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[20 Jul 2003|02:56am]
I made myself a Dawson's Creek icon today , out of sheer boredom. I love Claire Danes , but I was getting sick of it. I need to preserve it so I will be able to enjoy it more in the future.

I used screen captures of Dawson and Joey's second kiss ( it was their first real kiss , but all of the hardcore DC fans may send rabid monkeys after me if I don't clarify that their first kiss happened in the "Breakfast Club"-style episode ) and threw in lines from the show's theme song.

I am a DC purist ( read:SUPERDORK!) , and was not ( and still am not ) happy with the end result of the show. I am too much of a romantic and not much of a realist. Sigh.
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[20 Jul 2003|02:49am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | [ keith urban - your everything ] ]

I posted that last entry as a precaution. I didn't think that I would have time to write another between Saturday night and Sunday morning , but I was sorely mistaken on that point. My father left Kiss of the Dragon on when he went to bed. I was placing my teacup in the sink , and I heard Jet Li's unmistakeable voice. You know what that means - goodbye sleepy and hello sexy. Oh well. That is fine by me - I'm sure that I will end up going through some sort of withdrawl at one point or another this week , for Blurty and Jet.

I saw How to Deal today. Amazing movie , satisfaction-wise. I am choosing to abandon my critical hat for the summer so I can actually enjoy film. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I leave for PSU and lose my free passes to the movie theater. I shudder to think what my addiction actually costs me. I imagine that I will be sick of film by the time I actually start studying it more in depth. I hope that doesn't happen anytime soon , though. I was warned to be wary of critics who are not fans first.

Roger Ebert's favorite movie ever is Saturday Night Fever.

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[20 Jul 2003|01:31am]
It's finally here - vacation with Eric and his family. I'm nervous and excited - I just hope that they don't disapprove of my bathing suit or anything like that.

I'm in Cape May from now until the 27th. I'll post when I get back , promise!

Even cooler - I'm going to be 20 when I post next! Yay! ::snaps for me! ::
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[19 Jul 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | [ it's my life - bon jovi ] ]

You would think that people would approve of and even applaud Eric's and my decision to wait to have sex. Since so many people are neither understanding nor approving , I decided to make a FAQ that covers the usual questions or statements and their appropriate respones.

1.) But neither of you are virgins anyway , and it doesn't matter after the first time. It is true that we have both been sexually active in the past , but since our histories are grossly different from our future, we are holding out.

2.) He's 22 and you are almost 20. You are mature enough to handle sex. We are both physically ready. Mentally is a much different story. There is so much to go through when you have sex with someone - I carry a bit of baggage from my past relationships , but Eric's luggage is completely different. He lost his virginity to a girl who bet her friends that she could break up his 2.5 year relationship and nail him. She did , and four months later , broke it off. I don't want to be in Amy's category.

3.) Krystal , you aren't even religous. This is very true. But it has nothing to do with sex. NOTHING!

Eric and I are going to have sex when we are physically and mentally ready to commit to each other. We are already commited , but the level of commitment that we are waiting for is something that comes with time. I have known him for 7 months and have had the pleasure of his companionship for four of those seven. We're taking things slow.

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[19 Jul 2003|05:42pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | [ just a girl - no doubt ] ]

I just bought myself two pairs of shoes from Wal-Mart , for $10 TOTAL! The world is mine :)

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[19 Jul 2003|12:01pm]
There is so much to do today and just so little time to do it! I'm glad I took this day off work , let me tell you! I need to wash clothes , pack , find everything I need to take. UGH! Now I am just rambling on and on. I hope I don't forgot bath stuff or something. I need a $%#@ shower puff. :(

I will edit this later , when I have the energy. I'm trying to convince my sister that she needs to get up early so we can go to Dino's for lunch. MMM!
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[19 Jul 2003|03:09am]
I officially did the dumbest thing ever tonight - I almost started a fire in my boyfriend's apartment building.

I had a mug with Red Bull and vodka mixed that I had been sipping on all night. Eric and I laid in bed , and I moved my glass closer. It ended up hidden under his blankets.

I should mention now that my boyfriend's apartment has floor outlets , which are a total fire hazard. I know this because Eric knocked over the Red Bull , and it flowed straight into the open outlet. It wasn't his fault that he knocked it over ( for a couple reasons , which I don't want to get into again ).

It sizzled a little and made some crackling noises. Eric didn't know what to do. I told him to turn off the circuit. When he went downstairs to do that , I stole his snow-white bath towel and pulled the powerstrip out of that outlet. It smoked , and then gave off sparks , and then a grand power outage.

He was happy that I handled it - my kitchen training actually came in handy. I feel like an ass for it , though.
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[18 Jul 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | [ margaritaville - jimmy buffet ] ]

Go here and read that story, NOW! You need to :) I fixed the link.

I would copy / paste it , but since the original was posted by t0rmented_soul in blurty addicts.

