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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
6:39 pm - Icons/credits
hey again- Just for the record-- whoever looks at my pics in my profile, id just like u all to know, i search the web for my icons and i dont know who to credit, and im not trying to steal anyones work.. so i just thought id put this here before anyone says hey i made that! lol so sorry for not giving credit, but no offense, im not gonna go and just credit whoever, so just know that if any of these are your (your being a general statement) designs, although i dont credit u, i think your work is great and this is my credit to all the people who make icons, for if i ever use yours- its not that you dont deserve credit, it just works out that way lol. i love ya all-
ps- i love these icons theyre soo cute!
Love you CJ-

pps- MY BROTHER IS AN ASSHOLE lol just for another record heh

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6:22 pm - -:- sandals & lip gloss -:-
hey every1!! YAY! okie.. I was at the mall on Saturday! omg- i saw the cutest sandals ever! wow- they were soo cute- okie they came in like 5 colors, but i want the black ones and the pink ones! they were thongs and then pink was like the leather thong, pink with pink rhinestones and then in the center by the toes was a REALLI cute pink sequince butterfly! awwww- hehe and the black ones were the same but it was black, but this like gorgeous aqua blue rhinestones and butterfly- so my moms gonna take me next week to get them yay! lol

oooo guess what!? I took my State Driving test today! yes!! i think i aced it! yay!

okie im happy i get a manicure/pedicure/waxing tomorrow at 4 after class- i cant wait- i need it all so bad lol

ok so if any girly girls out there are looking for a good lip gloss- although not designer... (not to be superficial but i do prefer the more expensive makeup, just cause...i dunno, but this brand name is soo loved by me) hehe okie its bonnebell-- Lip Lites in vanilla swirl- or whatever color matches ur personality and skin tone
But trust me- its not too sticky/thick, not to watery/thin (i usually wear it over another color umm it smells and tastes yummy! so go buy it! its what? 4 dollars- or something along those lines...u know more or less

hehe see the more expensive the makeup, doesnt necessarily mean its better quality, i mean for the most part i think it is.. but like L'OREAL is sooo great... and ill forever wear Maybelline mascara! and some covergirl is cute- so i mean NEVER cross out the drugstore brands! never ever never lol it doesnt really matter the price... i guess when i realli think about it... its like 50/50 cause ive actually bought some "designer" (if u will) makeup, that was not as good as ud think- so i dunno
I think the main point is i love makeup, and i have a lot of it, and this is a good lip gloss lol and ill be listing more "fave picks" of mine in the future, and it'll range from all different prices!
wow ok now im just rambling, this must get boring after a while heh-- i love Cj muahz- im out- sorry for the bore lol but now u all know a thing or 2 new about makeup heh-

*much love babydolls*

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
4:41 pm - Fake Flowers
hey everyone! ok omg- wow... i have soo much to tell....too much actually..the best thing is that CJ sent me a dozen red roses to my school!! yesterday (6/3/03) and awwwww. in the center was a 13th rose...except it was FAKE! and i always told him i wasnt a big fan of real flowers from guys..yeah i love them to like buy and plant.. or get for a birthday from a parent or something...but romantically (i save everything) and with real flowers, yeah u could dry them...but something they crisp up and break apart- and well so fake flowers last forever and i told CJ that i read in a mag one time how this guy sent this girl roses but with a fake one. and said the day ill stop loving you is the day the last rose dies (or something along those sweet lines)

So thats exactly what he did.... and i mean i told him that a while ago- and it was so sweet that he remembered and knows how much it means to me! i love him... awww!

hehe okay so anyways- well.. my friend Phil- he's friends with this guy George and me and George started talking and he fell in love with me...literally....i mean this happened like 2 weeks ago...
We were on the phone forever- and i felt realli guilty cause of my baby CJ- but we talked for hours in the early hrs.... and well he just told me how much he loved me...and he's so smart- i was amazed by all of his words- and his poems and true love- you could tell it was real- but that doesnt mean he's in love with me...he could love me but LOVING someone is different from being IN LOVE with someone- and well... being in love is a two way street, but its still possible for him to love me-- and maybe he was falling in love, because i loved him back. but i told him-hey i love you, but in a different way- im sorry but i have a boyfriend who i love very much... and although tempting, its not quite strong enough for me to want you. (those werent my exact words, but i do love him, and i was very nice about it)

Wow ok so George came up (he lives in south jersey) he drove 2 1/2 hrs to come see me- MEET ME actually.... and well cause i didnt realli know him very well... i took my friend Marion along- wow... he was so sweet and perfect in person too- just like on the phone... well first of all.. i thought he was gonna be here around 3... but he got here at a quarter to 2! 1:44 pm to be exact lol and i wasnt finished getting ready! everything was done, but i had to straighten my hair- and well i looked bad- and i didnt want him to see me till i was "finished" so i went in the bathroom and did my hair---omg he was so sweet cause he sat in my living room and met my whole family! and marion...before even seeing me- MY PARENTS LOVED HIM!

