit out today about ppl that we wont mention..im not getting myself in trouble for saying shit again bc i did it once already and im not about to hear his shit again..ahem! anyways..i dont know why i still like him..he has absolutely zero personality and hes just stupid..i dont know why i bother or put zero effort into that bc it was pointless..and wasted 2 months of my life dwelling on him!! well guess what..its not happenin anymore..lets hope..anyways..time to talk to stefano and die laughing watching jackass..and eat popcorn and pig out on food and gain 10 pounds bc no one will see us for a week!! haha..i love caitlin and you should all love her too!! bc shes the bestest friend in all the world..i mean..who else will listen to you at 1 in the morning talk about stupid stupid boyssss..only caitlin!! haha..latterrrrr bitches!

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*ski-doo [28 Dec 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | blink182-down ]

*wow! what a christmas i swear! my dad is an odd man! apparently something was wrong with his jeep and what not and he had to bring it back to the dealership..well he comes back wednesday night with a "loner car" which turned out to be mine and my step moms..he bought us a jeep for xmas..which sucks bc its half mine..meaning bjs gunna drive it everywhere and ill never get it! i might as well buy my own jeep!! its cool though..its a 2004 liberty and its red and its really awsome! except its half mine and i cant drive it? makes no sense..what can i say..i got assholes for parents..anyways..christmas was good..i got lotsa stuff..and i got tom brady! yay! hes up in my room right now..and pretty much thats where hes gunna stay..lol! and i got a new camera! finally..ive only waited for it for 6 months..but no phone! =[ thats all i wanted..and i didnt get it..oh well..i just buy it myself..i like my camera..and plus its cheaper to buy a regular phone than a camera one
*im alive..i guess thats a good thing..considering i almost got killed yesterday! i went to the poconos this weekend to go snowboarding..well friday i went snowboarding..which was funn..and then my parents talked me into going skiing last night..so i was like fine..skiing isnt bad..i can ski good..until i went up the expert slope..tommy and my dad went up there and were like oh its real good youll be fine..you snowboarded you can do this..okay..so i attempted to do it..i got about a quarter of the way down and here comes this asshole on a snowboard at about 90 and plows right into me..and i was knocked out! my dad was with my brother halfway down the hill and they had no idea..so some other ppl found me and went to this guy who was helping some other lady..and sent someone up to get me..and i had to go to the first aid thing with the guy who plowed into me..and that was just wonderful bc all the ppl that were helpin me were hot and i was a mess..it was terrible..but then like an hour later i was skiing again..so its all good..i bruised my hip when i fell but its okay i guess..i feel like shit..and i got dance tomorrow..and i gotta go bc i didnt go last week or the week before cuz i was sick..so im sure ill get bitched at by them!
*well the semi is in 4 weeks..the person i asked likes someone else..which sucks bc i kinda like him..well i really like him..but i cant do anything about that one..i guess ill find someone else to go with..he said he had to check if he could go anyway..which basically means..well i wanna go but i dont wanna go..so guess thats my problem..ill live with it
*well im out..later

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*i love christmas [22 Dec 2003|08:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Blink 182-Feelin this ]

*christmas is the bestest! i love it! wrapping presents got me so in the mood for thursday..and my vacation! i need 6 days away from new fucking jersey! vermont sounds just so much better..hot guys..hot chocolate and my snowboard is all i need!! ahh!! soo excited..christmas eve were havin our usual party..and i get to invite ppl..if you wanna go! by all means let me know..its madd funn! and i come back new years eve..in which im hoping my dad will let me n tommy have another party..again somethine you are invited to by all means..just let me know..cuz i can always go to my aunts house..but we dont want a last year to happen..doors and stairs and randomness..nah thanks! ill pass..plus my cousin and my aunt are coming from north carolina and i spent 3 weeks with them in florida..id rather now be with them on new years..which would probably be hell bc its only me..no tommy..no destiny..just me..ahh i could not take it..
*im finally back in school after having the flu and being out for a week..it was really weird being back..im not used to being awake all day..and sitting up and paying attention..im used to sleeping on my couch 3x a day..and zoning in and out of cartoons and the price is right..and not eating..which was bad bc i went from 106 to 95..not very good..oh well..im still alive..on like 200 medications..which have overloaded the bathroom cabinent..but it looks all full now which is great..i get to clean it anyway..along with the whole house on xmas eve!..but if i go with my dad to his work for their party then my brother gets to..which i know wont happen..we will come home and it will look like shit! its a guy thing..they cant clean..if you can..come to my house..clean my room and yeh ill change that..ooo i like that i dea..guys in my room..cleaning will be interrupted!! haha
*wow!! imma bigg bitch! and i just noticed that..i say shit before i think and it hurts me in the end-----jeff im sorry..i didnt mean to flip at you..i really didnt..im sorry if your mad at me bc i dont want you to be..it was a mistake..and i regret saying it..ill even give you like all of them i swear..and you dont have to put them back nicely! im sorry..
*anyway..i gotta go do some more wrappin!! peace out

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*where do we go from here? [12 Dec 2003|11:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | blink182-im lost without you ]

