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asfdfasfsdafasdfsdghw4erev [02 Sep 2005|08:34pm]
i don't even know if anyone's reading this.. but you know.. what the heck.

Highschool now.. it's been a while. A very long while. Ehh.
It's not too different from John Burrough.. just the school is bigger. A lot more people. A lot more stupid people.. but hey. you know, you gotta love it right?

I know everything will be alright. I just .. hope.
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The plane that flew away... [12 Aug 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Oasis - Don't go away ]

Cold and frosty morning there's not a lot to say
About the things caught in my mind
And as the day was dawning my plane flew away
With all the things caught in my mind
And I wanna be there when you're...
Coming down
And I wanna be there when you hit the ground
So don't go away, say what you say
But say that you'll stay
Forever and a the time of my life
Cos I need more time, yes I need more time
Just to make things right

Damn my situation and the games I have to play
With all the things caught in my mind
Damn my education I can't find the words to say
About the things caught in my mind

And I wanna be there when you're...
Coming down
And I wanna be there when you hit the ground

So don't go away, say what you say
But say that you'll stay
Forever and a the time of my life
Cos I need more time, yes I need more time
Just to make things right

Me and you what's going on?
All we seem to know is how to show
The feelings that are wrong

So don't go away, say what you say
But say that you'll stay
Forever and a the time of my life
Cos I need more time, yes I need more time
Just to make things right

Don't go away, say what you say
But say that you'll stay
Forever and a the time of my life
Cos I need more time, yes I need more time
Just to make things right
Yes I need more time just to make things right
Yes I need more time just to make things right

So Don't Go Away

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*Clears throat* [06 Aug 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

The Cardigans
(Gran Turismo)

I dont know what you're looking for
You haven't found it baby, that for sure
You rip me up and spread me all around
In the dust of the dead of time
And this is not a case of lust, you see
It's not a matter of you versus me
It's fine the way you want me on your own
But in the end it's always me alone

And I'm losing my favorite game
You're losing your mind again
I'm losing my baby
Losing my favorite game

I only know what I've been working for
Another you so I could love you more
I really thought that I could take you there
But my experiment is not getting us anywhere
I had a vision I could turn you right
A stupid mission and a lethal fight
I should have seen it when my hope was new
My heart is black and my body is blue

And I'm losing my favorite game
You're losing your mind again
I'm losing my favorite game
I've tried but you're still the same
I'm losing my baby
You're losing a savior and a saint

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Question me, no.. NO BITCH! NO! [06 Aug 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Rape me - Nirvana ]

Yes.. Well, the dreaded but not forgotten day.. has begun to strike again..

Now, I just feel like everyday is good and happy but at the same time so freaking stressful. The ease of knowing that I am never going to see my friends again.. Or anyone.. Just at home.. All day. With no contact with the outside world.... What shall I do?

Starting highschool is just driving me insane.. Who knows what's gonna happen. Well, life is unpredictable, scary.. weird. BAD!

I'm here sitting on this uncomfortable chair while the days keep going and time just passes me by..

What ever happened to, "Cease the moment"?

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ha ha ha.. Hello my little.... [05 Aug 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Stop crying your heart out - Oasis ]

Whoa, well.. Yes, COMIC FUCKING CON!

It was awesome.. For one it was fucking huge.. I was going insane.. Well yes, I did manage to see Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Ms. Calender, the trio, (Jonathon [ Danny Strong who I met before], Warren, and Andrew), Adam, Clim and Eliza Dushku.. it was nice.. Hell, it was awesome.. Also, having to include writer, JOSS WHEDON! Whoa, it's funny. When he entered the ballroom they applauded him ten times more than any celebrity, it was more like insane.. It was a bit overwhelming that I actually went to Comic Con.. But hey, what the fuck, it happened baby!

Well, I haven't updated so soon because it was a bit.. Well, big.. Very big news and I was just so insanly exhausted to write about it anywho.. *sigh*

So, school.. It's meh.. Well, it's good. You know, same old.. We have about less then two weeks.. Kinda creepy..

Am I ready for the change?

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Mmmm... 'Em Fuel... ha [18 Jul 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Memories are just where you laid them
Dragging the waters til the depths give up their dead
What did you expect to find?
Was it something you left behind?
Don't you remember anything I said when I said,

Don't fall away and leave me to myself
Don't fall away and leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again
And leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleeding

Oh hold me now I feel contagious
Am I the only place that you've left to go?
She cries her life is like
Some movie in black and white
Dead actors faking lines, over and over and over again she cries

Don't fall away and leave me to myself
Don't fall away and leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again
And leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleeding

And I watched as you turned away
You don't remember, but I do
You never even tried

Don't fall away and leave me to myself
Don't fall away and leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleeding in my hands, in my hands again, oh

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Swimming in about two days! [18 Jul 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, everything has been going rather well..

Summerschool, good. Life, okay.
Yesterday I went to The grove with Grace and Jade 'cause Grace was despret for new clothing. So, after going around looking for a good outfit, we went over to Savon...

GUESS WHO I SEE! XANDER HARRIS, (Nicolas Brendan from Buffy).. Well, I was walking towards him and I was like, whoa.. He looks like Xander.. Then I was just like, "Excuse me, um.. are you Xander..?" He said .. "Yeah, nice to meet you." I was like oh, awesome, nice to meet you too. I then told him my name and he shook my hand. He introduced him self by the name if Nikki.. It was funny. Then I was like.. great.. Nice to meet you, he said you too. and then we both took our own seperate ways.. We were in line and he was in the other line and Grace finished first so I kept turning around... uhh.. my goodness. Grace was there with my also. Then Jade came over with annie and Grace immediatly said that I met xander. They went over to look for him then ran away.. Which was a bit odd. Then we all left and we saw Nicolas Brendan running over to his car.. Yeah, he bought water... or so I hear from Jade.
He was wearing a grey tight really short sleeve t-shit, khaki shorts, and black flip- flops..
It seemed like he had been working out because in the last season of Buffy he was a bit chubby but if you saw his arms, wow.. Just.. wow.. All that extra stuff was like muscle.. Whoa. And you could tell, he just shaved.. He looked goooood.

Well, then we all went to my house and went on the computer, had a little pizza. Listened to music. Played a little guitar. went crazy over Hemmorhage in my hands by Fuel..

Then they left like around 11 or 11:30 or so.. Then I was soo exhausted, I fell asleep..

Today, nothing is going to happen. Just online doing nothing.. Fuck, soo bored.


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I love today! [07 Jul 2004|02:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Creep - Radiohead ]


It went totally and completly great... This is how my day started...
I woke up, got ready.. then off to school... I saw Emmanuel in the morning and he has the same classes I do.. That's awesome. So.. About five minutes to classes, we pass by, I look forward.... then what comes out of my mouth, "Oh shit"... I saw Teacher person... He probably heard me.. I stopped immediately.. But Emmanuel kept walking.. So then I had to yell his name out.. That was embarasssing.. But you know, to be honest, I wanted him there, but at the same time I didn't.. It was weird.... But I most certainly was happy.

