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dey can come closer den close.. but original they never will b [11 Jun 2003|01:53am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | nate dogg - nobody does it better ]

im chillen.. its late.. almost 2 n da mornin

cant sleep
g0ta lot on my mind..

saw finding nemo 2day.. that movies the shit
me tiff dee chris keith n dees neice shania
t wuz tyte hahaha

yeh n e wayz im leavin nex thurs
iz gonna b tyte

yeh as 4 shane
havnt tlked 2 him
dont giv a fuck either
startin 2 kinda like sum1 else

i duno

woooooo n e wayz
gona g0 2 da mall 2 morrow
maybe get my neclace
parents got no money tho so i uno lol.. til dey get paid

i neda job
im always broke
i feel bad always getin $ from my parentz
o well

yeh loss of wordz..
its late who carez ima g0..

.. until nex time..

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sno0d and drug warzzz [27 May 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | warren g- REGULATORS ]

0mg itz been l0ng mr.journal

/ima a dorkkk\

im finally off grounded.. yeh daz y i aint update in a while bekuz um.. i got a life now.. well im startin 2 get 1 back

we had a co0k out t0dayyy.. i swam like 7 timez.. i kept goin in and getin back out n shish


hmmm i went 2 da moviez da otha night wif my h0mie g funk .5 t0ny l0l wo000000 we had a fuckin fun time haha

we played po0l.. and i SO LOST like SO BAD haha i got like 1 ball in seriously we're s0 ko0l
we werrreeee dancin and pole dancin with our po0l stick thingz i cant think of wat u call um ryte now
i wuz cheatin hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

den we saw BRUCE ALMIGHTY hahaha lmao it was funny as hell
b-e-a-utiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol wo0

n omfg guess who saw me? of all pplz
yes shane
like wut r the fuckin chances of that happenin

i bn like tlkin 2 him da past kupl of nightz.. its tyte.. i guezz kinda weirdzzz
2nyte he was all "chick-depressed"
bekuz sum gurl... ah blah blah ask him i dont fuckin care

yeh i wuz chillen wit my cuz da otha nyte n her friendz.. n we were lisnin 2 old sko0l.. yeh theyre ko0l.. theyre like 30 haha...

um well im goin 2 kentucky for like 2 weekz dis summa.. comin up..
like im goin BY MYSELF
"alllllll byyyyyy myyyyselffffff"
yeh daz tyte.. i cant fckin wait! haha i dn0 why. ima feel s0 free ya kn0?
2 freakin weekz.. basicly on my fuckin own makin my own fuckin decisionz
yeh daz great


s0.. i dn00
woo i put my light up battery back on my celly
i missed it

ok im dun

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[14 May 2003|07:18pm]
You are Rachael! You are a very clever reporter for
the Seattle Times, and you are the mother of
Adien, whom you don't really understand too
much. You aren't much of a mother, but Adien
knows you are there. You manage to stay alive
through the whole time. Good for you!

What Character from 'The Ring' Are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

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heart shaped mirror [13 May 2003|09:10am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | pplz tlkin in class ]

wooo today ima buy a year bo0k

i bn doin so much fuckin runnin round 2day.. 4 my hold card bs

bells gonna ring

i got my thing cleared

im kool


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[06 May 2003|05:40pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | babyface - love make things happen ]

first word that comes to mind starting wit...

A- amaziiiing [my scn]
B- bubbleee gumm
C- chilln
D- dick
E- elephantttttt
F- fuckkk you!
G- grasshopper [there all over the trees across the st! ew!]
H- h0mew0rkkkk
I- iceberg vodkaaaa
J- john jacob jingle hymer schmit LMAO
K- kansis [why? dno]
L- lemonadeeee
M- money
N- nostril
O- octopusssss
P- penuttttt
Q- quarterback
R- rollerskate? loll
S- shane
T- tv
U- umberella
V- viginityyyyyyyyyy
W- walrus
x- x-rated
Y- yellow school bus
Z- zebra

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s00 freshhh n cleannnnn [27 Apr 2003|02:27pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | not pissed off jus wanted 2c wut the hamster lo0ked like lol ]

wooo hooo i jus got out tha shower!

happy birthday amber!

lalala but n e wayz.. im jus chillen
eatin a russelstoves chocolate covered marshmalloooowwww
ew iz getin gr0ss

brb gont go get sum orange juice...
]2 min later[
OK woo i got sum cheese.. that choc thing wuz nasty i gotta get da taste out

n e way i wuz supposed 2 go 2 my cuz lildude's 1st bday party today! but hes sick

ew this chees is gross

i think itz jus bekuz im like sick
wtf is that.. im never sick!

um well this entry was pretty much pointless
ima go get dresseddddd n cleannn

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sumtimez i wake up cryinnnn [25 Apr 2003|02:24pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | keith urban - shez allllll ]

as nyte i wuz all tlkin to my mom n i wuz like.. ya kno ya neeta chill out sumtimez.. n stop sweatin all the lil thingz.. n dont take EVERYTHING to an extreme..

n it made me think ya kno..

