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    Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
    5:28 pm
    I never update this thing anymore...
    5:28 pm
    I never update this thing anymore...
    Sunday, February 15th, 2004
    1:06 pm
    I haven't update this thing in like forever. Oh well, it sucks anyway...goodbye...
    Sunday, February 1st, 2004
    7:55 pm
    I'm too lazy to rhyme...it takes too much time...
    Exactly. I made a hellacool guitar line thingy. I just felt like saying hella. I set up an appointment with the rock school guy. When I told Jackie about it, she didn't really care at all. And Jenn and Gail wouldn't exactly go there for any specific purpose. So it's like I'll be there alone. Oh well, that's cool. I can join a new band and stuff. And we can be all bandlike. And they have should have hellacool equipment there. Yaay. I just sneezed on my Squier. Don't worry, there's not snot or anything on there. Damn you chapstick...getting me sick...it's all Jenn's fault. But it's only Jenn's fault because of Kam. Damn Kam. Getting me sick. Hopefully I'll be good for the FATA show. Pretty Squier...I love you. I'm gonna put all my time this week into my bat so I can be hellacool for the guitar guy on Saturday. But we might go tomorrrow if we can. I like the word hellacool. I'm gonna start saying hellacool. So I can be all 'whoa! That's hellacool!' Fun fun. WE'LL TO YOU IN THE YEAR 2000! Silverchair is hellacool. I haven't heard 'em in awhile 'cause Troy was the only with the CD. I'm gonna make a pin out of my I.R. pick. It'll be hellacool. I should stop that. Before you think I hellasuck. Ok, I'll really stop now. Wait, one last time, HELLACOOL! Ok, I'm good.

    Current Mood: I like to avoid this question
    Current Music: Silverchair "Anthem for the Year 200"
    12:14 am
    Sit back and watch as your heart fills with fire, a growing desire, an item within...
    My mom gave me cash on Friday so we went to Sound Waves. I would've invited Sarah but she called up and bitched about not inviting her to anything and denying the fact that she pretty much likes any band I like. So we went to Sound Waves, Jenn-less ::tear::, and Gail met Rachelle Smith who was with this freaky chick named Nikki or something. So after asking for pot and talking about sex and stuff (Jackie had like a permanent turtle face), we walked around and stuff. Some guy had a Strong Bad shirt and I was wearing my Strong Sad shirt and he said that both of our shirts were awesome or something like that...and ummm...Five Minute Freakshow was better than the last time I saw them. And I dunno. So we came home. Jenn called and said her mom refused to drive her, so my mom, being the awesome, loving mum she is, picked her up in the mafia car. So we came back made our cake, laughed at each other, ate Easy Cheese crap...eww...We also stuck m&ms in a candle and that's pretty much it. Jenn had a shirt with a 'condom pocket' so I asked my mom if she had a condom because I was determined to see if it would fit but I don't think she heard me. That or she was trying to not to hear her daughter talking about condoms. Exactly. So we slept, with Jackie and Jenn fighting over covers on the bed, me with the Travis blanket on the floor and Gail with my old Minnie blanket on the bean bag chair. Jenn woke up early and then she kept talking to Jackie and I so we were up and Gail was still sleeping. So Jackie decided she was going to go downstairs for some unknown reason, so we lock her out. She comes back up 15 minutes later and starts scratching at my door and peeling my quotes off but still, the door stays locked. So she says that 'shes leaving so she needs to come in and get her stuff' so we let her in. And she grabs her stuff, but fails to grab her shoes. Seeing this opportunity, Gail and Jenn each hide one of her shoes. So she searches and only finds one, so she couldn't leave. And then she started being all sad and stuff and we were like 'but we love you Jackie' and she was all blah blah and I'm all 'well, I try to show my love but you're all ::shrinks away from touch::' and Jenn's all 'we love you Jackie' and it was all...yeah...exactly. So with Jackie semi-satisfied, we head downstairs eat a bit, head back upstairs and jam out a bit. I taught Jenn the bass line for Crazytrain so she was all DODO, DODO, DODO, DODO. And I'm all dodo do do do do do do dodo do do dodo do do...exactly. We accomplished a tiny bit. I tuned my guitar all stupid to see if Shawn's LP tab books are right. And Jenn learned guitary/bassy crap. And Jackie did some bass work. And Gail and I just played guitar the whole time. But it was still semiuseful. After that, we headed back downstairs so Jenn could call her mom. Then we played with fire for a little while. Then Jenn left, and we retrieved our frozen egg. We cut it in half and then Gail payed me 5 bucks to take a bite out of it. I didn't have to swalllow, but I still had to taste the damn thing. It was nasty. And she's giving Jackie 8 bucks for drinking water that she poured in the candle. How nice. So Gail and Jackie left and then I slept for awhile. My parents left, so I came down and went on the computer and made fun of Shawn for a little while. Then I got dressed and all that crap and got bored so I put my hair in pig tail thingys. How fun. And then I did my math homework. What a disaster. I put my book down and here it is plainly visible, "I am a whore ~Sarah" in big Jackie letters. So my mom's like 'what's this?!' and I'm just like "that would be Jackie" so now my dad's all MAKE HER BUY YOU A NEW BOOK COVER OR I'LL TELL HER PARENTS! So my plan is to put that cover on my bio book and use a purple one. Or just exchange covers with Jackie to hide my tracks. Sadly Jackie, I don't think my parents like you all that much anymore. They do appreciate the social contact though. So after that, we watched Once Upon A Time In Mexico with the dead sexaay Johnny Depp and I read Jenn's book thing she wanted me to read. It was actually pretty cool and stuff. I wish I could spend my entire year of art class drawing trees and stuff, even if I was never satisfied with 'em. And I bet that teacher was way better then Braun...alright, I'm headin' out....goodbye to all.