Well, we saw Teacher person a bit.. during lunch, it was good. all good.
Believe me.

Now, tomorrow.. What does tomorrow have in store for me, hopefully, an awesome day..

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Hmmm.. potatoes! [06 Jul 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Israel's Son - Silverchair ]

"Put your hands in the air"!!!! (Don't worry about that, it's just from the song, silly..

Well, how is everyone? Good, dandy? Well, I'm just fine. Yesterday we didn't see Spider Man 2. We saw White Chicks instead.. I don't know. The movie was okay. I didn't really wanna see it in the first place to be honest. I wanted to see Saved or Spiderman 2.. Farzana doesn't want to see Saved though... She doens't like those kind of movies, I guess.. Not her type? Insane... More like it.

Well, first.. My brother went to the gym for a swim.. for a short long while.. Then he came home and we , also his best friend Henry, went to Melt Down which is a Comic Book / clothing / toy store, I guess? Well, I got his shirt .. #069.. Yes, another batman shirt. It was his birthday on the 30 of June and I only had gotten him part of his present.. I got him a Underworld toy and Clerks.. Yeah.. But the shirt looks big, whatever. Then we went to Ameoba ... My brother got a Bauhouse dvd and a Duran Duran album.. Then we went to go pick up Farzana and he dropped us off at the Grove. We went to Barnes and Nobles.. And I got one Silverchair Album.. As far as I know, it's okay.. I have to say, I have heard better. 12 dollars wasted..

Then last night I was watching Chasing Amy.. It's funny, I like it. I've had it for a long time, but I've never seen it. I have only seen Clerks, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob strike back... and whatnot.

Today, I really didn't do much at all. With the anxiety of going to summer school tomorrow, panicing over if I will over sleep or not.. Oh shit. Farzana and everyone got a schedule over the mail, and I didn't. Shit. Now, I am going to have to go through "the first day of school" deal.. Shit. My brother still needs to bring home my Buffy season 6.. He brought it at work to watch it but he never returned it.. If they're any damages, I am seriously going to kill him.

So, what does tomorrow have in store for me? I hope it's not boring. Or bad. Or anything weird..


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Holy fucking shit.. [04 Jul 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Sorrow - Bad Religion ]

Backtrack-July 1, 2004

I went to Larchmontewith my familly because my mom is sick and she had to go to the pharmacy. We pulled into the Public Parking at Larchmont hoping to find a spot to park and guess who we see! Well, he spotted her out. Her... yes, Eliza Dushku! I was too busy looking at her dog.. She was wearing a black and pink strip tank top with lace on the bottom and top.. she was wearing jeans black leather belt silver buckle. Black boots and she was wearing make up.. She looks better without though.. Or just not that kind... She was with a guy, blond.. wearing a white shirt with red trimming it, khaki shorts.. and flip flops.. I think.. Then my brother was like, "Oh my god, is that Eliza Dushku" and then I was like HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! IT IS! I just wanted to leap out of the car and ask for her autograph! My brother told me not to because he said we would of looked like jerks if I did. So me, starstrucked and all, yelled hi. Then she waved hi and said it. Then the guy was like.. hello.. and Eliza was throwing something away and I just couldn't get my eyes off of her.

This has been my second encounter with eliza.. I did meet her on 3rd and Highland in her car with Farzana and Elizabeth.. We saw her, and I was just amazed..

My brother and I also met Jonathon.. I forgot his name.. Jonathon is a member from buffy as well as Eliza. we met him at Insomaniacs.. I spotted him... I was crazy, i was like brother, is that Jonathon from Buffy. He didn't know who I was talking about because he was turning back from us. So then I said you know the guy with the yellow shirt.. Then he was like that's not him.. I was like I know, the guy across from him and then he was like let me check. So then he walked and was looking at him and he was mouthing, "oh my gosh, it is!"... He walked over to him and they started a conversation. I was so fucking nervous.. I mean he didn't even play such a big role in Buffy, but whatever. I was still starstruck.. Then I just started making small steps towards them and my brother was like here is someone who would love to meet you, then I shook his hand! I told him my name.. and whatnot. He even told us that he lives on Wilton!!!! He introduced us to his friends also.. I was quiet, I didn't say anything.. My brother kept rambling on and on.. Apparently, Jonathon goes there a lot.. We were like dorks standing there.. Oh gosh.. *Sigh*

So, Angel, buffy cast members that I've met..
Spike, Angel, Jonathon, Harmony, Faith, Fred, Eve, Gun, and Lourene.
I met Spike, Angel, Harmony, Fred, Eve, Fun and Lourene at the Premiere of Angel.. I have good pictures too!
I got Harmony and Angel's autograph.
I actually met Fred, Amy Acker at the grove also with my brother and Monique. Monique spotted her then I was like oh crap.. I got her autograph then also.

Now, I just need to meet Buffy..(Hopefully at the comic con), Xander, willow, Giles, Anya, and Wesley. Or any of the other petential slayers.. But i really only remember a couple..
It's funny, I really can't believe I've met these people, *sigh*

Yesterday, I was going to Grace's house with Jade to swim again, but unfortunetly, the pool was bad... dirty.. and yellow. So we didn't.. We were all sooo very mellow.. and bored all day. We were gonna go swimming but Grace's dad didn't let her because he said it was dangerous.. I don't know how.. but whatever. So then we were just hanging around and experimenting make up on Jade.. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY! Then Jade's parents took us to the 3rd street prominade.. It was awesome. We ate at Bucca De Beppo.. And our waiter.. Whoa! Totally, good looking. Sooo hot..

Today, I didn't do much.. At all. actually.. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY BY THE WAY! ENJOY THE PRETTY FIRE WORKSS...
Preeettttyyy coolllloooorrsss..

But tomorrow I am going to go watch Spider Man 2! YAY! Finally, I've been waiting so fucking long! But yes, I"m looking forward to that. yes, I am.. But before that, I am going to go to Ameoba records with my brother.. I want to get a movie.... I like movies.. I'm bored of all my movies..

well, sheeeee ya latersssss... I'm happy.. And giddy.. Giddy very giddy...


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Weird is the right word.... [29 Jun 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out ]

Hello everyone, again.. bored.. this summer is soo dull..

School is on the 7 of July... i have a bit of time... What am I going to do in between now and then.. UGH! This is disturbing..

Well, tomorrow is my brother's birthday.. i am not even sure if we are going to do something.. I think we are going to do something for him on the second of July. I am not sure. maybe on the weekened? What does he want to do anyway? I am almost done with his present.. I just have to get him another batman shirt and I'm done.. oh great..