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[17 Jul 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | [ kenny chesney - no shoes , no shirt , no problems ] ]

I just realized how much I need to get done before I actually move into the new apartment. I need to find a steady job ( I'm th inking something overnight , because I stay up until 4 or 5am naturally most nights ) , acquire a cell phone with an actual plan , get in contact with Mr. Cino and my new advisor , work out a visitation schedule with Eric ( since he's done with college , he now has a full-time job and I have a solid two years left ) , and work out something with the movie theater so I can come back and work during breaks.

I have a month left here. I have to work out some wedding things , set aside money for books , start organizing my things , and the list goes on and on. Thinking about leaving Eric makes me sad , but I know it's for the best. We made a deal early on in the relationship that we would sort out what we neeed to as individuals before we would even think of life as a couple. For me , that means graduate from my school of choice , Penn State. While he needs to save money for grad school ( it's $550 a credit at Marywood - OUCH! He tells me that he will reap the rewards of his work later on in life. I am hoping he is a correct boy. ) and pay on his beautiful , beautiful car.

But - before all that , comes Cape May! It's going to be strange having my birthday with people other than my best friends and close family , but spending it with Eric will be the ultimate x-perience. experience. I hope his parents don't disapprove of my bathing suit or anything. Argh. So much to think about , so little time! I leave Sunday. Argh.

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[16 Jul 2003|01:06pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | [ i do - 98 Degrees ] ]

I'm so excited - Megan asked me to be in her wedding last night! I haven't been in a wedding since I was 7 - and my dress was an insult to clothing ( when a second grader knows something is unfashionable you know it has to be bad). I haven't actually been to a wedding since 8th grade. Besides all the numbers , this is quite honestly the first wedding that I know of where the couple in question ( Megan and Laura ) are without a doubt crazy in love.

There are going to be 8 people in the wedding party , besides the brides. There are two maids of honor ( one for each of the girls ) and then four bridesmaids. Jordan ( the adult , not the baby ) and I are going to stand by Megan. I can't remember who Laura asked. Jordan ( the baby ) is going to be the flower girl. We're hoping that she doesn't decide to throw her flower basket at someone - throwing is her new "thing".

But , sadly , this is what excites me most about the whole thing - I found the perfect dress already! It is simply magnificent. Mint green and simple , it is the ultimate bridesmaid dress. Not only does the dress rule - so did the price! $6.99.

Nicole and I were browsing the racks at the Salvation Army "MegaStore" ( it is easily five times the size of any thrift shop in the greater Northeastern Pennlyvania area , and has a much better selection ) when she wandered over to the formal wear section. I was digging through the jeans when she brought over my dream dress.

"Try this on. NOW."

It was almost a threat , but the dress fit me so well that I think an angel made it just for me. All joking aside , this is the FIRST formal dress I have seen that doesn't need to be drastically altered. My height ( or complete lack thereof ) makes dress shopping a chore. This dress barely grazes the floor when I wear shoes. It's nothign short of a fashion miracle.

Now we just need to find something for Jordan to wear. :)

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[15 Jul 2003|01:40am]
1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have? I've always wanted to audition for a play. Not a school play , but an actual , honest-to-goodness theatrical production.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?
I try to be honest with tact if the person is asking after the fact , and as blunt as I can before. If a friend is wearing unflattering pants , I will tell him or her that I'm not sure of the cut in them. If a friend gets a strange haircut , I will tell him or her that I need to get used to it , or suggest a different way to style it. If a friend wants a pair of ugly pants , I will stop the purchase. If a friend wants a stupid haircut , I will nix the idea.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened?
I have a close male friend whose girlfriend is somewhat sloppy. She is a larger girl and has very , very large breasts ( DD size , actually on a 5'4 frame). She will go out in sweatshorts and cutoff sleeve shirts without a bra. Her hair is grossly unkepmt as well. I found out some details of their sex life ( I will spare you these , because they are just disgusting. ) , and now I can't look at her without thinking about how disgusting she honestly is. It makes me think less of him that he is with her.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?
Book - Where the heart Is ( power of love ) Movie - XMen ( Tv series or comic would be more accurate, this i know ) Game - CANDYLAND!. Xmen , because I was always in gifted classes while I was in school , and the school was for gifted children. I felt I had a bond with the mutants. Candyland - 'nuff said.

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted?
Better speech quality. I have no public speaking skills.
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[15 Jul 2003|01:36am]
Friday Five's Weekly Questions - How Appropriate :-/

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
It was my cousin Carrie. I believe that now she is what would be considered "white trash" , but we had sleepovers and played the Sweet Valley High game.

2. Are you still in touch with this person? Not at all.

3. Do you have a current close friend? I have a few close friends , but no best friend.

4. How did you become friends with this person?
- - -

5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?
Of course there is , but I don't feel like tlaking about it.
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[13 Jul 2003|02:14am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | [ my best friend - tim mcgraw ] ]

Recap of another night with the man:

As I already posted , I ended up playing cards with Eric , his roomate Mark , and their friend Maureen. Drunk Krystal + Card Game = Bad News! I almost got sick from the Hawaiian Punch ( when a girl says that she doesn't like sugary drinks , no matter how tipsy she may or may not be , take her word for it! ) , but otherwise , the game was without error.