    The Theories of a Shattered Mind:
    M&M's are not meant for candles. They are simply a sick tool for trying to teach children the letter M. Give the child candy and get them to learn at the same time! LOOK MOM! I CAN SPELL MMM! At least they're not K's. But they do share one special purpose--lighting them on fire. Although they scar your candle forever and are a severe misuse of candy privileges, they are still fun to burn.

    Current Mood: yeah whatever
    Current Music: that Never Remember demo...
    Thursday, January 29th, 2004
    3:30 pm
    Running out of places to hide, just this little hole to which I am confined...
    My stomach hurt, so I decided, hey, I'll eat some Chinese fried noodley things. It didn't help much. Now that I've told you all the half of the bunny story...oh wait, I didn't tell Jenn...oh well...anyway...my dogs decided they were going to eat my dad's bagel and spill his coffee while he was taking a nap or whatever, I'm not allowed to walk them. So they won't shut up. But now they're all watching me eat Chinese fried noodley things. I don't know if we're having OBP at my house or Jackie's. Owww my stomach hurts soo bad. Well, my mom would be upstairs the entire time...so that would be a plus...but my house sucks...which would be a minus or whatever. Exactly. I have to go 'cause my stomach is eating itself.

    Current Mood: OUCH!
    Current Music: dogs whining...again...
    Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
    3:10 pm
    Hello my devoted readers...you all smell like bird feeders.
    You try coming up with something that rhymes with readers! That doesn't count! Hey...that ummm...AT LEAST I DON'T SMELL LIKE A BIRD FEEDER! Exactly. Today wasn't so bad. Except that fact that Jackie kept on being all 'you suck 'cause you don't have a cool name like Jackielyn and Jennyfer!'...asswhore...plus, she got the cool pen...and she broke the one I had! Once again, such an asswhore. My mathbook has become a refuge for chapstick and other lip-related make up. Fun fun. And umm...I finally wrote a poem-y thingy called Irony. I said I would, so I figure I might as well. And I couldn't find something that fit and rhymes with real (yes, I tried heal and feel) so as of this point it goes "I found truth that was always false when a vegetarian ate some veal" Exactly. I am such a retard. I'll type the whole thing up...
    In light I find the darkness
    My sickness is my health
    In pain I see pure happiness
    In destitution I found wealth

    My simiplicity is complicated
    My purity corrupted
    I was lost but never missing
    My inner peace erupted

    One time I died but still I live
    Imagining what was real
    I found truth that was always false
    when a vegetarian ate some veal...