It turns out I am not going to see Spiderman 2 tomorrow. I am going to see it on Monday.... FUCK, FUCK FUCK! Now, I have to wait all this time. Great! Farzana always has somthing to change with our plans.. Either she not going at all or another day, another movie. another thing.. Whatever.. *Sigh* I'm getting a headache.

Well, I'm bored out of my mind, my television is fucked... what do I do....??? Ugh.. only a few more days with this torment. Only a few... How must I live?

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That's enough swimming for one week.. [27 Jun 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | nodda ]

Tired.. Very tired..

Friday, I did go to Glendale with 'em friends of mine.. and then we went to Grace's house afterwards for another swim.

Saturday, AGAIN went to the mall, Gendale Galleria with my mother.. And it was insane. *Sigh*

Sunday, hmmm.. Today, I didn't do anything that is worthy of even mentioning in a freaking online journal.. Funny, I know. Heh. Well, to soak in this, we call boredom!!!! Pity, pity me..


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hee hee... I want a g5... [25 Jun 2004|12:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | weird stuff playing in the Imac store ]

Well, right now I am at the Imac store with Grace and Jade.. I am just drooling over the g5..

I'm happy, I'm not sure why, but I am really tired.. They called me really early in the morning.. And they were just planning this whole deal. We went to the pet store and I saw this really cute dog... I think it was a Beagle.. Yes, it most likely is.. I wanted it.

Well, I'm gonna split.. Take it easy..


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I wanna hold you hand... [24 Jun 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Beatles - I wanna hold you hand ]

Well, the swimming was awesome.. I just came back actually.

Tomorrow they want to go to the mall.. Glendale probably.. We'll see how that would go..

Well, I'm beat..


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Off for a swim.. [24 Jun 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Simon and Garfunkel - Cecelia ]

yay! I am soo excited. I am about to go swimming at Grace's house with Jade. Jade's gonna pick me up soon..

Steven kept talking to me about this Spanish song.. La Bomba or so.. It was funny. I use to like that song. I'm not sure why, exactly.. it's kinda weird. But yeah. It's funny when you listen to it and if you see the dance you might be a little turned on.. Who knows?

Well last night I just kept looking for pictures of Milo Ventimiglia.. I love him.. He is soo... ugh.. really good looking.. Again, obsessed.... I know... Well yeah..

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*Deep breath..* [24 Jun 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Singing in my head ]


I really didn't mean to abandon my online journal.. It really hasn't been exciting or anything.. Everything going on.. Lately.. I seem to keep in my tired sleepy head I use... Hmm. Well, I'll share a thing or two... *Sigh*

Well, finishing middle school... yes, yes.. Graduation was on the 17.. Of june.. things just feel messy.. i dont' know. I miss everyone.. All my friends and memories of middle school..but what the heck.. We finished middle school, I say we party!

Speaking of fun, July 23 I am going to tag along with my brother to the Comic Convention held in San Diego.. Yeah, I'm really siked.. I always plan to go every year, but it never runs through. But as you probably know with my mouth rambling on about the ending of Buffy.. Sarah Michelle Gellar makes her ever first appearance in Comic Con! It's final.. My brother and I already registered hotels.. and.. Just sooo excited.. I mean.. I've met Angel, Jonathon, Faith... , Spike.. Now, my brother has met Anya.. Meeting Buffy is a dream! But the thing that is sooo goood about this dream, is that it is actually going to happen!

Then today I went to the boring Grove.. With a couple friends.. But it was fun..

Sorry, I don't know .. I just need to blow off some steem, I guess.
Since, I am sooo bored this summer.. I am planning to update this journal of mine MORE OFTEN!
Well, here ya go..

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I'm bored... As usual.... [01 Jun 2004|02:21am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Crap.... ]

Hello my wonderful friends..

Well, as you know my relatives are here and we are goingto Vegas.. Meh.. I don't really want to go.. But.. Still.. Heh.. I don't know. Wel, they came on Monday night.. And Tuesday night we went to Bucca de Beppo.. Then wednesday night.. Wait .. Oh yeah, we just went to the Glendale Galleria to shop a little. So today is Thursday and I went over to Ameoba .. We got a couple things.. Well my brother got moves and stuff .. I was going to get Biffy The Vampire Slayer but it doesn't come out till May 25 or so.. Fuck that shit. I want it right now.. Heh. Whatever. I've been waiting for a long time.. What's the point for waiting a little more. So then like yeah, then we went to The Grove.. And we hung out there..Imac store, Barnes and Nobles, ect.. It's fun.. Oh yes, by the way, I went to Insomaina, the coffeee shop and then my brother and I met Jonathon from Buffy the vampire slayer.. WOW! It was awesome.. At first, I wasn't sure if it was him.. Then I was like it certainly was. My brother went up to him first and I was like oh my god! And then I was like afraid to go up to him because I get sooo star struck.. He was like.. here's someone who really wants to meet you.. Then I shook his hand.. We're such dorks. Then he even introduced us to his friends. His real name is Danny.. I don't know his last name though. Heh. I shook his hand twice and my brother just started babling because he was soooo nervous.. He was acting like a dork. And I was just there standing.. Nodding. And laughing a bit.. I did say a couple of things though. If you would cound like one sentence or so.. heh. It was really great.

But I am going to be missing school. I am going to miss tomorrow and monday and tuesday. Yeah. I don't know about that. Because I am not going to be seeing my friends for a very long time. I am not very use to that.

yes, it is down to it's final episode coming on May 21.. Isn't that just bad. I cannot believe that the fucking WB is removing angel.. They are willing to keep these other shows on and remove angel.. What the fuck... That's bull.
Angel, buffy. Everything going away. They ended it so suddenly.. I don't think Joss Whedon wanted that ending. I am not too sure that he had the choice. But fuck. Heh..

It's going rather well actually, i wasn't to fond about the whole testing thing. We just started the whole CAT fucking 6 shit. Just too many hours of testing in one day.

But other than that... It is good. Although, I am going to be missing like 3 days or so.. This week.. Well the first of next week. *Sigh*

This house is a hasle right now. We are leaving tomorrow. Everyone packing sand shit. Although, I haven't packed yet. Oh fuck that, I'll do it later. Eventually. I don't know. Sometimes...

I am going to have to like.. Bring gifts.. Well like little stuff for like friends and stuff like that. You know..

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My potatoes say hello... [19 Apr 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Siouxsie And The Banshees- Dazzel ]

Wow, I REALLY haven't written in this thing for a long ass time.

