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Date:2003-10-13 08:00
Subject:Getting Caught Up
Mood: drained

I have been doing a lot of thinking the past day. It brings to mind what I was always told as a kid- words hurt, be careful what u say. Sometimes I feel we get caught up in life, love and happiness. We are content being happy even if it is the wrong decision. We all make choices and lately I know my choices have not been made in respect to what God wants of me. I have merely thought of what I wanted and what I thought I needed, but maybe I was not ready for it even if it was what God wanted for me. You know God has this perfect timing, and many times we rush things because we become impatient. I was impatient. I struggle with that. I want so badly to be a mom and have a happy family. I want it so bad that I can taste it. I get so discouraged sometimes. I mean here I am 27 and still alone. I have come to a realization that what I want is not as important as what God wants. I need to take time to let Him show me His plan for my life instead of taking opportunities in my life and trying to make them fit. I mean here I meet this wonderful person, that I dearly love, but he and I don't fit right now in God's plan. God has provided a circle and we are a square. I can't force it. I must allow God to mold me and make me ready. I must first be content with my singleness. I know must truly accept that God is all I need and that He has my best interests at heart. I need to become equally yoked with God before I can with someone else.

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Date:2003-10-05 18:09
Subject:Don't Spit Into the Wind
Mood: nostalgic
Music:Don't Spit Into the Wind . . .

Ok back in high school. I was in 10th grade and my sister was in 12th grade. She was driving her Honda Civic to school and with her permission I was allowed to ride with her. Now, this was not one of the brightest ideas that I had had, but still turned out to be a funny story I think. I was running late and well for some strange reason I was brushing my teeth in the car while she was driving nearly 65 on the freeway. Needless to say the windows were down. Well, I decided that I was going to spit out the window. So I did. Can you guess what song was playing on the radio at the time??? No joke, my sister liked oldies, and yes it was that song, "You can't tug on Superman's cape and don't spit into the wind . . ." And can you guess what happened to her? Yep, you guessed it- It came in the back window and splattered all over her. White toothpaste all over her black outfit. Well needless to say, she hated me and didn't speak to me the rest of the day except for all of the screaming on the rest of the way to school. We already didn't have too good of a relationship, and this sure didn't add to it. I think I have grown out of most of those blonde moments now, but I am still reminded of how I should never spit into the wind!

I hope you got a laugh and enjoyed my story.

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Date:2003-10-05 17:00
Subject:Hi and welcome to my journal!
Mood: optimistic

I am going to try really hard to make this a daily journal, even if it ends up to be short and sweet at times! One of my friends sent me this really cool link the other day and I want to share it with you guys:)


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