    Current Mood: eh...whatever
    Current Music: My dishwasher is really loud...I don't think that's good...
    Monday, January 26th, 2004
    4:47 pm
    I got a new glow-y mouse...and it's fuckin' cold in this damn house...
    And I get my braces off in 2 months...finally. Spent the day playing Monopoly again. Sarah didn't win either games so ::sticks tongue out:: I should really study for history. Oh yeah, I get to go smash our old mouse. YAY! ooo, then I should set in on FIRE! mmm...fire...and uhhh...smashing things is fun! YAY! My shower door is attached. Ok, there is a slight chance we might not have school tomorrow. It's almost definite for a 2 hour delay. But if we have no school, we should have band practice. AH! MY COMPUTER SAID CUTIE PIE! Damnit. Ooo, the new mouse is all scrolly and lasery...

    Current Mood: cold
    Current Music: GnR "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    7:42 pm
    I'm tired so I'll take this slow...it started such a long time ago...
    If you want to read about my whole exciting weekend, go check out Gail's journal. Highlights: I got my forehead stamped...twice. ANyway, today, Sarah and Kelly came over and we decided to play Monopoly 'cause Sarah claims that she kicks our asses at any game. Suuure...and then we went over there and ate quesidillas. Those weren't fucking hot, you guys are insane. And ummmm....the guy from BGL smashed his guitar. That was awesome. And another guy killed his amp. Ooo...we have to go see the Butterfly Effect. But we shouldn't, 'cause we lack CASH. I'm gonna have to work my ass off til summer. Then I get my job at BK 'cause Jackie will hire me 'cause I'm 'responsible'. I know what you're thinking, AND I AM RESPONSIBLE! Oooh yeah...I was supposed to let Gail borrow The Crow. I'll get it to her eventually...
    Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
    7:26 pm
    Die....you Pie
    Exactly. Anyway, I was reading our newsletter thingy and apparently some 7th grader won another national contest or something...now who was his teacher you ask? Mrs. Getz. Also, the style of writing is similar to a certain someone's winning paper. That lady is soo cheating. Oh, and I think Adam Flammer was in a car accident. My mom was telling me how her friend's daughter that I hung out with a couple times was in a car accident with this chick that she wasn't supposed to drive with and then she showed me the article in the paper and it said 'Adam Flammer, 16, some address of Hamburg' He hasn't been in school in a couple days. Oh well. Don't care. I just figured I'd mention it. Or whatever. STILL don't know what's going on tomorrow. Yet again, oh well. Uhhhh...yeeeaaah...du....du hast....I just remembered that some people still have to take the verbal German test. And that I haven't studied at all for it. Oh well, I'll study in my newly acquired study hall. That's so conveniently directly before German. Yeah...I'm headin' out...

    The Theories of a Shattered Mind:
    Only stupid people and those who fear driving slow (Let's call it slowaphobia 'cause I'm too lazy to find the root for slow) drive 120 when the road is covered in ice.

    OH MY GOD! There's a word for being afraid of the pope! Papaphobia! And Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth- Arachibutyrophobia. hahaha...

    Current Mood: fears are fun!
    Current Music: my dishwasher....it's loud...
    3:35 pm
    Why must I be the one to carry this burden on my heart, to be the socalled property of the one to te
    I still don't know what's going on Friday. Oh well. We'll probably figure it out at like 530. But anyway...ummmmm...I don't wanna do that god damn bird fuckin' report. OH YAY LET'S BUILD A FUCKING BIRDHOUSE! ::mumbles incoherently:: Fat fuck...I should really stop using Fuck. you little fucker, fuck fuck fuck fucker. Exactly... I've decided to add a new segment called:

    The Theories of a Shattered Mind:
    If someone says I love you, its only heartfelt if the person is looking directly into the other person's eyes. Therefore, when I said "WE love you Darin!" It didn't actually count. And anyway, I was just being nice 'cause we always make him take up our papers. And we do make fun of him constantly.