It's going well, but A LOT has happened. There this guy whose extremely beautiful! My goodness. He works at my school, he's not a teacher or anything.. But still. My friend likes him too.. I am not going to mention her name though. My friend likes a lot of people though. She likes this guy whose a little weird. Seriously though, she has the KINKIEST FUCKING DREAMS! I don't know. She even has weird familly issues, or shall I say, familly in law issues... Ha ha. I know your reading this... Haha..
Spring Break is coming up. I have no plans, as of now. Shit, I'm broke! Fuck, fuck, fuck!
KILL BILL is coming out on April 16 though! I can't wait to see it. Meh.
Grace wants to go to my house tomorrow. I wonder what we are going to do.. MAybe play a little poker.. Whatever.

I am going to go to the mall on the 29 with a friend of mine! That's the only time she can go. She might not even be able to go. She can't go anywhere and I bearly get to see her outside of school. Or maybe we'll hit melrose.. We'll see later. We have a lot of time! Sometimes, I just want to strangle her. Well, all the time. She's crazy.

I have Siouxsie And The Banshees stuck in my head.. Well, I am going to go.
Well, I shall return, as of now, bye...
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! (Especially the really hot guy from school!)

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Gee, how delighted to see you... [13 Nov 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | "epicentrum" - Vnv Nation ]

I haven't written in here a while.. I was a bit lazy..
I was just in Las Vegas. My aunt came to visit us from London so we went to Vegas. It was okay. I got a haircut and I died my hair. It's alright.

I saw Kill Bill the other day. It was a pretty good movie actually. I saw it twice. I might see it again, not too sure. I hate that it has two parts though. The second part comes out during February, I think. Yes. Whoo. Heh.

I might be going to my friends house tomorrow. I have nothing to do on the weekened or anything booked so yeah, I probably will. Today was an okay day. I haven't been in school so long that it feels so new. Heh. Although everything is the same. Everrrythingggg. Nothing has changed. It's funky. Meh. Well I have a bunch of homework to do. So.... This is enough for now.

I'll come and rescue you. .....

Gee.... Historyyyy

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... Can I have some of your sweet apples...? [07 Nov 2003|10:34am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | A ringing phone.... MMMMehh ]

Well I haven't written in a while because I was lazy or I just forgot. Well whatever about that. SO...

I met Angel!! Yeah baby!

I am going to go to a Lake of some sort today. That is probably going to be okay. I feel like shit. My throat is bad. Goooinggg nowww. Boreddd. Not interested. Go ... GGooo... Ggggooo....

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Wow, I haven't updated this in a while... [16 Aug 2003|11:27am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Make Me Over - Hole ]

Whoa, well I'll talk from way back and I'll continue on.. Well July 31 was Kimberly's birthday, she had a party on friday, the first of August. Well we went to get some pizza then we went to her house. She has the most amazing dogs ever. They were soo cute. Well then we were in her backyard and Steven turned on the hose and started spraying everyone. Her mother lend us clothing for all of us which were Steven, Ernesto, Jade, Grace, Kimberly and myself. Then we went back outside and started wetting eachother.. It was funny. Then Ernesto dared Steven to get the mud from the ground and put it all over his hair as though it was shampoo and act like he was on t.v. HE DID IT. It was hilarious. Ernesto danced on the pole like a stripper, and Ernesto and Kimberly had a huge mud fight. It was really, really fun.

I don't remember when but we saw S.W.A.T. with Kim, Ernesto, Steven, Grace and Jade.. The movie was alright. We saw it at The Grove...
Steven, Grace, Jade, and I also saw American Wedding. That was alright, I liked the second one better though. We saw that at Universal City Walk.
We went to Universal City Walk again with Steven, Grace, Jade, Marvin, Steven's cousin, and Ernesto and we saw Freaky Friday. It was okay, I suppose. They wanted to see American Wedding.. Ernesto and Marvin did. We didn't want to see it very much since we already seen it. So we didn't. We just got wet on the fountain thingie and we ate at this pizza place. Oh yes, oh yes, we played airhockey, and I BEAT ERNESTO! Yay. Ernesto had to be home like at 8 but we were there at 9 something. He was soo nervous. He was sweating when we were waiting for the train back home. He said, "My parents are going to kill me". He was really freaked out. He's grounded, no phone, t.v., he can't go anywhere, no money, and they took away his cellphone. He didn't even go to school the next day. So that was it for that day.
Then yesterday, I went to The Grove to see Grind and Freddy Vs. Jason. Grind was alright but Freddy Vs. Jason was good. I liked it a lot. I went with Steven, his cousin, Jade and Grace. Steven kept clinging on to me. Heh. Anyway so then we went home and that was about it. Farzana called me. I might go to her house today. yay. I haven't seen her or heard from her in so long. So I might go. I'm excited. Well that's all I suppose. Not all but I have to go.

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Holy shit, I am so fucking bored.. [22 Jun 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Freaky music.. Very freaky.. I don't know what it is though ]

Oh hello!
Right now I am at a car store.. Toyota store.. Anyway, I am really bored. This little tiny boy was on the computer, I was waiting forever for him to get off. He was on for like two hours! Seriously.. Anyway, I was just walking around listening to these people talk. Blah blah blah. My brother is getting a car today. He might get one .. "Matrix" or whatever it's called. Something like that. It's pretty, but it smells like new car smell. I don't like that. Ehhh. Makes me want to throw up or something. I haven't updated this in a really long time. Well nothing to write about. Just boring life. School ended. Good thing? YES! I wonder where everyone is.. Mmmeh. I am listening to creepy music. I am not too sure about what it is though. I don't know. It sounds like really funky country music. I am not too sure. It's really hot in here. At least this computer is fast. Although, it wont let me downlown Winamp, Kazaa or AIM. So I am bored out of my fucking mind with nothing to do so I am just going to write a bunch of crap on here.

BUFFY IS OVER!!! That seriously sucks. It wold really really suck if Angel and shows like that are over. I would get mad. Well I did get really mad because Buffy was over! VERY MAD!

My brother was going to let me go with him over to Six Flags Magic Mountain. All costs on him. I could even take a friend with me. If I could go we would be going with my brother's girlfriend and his friends. I asked my mom if I can go, she said, "I'll think about it, ask your dad. " Ugh.. She always says that. That get really annoying. My dad said that I can go, but I think my dad is going to say no because my mother doesn't want me to go. That really sucks.

So here I am rambling on about.. Nothing interesting. Well at least this computer is free. If I was still waiting for the little one to finish using this computer I think I would kill myself.

Yesterday, I saw "Never Been Kissed". You know that is a good movie. I like it. It's very nice and sweet. If you have seen, I THOUGHT THAT MOVIE WAS VERY NICE. I didn't cry though.. Yes, I do cry on movies that tend to be sad or just so very romantic like Moulin Rouge ect. But this one I didn't cry. It was sad at first but then everything turned out so wonderful. I like that movie. That is one of my favorite movies. I have a lot. Most of them have to do with love. Yeah, ALL of them have to do with love.

