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    Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
    4:24 pm
    Holy Fuckin Shit........I went to the Warped Tour this weekend. It was so fuckin cool. You have no idea. It totally rocked my socks. (btw....the keyboard I'm typing on is VERY loud and Zoolander is a fuckin gay ass movie) I saw so many kick ass bands. I saw the Ataris, Less That Jake, All Ameircan Rejects, Dropkick Murphys, Bowling For Soup, Never Heard of it, S.T.U.N., The starting line, Motion City Soundtrack, Rancid, and The Used. I was a complete dumbass and wore sandles. I lost them while Moshing to Yellowcard. Yellowcard is a kick ass band. Everybody needs to go out and buy their CD. I'm definetly gonna go see them again in the future. Then later on, I got my foot mashed to a pulp while moshing to The Ataris. I had to go bare foot almost the entire day. It was pretty awesome too. I cant wait for the Warped Tour 2004. I really have to take a shit. More to come later........

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: sitting around with my friends, watching Zoolander. blah
    Thursday, July 31st, 2003
    1:23 am
    Greatness is in the eye of the cyclops
    Hmmmmm.....I was talking to my Ashley........SHE GOT OFF FOUR TIMES ON THE PHONE LAST NIGHT!!!!! Thats awesome. It just makes me sad that I can't go more than twice in a couple hours span....well, three if I really try. Maybe I should practice. :-P

    So, today was kind of boring. Had to be up early so I could work, then It was time to sit around home. And sit some more. Then sit even more. So I ended up watching Empire Records cuz that movie fuckin rocks. It you haven't seen it, I suggest you go out and rent it as soon as you read this. If you dont, some three hundred pound hungarian lady will sit on a park bench tomorrow. This may seem insignificant except for the fact that the bench shall happen to break. This will cause a flock of birds to scare and take flight, covering a passing car with shit. The driver, blinded by the shit on his windshield, is going to swerve and run up on the sidewalk. In the process, he will tear through a construction site, tipping over a giant crane. This crane will fall on your house and crush you to death. So, if you would like to survive, rent it (or just make sure there are no giant cranes near your house).

    Yeah, I talked to Drew on the phone for almost three hours tonight. Whats that? Who's Drew? He's a guy. A guy I met on the computer. Whats that? Uh huh, I do happen to like him. And guess what!!!! I get to meet him on sunday when I go to the Vans Warped Tour. Then afterwards, we are going to the arcade to play DANCe DANCE REVOLUTION, the best motherfucking game on the motherfuckin planet. Whats that? How could this weekend be any better?? Well I'm glad you asked, cuz I have friends coming from a long distance to stay with me and my folks are gonna be gone. You got it!!! Thats means the house is mine. lol.

    I can't wait till Satuday night cuz my BROOKE is going to be here. I haven't seen her in like forever.

    Well, thats all folks.

    NEWSFLASH: Rich will most likely be returning to Marquette Michigan to attend Northern Michigan University in January

    Current Mood: creative
    Current Music: Silence
    Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
    2:13 am
    1:53 am
    I feel like typing now
    My armpits itch. I dont know why.

    well, someone shoot me now. I dont speak french and I never will. Everytime someone speakes french, I'm reminded of high school French class and I miss magster. I was cleaning out my junk drawer the other night and I found an old note from her. Maybe I'll drive down to brighton and visit her next week.

    Grrrrr. Need money. Need another job. I'm going to a concert on Sunday and one this Friday too. Going to see sponge and the Gin Blossoms and then going to the Warped Tour. I need money for food and shit and for gas this next week, but I still owe over 600 dollars on my phone bill.

    Credit Cards are bad.

    Drugs are good, mmkay.

    I like monkey.