    Current Mood: kinda cold
    Current Music: that crappy avatar high shit
    Monday, January 19th, 2004
    8:53 pm
    How should I begin my day? There's just so much for me to say...
    OK, rhyming sucks. Anyway...I got up at 8 o clock yesterday. Shawn wanted to be there at 12, but we left at like 9. We picked up BKP guy and BKJ and shoved 'em in the back 'cause we only had one extra seat so we figured they could just hang out back there. We stopped at Sheetz, how interesting. We had to drive really really slow because it was all snowy/freezingrainy. If my dad had remembered to pay for the gas, we could have been hit by remnants of a tractor trailer thingy that crashed. Oh well. So we drived to NY. We stopped and asked a cop where to go even though Shawn and the BKP guy were now in the back. Retards... But we got there at like 3. We sent out the guys and me and BKJ went with my parents to find some umbrellas. First, my dad bought a 15 dollar one at some place, but we made him return it, so we went to oddjob or something and got 3 for 10 bucks. So now, at 320, we joined the guys in the snowy/freezingrainy mix and extreme cold for 3 hours. IT WAS FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! Plus, with our luck, there was this really annoying dude that wouldnt shut up right behind us. Then this whore showed up at like 5 that had nothing but a tank top on. A fucking tank top in a snowy/freezingrainy mix and extreme cold. So a little after 6, they decided to break the line into 2, which means frantic people running. A couple guys that weren't even there for an hour got in front of us. So anyway, we were fucking squished as all hell for 5 minutes until they finally decided to start taking tickets. We got in the actual floor area at like 630, so we had to stand there doing nothing for half an hour until Story of the Year came on. They're really good at putting on a show, but I wouldn't buy a cd. They were too AFIish for me. I'd stop for 'em on the radio but I wouldn't actually spend any sort of money on them, and if I got there cd, I'd listen to it twice and let it collect dust. AND THE KID RIGHT IN FRONT OF US GOT A PICK! But anyway...next came Hoobastank. The guy wouldn't get off his damn box (he had a box to stand on). Then, during Spinning out of control, the large collection of fat chicks behind us started going insane. I figured 'hey, we're surrounded by chicks, we won't get pushed around at all!' but alas, we did. And on top of that, they all had very high pitched screams. And the crowd surfers didn't help any. So thinking the pushing was over for now, 'cause POD sucks ass, we just waited for the horridness to end. But all of a sudden, we were bombarged with an assload of crowd surfers. I got slammed into Shawn and then pushed into him so I couldn't even move my arms. Then, the crowd relaxed for a few seconds so I got my arms out and then another load comes. My arm got stuck between Shawn's arm and side and I had to hold on to the dude in front of him so I wouldn't fall over. It was horrible. Who fucking crowd surfs to POD? So that entire time, I couldn't move my arms at all, was entirely too close to Shawn then I ever want to be and had some random dude clinging to my back for dear life. And then the last song came on. Oh my fucking god. There was like 20 people crowd surfing at once. One of 'em fell down right behind BKJ and kicked her. BKP guy picked 2 up by himself to throw him. And thank god for the beefy guy clinging to my back. So me and BKJ got outta there 'cause if it was like this for POD, then for Linkin Park it would be horrible. So we went out and got a soda for 4 bucks, and went back in and were at like the center of the floor. We could see perfectly fine but weren't pushed up against each other until we couldn't move at all. yay. So after the show, we found Shawn and walked our freezing asses over to the car where my parents were talking about some dude at the bar. Shawn got a long sleeved shirt for 10 bucks. I LOVE YOU PARKING LOT! So it took us 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot, but we got home in only 3 hours, so the ride was better. I came home, ate some creamy salsa dip, and slept. Wow. I still have to do my math homework. And I should really study for german...