*well we finished toxic! its awsome! i cant wait..you better come see us january 6th at the basketball game! ill hunt you down if you dont!!! cuz you know you wanna see us in tight pants!! woohoo..were learnin our 2nd dance tomorrow and its gunna be a mix of things..and i gotta think up of a combination or something..im excited! we only got like 7 practices until the first performance! so its a little scary!
*me and joanna decided to go shopping at the mall and holy fucking shit ive never seen so many ppl i knew at the mall in my entire life..we saw kristy marshall and krysti decowski and kelly hamilton and of course my love sean and paul and these 2 ppl with them..and jenna newcamp and amanda sajuck and liz mucha and jackie russell..and i have to admit ive known jackie a while and last year she was sucha bitch to me..and this year shes so fuckin nice!! i love that girl! shes such a fuckin awsome dancer! i would pay millions to be able to dance like her!! but i got soo many presents for ppl..and only came back with one thing for me..i got a pair of sweatpants bc dez has had mine for ages! and my aunt bought me the blink 182 cd..dont know why bc i dont really listen to them..i have some of their old stuff but not really..but the cd is really good i like it alot! so good investment!
*my aunt is the fuckin coolest! she picked me up from school today and shes here from florida for like a month and i got to drive with her and everything it was so much fun! i never get a chance to talk to her and it was really good to talk to her about basically everything..and she gave me a whole new insight to things and it was just awsome!! im glad i got her to talk to bc i cant really talk to any of my other family without them telling someone else who will tell my parents..which is how i get in deep shit all the time..but im so excited bc i get to spend the wholeee weekend with my cousins and i love my cousins with all my heart..they are like my brothers and sisters and i love hangin out with them..and then the weekend after that im goin snowboarding..which i have anticipated for a whole freakin year now! lol..i hated last year..we went the day after xmas and i had the fuckin flu and i was soo sick and i still went out and killed myself..i fell so many times it was terrible..eventually i just went inside and said fuck it..even though my dad was super pissed bc he spent like $75 on my ticket and i snowboarded for like 3 hours! so i hope that bc im sick now i wont be sick after xmas
*i cant wait for the semi..its gunna be so much fun! i wish it was tomorrow..bc then it will be closer to florida! i cant wait to go there either..bc i need a fuckin vacation! especially with the ppl i love! i just wish it was more than 5 days! but its exciting! freshman year i thought it could never get any better! but hell yeh it can! joanna.laura.jen-roomies!! stayin upp late and wakin up n eatin mickey mouse wakkles!! sooo goooood! you guys are gunna have so much fun! but i really needta go tanning and go to the doctor..i need to find out wuts wrong with my body..its malfunctioning i swear! if its not one thing its the other..my back is so fucked up..i havent been to the chiropractor in 4 fuckin years and that doesnt help my back..ill be in a fuckin brace eventually which will suck bc i cant do that..i gotta dance..dance is my life my everything..i wouldnt give it up for the world! and my ribs are fucked up..and my nose is still broken..my father refuses to get anything checked out.with the exception of the nose thing..bc its been broken for like 9 months now bc my brother is a fuckface i tell yah!! i really dont want to go have the hospital rebreak my nose..but ever since my surgery my nose has been really fucked up..it bleeds constantly for like 5 mins at a time! it sucks! and i still have atleast 1 more surgery to go! im 16..not 95 i shouldnt be havin all this shit going on right now..but my dad was like this and so was my grandmother..its genetic or wutever i dont know..theres an explaniation for this.
*im gunna go listen to blink and probably sleep..later

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*im addicted to you dont you know that your toxic [11 Dec 2003|04:15pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | britney spears-toxic ]

*i love dance team! or squad wutever u wanna call it!! the girls on it are really good and its so much fun..our first dance it basically finished..which is really good considering we practice in the upstairs hallway! but saturday we get to go in the gym..there is absolutely no room for us to do anything upstairs..but our first dance it toxic by britney spears..and we perform at the boys basketball games and such..its alot of fun!! but it takes up a lot of time..thats okay though..bc its less time i have to be at my house!! woohoo
*well the semi is january 31st..and still no offical date..welllllllllllll........i talked to stacey my little boob!! hahaha and shes tryin to get me togo with justin toth..which wouldnt be half bad..hes hot! and he said he wants to go..but this was weeks ago so i dunno..but i asked mike pasqua! i want to go with the person i would have a good time with..and i ive never talked to justin in my life..so there goes that one!! i have no dress or anything..im gunna go to jens house and pick out sumthin of hers..which probably wont fit bc im fat!!!! lmao jen..but im excited for it!! its only a month and a half away!!
*i talked to jeff today for the first time in school in a long ass time..and i think i got him mad at me..which i hope i didnt..bc i didnt mean to..he was like why dont you talk to me anymore and im like wut are you talkin about and hes like in school and i was in the process of going to my locker and i was like bc i dont have time..and then he walked away from me..and i think he thought i meant i didnt have time for him..but thats not the case! i didnt mean it like that..i meant that the only time i see him is when hes like walkin a diff way then me and i have no way of talkin to him..hopefully hes not mad!
*i talked to jenn yesterday..OH AND BY THE WAY..ALL YOU FUCKFACES WHO KEEP TALKIN SHIT ABOUT HER..HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP..YOU DONT KNOW SHIT..SHE DOESNT TALK TO YOU..SHE TALKS TO ME!!!!!!!! shes doin good..shes sick right now with the flu from bein outside with kalie..who is almost 2!! ahh my baby is growin up!! and shes talkin and was playin in the snow all day monday..im so happy shes ok! and jenn doesnt know wut the fuck is goin on with anything..her dad kicked her out again! which is so pointless bc helene is such a mother fuckin bitch! jenn called her and told her she was sleepin @ simones and helene went and told jenns dad she never called..so he kicked her out..but then they will call in a month and be like you know your welcome back anytime you want to come home! bull shit! bc if she was welcome she would be there right now..but shes not! no one realizes how hard it is on her..i mean put yourself in your shoes..your mom dies when you are 6 fuckin years old..and you grow up with a different relative and your father never calls you to see how you are or anything..and then moving in with him and him tellin you how much of a failure you are and how he hates you and stuff..thats not fuckin right at all!!!!!!!
*gotta go to work..woofuckinghoo!! not! how about we shoot me now thanks!

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