Well I am going to think of something better to do because I have nothing interesting to write about. Not that I am writing something interesting. Whatever. Well good day. Cause I'm not having a very good one.

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Oh my, oh my... What's new now? [26 May 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | "Sick Cycle Carousel" - Lifehouse ]

Hello... My goodness, Buffy has ended. No more, ever. Well I'll talk about that later.

It's A Mother Fucker - Eels

It's a motherfucker
Being here without you
Thinking 'bout the good times
Thinking 'bout the bad
And I won't ever be the same
It's a motherfucker
Getting through a Sunday
Talking to the walls
Just me again
But I won't ever
be the same
I won't ever be the same
It's a motherfucker
How much I understand
The feeling that you need someone
To take you by the hand
And you won't ever be the same
You won't ever be the same


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Wow... [06 May 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "It's True That We Love One Another" - The White Stripes ]

Oh my goodness.

I was just watching it. Oh my goodness. Seriously.
Well Faith is the leader of the trainees. Spike came home then found out. Let's just say he didn't like the news. At all... He and Faith had a little confrontation. A little punching... You know. He left. He then found Buffy. He told Buffy that he loved her... They were talking... Faith and Wood hooked up.. Kennedy and Willow, Xander and Anya, Buffy and Spike. (B. and Spike didn't do anything though. They just.. Cuddled.) Yeah.. Anyyyway...Faith had a good plan. She was going to find the weapons that The Bringers were making. They found it along with some of The Bringers. They were alright. Unfortunetly, she saw this box. She opened it. BOMB! There were only seven more seconds. She yelled out to the trainees to drop down... Whoa! I wonder if they would be okay. I wonder.... Well Buffy decided to visit the minister. She was okay. She basically dodged every attack. He was strong. Very. She luckily found this thing. Uh..Sword of some sort. Looked very valuable. She liked it. She looked proud. *Sigh*
I hope Faith and the others are alright.
I saw the preveiws for the next episode. ANGEL'S BACK! Damn, this is soo exciting, but yet very curious.
Angel: Oh, I miss seeing this!
Buffy and Angel make out....... I am soo excited. TWO WEEKS LEFT.
Well after watching it again and again. I noticed that Buffy and Angel didn't exactly kiss. They were about to, but then they just cut it off. Heh. That gives me a thought. Angel could be The First. Whoa. That would totally suck. I don't think so though. Heh. Whatever.

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Hello Kitty... Want a cookie??? [02 May 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | "It's A Mother Fucker" - Eels ]

Hi. I haven't written in a while. I was busy. I think. I think I was just too lazy. Heh.

Whoa! This is what's going on. Buffy brought the trainnes to the minister person who is really strong and evil without preparing.. At all. They were trying to attack them. Unfortunetly, it didn't turn out as smoothly as they thought. The trainees were injured. Very. Zander got his eye kind of fucked up. The minister stuck his finger in one. Not a good sight.
Well... Faith thought that the girls needed a little break. She took them to the Bronze. (A club) Well they were hanging out there. They had a little company. Well Faith did. A few "Police Men" attacked her. [She escaped jail to help Angel when he didn't have a soul.] They weren't exactly police men people they were just some of the ministers "Boys". Then Buffy came along and didn't like the whole "break" idea. She caught the trainees fighting the police people because they were attacking Faith. *Sigh* I though Buffy was a real bitch in that episode. Anyyyway.. Faith and B. (Buffy) had a little chat.
Buffy: "I am here to fight a battle not to have little breaks. They were fighting, they could of gotten hurt." Faith: "The girls were tired, they needed a little break!, it's not like they got hurt. We just ran into a little company. Everything is alright."
Buffy: "You could of got them killed." ::Walking away"
Faith: "What about the Vinyard? (When Buffy took the trainees to attack the minister.. heh, not a good idea. Well duh.)
Buffy: "Excuse me?"
I don't remember what Faith said, but I have it on tape. I'll see it again later.
Buffy punched her...

I got soo angry. Seriously though, Faith had a point there.
Then she got home. Everyone came home from the hospital. Everyone was okay. For now. Well Buffy had a plan. She thought that they should go to the Vinyard again. She said she had a plan and blah, blah, blah. I'm sorry. I just didn't like her very much in that episode. Anyway. Well Faith disagreed with that. She thought that they shouldn't go. Neither did the others. Not Willow, Zander or Dawn. (Which I don't like. She's just annoying) Anya started talking about how Buffy was wrong about bring them to the minister the first time and how she thinks that she is better than everyone. That she was just the one who was in charge. Buffy used that her being the slayer as an excuse. Anya also said that Faith was one too. Everyone started ganging up on her. How she was wrong. So yeah.. Then they started saying how they should vote that Faith should be the one that leads them into battle with The First.
Buffy: I cannot see and stay here watch Faith lead you to death!
Dawn came up to her. Dawn: I love you Buffy, but if you want us to go to the vinyard.. We aren't going to. You should leave. If you don't want to stay here and watch it be Faith's way. Then you should leave."
Wow! I mean Buffy leaving. Out of her own house. That's sad.

Buffy didn't say anything. She just got her jacket and left. Faith went out and Buffy was crying.
Faith: I didn't want it to turn out like this.
Buffy: don't be afraid. Lead them.
She left.
That was soo sad. I did not like that. I hate this. That is bad. Very bad. I mean even Willow and Zander, her own sister... Wow.

Well nothing is really happening with Angel. Well other than Jasmine is evil. And yeah.. Whatever.

I forgot to see Charmed though. Well I didn't forget. I was going to watch it, but then I fell asleep. Crap! But Father recorded it for me. Yay.

Anyway... Wow. It is already may. I got to see the slurpee man. (A very pretty man) On thursday! I might go tomorrow. I am not too sure.

Well I am going to go.. I don't know. I don't have anything else to do. Well whatever.

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Whoo! Tomorrow is a sad day! La la la la la... [22 Apr 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | "El Tango De Roxanne" - Ewan McGregor MOULIN ROUGE ]

Well tomorrow is a sad day in P.E. I am sooo excited.
Buffy was an old episode. Ha...

Anyyyyway... Heh. I want to go to P.E. Now. I want to play my lovely Prisoner! I wonder who is going to play. Oh shit. I need to look for my I.D. Shit. Oh well. I hope someone at school will have it. We are in the weight room in P.E. I have Miss. Erikson. Eh. Whatever. We aren't going to have the volleyball courts..(FUCK FUCK FUCK!!) They had it in the first semester and I wasn't there. I was with Mr. Blair, but then I moved. I was sooo happy, but then... Ugh. No volleyball. I already hate my classes. P.E. was good. Well okay, but now!, now volleyball...I do not like this. Very bad. Farzana's class got it. Mr. Endaya's class got to fight Mr. Forces class in Prisoner!... Ehhhhh. Damn, I really wanted to be in his class for... well the only times he was going to play. Yesterday, I think... Ms. Acosta's class was playing prisoner... I really wanted to help them. I was in second period with Mr. Sobel. With Farzana. We wanted to help them play. Ms. Acosta said okay. We just had to ask our teacher. Unfortunetly, he said no! Meh... Last year with Ms. Cook we didn't have the volleyball coursts and now this year. I cannot handle this. This is just... Bad.

