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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

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    Master ordered me to start keeping a journal and here is where He chose for me to start. i don't kow what i am to write in here but i will try to make it interesting for Him.

    Last night He used me again,,,i needed that so so much! W/we had to restart as just as i was so very close to coming for His delight i got this awful cramp in the back of my thigh from wearing the spreader bar He had placed around my ankles. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr That was SO embarrassing and a real mood changer. But He is so caring and good to me He started all over again fucking my mouth with His hard long Cock . Every time He does that it sends spasms directly to my pussy making me instantly wet for Him. This time He added something at the end ...when He had finished coming in my mouth coating my throat with His wonderful Man-juice He wouldnt release His strong grip on my head! He held me tightly to His groin smiling wicked down at me as i struggled for air. Tears started flowing from my green eyes and i was trying to beg Him to let me go . Fighting for a little breath of air thru my nose i thought i was going to pass out when He finally released me ,, i gulped the sweet air down as i coughed and gasped! Hearing Him laugh and while He said something i couldn't make out what He said only nodded yes as i tried to regain my breath. He would never hurt me on purpose and i know He knew i would love this treatment,,,,which i did!

    i better go as i need to write Him and He has given me other tasks to do today,,FOUR wonderful tasks!!!
    His cuntling

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