i fuckin do that to, and especialy wit shane
and i realised today the reason thingz are the way they are..

n josh helped me realise.. i neeta chill out
juss like my fuckin mom

n jus sooo much shitz been on my mind about all this lately and josh has bn openin up to me
and im getin to know the real him and also the real me
hes like helpin me open up n understand wtf everything is all about
and why itz happenin

n today he wuz mad n not tlkin to me
n that made a big ass impact

bekuz itz like u stop n think like wtf all this drama is about
and him and alona fuckin try as hard as they can to help me and shane out, and help us theu the shit we put eachother thru
and i understand

and i told josh.. thats why i dont give a shit anymore wut goes on wit shane
yah i love him, n i said that n i alwayz will yah.. but i dont fuckin care anymore
and for that reason
im sick of causin every1 drama bekuz i get pissed off for stupid shit
and im sick of stickin round n wantin to b wit him soo bad.. and putin soo much stress on myselfby wantin him that fuckin bad wen it wont work.. bekuz of all the shit that always happens

and we cant be together

n daz tha reason why i dont giv a shit.. because he doesnt
but i dnno thingz r weird, me n shane r friendz n thats tyte
and i really like it like this
and i wish i could appologize to him josh and alona all the shit i put them thru
but the past is the fuckin past.. and we all jus neeta get ova it and stop dwelling on the drama

bekuz that makez it worse

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why do we fall in love.. when love wil only tear us apart? [24 Apr 2003|04:18am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | tim mcgraw- its your love ]

oooommmmgggg im soo hungry! i dnno if i can wait 7 more minutes for my fo0d to b dun...

woooo only 2more dayz of extended learning.. i cant wait.. i fuckin hate that class.

i wuz tlkin to matt after school. hes so sweet! lol
but n e wayz idnooooo wut else to say soooo i'll write l8er weni can think of summin 2 say

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handcuffed to a bed.. tickeled with a feather [23 Apr 2003|04:21pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | lil jon & da eastside boyzzzz - get low ]

i jus chllennnn n i thought id update..

omg mr klapperich moved shane bak to his seat tday.. right behind me.. i kinda liked it betta wnhe sat across tha ro0m. whatever. we been geting along these past 2 days.. yestaday we were throwing stuff @ eachoter from across da ro0m.. today he wuz drawin on me.. n i was pissed so i wuz tryin to get it off and my arm was turning red and he was like STOP IT ur turning red! n he held my hands down. lol hes a dork. well im glad we're geting along and we catuily speak to eachother now.. yeh... he wuz tellin me how hes gonna mite go wit dis grl.. n he was like omg this sux im gonna be in a relationsip... and i wuz like ok? hows that gonna suck.. n he goes... because bein in a relationship is like being handcuffed to a bed and tickeled with a feather... lmao! that was sooooooo funny. well she like lives on ranch.. lol tiff was like wtf do he got with these country grlz. lol!

only 4 more dayz of extended learning! woooooo-fuckin-h0000000

today went by sooo fast.

tiffany is sooo emberassing wit joe in 3rd per..
"omg why dont yall just fuck and get it over with"
"didu call her joe, did u all her?!?!?"
"joe how bout u ho0k up wit my dawg"


o well whateva she onli stop wen i say summin to mike. lol shes a dork.

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happy easter!!!!! [20 Apr 2003|11:02am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | tim mcgraw - my best friend ]

aw todays easter! :)... lol ima dork.

im goin to my cousins today. my family always has these lil get togethers on all these holidays!
aw and theres an easter egg hunt! lmao. woooooooo

yestaday i started this journal. im really happy wit it! i think iz so cute. but im this iz weird.
the same bg for this is now my wall paper on my computer.. how the hell that happend? beats the shit outta me!

my bro wont stop bitchin, he wants to go on sooo bad but i been on for like 5 mins! he so damn annoying.

im'ma goooo.. happy easter!

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[19 Apr 2003|10:21pm]
test post

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surveyyyyy [19 Apr 2003|10:31am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | dirty - hit da floor ]