    I need to do another one of my random lists of things. Those always make me feel better. Ok here it goes

    Things I hate:
    The economy
    The government
    Stupid movies
    People who dont like art
    People who dont like me
    People who dis drugs before they try them, lol
    People who can't spell
    Smelly feet (oops, my feet smell)
    The fact that it takes a whole dollar to play just one game of Dance Dance Revolution
    People who treat me like shit
    *cough*not gonna name names*cough*
    the fact that people dont use record much anymore
    The sun
    Swimming in the ocean by myself
    Credit card companies
    The price of gas
    Everybody I went to high school with
    Annoying people

    I'm tired......G'nite
    1:47 am
    long time no use
    Woah.....Its been so long. I forgot this journal thingy even existed.....I dont feel like typing right now.....so blah.
    Sunday, May 4th, 2003
    9:22 pm
    I just Arrrged. It reminded me of a pirate. I dont like pirates because they travel all over the world and are never unhappy. If I could travel all over the world, I would never be unhappy. If I was in one spot for the rest of my life, but I had someone in that one spot with me for the rest of my life, I would be happy.

    Ever just wish someone would disappear. I do all the time. Then those people who I wish would dissappear, just seem to pop up all the time, while I'm at the mall, online, in conversations. It sucks and I wish that I lived in a jungle with a cave woman name Eva. Eva is a nice name.

    I'm a freak. I wish I could be normal. Odd request, I know. It will never happen, so I dont think about it often. I need conserta or riddlin or something. I have way too much fucking energy. I say off the wall things. I do crazy things. I need a life. I need money. I need sex. I want to go back to high shcool. The real world sucks.

    I just need drugs. Drugs cure everything.


    So, I met someone. His name is Greg. He's so sweet and he's fucking hott and we talk every night on the phone. I'm the kind of person that doesn't talk to someone if I dont feel any sort of click right away during our first conversation. Well, I really didn't feel any sort of click the first time I talked to Greg, but I talked to him anyways, and now I find myself waiting for his call every night and calling him while he's at work just to leave messages on his phone. only one problem. He live in frickin North Carolina. Thats like not close to Michigan.

    Oh well. Life sucks.

    I was supposed to go to Cedar Point today with this other guy that I met on the Computer. Well, we went out to lunch the other day, it was the first time we had met in perons, and he hasn't talked to me since. So yeah, he sucks. And I didn't get to go to Cedar Point. That really sucks. He's was supposed to be getting tickets for us for a John Mayer concert as well, but it doesn't look like we're gonna be getting those now. That sucks even more. ARRGGGG.

    Good night

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: :-\
    Friday, April 18th, 2003
    8:18 pm
    Today has been Friday. ALL DAY LONG!!!! Well.... I have been thinking that it is Saturday. ALL DAY LONG!!!!! And it pisses me off that it is not saturday because my room mate is at home till Sunday and I was all happy that he'll be home tomorrow, but he's not gonna be home for two more days. Its boring and lonely here, so that sucks.

    I HATE FRIDAYS!!!! Oh yeah, and Saturdays, and Sundays, and Mondays, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Tursdays!!!! Oh well, life sucks.

    I've only got 12 days left till I go home, so I decieded to start packing today, only I couldn't stop. So now I have all the packing done that can be done before I leave. That sucks cuz now I'm gonna be extremely bored next weekend.

    So Tina is in Providence Hospital in Southfeild. She could be released as early as Monday. That would be cool. They dont trust her with a rasor so she hasnt been allowed to shave her legs or her armpits. That sucks.

    I'm really depressed and lonely right now so I'm gonna go to bed early. G'nite.
    2:17 am
    Some things I wonder about........

    Are you sure light bulbs "light up" the room? Maybe they just suck up the darkness.
    Why dont people have antenas?
    Why do dogs bark and telephones ring?
    Wouldn't it be funny to hear a dog ring, or a telephone bark? HeHeHe
    Why do people find me strange? Ok Ok. Nevermind this one.
    Why is glass clear?
    How does a cricket make its noise?
    Why can't people fly on broomsticks, but witches can?
    Where can I find a witch? I want her to take me for a ride on a brromstick.
    Why is there no male witches? Thats discrimination.
    If I found a witch clan, would they let me join?
    Why do clans have leaders? I dont like to follow people.
    Why do some people follow in the footsteps of others when there is maqssive amounts of snow on the ground?
    Why do track runner wear short shorts?
    Does Britany Spears wear short shorts because she wants to run track?
    Can frogs hear?
    Why do toads have warts?
    Why is humpty dumpty's balance so bad?
    Why are you reading this?
    1:58 am
    Head still hurts
    I've got a wart on my pinky finger. Actually, I have two. I used to have one, but I was staring at it one night and it made me mad, so I chopped it off. Then just to spite me, two grew back. That sucks.

