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MaSoChIsT's Journal

1st June, 2003. 1:45 pm.

1:42 ..... bored ........ listening to music. This how pretty much every sunday is spent. Either with my fiance OR doing the above. I found a new band however , so I guess this weekend wasn't totally wasted. Death By Stereo is a hardcore punk band. Their okay , this one song " wasted Words " is more metally than any other song I've heard from them. Nice solo during a chorus. Anyways thats all I can say for now. Wait I stand correct ... Im listening to something right now that sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen , but I didn't put any of his songs on here. OR DID I ?!. Nah I didn't. This is death by stereo as well. Interesting , they are very good. This is one band that I will start collecting all of their CD's ( Much like I did with my favorite band DEATH ) .... Anyways thats all for now kiddies. G'day !

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1st June, 2003. 2:37 pm.

:: Sigh Of Relief :: This is much better than my original set up. The old one was boring. This is better. Thanks to my baby ( Kim ) ... Shes a little computer genious YES SHE IS !!! ... anyways uh .... nothing much to say. Its only been about an hour or so since my last post so eh .... bite me.

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1st June, 2003. 10:06 pm. Im wearing a hat !!!

Im in Kims house right now , and im wearing a hat ^_^ ..... Yes thats right. Its my element hat. How is this relevant , how is this gonna benifit the reader ?! WELL ......... I DONT KNOW !!!! .. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway as I was saying im in Kims house and I just finished eating some cookies , a fruit roll up , half a twix , and a bottle of soda ..... Im full to say the least. Anyway thats enough for now. I've noticed that these posts get dumber & dumber as time goes by , and frankly I for one am proud that I am the one that is contributing to your stupification. Anyway enough of this ..... G'NIGHT !!!!!!!!!

Current mood: loved.
Current music: AllForNothing - Super Predetor.

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