I am going to watch Friends. Well soon. *Sigh*

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Gee, I wonder what my kitty is doing.. [21 Apr 2003|09:11pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | "Beautiful" - Christina Aguilera ]

Hi again. Well I haven't written for a while because I had guests over. On Friday. I think. No. On Saturday. I went to Glendale Galleria with Zoe. Heh. Well we saw this is really pretty guy... She asked him his name and it was just soo beautiful. His name is Chuck. Ehhh. Well I like to call him Jeremy. He seems like one anyway. *Sigh* Well she slept over at my house with Thip. *SIGH*

Well then on Sunday I went to Church with Mother, Father, and my aunt. After we went to this really nice restaurant. It is called "Buca di Beppo"... It is soo pretty inside. There are differen't rooms and the decorations were just exquisite. You have to see it. The service was also really great. They had a nice bar also. I couldn't go alone so I went with my father. I stole three cherries. They were weird though, but good.

Well I didn't want to go to school. Eh. Well I couldn't sleep.. At all. I went to sleep at about 12:30 or so... Today, was just very boring day. I was also very tired.

Well this episode was okay. I suppose. It wasn't that great, but it was okay. I am not going to get into great detail with the show today. Okay, I am going to go to sleep. Well not really, but whatever. Bye.

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No. No. No. Be quiet kitty. [17 Apr 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | "Beautiful Freak" - Eels ]

Nothing really happened today. I just went to Thip's house, and that is about it. *Sigh*

Lyrics: Beautiful Freak - K's Choice

You're searching, beautiful freak
I wish there were more just like you
You're not like all of the others
And that is why I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
That is why I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
Some people think you have a problem
But that problem lies only with them
Just cause you are not like the others
But that is why I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
That is why I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
To go far in this world
But I hope you will stay
And I'll be here to see that you don't fade away
You're searching beautiful freak
I bet you're flying inside
Duck down, and then go for cover
And know that I, I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
You know that I, I love you
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak
Beautiful freak, beautiful freak

Mmm. Interesting.

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Pretty People... [17 Apr 2003|02:20pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | "Yesterday" -The Beatles ]

Isn't that a beautiful picture?!

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Ooo, pretty colors.. Oh my... [16 Apr 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | "Black Hole Sun" - Sound Garden ]

Today I went to The Grove.. Well I went at about... 6.. I came back just a while ago. Hmm. That was interesting. I saw Farzanna's mom there. She works there. She seems very nice. I didn't get anything.. I am saving money..I am not too sure for what, but I just am.. Heh. I am watching FRIENDS. Hee hee.

Well I didn't get to see a lot of it, I only saw like the last part.. My brother recorded it though! Yay.

It turns out that Cordie's child might be evil. Fred had touched Jasmine's blood and saw through her mask. She saw evil in her. She went away for a while.. The others were looking for her. Well Fred came to them and shot Jasmine, the bullet went through her and through Angel. The bullet had some of Jasmine's blood on it so he saw what Fred saw.. They had to go because everyone didn't believe them and told people that they were infected and dead inside. Angel and Fred found some company, that explained them making out. Angel and Fred had to get Jasmine's blood, but they couldn't so instead they used Cordie's blood because they must have shared the same blood because she is her Mother. They cut the others..(The Gang only..) They realized everything. The only one left is Conner. They took Conner... They slit him and exposed him to her blood.. They stood there for a moment in silence. Conner stepped out, he yelled, "They're here, they're here!"... *Sigh*

Whoa, that was hell of a show. Whoo. I cannot believe I almost missed this episode. Although, I like it better, a lot better when Fred was with gun. *Sigh*

I like this episode of Friends. It is the one when they play football. I love it! Ha. I love Phoebe's hair there. I like her shirt too. Mmm. I like Monica in this episode a lot. She plays a good part here. The blond that Joey and Chandler are fighting over scares me. Well just her hair and her accent. Seriously.

Well, I should really put my full attention on Friends. Even though I have seen this already. Whatever.

Good bye.

I love *Joey*... Hee hee.


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My leg hurts... Booboo... "Hello B.." [15 Apr 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | "Everything for Free" - K's Choice ]

Well today was Buffy! Faith came back..Yeah... It was a very good episode!

Well Faith is here, yay. Hee hee.
I don't really have much to say about this episode, but I'm sure I will have something to say about nexts next weeks show. Ha. Buffy is jealous of Faith. Well I think so.. Ha ha ha ha... I can't wait for next, next weeks show though! I am sooo excited.

There was this priest guy that appeared and sent a message to one of the trainees, " I have something of yours." Whoa! Buffy's plan is to just bring the trainees there for an attack... That didn't go sooo well. Unfortunetly. Faith and Spike went too. They seem to get a long rather well. Hmm. Anyway.. They tried to attck the priest guy but he had the bringers with him... Damn! The priest was fucking strong. whoo.. A LOT of the trainess were injured... Some severly some not too damaged. Buffy knew that if they stayed there that they would die, she ordered Zander to get them out of there, quickly... He did it, but that stupid priest took Zander and stuck his finger in one of his eyes. Oh my... That was just soo sad. Even Faith couldn't handle this... Who knows what.."The First" is going to do...*Sigh*

Well tomorrow is Angel.. We'll see if it is a new one. I don't know. What's the deal with Fred and Angel..
I just wished that "the whole gang" on Angel would go to Sunnydale to help Buffy and "The Gang" defeat the first. I mean there are only FIVE MORE WEEKS! I hear that there is going to be ten more weeks, but they are going to have: old, new, old, new... Just five new episodes with Angel, the gang go to Sunnydale and join buffy.. That would just be really nice. I don't know though. I hope so. I remember when Angel was in Buffy, but then there made a stupid spinoff that I don't like..But it got interesting. I loved it When Angel and Buffy were together. *Sigh*That was nice... Very nice..

Well I shall go on to watching WILL AND GRACE. Good day...


