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Text filters [06 Jun 2004|04:52pm]
The following override will alter the links in your journal when the cursor is hovered over them.

<style type="text/css">
a:hover {
height: 0;

The above example will cause your link to glow light purple. The color can be changed to suit your needs by replacing the current hexidecimal color code value (cc99ff) with a different vlaue. If you are in need of a hexadecimal color chart, one can be found here.

To change to a different filter, you need only change the filter within the override.

Blur: filter:blur(Add=1,Strength=4,Direction=45);
Horizontal Flip: filter: fliph();
Veritcal Flip: filter: flipv();
Glow: filter:glow(Color=#CC99FF,Strength=2);
Blur: filter:blur(Add=1,Strength=4,Direction=45);
Wave: filter:wave(Add=1,Freq=2,LightStrength=20,Phase=45,Strength=2);
Freq specifies the number of waves the filter makes, and LightStrength is a percentage value that specifies the strength of light on the wave effect
Shadow: filter:shadow(Color=#CC99FF,Direction=90);
Drop shadow: filter:dropshadow(Color=#CC99FF,Direction=135);

The variables within the filters can also be changed to suit your needs.
Add specifies whether the original object will be added to the filter or not.
Strength effects how much the object will glow or blur, and can be changed to any single digit number that suits your needs.
Direction changes which direction the object is blurred from. ie. 0 (top), 45 (top right), 90 (right), 135 (bottom right), 180 (bottom), 225 (bottom left), 270 (left), and 315 (top left)

In the fade filter, you will need to specify which color you want to start (CC99FF)and end (FEFEFE) with. Currently it is set to fade from light purple to white.

Note that you should always merge your GLOBAL_HEAD overrides so that they function correctly. Information on merging overrides can be found here.
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