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    Sunday, May 18th, 2003
    12:11 pm
    Oh Well....
    Yup, Yesterday was my 19th B-day. After I stopped writing on this I ended up going to a few yard sales and bought a few things. Then my mom started yelling about how we don't have a measuring cup cuz someone broke it. And I told her to forget about my cake. Well, she made it anyways. = ) Then my friend came over and I'm sure she forgot about my b-day (oh well ) so she gave me some hand soap. I'm sure that was for her sister-in-law. Oh well, I was the only gift I recieved yesterday. Thanks Ki Ki Wow. = ) My dad has some money for me but I told him to hang on to it until I go to Tenn. We went to Bay City for a Cook out...YAY~ It would've been better for me if my whole day hadn't been so dull and crappy. We stayed out there for two and a half hours. I just keeped quiet the whole time trying not to cry. My dad had been pissing me off all week. He'd been asking me what I wanted for my b-day and when I told him a skech pad and some charcoals. He started to ask me if he was made of money. OK, he wanted to give me $100, A hotel room, A few presents, and money for the movies. (Which, by the way, he DOES have the money for!) And Rod didn't know what to get me. I would've been happy w/ anything he bought me. A rose or anything. But no, he comes back from the store and says sorry I couldn't find you anything. Same, w/ my mom. For some reason they both thought I was going to yell at them for buying me something. When I came back from the Cook Out I went to bed crying. well, I gotta go and have a damn yard sale today. I wish I could've had it yesterday and not today. but oh well.....

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Saturday, May 17th, 2003
    1:56 am
    Today's the Day...
    Well, today I turned 19. And I was happy until my little brothers got into a fight about their baseball shirts. Then I got hit w/ a hot curling iron in the arm. Luckly, it didn't hurt too bad, but my mom was pissed off cuz it broke into four pieces. Then after all that fun was over we took them to their game, our dad is the coach. And went out for breakfast. I was all cheered up again. Came home and took a shower. Then since I have nothing else to do really I wanted to have a yard sale and garden a bit. But everyone is telling me 'no, do something fun' Blah blah blah. My dad wants to take me camping. (yea, right on my b-day?!) Rod wants me to go out somewhere to have fun...but if I say hey lets go clubbing he won't dance w/ me...GREAT! SIGH. So, now I'm sitting in front of this computer trying to determine what to do and wasting time. Well, the best part was when I read my email from the people at Blurty. Thanks! I'll write more later. I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of MY day.

    Current Mood: content
    Current Music: Enya-Book of days
    Sunday, May 11th, 2003
    8:40 pm
    Can't stand it...
    I can't stand living at my mom's anymore. All she does is bitch! If we clean the house then she bitches cuz it's not good enough or oh you missed a spot, or well thanks not you can go clean something else. And She acts like it only takes 15-20 mins to clean the place. NO. It takes all day sometimes. Rod and I usually clean late at night cuz everyone's asleep. But I swear the next day it's just as dirty as it was the day before. And we know it's not us making the mess cuz we're sleeping, gone, or outside all day. Therefore, it has to be my two brothers (9 and 12) making the messes but does she yell at them or make them clean?? Hell No! She says it's our fault. AHH!! And what does she do all day?? Sits on her ass and plays on aol. And I mean ALL DAY, EVERYDAY...except when she's at work. I can't wait until June cuz Rod and I are going to Tenn. For two weeks! YAY!! Why the hell can't she clean or have the boys clean?? They have to be the laziest kids I've ever known.

    Current Mood: aggravated