Drunk Mark ate a moth off the porch. If I was sober , I would have either kicked him or gotten sick. It's grossing me out now , since I can picture it minus the solace of my beer goggles.

Eric and I had another serious conversation. I'm suprised and excited with the way things are going between us. I was a little saddened by the turns of the convo , though. I was trying to explain why he is the reason that I am settled in to this relationship ( the fact that he acts in ways that no other man has ever tried with me ), but he didn't understand.

Me: You aren't like other guys.
Him: I'm just a regular guy.
Me: No , if you were , I wouldn't want to be with you.
Him: I'm average.
Me: You aren't average. Average is boring.
Him: Normal then.
Me: You aren't normal , you are different.
Him: I don't want to be different. I've always been different , and I've always wanted to be normal.

We were sober by this time. The two of us never actually openly talked about his problem ( I see no need to bring it up , and he hasn't yet. We'll cross that bridge when the time comes , no? ) , but I have a feeling that the conversation will come up soon. That was probably the closest we have ever been. He's already told me about the development problem with his feet , and that was completely not akward. He spoke objectively , as if his body weren't actually his body. I think that was to gauge my reaction for the other converstaion , the one that I am secretly dreading. I can't say that I didn't notice , because that would be a lie.

I didn't know how to reply to that ( smoothie that I am ) so I rubbed his back and told him that he was better than normal. He looked sad. I wish I could help him somehow , but I can't. He can't help himself until he learns that maybe he can't change everything or anything about himself , but that maybe there is someone out there ( aka ME ) who can and does accept him as a person and a man.

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[13 Jul 2003|01:58am]
I'm feeling moody - you know what that means! Time for ANOTHER rant. Here it goes:

I'm so sick of the objectifications of women in society. Sexism runs rampant , albeit in ways that the naked eye would miss. i'm sure that many people scoff at the idea of sexism , but it's there , in all its condescending , straight-jacketing glory.

I'm neither a bra burner nor a man hater. On the contrary , I always wear bras and I enjoy men very much. I know that there are differences between men and women , and that , in some cases , the sexes should be treated differently ( there are many biological differences between the sexes ). However , I don't think that anyone should be stifled because of the abscence or presence of sex organs.

Level with me here.

Why is it that , in high school , when our teachers spoke positively about masturbation ( as an alternative to sexual intercourse ) , only male stimulation was discussed? Why is sexual education male centered anyway? When we were taught about females and female sexuality , the only topics discussed were birth control and pregnancy. We were also warned not to perform oral sex without asking the male to put a condom on his member first.

What about us?

I'm partially angry because I don't fit the cookie cutter model of what a girl should be. It's true that a good portion of my wardrobe is pink and that cute undergarnments make me smile. It's true that I like to wear tall shoes. It's also true that my hair is short and flippy ( like Mandy Moore's , only mine ) rather than long and blond and that I refuse to cake on makeup because it might attract men. I wear my dorky , navy-framed glasses out when the mood strikes me.

Let me clarify - I'm not angry because I don't fit the mold. I'm angry because I'm sure that I don't want to , and I'm sure that I am expected to. I don't have a mold for men! Sheesh!
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[11 Jul 2003|12:38am]
if your heart isn't in it , maybe you shouldn't be , either - anon.

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.
--Matt Groening

Inches make a champion - V. Lombardi

Today I will do what you wont - so tomorrow , I will do what you can't - unknown

A free race cannot be born of slave morthers - m. sanger
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[08 Jul 2003|05:20pm]
I had a suprisingly good day today. I became closer to one of my good friends ( we talked about my almost-pregnancy back in high school , which I told almost no one about because I was so embarrased and she told me about her first boyfriends that she wouldn't tell any of us about. Good times had :) ) and I shed some light on my sketchy situation.

It's not me - it's you.

This is the only time that I've had for an honest to goodness update in about a week. I haven't actually had computer access for the past week or so , and quite honestly , I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked being at the beach. Pennslyvania weather sucks. I'm not one for lake swimming - I can't stand the slime and sludge at the bottom. UGH! Just thinking about it freaks me out. At least in the ocean , almost all the icky stuff is out too far to touch. Jellyfish are a nasty exception , although I hve been lucky enough to avoid them altogether.
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[06 Jul 2003|02:46pm]
Say it loud - I'm BACK and I'm proud! ( huge smile )

I'm finally back in Pa after 5 days in Ocean City. I had a great week. I will expand upon that in a few , but first I need to get some community posts up. This lemonade flavored Coolata is simply spectacular!
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[01 Jul 2003|07:10am]
Gone to OCEAN CITY! I will update on Saturday , when I get back!! :)
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[30 Jun 2003|11:14am]
today's task at hand - packing!

tomorrow's - going to OCEAN CITY MARYLAND! Booyah!
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[29 Jun 2003|07:45pm]
Who Would YOU kill ?

It's funny. That link is to a "Who Would YOU Kill on 90210?" poll.

There is a link that you can follow to some of the more um, creative responses.

There are tons of other shows up on there as well. Check it out! :)
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