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sno0d and drug warzzz [27 May 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | warren g- REGULATORS ]

0mg itz been l0ng mr.journal

/ima a dorkkk\

im finally off grounded.. yeh daz y i aint update in a while bekuz um.. i got a life now.. well im startin 2 get 1 back

we had a co0k out t0dayyy.. i swam like 7 timez.. i kept goin in and getin back out n shish


hmmm i went 2 da moviez da otha night wif my h0mie g funk .5 t0ny l0l wo000000 we had a fuckin fun time haha

we played po0l.. and i SO LOST like SO BAD haha i got like 1 ball in seriously we're s0 ko0l
we werrreeee dancin and pole dancin with our po0l stick thingz i cant think of wat u call um ryte now
i wuz cheatin hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

den we saw BRUCE ALMIGHTY hahaha lmao it was funny as hell
b-e-a-utiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol wo0

n omfg guess who saw me? of all pplz
yes shane
like wut r the fuckin chances of that happenin

i bn like tlkin 2 him da past kupl of nightz.. its tyte.. i guezz kinda weirdzzz
2nyte he was all "chick-depressed"
bekuz sum gurl... ah blah blah ask him i dont fuckin care

yeh i wuz chillen wit my cuz da otha nyte n her friendz.. n we were lisnin 2 old sko0l.. yeh theyre ko0l.. theyre like 30 haha...

um well im goin 2 kentucky for like 2 weekz dis summa.. comin up..
like im goin BY MYSELF
"alllllll byyyyyy myyyyselffffff"
yeh daz tyte.. i cant fckin wait! haha i dn0 why. ima feel s0 free ya kn0?
2 freakin weekz.. basicly on my fuckin own makin my own fuckin decisionz
yeh daz great


s0.. i dn00
woo i put my light up battery back on my celly
i missed it

ok im dun

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