So we went bowling, ate...and then dropped Marion off-and like the whole day he was pissy- so i was like pull over (marion was home) and we sat in the car and i was just like- whats wrong??? and he told me...hes like CJ isnt even my friend but i feel like im betraying him...blah blah blah- some stuff happened (dont worry i didnt cheat on CJ, and i NEVER EVER NEVER would)

so anyways- afterwards me and George took some pics- and we both agreed we shouldnt hang out like that anymore, because he liked me too much, and i liked him, but im in love with my boyfriend- so we didnt talk much afterwards.. and i got realli lonely feeling and talked to Chris and i was so sad for a few days, but then just one day i woke up realli happy and me and CJ got 10 times closer... and although ill always be here for George- i cant give him the love he needs, because my heart belongs to someone else-

but anyways- its a longer story but in a nutshell thats about it- i love CJ and i think all that stuff made us even closer-

OK so June 20th is Phil and George's graduation...hopefully i can go- im dying to go cause im still friends with George.. and Phil is the absolute best, i love him we're good friends.. we've known eachother since i was like 10, so i have to go to his graduation

Oh and Happy 18th Birthday George! his b-day was yesterday, when i got my roses lol awww 6/3/03

Okay one more thing! Monday 6/2/03 was our class trip we went to Allentown, PA to Dorney Park- it was fun! hehe

Well CJ- I trust you totally, i love you darling.

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
12:33 pm - happie happie joy joy!!
Hey ya'll whats up? el nada lol My town sucks!! but I Love Skeery Jones!!! muahz! lol he's a great guy, works at z100, New York's Number 1 Hit Music Station!!! i listen to'em every morning, and all in the afternoon when im home, and every single night all night while sleeping! And i was talking to Skeery online for just a few minutes and he said the sweetest thing to me! and he made me feel good i smiled!

He seems like a cool guy, i'd love to meet him, and elvis and everyone else from z100! Hopefully when i'm in college they'll accept me as an intern, cause it would be so much fun! And a good learning experience..

I miss my boy!!! lol
Anthony- Tight like a Tiger!!! hah it was so funnie cause my friend Anthony comes up to me and goes Look at your pants! your tight like a tiger!! oo its fun

Okie dokie, hehe Cj's mommy says that and he thinks its cute when i say it she's my mom-in-law, i love her, and his dad! they're the sweetest people!

Hey you know what really sucks? my cousin was grounded till like June for getting an 83 in Spanish!! my parents would never ground me like that, if i try my hardest, then mom thinks that my uncle is being abusive my grounding them like that...i dunno theres more to it, and it is pretty mean..

Yesterday I asked this kid Daniel if he'd go to my wedding he said no lol i thought thank god, cause i really wouldnt invite him, for christ sake, i used to kinda date him...and me and the hubby (Cj) really dont like him much cause there was this semester/chapter where he like was in love with me but i broke up with him and yeah it got scary....creepy...i would never invite him because CJ would probably be miserable, and im sure hed say something mean and stupid to me to ruin our day, id be an idiot to invite him!

but then i asked my BOYYYYY Phil if he'd go and he said naturally! yay!! hes an awesome guy, and is in love with Danielle and i think they'll end up getting married, wait and see okie?! alright

E-mail me Skeery at

I love my hubby! <3 muah Cj

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
12:54 pm - horny bastard!!!
hey guys im mucho tiredO! lol wow okie its April... and like half the population of my town was fucking born in April god damnit! including my mom lol

Omg guys... I told Marion SUPER nicely i couldnt go to the mall cause i had already made plans with Colleen... and today she was like all sad in school.. and was like "so....... where.. where are u going with colleen?" lol it was kinda sad... anyways gotta go bells gonna ring!


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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
12:41 pm - computer applications anyone?
Hey ya'll howdy! lol nah jk.. im in computer applications, this class is cool cause i just go on the internet and e-mail my boyfriend and stuff.... i miss my boyfriend, hes such a sweetie i love him, when i talk of him ill refer to him as CJ or just like my baby or something cute like that.. anyways i love this site its cool- i cant figure out how to personalize my journal, like backgrounds and stuff... if anyone can help please e-mail me

Anyways... wow.. my Best F Colleen wants me to go with her after school to get eyebrows waxed and then this religious washing of feet stuff at her church or something i dunno, which is fine cause me and her could like sit in a plain room and like still have fun lol so i wanna go with her, but like one problem...
This girl Marion, whos an ok girl, is like obsessed with me and always wants to hang out... and she wants to go to the mall on Thrusday after school cause theres no school on Friday (Spring/ Easter Break!!!! yay!) but of course i LOVE the mall.. and i really wanna go, its just shes kinda stalkish- lol (colleens probably laughing now reading this, its true though, ill explain more another time) & even though i wanna go to the mall im NOT ditching colleen.. cause i already said id go with her.. u know? i dont remember who asked me first, but thats not the point, and i dont even know if my mom would let me go... cause Marions mom is in a wheel chair... and her dad never drives us anywhere, ive known her for over 3 years, and ive never once met her parents, and ive never once been in her house.. so its kinda creepy, and shes gonna ask me to drive her to the mall and back.. and i dunno...
i just dont think i can survive a few straight hours with her... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR but Col i can lol... get me? yeah good..
I'm a real nice person, i swear, im not mean to her... but im not one to be surrounded by people constantly... sometimes i just rather be alone... the only person i can be with for hours and days on end is Cj... we're getting married & i'll be happy, because he has the greatest personality, and hes good to me.. and i love him.. muah!

toodles! muahz, love my CJ... =)

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