    So, tonight I bought porn. Krissy dared me to, so I did. Its a big black porn. Its funny cool like that.

    I spend too much money. I hate that.

    I also hate the CAPS LOCK key. Do you ever wonder why the words "Caps lock" on the key board are not in capital letters. I do. Now I must go tell Krissy that this annoys me.

    Before I could return to my room, I was asked by two different people if I have been taking any drugs. I also realized that if you walk down the hallway and look straight up at the ceiling while you walk, you can trick yourself into thinking that the ceiling is really the floor and you are actually walking on the ceiling. Cool huh.

    My suitmate is here now. Say hi Chris. "Hi Chris." Ok. Goodnight.
    Thursday, April 17th, 2003
    11:08 pm
    I've got a terrible headache. My head hurts. Just thought you should know.

    I go home from school in thirteen days. This is good because I hate being so far away from home. This is bad because once I've been at home for more than 24 hours, I hate it. So, I've decieded to get an apartment close to home. This way I can be independant, and have my friends over every night to get drunk and smoke weed.

    My friend back home is all freaked out because I was debating trying exctasy before the end of the shcool year. Personally, I think that its something everyone should try before they die. Yes I know, some people go crazy and kill themselves, but if thats the way I'm meant to go, oh well. I think i might try it, but I dont know. It will cost me like 30 bucks, which, in my current financial status, it 30 bucks more than I can afford, but it might be a good investment.

    So, I just spent $17 dollars at a student auction tonight. Thats sucks because I need my money, but it was fun at the time.

    My head still hurts. I need asprin.

    I want to learn how to type using all 8 fingers and both thumbs. That would be fun and then I could type faster. Not that I type slowly because I actually type really fast, but then I could type faster than fast.

    I put up a picture on hotornot.com to see how bad I could do, although I'm not doing bad. This ruinsall my fun and makes my bad self asteem better. This sucks. I hate this world. Currently, I'm at a 7.6 out of 10. This is better then 63% of the people on there. Wich means that I'm part of the better looking half of society. I dont agree, but then again I am ugly and ugly people dont know what they are talking about.

    There is half of a muffin sitting in front of me.

    I must go now because Cara Jo awaits me at the front desk.


    Current Mood: Headache
    Current Music: Music would only make my head hurt worse
    2:19 am
    So, I should be all depressed, but I'm not. I'm failing three of four of my classes, my friend tried to kill herself this weekend, and I was fired from my job. I'm broke and have mucho bills to pay, yet, I dont gove a fuck. I've decieded that I'm gonna die in my twenties, this may sound strange because, normally, people dont decided when they're gonna croke. I believe that if I believe, anything can happen, so I'm gonna die young so I dont have to live in this physcotic (completely fucked up the spelling on that one) world with all you crazy people. Some people ight like to debate this fact and state that I'm the fucked up one. To this I would say........YOU ARE SO FUCKING SMART!!!!!

    grrrrrrrrrrr. I just got the urge to growl. It wasn't a sexy growl, not that a growl from me could be very sexy in the first place. It was more of a.....I need a cigarette growl. I'm gonna walk over to my suitmates room now to see if he has a cig. brb.

    I'm back. No response. I'll have to drive down to the gas station tomorrow to buy some. I wonder where my idiot suitmate could be. Either he's out getting stoned, or he's at home and is too stoned to realize that someone is knocking on his door.

    So my friend was supposed to get married this past monday, but I havent heard from her since to hear about it. I've left her several voice mails and so far, no responce. We used to talk every single night, but since she has met this guy in January, I'm lucky to hear from her twice a month. That really sucks. Oh well, I'm not gonne be the one trying to keep a friendship together. If she would rather ignore me for him, too bad. Not gonna find me being down in the dumps. I have other friends.

    All my friends suck. They all piss me off.

    Being lonely sucks.

    I'm not gonna be able to come back to Northern Michigan University next year because I'm failing. Too bad. I'm just gonna stay at home and work. Maybe I'll find a job where I can work my way up and wont need a college degree. POLITICS!!!!! ok, polotics suck. I'll just learn to play and instrument and make CD's. I dont know.

    Life Sucks.
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