x. name: amnea
x. birthday: ten . twenty-seven . eighty-seven
x. friends: l0ttzzz much <3
x. crush: hehe ;)
x. favorite food: tacozzz
x. favorite drink: ice tea.. sierra mist.. pina colada slurpeeee @ seven11
x. favorite brand name: tommy.. american eagle.. bunchezzz
x. shoplifted: yes and thats sumthin im not proud of ;[
x. gotten caught: yeah thats why im not proud of it ;[
x. smoked: onli twice
x. drank: yeahhhhhh
x. gotten stoned: if anyone sais that? yeh
x. gotten drunk: oh goodness yes
x. had sex: thatz a personal question! ;-x
x. stayed in your pj's all day: lol yessir
x. left your state: yeahhhh
x. left your country: nope
x. drank milk straight from the carton: no i dont drink milk str8 like that.. it haz to hav choclate or cereal!
x. tripped up the stairs: yeah and i fell down the stairz of a portable last year! omg so emberassingg
x. rubbed a Buddha's tummy: lol yes
x. wished upon a star: awww yeah :)
x. ...had it come true: hmmmm
x. slapped someone: prolly playin round lol
x. danced like a maniac: oh yeah all da time!
x. gotten paid for a dance: o goodness!
x. given/had a lap dance: lol yeahh
x. chased a butterfly: i think so lol
x. given a seagull alka-seltzer: no but tobasco sauce on bred lmao teehheeeheezz
x. slept under the stars: aww how cute.. but naw
x. gone on a cruise: nahh but i want toooooooo
x. driven a motor boat: yeah! lol
x. put salt on a slug and watched it shrivel up: ewwww thats grossss
x. gone to a concert: yes bsb and nsync when i was in 6th and 7th grade lolzzz
x. head banged: when i wuz actin retarded.. but i wasnt serious lol
x. ran from invisible terrors: ok? thats retarded.
x. lost yourself: whooaaaa
x. found yourself again: thats gay!
x. eaten bugs in any form: ewwwwwwwwww noooo...
x. burned stuff just because: lol yeah!
x. been called a pyro: no
x. seen a ghost: no but i do believe in that kinda stuff!
x. had something published: yeh
x. been in love: yesh foreverrrr snifflezzz
x. had the love returned: i wish ;[
x. owned a pink fuzzy monkey: no but i hav a buncha reallyyyy cute brown n black onezzz
x. owned a pair of handcuffs: naw lol
x. ...put them to use: siccooozzzz
x. wanted to be a sexual tyrannasaurus: what the hell?
x. looked for a relationship on-line: thats corny
x. went on with an on-line relationship: ^
x. rented a "friend" for a night *wink wink*: omg thats funny as hell.. no! lol
x. written a message on a dollar bill: yeah lol
x. touched a cloud: in an airplane! lol
x. lost someone you cared about: yes :(
x. ran away: for like an hour lol
x. punched a wall: yeah
x. punched a person: yeah
x. talked to a street sign: oh yeah all the time... what kinda fuckin idiot is makin up these questionz
x. shopped at Wal-Mart for over an hour: prolly lol.. itz sooo croudedddddd
x. ...willingly: yeah
x. been a hero: aww prolly
x. shopped at Hot Topic: that place iz scary
x. taken a picture of yourself: yessir lol
x. had a journal: yep.. dis one and one in a notebo0k
x. worn mardi-gras beads: yeahhhh
x. been to mardi-gras: nope
x. been a porn star: oh yeah....lol
x. heard a damaging story about your parents when they were younger: yeah jesus
x. rocked out to ska: what
x. heard of Blind Melon: yeah my cuz used 2 listen to them wen she lived wit me
x. heard of Vacationland: no
x. heard of Black Apple: no
x. started a trend (a good one): who the fuck knows
x. been to a rally (for a cause, not a pep-rally): yeah
x. cried because you were forced to watch cheerleaders: um no
x. tripped someone who was demonstrating school spirit with your mind powers: omfg this is so gay nooooo
x. given up on your dreams: i dunnoooo
x. had your dreams come true: yes!!!!
x. seen someone as your guardian angel: yeah!
x. protested the national anthem by not standing when everyone else does: no
x. been to a sit-in: no
x. had a pen-pal: yah
x. met someone famous: naw
x. streaked: lol no
x. flashed someone: prolly lol
x. been mooned: yes omg my bros friendzzz ewwwww
x. gone out with one of your best friends: o jeez :( yes..
x. put a message in a bottle: yeah haha
x. sent a telegram: no
x. recieved flowers: yea
x. listened to a sea-shell: yea
x. been stung by a jellyfish: no
x. been on TV: yeah
x. burned your bra: no
x. played tag when you were over the "acceptable" age: yea
x. notice patterns in the time (11:11, 12:34, etc...): yea
x. had your mom show off embarrassing baby pictures of you when your were little to your friends/boy or girl friend: naw
x. been arrested: no because of that ncie fat cop!
x. been put in jail: no
x. been put on trial: no
x. re-named yourself: no
x. followed someone in the mall to observe what they buy: no
x. followed someone just because: no
x. been stalked: lol
x. stalked someone: no
x. worshiped someone: i wouldnt say WORSHIPED
x. lived a day like it was your last day: yeh
x. had your 15 minutes of fame: yeh
x. been part of a mosh pit: no
x. been self-conscious: yea
x. been in a band: in 5th grade! lmao
x. started a band: when i wuz in 5th grade!
x. had a real conversation with your parents, with NO lies whatsoever: yeah all the time
x. sat and watched smoke float through the air: yea
x. skinny-dipped: haha...yah
x. listened to someone pee to make them feel self-conscience: lol wtf
x. been concieted: no
x. walked/ran in the rain: lol yeah
x. wanted to be with someone so much it made you cry: yea snifflez!
x. with who: like everyone doesnt already kno
x. played a practical joke: yea
x. had a practical joke played on you: yeah prolly lol
x. been to Australia: no

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awww [19 Apr 2003|10:05am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | vi3 - eyes closed so tyte ]

aw this is so cute! thank u so0 much heather! i lubb uuu!!!!!

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