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Dancing with munkeys! Whooo! Want to join? [14 Apr 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | "Every You Every Me" - Placebo ]

Well I might be going off to see Zoe's lovely... Adrien Brody in The Pianist, tomorrow. She seems very excited. Although, I don't have any money, but Father would probably give me some tomorrow. I should ask him now because he leaves a bit too early in the morning. I'll ask him in a little bit. I am not sure where we are going to see it, but she is dieing for me to see it. Do you consider it a good movie? Hmm. Although, I am not too interested in seeing a movie. The last four days that I had been absent from school... basically I was just watching t.v. and sleeping. Not doing anything. Blegh. *Sigh*

Crap... I am losing phone numbers lately... Ugh. I usually remember them. I need a phone book. I use to just write them on papers, but eventually losing them. Then I started putting them on my computer... then I got viruses and lost them again. So, now I just don't do anything. I think... if I have enough money... I should get a phone book at a book store or something. Or I can write them on my wall like some people do. Father is going to get mad... Nah, I don't think I should do that. I think I will get a phone book. Well we'll see. I suppose.

Placebo Lyrics:

Sucker love is heaven sent You pucker up our passion's spent My heart's a tart your body's rent My body's broken yours is bent Carve your name into my arm Instead of stressed I lie here charmed Cuz there's nothing else to do Every me and every you Sucker love a box I choose No other box I choose to use Another love I would abuse No circumstances could excuse In the shape of things to come Too much poison come undone Cuz there's nothing else to do, Every me and every you. Every me and every you, Every Me...he Sucker love is known to swing. Prone to cling and waste these things. Pucker up for heaven's sake. There's never been so much at stake. I serve my head up on a plate. It's only comfort, calling late. Cuz there's nothing else to do, every me every you. Every me and every you, every me...he Every me and every you, Every Me...he Like the naked leads the blind. I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind. Sucker love I always find, Someone to bruise and leave behind. All alone in space and time. There's nothing here but what here's mine. Something borrowed, something blue. Every me and every you. Every me and every you, Every Me...he Every me and every you, Every Me...he (x4)

I have to go fetch my fish now. Wish me luck!


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Get that condom out of there! [14 Apr 2003|07:11pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | "American Jesus" - Bad Religion ]

Oh my... I am watching Friends. Yippie! I love Joey. My Dad picked up my crap at the cleaners. *sigh*

It was just hilarious. My mom found a receit... It was my Brother's. The description was "Little White Chicks Big BL...#8" There was a lot of that, numbers one through eight...Well, Mother was being, well ... Motherly and she asked me to check it out on the internet because she was wondering if it was porn. Well I checked it out and she saw that is was porn. She went crazy. She wouldn't get mad if it was just porn, but this was A LOT OF PORN. Whoa... $124.70 worth of porn. See what I mean? That's a lot of money. DEFINITLY A WASTE OF MONEY!

Now, I am talking to Zoe again. She asked me a couple of questions about what I was writing about because I couldn't say it out loud... Both my parents are int the room.

- 1.) Does it have to do with a guy? Answer: Yes
- 2.) Does it have to do with Thip? Answer: No
- 3.) Does it have to do with any of your friends? Answer: No
- 4.) Does it have to do with your Brother? Answer: Yes
- 5.) Does ot have to do with porn, your Brother watching porn? Answer: Eww, but unfortunetly, yes.

That was kind of weird.
Well now Zoe is singing this nice song. She says that she is acting like me... I don't think so...Well whatever...

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You fucked my cow, you pervert! [14 Apr 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | "Like A Stone" - Audioslave ]

It seems to be raining a lot today. Fuck. There isn't anything on t.v., but I might go to the mall today. My mom wants to go to Glendale Galleria. I am not too sure about that because it's raining. Well knowing my Mom for twelve years... I don't think she would want to go. We'll see. Unfortunetly, nothing about Nicole's cell phone number. Oh well. my father sleeps funny. *Sigh*

School sucks! I really hate my classes. It is just the same fucking thing everyday. Nothing changes. Only if my classes didn't change I would be okay about my it, hell with it, I would of been beyond okay, I loved my classes in the beginning... Well whatever. I suppose I am just going to have to live with the fact that my classes are fucked.

Home is boring. Nothing to do. Well I think I might go down to Larchmont later on or something. I am not too sure about it. But I want to. I don't know what I am going to do down there anyway. There isn't a point of going. Unless I can ask my father to rent me a movie or something. Maybe, "Vampire Clan"... Thip and I wanted to see that, but we didn't get a chance to rent it. So, maybe I can get my father to rent it for us. This would be interesting. Hmmm. In "Vampire Clan" there is this really beautiful guy. Very nice, ... very nice...

Thip is still at the mall with Nicole and Sean. I hope they had a great time.

Oh crap. I need to get my clothes from the VIP Cleaners place. I was suppose to get them on Saturday, but I forgot about em so I was going to get them yesterday but instead I... I don't remember. What did I do yesterday? Oh yeah, I went to The Grove. Well I remembered to get them, but they were closed. I shall remember to get them, later though, when Mother gets here.

Oh great.

Okay, I shall attend to ... Well nothing. Bye

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Do you want to hold my hand kitty...? [14 Apr 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - The Beatles ]

Okay, well I was going to go to the Beverly Center, but my mom said that I can go but when my father gets here, he is going to get here at about 2:30... Heh. Well I might meet Nicole, Sean, and Thip there. I am not too sure about that though. Maybe... I am talking to Zoe right now, she is talking about Adrien Brody and how her speakers are fucked. "God damnit, these speakers." She was just rambling on, on how Adrien Brody is just soo... whatever, I wasn't exactly listening.

I was just watching Angel, an old episode, not too old though. It was the one when Faith was there! I love that one. My brother recorded it. I am going to watch it later though.

There isn't anything on t.v. just stupid, creepy talk shows and crap. *sigh*

everything for free - K's choice

I don't know who you are, but you seem very nice So will you talk to me Shall I tell you a story Shall I tell you a dream They think I'm crazy But they don't know that I like it here It's nice in here, I get everything for free Have you been here before Shall I show you around It's very pretty Have you come here to stay Well, you sure picked a day My name is Billy It's my birthday, you're invited to my party down the hall Where I go, what I'll become or who I am or what I'll be I'll never know,but I am sure that I'll get everything for free I'm not toubled or sad I'm just ready for bed It's been a long day Before they switch of the lights It truly was a delight They think I'm crazy But they don't know that I like it here It's nice in here Where I go... I don't know who you are But you seem very nice So will you talk to me Have you been here before Well, you sure picked a day They think I'm crazy...

Crap, I lost Nicole's cell phone number! Shit! Damn, now, if I were going to meet them I wouldn't know if they were still at the mall or where to meet them. I can either go to the mall when my dad comes and try to look for them, if they aren't there I can just leave, or I can just stay here and maybe they would call me... Or I can ask someone who does know Nicole's cell phone number. I am going to ask people if they know her number... Hmm.. So far, nothing. Axel doesn't know her number... I think Marissa might know, but she is away. I suppose I can call her, but I am talking to Zoe on the phone. I can ask Zoe to do three way, or I can get off the phone with her. *Sigh*

Zoe is singing... I wonder what part she is going to play in the Wizard of Oz.. She isn't sure what she is going to play. I remember the first audition, Zoe was sooo nervous.. But it went sooo well. I got to come in with her. She sang "Funny Honey" from Chicago... (The movie) It was just sooo beautiful. She is very talented. No one is really online..Heh. I shall depart.

