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[01 Jul 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well shit.

[13 May 2004|12:36pm]

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looong entry [04 Feb 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

might be boring but this was my week:

buttmuncher )
told you it was long.

damn straight. [12 Jan 2004|06:35pm]
a little help?
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[12 Jan 2004|06:32pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

So right now i have a white chocolate mocha sitting in front of me,
my ticket to see AFI and Thursday in my purse,
lynch has hers,the sun setting to my right,and just finished watching the most brilliant fucking music video EVER for


1234 song and am not suspended for missing saturday school.

Oh yeah,i'm also going to marry geoff rickly one day.

now only if my grandma would come home...

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[04 Jan 2004|02:23pm]
im going to see




in orlando :)

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[05 Dec 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys
so wow this week has gone pretty good/fast so far
Tomorrow is my big day...kinda
Sunday is Nbt3..people are making too big of a deal about it...
It's just like warped tour except kinda more mainstream
anyways i have no clue who i'm going with...
Um monday is disney candlelight(oh yay)
and then whatever i duno
I'm tired and can't think at the moment
It's a nice day out
Today me and cyn and katie and corey(lota ands)
went out to mcdonalds for lunch and misenti was out so we couldnt go
back to school so we chilled at cyns and ran out when her mom
came home unexpectidly which was very close..then we drove around
and went to the park where a cop drove by but didnt stop
then we saw katies mom in her car and some other shizzy
it was adventurous! kinda.
I seem to have a lot of bad luck with the cops lately.
Anyway so yesterday was busy
About 3 o clock St jerome(my church)
and they want me to be in the teen ministry band!
And they want me to play in the christmas masses too!
ahhh so much excitement
I know,it's a church,but its still awesome
they want me to start sunday but no,that shizzys crazy
i gota practice practice peeeee ractice haha
you guys should come see me when i start.
anyway umm today i skipped 1st and second cause i had to get
mi madre from work at 1 am and i was too tired
then i went to third for like 20 mins and fannon didnt even notice
me...um so tomorow i go on 11th out of 21 numbers
and our group is like 9th in the lineup
i do my solo like 8ish
Come see me everyone!
ill be so nervous
but ill do good
anyways im going to stop boring you guys now,
ill talk to you all laturrrr

((3)Gaze,lie and smirk in time | Your arrogance will suit you well)

[19 Nov 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

all these shows so much excitement!
i lovelovelove thursday my new fave band OFFICIALLY

my day:
then joy called me from lunch and she skipped 4th period. so i hopped in my illegal unregistered car with my learner's permit and went to pick her up. hah we did so much crap i can't even remember..

We went to katelyn's house. She wasn't home, so we hung out in her backyard. lol. We went to the beach and drew obscene things in the sand, including a giant hairy dick. Then we picked up Melissa and knocked over a porta potty. Went into Winn-Dixie and pushed Joy around in a giant red racecar cart. hahah. We drove around Walsingham park, joy in the backseat with a giant palm frond hanging out the window, and Melissa in the front headbanging like retard. people were laughing. Then we rolled down a giant hill.

I thought today was going to be boring. But it turned out to be pretty fun.

So Senses Fail and Matchbook Romance tonight. YAY. But Joy's not going. Joy you suck balls . Oh yeah, i'll call you during one of their songs so you can hear what your missing k? so be ready.
haha fun times.

i love you all

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[09 Nov 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | thursday-division st ]

tbs/saves the day rocked my socks off
thursday/thrice/coheed this tuesday!
so much excitment!
christy mother fucking lynch you better cum...literally haha

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[30 Oct 2003|06:27pm]
i love melissa/llyod,katie,christy lynch,and cassie!

happy halloween mother fuckers

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[29 Oct 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
i met aimee echo again
details in the ell jay.

((1)Gaze,lie and smirk in time | Your arrogance will suit you well)

[23 Oct 2003|08:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | further seems forever ]

dear lord,jared leto is gorgeous
oh yes
um so im learning brand neww on my guitar
i also learned the beginging to shatterday by
vendetta red,but stopped haha
tomorow,im making my mom buy me a new amp,
its pimpin
i also picked out a guitar i want for xmas..not that i need one
alright so monday is our big and wonderful exciting
chorus show! (yay) no. but yeah...itll be alright
so i remmebered that theSTART show also happens to be then
which is definetly not good
i was about to skip the chorus show...because i missed
the last start show at masquerade...but then i used logic-
the start is most likely headlining so ill go right after my chorus
show...my momy said shell take me and even leme go in bymyself
even if i missed them which chances are i wont...im gona get
a start t shirt and patches and try and find aimee,my goddess
and get a pic with her
but yeah that was a lot of blabering
i think i posted about it before too haha
o well
schools gay
today i skipped 2nd and hung out with annie and nanc
in the chorus room yay
tomorow me nanc jake and kevin are going out...either that
or saturday...
me and leah and kaeli are supposed to do something too
who knows
im hungry
umm...so yeah
yay im so excited
id do that in bold but i dont feel like writing in html anymore
haha yay...i am definetly going...
all these good shows yes yes yes
monday the start!
november 6th taking back sunday/saves the day!
november 11th-alkaline trio/fata!
november 17th-thursday/thrice/cohees!
dec 5th-underoath!
Joy is in a good mood at the moment
tomorows payday
i need a new layout...and a new computer...

