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Monday, October 29th, 2007

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    so so horny
    Oh me, whenever my period passes i feel so dang horny for the next few days. My inner sluttiness comes out showing my true inner self i guess. This weekend while we were in Auburn,Alabama (i am so tired of football,,no i am so tired of losing!) i couldnt keep my hands off of Tim almost begging him to make love to me. The poor dear i might have worn him out *wicked grin*.

    Today when he layed down to take a nap before work i climbed in bed with him and wouldnt let him go to sleep as i took his cock into my mouth and sucked and sucked until he was about to explode. Then he quickly climbed on top of me and entered my dripping pussy. While it as exciting to suck him , feeling his cock grow and throb in my mouth it did leave me flustered and still horny. Climbing out of bed so he could finally go to sleep, i could feel his cum seeping out of me, i wasnt angry just HORNY !

    Grabbing a pair of dark sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt i tip-toed from the room. Now this is unusual for me for after sex i need to shower unless i am going to sleep. i dont know what came over me but i put on the clothes, some socks and my running shoes, knowing full and well i needed my bar and panties but refused to get them. i think i knew what i was going to do even before i realized it so before i could change my mind or think about it i headed out the door.

    i could feel my smallish breasts bouncing each jog i took and my nipples harden as they rubbed agianst the coarse material but it was the puffy still damp lips of my pussy that i was thinking most about. Still not fully realizing what i was doing as i jogged down the road my mind wandering to what my Master would if He was here with me. i could feel the stickiness begin to coat my inner thigh and hoped no one passing could tell what a slut i was.

    When i got to a long stretch of road where there are no houses and i could see any cars coming from a distance i stepped off the road. While they would be able to see me i could react hopefully before they could tell what i was doing. i leaned against a tree and slipped my right hand underneath the waistband of my pants. As i listend to the birds and squirrels running in the woods i slowing began to rub along my slick slit. Wondering if i could get myself respectable before a coming car saw me i started rubbing faster and faster now teasing my burning clit until my knees buckled and i bit my lower lip to keep from crying out as the needed orgasm rushed over me.

    Then before my breathing slowed i started back up the road on shaky legs. Feeling nasty and naughty as now not only Tim's cum but my juices as well ran from my pussy. It wasnt long before a neighbor came by and smiled as he passed me. Oh if only.... what would i have done...

    On the return trip back home as i pased the spot i had to glance over and smile. My evil mind when to work in overtime and i wondered what Master would make me do in this woods. Would He lead me naked on a leash, my ankles in a spreader bar making it so so difficult to step over downed trees,,would He make me squat and pee like the animal i am for Him, would He tie me to a tree and leave me knowing now is hunting season and anyone might come along..what would He do,,oh that is a fanasty for another day... *grins*

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