    Current Mood: boobs feel like mashedpotatoes
    Friday, January 16th, 2004
    3:42 pm
    What else should I say? Everyone is gay.
    That's the only thing I could think of. It's from Nirvana by the way. Retards...anyway...mmm...root beer again. My mom's goin' to pick up Shawn from college tonight so he can go to the LP concert on Sunday. Holy crap, I'm typing really slow 'cause my fingers are frozen. I tried to make muffiny things, but I only had half a bag of chocolate chips, so they're kinda nasty. Crappy online recipe finders... My Paint Jackie that I made in computer class-"My love for Brando has cast me into oblivion. Every moment without him is more tragic than the last. Where is my shining star? My light that keeps me going? The one person who understands my lethal ways?" ::snickers:: We shouldn't have had that damn delay man. That was a load of asscrap. Yes, asscrap. Jackie was practicing her speech thing, but she messed up and she stopped, so I said 'dude, you have to stop using and in between sentences' and she fucking smack me across the face. That asswhore. Just trying to help... But anyway...I got distracted again...anyway, ummm...I'm considering asking my mom to get me zoloft. I don't even play my guitar often anymore. I play it often I guess, but just for like 2 minutes at a time. And I'm just like naturally depressed. Nothing gives me joy anymore. Oh well. I'll live...ok, maybe I won't...that damn knifeblade thing attached to my nailclippers was a little too tempting for comfort yesterday.

    Current Mood: eh
    Current Music: System of a Down "Nuguns"
    Thursday, January 15th, 2004
    3:14 pm
    I'll try to make all my subjects rhyme, so look for that next time...
    'Ello. Eatin' creamy salsa dip+tortilla chips and drinkin' slightly flat root beer. Without Shawn, there seems to be an endless supply of both. That bastard took my good smelling shampoo with him. Oh well. There's also always orange juice. Which is why I probably haven't been getting much sleep. I'm probably having dreams but not remembering them. (My mom always tells me not to drink orange juice before going to bed 'cause it makes you have dreams). It's cold. Anyway...ummm...ooo my Seether icon is mesmerizing. ooooo... Jackie's a slow typer. Or she's retarded. I think it's a combination of both. I kick ass in computer class. I don't even see the point of this crap. I finish it all in a couple minutes. I'll try to make this semi-long since Jenn said that these are getting increasingly shorter. Hey, I used that phrase to describe hers awhile ago. I think it was in the IR guestbook. I will move away from here, you don't be afraid of fear. I DON'T HAVE TO DO MY SPEECH TIL TUESDAY! ::claps!:: I forgot to call Terese again. I'll call her Friday or something. Maybe. I love Nirvana. ::mumbles about Courtney fuckin' Love:: I doooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I think Gail and Jackie have abandoned their journals. Ewww, I have to clean this computer room. It's all ash-y. Crappy dad. OOO I CAN PLAY THAT! ::sings:: GRANDMA TAKE ME HOME! (that's Sliver for all you non-Nirvana retards). I haven't played my bat in a couple days. I feel unfulfilled. It's cold to play now though. Especially the bass. It would hurt like hell. The bass needs a nickname. I got the Squier, the Bat...and ummmmm...I'll figure it out...

    Current Mood: kinda 'naturally' depressed...
    Current Music: Nirvana....Sliver...SLTS...YKYR...About a Girl...Been a Son
    Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
    3:34 pm
    Me- "I know I'm kinda ugly, but I'm not hideous!"
    ^For some reason, Jackie and Sarah found this quite entertaining. ooo Brandon Boyd from Incubus looks really hot in the Megalomaniac video...his hair is all longish and stuff...yeah, I'm sure you care. mmm ROOT BEER! My dad got me a sandwich thing from Sheetz and he got jalapenos and onions on it, both of which I have never liked and repeatedly tell him I don't like. I like peppery flavor, but I just don't really like eating them whole. exactly. I gotta feed the pups. Ok...ooo lighter! damn you diesel! Anyway...umm...AH! Gail spilled milk on my hoodie!