((1)Gaze,lie and smirk in time | Your arrogance will suit you well)

[19 Oct 2003|03:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | siliencio ]

hey guys how's it goin
im at the library again...surprise surprise
eh so my weekend was alright i guess
friday i hung with jade kevin and jake for a lil
then came home
for some reason i was in a shitty mood but i couldnt
find anyone to talk to so i sat around bein emo
yeah then saturday my mom paid me 30 bux to drive her
boyfriend to coquina key...like 20 mins outside of
st pete...at 5 in the morning hahah
it was nice tho
i absolutely love the chilly weather mmmm
then i got back in town around 7 am and watched the sunrise
on the beach by myself...it was really really peaceful
so then i slept all day
went over to melissas for a couple hours and stuff
and hung out with jake kevin and jade again
it was alright...we went to mcdonalds(where i saw krystle...shes cool)
and walmart and the beach
dorn called and were definetly hangin out next weekend which
is nice cause i love her and havent seen her for a while
um so i back in my shitty mood again cause i havent really sat down
and talked to or seen my good friends and its kinda weird
sarah was in orlando all weekend i missed you butthead
but i did just get off the phone with laura for 25 mins
which was really nice and schtuff i love her more than she realizes
im gona go visit christy at work soon
hopefully if i get off this brainwashing machine they call technology
i miss my computer...
church at 6 tonight...ah taco bell and starbucks time!
tomorow im goin to apply at chick fil a..im excited
oh yeah katie met adam and jade!!!
im so happy for her/you!!

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[17 Oct 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | the used-maybe memories ]

taken from aron's xanga:

The New York Aquarium on Coney Island recently discovered one of its penguin couples is gay.
Blood testing determined the two 14-year-old black-footed penguins -- who both top and bottom for each other -- are male. Wendell and Cass have been together for eight years.

"They're one of the most dedicated couples in the penguin enclosure," said aquarium spokeswoman Angie Pelekedis. "They sleep in the same nest. They even have sex, though I don't know how successful that is."

Penguin keeper Stephanie Mitchell explained: "I was only seeing one mate with the other, but then one of the other keepers saw it happen the other way round. We did a blood test that proved they were both male."

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[16 Oct 2003|08:08pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | thursday ]

heyyyy im at the library
my internets broken :(
i miss you christy why the fuck arent u online

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[06 Oct 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | from autumn to ashes ]

So school was alright
i had this good ceasar salad for lunch mm
I just got done eating beach pizza and hotwings mm
so tomorow and wednesday exams oh how fun
tonite me and mel and hopefully miller and ibarguen
are heading to spc to study
itll be cool
coreys friend really wants to meet and possibly hook up?
he sounds cool,and i need a boy in my life.<3
um so were in the process of switching cable companies
and theyre taking my modem away till saturday :(
o well i guess i need a break from the comp anyway
so if you need anything call the cell 6674552
(once again no stalkers please)
and entertain me once in a while with emails to the phone
Oh yeah i might go to the library each night for computer
use so you can try iming me: blo0dyva1entine
or maybe xxAFIxxBombxx
oh yeah and ben next time im online im me for the code!
love you guys,

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[05 Oct 2003|12:42pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | brand newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ]

Hallowscream is cooler than YOU

((3)Gaze,lie and smirk in time | Your arrogance will suit you well)

[29 Sep 2003|02:48pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | afi-god called in sick ]

man school sucks
and so do you
blurty sucks too
get a livejournal christy,katie,and cassie.

the only thing that doesnt suck is the new fata cd
its hotsex.

(Your arrogance will suit you well)

[24 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | underoath-angel below ]

you took me over the edge
and left me there to fall by myself
the word love meant nothing to you
i was taken in with your lies
and you knew i was too weak to leave
but you were wrong
you mean nothing to me now
every time you think of me
i hope your heart dies
i have found my true love
and you now burn beneath my feet
you'll pay for everything you've done
if you could die
i'd be the one with the gun
from this day on
i'll write the songs you hate
and pray the prayers that drive you away
it's time to let the world know how
you tried to ruin my life
up burn my thoughts of him
the virus leaves me


Wow im bored....anything to do tonight?

((2)Gaze,lie and smirk in time | Your arrogance will suit you well)

[23 Sep 2003|02:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | on my own-the used ]

the only reason why i even bother with blurty anymore
is for christy the beefeater and katie the adam stalker

oh and maybe cassie

but other than that,you guys suck.

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