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  2004.03.14  10.31
Eff, butt ;]

my grandparents were suppose to be here last night, i'm guessing they got a hotel. I cant wait to see them, and their doggy! (stoked) .. shit, I dont have anything to talk about lol, I got 3 boxes of capri sun for a dollar bill. WHUT! yeah, sluts. I'm going to make a capri sun purse, because i'm creative.. i might even make two, and sell them. because we have like 12 boxes of capri sun and kool-aide jammers. Theres some kick ass coupon for vons, you can get capri sun and cheese and crackers and stuff, and you can use as many coupons as you want. so it's a smokin' deal.I need to get some help on my journal ..,ok,, looks like shit to max squared..can somebody possibly help me? .. i want it to look the s3x where everything isnt so big..and its smaller

Mood: crazy
Music: Last Train Home -- Lostprophets