    Current Mood: eh...
    Current Music: Slipknot "Wait and Bleed"
    Monday, January 12th, 2004
    7:07 pm
    God save us all...
    Apparently, I have a bunch of random cousins in California that will be coming up for the November wedding, so my mum's like "Now we have to learn the salsa dance!" So now I guess I'm going to be forced to salsa. Stupid crap. And now that my dreams of moving to Miami are trashed...I couldve gotten me grandmum to teach me Spanish 'cause me dad's too lazy to...and then I could be all...Miami like and stuff. Looks like I'm goin' to Virginia or something. Anywhere but here. Well, as long as its not a redneck state. Like KY or something. I have to study for my cooking final. Joy.

    Current Mood: eh
    Current Music: OH MY GOD! GO AWAY FISH!
    Sunday, January 11th, 2004
    9:08 pm
    This weekend was slightly eventful...
    My dad made me plantains! mmmm...plantains. And me, Gail, and Sharayah ate tacos and then went to see ThrodL. There weren't many people there at all. And most of them were old. But it was still cool. We were kinda being harassed by ThrodL's new guitarist. But he's cool. And ummm...the singer from the first band did the chicken dance. I don't think he meant to. But it was pretty chicken-y. And ummm...I told Sharayah to ask random people for a hacky sack, and she finally listened and this dude had one so her and Gail and these other random dudes were playing. And I was laughing horribly at them. And Gail tried doing her Kam call but he wasn't there. And ummm...I bought a ThrodL hoodie. And ummm...yeah...Then I came home and slept.
    I had to get up at 6 o clock in the morning which was horrible. And the heat sucks on our new car thing so we literally froze man. It was horrible. We went to my grandpa's house and him and Mina and my dad were talking in spanish the whole time, it was confusing. Me and Shawn were just like 'uhhhh....' I was like She just said du! That means you! DAMNIT THAT'S GERMAN! And then we went to NY for the party thing. There was tons of food because the entire other family is Italian. So they were all talking in Italian and my dad was talking to his dad in spanish so once again, there's me and Shawn just like 'uhhh...' The food was really good. But there was a lot of it. And people wonder why Italian women are always fat...When they're young, they're usually skinny, but once they get married they balloon quickly. Oh well. Wow, this entry was really boring. And stuff.

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: must sleep...
    Friday, January 9th, 2004
    3:41 pm
    headbangin' like hell to Smells Like Teen Spirit
    We should possibly go to Sound Waves on the following days...
    January 10th- Throdl---gonna happen
    January 23rd-URS---UNDOUBTEDLY HAVE TO
    January 24th- BGL
    February 7th- Dead 50's
    February 21st- Coretez---most iffy of them all

    I've been listening to Nirvana constantly now...it's fun! AND HE LIKES TO SING ALOOONG!" ASHTRAYS ARE MADE FOR A PURPOSE...crappy father...::mumbles incoherently::...and I say yeah...Those inflation needles are still here...Shawn doesn't have money at the moment so he won't buy candy yet. But I'm sure he'll get around to it. It's not like there's anything else to do around here. Me go play bat. And I have to erase a certain few things from the wall...I changed one to say "Krystal + The Bat FOREVER!" I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks...

    Current Mood: gettin' better...or so I think
    Current Music: Nirvana...pretty much the entire CD...
    3:23 pm
    Say that I'm the one to blame, but it's killing me the same...
    ::shivers:: IT'S COLD! brrr... I haven't written in here in like a couple days. But Jackie hasn't written in hers in like 10 days, so it's cool. I really don't have anything to say. Ummmm...WE SHOULD LEARN TO PLAY YOU KNOW YOU'RE RIGHT! The bass line is all cool and stuff...

    Current Mood: FUCKIN' COLD!
    Current Music: Nirvana "In Bloom" I wonder if I can play that...
    Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
    9:20 pm
    ::snickers at Jackie because I get a clicker:: Shawn went shopping with BKJ and Molly and picked out all these clothes that were like 50 bucks each...from like the Gap and Aeropostale...and he needs lots of cash for college...what a retard...and one of the shirts they made him try on for us he was like "You can really see my nipples in this"...
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