Good day.

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Boo... [13 Apr 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | "Apple Blossom" - The White Stripes ]

Today I went to The Grove with Mother. It went well I suppose, nothing really happened. Although, I did see this really hot guy. Hmm. Interesting. Anywayyyy, I kept running into him. Heh. We had to get some shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste... Things like that. We were headed home when I saw the really hot guy again. He is really pretty....

Well then we were home and I was just watching Charmed. Whoa! That episode was creeepy.

*Brief summary of the epsiode*
A warlock tried to kill a "familiar", (a sort of guide for witches) Piper and Leo were arguing and they had to go to marriage counseling because Paige and Phoebe realized that they had serious problems going on and that they had to communicate rationally without anything being broken...(Blown up, Piper's powers)... Piper and Leo agreed. They went to see Dr... Something, I don't remember, they were about to start when Piper just froze him and decided to make a little spell... They had started counseling. This "familiar" showed up at Piper's house. The familiar immediately called Pheobe at work and urged her to come home and save her because a warlock is trying to kill her and mentioned that she was from her past. The warlock attacked the familiar, but luckily Paige and Phoebe orbed in. They was okay, for now. All of a sudden they had discovered that they were "blinking", (a demonic power; moving place to place in a blink). They were not blinking to different places, they were blinking to the past. Past memories that linked between Leo and Piper. Every memory that they are talking about during counseling is happening at the house and is where Paige and Phoebe are being blinked too. In one of the memories, they had found kit, (their cat a long time ago, that ran away) They had realized that the Familiar was the cat. And if that cat dies in the past then the history has been changed and the outcome of the future would be different. When the warlock appeared, he came into the memory of the wedding, the one that Prue ruined... Everything was on the floor as planned, but then the warlocked blinked and stepped on the centerpiece of the cake, (the husband and the wife holding hands). "That changed history" Paige and Phoebe defeated the warlock and the kitty was fine. Pheobe was trying to call out to Piper, Piper decided to reverse the spell. Everything was back to normal. The familar was fine and went back to where she was suppose to be. ...
The only thing was... was when the warlock stepped on that center piece I think that something wrong is going to happen between Leo and Piper. Something, uh... They are going to fall out of love, umm... Something, break up..I don't know, but all I know is that the future took a differnt route... not the one it is suppose to take. All because of the stupid warlock! heh, heh, heh....

I wonder what is going to happen next. I can't wait for next week's episode. *Sigh*


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Moo.... The kat says. [12 Apr 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | "Little Room" - The White Stripes ]

Thip and I went to this really scary picnic thing, it was... indescribable. Well I never wanted to go, but Mother influenced me, so whatever I guess. Well we were there, creepy, as people would say, boring as others would say. Heh. Well we were there for... about 5 hours. Those five hours could of been spent doing anything else, but instead we were stuck in boringville. *Sigh* We had to hide eggs! Wow! For little kids who eat tooo much candy that isn't good for you at all... We were walking around for a little bit talking about The White Stripes concert. I am not too sure about that, I don't know if it is going to work. Then it was the games.... Whoa, I don't even want to begin with that. Fortunetly, we came home. I went to Thip's house. I was playing with ther knife. It is really awesome. It would be really cool if you can have one person you can kill that you can play with, have a little fun, you know? Move their organs around and their muscles and tissues, that seems interesting. My goodness, Thip is definitly getting to me. Whoo. She showed me this fish pillow that she stabbed a bunch of times, that was just sad. I stabbed it once though! Hmm. Thip is very angry about The White Stripes tickets being sold out. The only luck we have would be the Coachella ones. Those are $75... That really sucks. Mother is having guests over again. I don't know what to do.. Well wish me luck, hopefully I will find something to do. Farewell.

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers... Anothony Kiedis has a very nice body [10 Apr 2003|10:06am]
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[ music | "Under The Bridge" - Red Hot Chilli Peppers ]

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Lyrics
" Under The Bridge "

Sometimes I feel
Like I don't have a partner
Sometimes I feel
Like my only friend
Is the city I live in
The city of Angels
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I drive on her streets
'Cause she's my companion
I walk through her hills
'Cause she knows who I am
She sees my good detail
And she kisses me windy
I never worry
Now that is a lie

I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way (yeah yeah)

It's hard to believe
That there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe
That I'm all alone
At least I have her love
The city she loves me
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way (yeah yeah)
Ooh no (no no yeah yeah)
Love me I say yeah yeah

Under the bridge downtown
Is were I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away (yeah yeah)
Ooh no (no no yeah yeah)
Love me I say yeah yeah

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Angel ... [10 Apr 2003|12:48am]
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I just had my full attention on Angel... Heh. In one of the previews for future episodes, I had witnessed Fred and Angel making out. I wonder what that is all about. Hmm...

I don't know a thing, but if you know what is going on between them please inform me. entertains me with information on recent episodes.

Cordie was acting very strange, evil, since she is half demon Angel and the gang were a bit stumped. They thought that this child would be evil, they didn't know what it was. Cordie told Conner that she was pregant with his baby, "Conner, our child would change everything, the whole world." Cordie manipulated Conner into agreeing to deliver the child earlier by killing an innocent and doing an important ritual. I was a bit surprised to see Darla come back to see his son, Connor to remind him about her death, "I died for you, this is how you repay me? Don't kill the girl, Conner." Conner wanted to release the girl, Cordie assumed that there was someone or something trying to influence him. Cordie was trying to convince Conner that Angel and the gang made a spell, "That isn't your Mother!, it is all a spell!." Unfortunetly, he believed that wicked liar. They killed the poor young girl. The child has been born...

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Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer... [09 Apr 2003|09:23pm]
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With seven seasons, has Buffy The Vampire Slayer come to an end?


Scroll down

"* Here’s how it ends. One of the slayer-trainees gets killed by an uber-vamp, who also nearly kills Buffy. At the end, the Scoobies (including Giles) and the surviving slayer trainees admit they don’t know how to fight The First. Buffy at first underscores everyone’s frustration, then resolves to take the offensive. "We just became an army. We just declared war. Any questions?" Executive Producers Joss Whedon Marti Noxon..."

"Word has it that Buffy will not die a third death in the Joss Whedon-scripted series finale expected to air May 20"

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Newness! [09 Apr 2003|08:15pm]
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[ music | "Love Me Do" -The Beatles ]

Yay, my friend just got me a Blurty. I couldn't get a LiveJournal because she ran out of codes so I'll have this one temporarily. So, I'm just testing it out.

I <3 Nicole Kidman.

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