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Cable Guy [18 Mar 2003|10:03am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Secret....Madonna ]

I loved watching the cable guy come in, his silky chocolate skin, his firm ass. I imagines grabbing that ass and he pounded his well formed cock into me. I imagined screaming “Oh Darren” all night long. If only it wasn’t a dream. This particular day, my girlfriend and I had a plan to make it all come true. We were both bi-sexual and loved to share sexy men. I had called earlier that day, and he told me to expect him around 3 to “fix” things. Oh was he in for a surprise as to what he was fixing.
We had it planned perfectly. At 2:45 I hopped into the shower and played with my supple body. I came out into the living room, with nothing but a towel as he rang the doorbell. My clit began throbbing just thinking of him like this. I seductively purred, “come in”. He entered, shocked at seeming me in the state, hard nipples poking through my towel, a peek of pink pussy sneaking out. Still he continued on with his work. He tried to gaze towards my eyes as he stuttered “Miss, what can I do for you today” I tell by the hardening rock in his pants he was thinking of something other than the cable. I grasped his hand and led him to the bedroom just as my girlfriend Ellie was coming out the shower. “No need to call me Miss, Nikki works just fine for me” He broke into a nervous smile as he walked towards the TV. He began to mess with the cable and I dropped my towel and laid back onto the bed. Ellie did what she knew she had to do. She knelt at the end of the bed and began flicking at my pussy with her thick tongue. I began to moan as he turned around sharply. “Maybe I should come back another time” he said slowly as he began to walk towards the door. “No” I explained, perhaps with more passion that necessary. “I have a better idea…” He glimpsed at me, my head back in ecstasy with Ellie’s tongue pounding into my ever wet pussy. “Why don’t you join us?” He walked forward and stopped, almost as debating something. “Ma’am, this isn’t right. I have been married for 8 years and I can’t do this”. I smiled seductively and beckoned him closer. I grabbed his hand and drew him to the bed. I pulled him into a passionate kiss. He began to pull away but then changed his mind. He kissed me back with such passion, I knew he could not be getting much from his wife. I pressed his head downward and into my voluptuous breasts. “Everyone needs a man from time to time” I purred into his ear. He began to lick and suck on my breasts. I reached my hand down and grabbed his solid rock. He then stood and began to undress himself as I pushed Ellie’s head away from my pussy and helped her onto the bed with me. I began to press my fingers into my own pussy and instructed Ellie to do the same. Darren began to step towards me, his cock standing at command. I grabbed his hand and led it to his own cock. “Do it for me baby, I want to see you cum by your own hands first.” He slowly began to stroke and then began to build up speed. My fingers quickly flicked in and out of my pussy, so excited by what I was seeing. I looked towards Ellie and saw she was enticed also. I leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss. She returned it with such fervor it shocked me. At this point, I could no longer hold back my passion. I knelt as if receiving sex doggy style. Ellie knelt behind me and entered my pussy from behind. I beckoned Darren to come closer and removed his hand from his cock, replacing it with my mouth. I began making slow circles around his hard shaft. I heard him moan loudly and knew he was enjoying every moment of it. I teased the tip, flicking it with my tongue as he reached for my ample breasts. He began to knead them with his strong fingers. How long I had wanted to feel that silky skin. As Ellie began to ram her tongue into me, I was forced harder against his throbbing cock. It seemed as though all 3 of us were in rhythm with one another. Finally I couldn’t stand it anyhow, I had to have him inside of me. I removed my mouth and beckoned him around to where Ellie was standing. He then entered her from behind, a feeling she seemed to love as she squealed and moaned. I lay back and began to shove my fingers into myself as Ellie led her tongue away. Darren’s eyes were trained on me, fingering my dripping wet cunt and smearing it onto my hardened nipples. Ellie’s screams of ecstasy brought me close to cumming. Ellie could tell and shoved her tongue deep into my cunt, sending me over the edge, sending my juices deep into her throat. She swallowed it all. Good girl I thought. Now it was time to give Ellie all of the pleasure she had given me. “Wait” I said, as both of my companions looked at me, shocked. I slid down, my pussy just on the edge of the bed. I shoved Ellie upwards and pressed her throbbing cunt onto my face. My tongue moved in circular motions with Ellie riding my face. Soon, I felt a thick cock easing it’s way into my pussy. I moved with delight. This is what I had been waiting for. My tongue flicked in and out of Ellie’s pussy, her juices dripping all over me. I slurped up every drop. Ask Darren pounded harder, my tongue flicked harder and faster. Darren spoke for the first time in what seemed like hours “Oh fuck me baby. I can feel it. I’m going to cum soon. Take me deep. Fuck me harder.” I could tell Ellie was close to. My clit began to tighten and I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer for me either. I could tell Darren was about to go so I began sucking deeply on Ellie’s cunt to bring her closer to orgasm. I felt them both so close to orgasm, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy. It was all too much for me, I began to spurt juices everywhere as I felt Darren shoot cum up into my pussy. Ellie’s cunt tightened and loosened and she released her love juices into my waiting mouth. We were all out of breath but in pure ecstasy. I leaned over and lovingly kissed Ellie. Then as Darren stood, I pulled him in for a passionate kiss. As he was leaving, he spoke “No charge this time ladies. And any time you have any “troubles” make sure to give me a call."

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This is not my best but its true [12 Mar 2003|02:32pm]
My friend Kathleen and I were talking one day about our past sex partners when the subject of size came up. I told her that the biggest dick I had ever seen was my algebra teacher's 9 inch tool. She told me that she had fucked a guy with a 14 inch cock for a while but she had to give it up because she got to sore and anyway, he was an asshole. I said that I didn't believe it and she told me she would set me up with him so I could see for myself. She called me that night and said he would be at my place on Friday at 7:00. The first thing I said when I let him in the door was that there was no way that he had a 14 inch cock. He sneered and said," Have you ever heard of John Holmes?" "Who hasn't?" I countered. "Well that proves that 14 inch dicks do exist. Now do you want to see it? I haven't got all night and when I show you I'm sure you'll want to fuck me and if that's the case we need to get started because I gotta be somewhere at 9:00!" He really was an asshole! I told him to drop his pants and I would get a ruler. He laghed and said a ruler wouldn't cut it. I told him that IF there was any left over that I would be able to figure it out. I went and got the ruler and when I came back he was naked and waggling his cock around. "Now I know you've never seen a cock like this!" he said while waving it around. He was right. I measured it while it was soft and it was 8 inches long! He said to suck it and get him hard. I did and his dick grew and grew and grew until it was hard as steel and stuck straight out. He said " I'll bet your pussy is wet just thinking about this big cock isn't it? Well take your clothes off and I'll show you how good fucking can get!" I got undressed and he commented on my 40DDs. I laid back and he put the tip in my pussy. He slowly worked his cock in until about half of it was in. "HOw do you like it? I'm sure you've never been this filled up." His dick did feel good but his arrogance was turning me off. He suddenly slammed his entire cock in me and I screamed in pain. "Oh yeah baby you like that huge cock don't you!" He yelled as he pumped his cock rapidly in and out. About 30 seconds later he pulled it out and shot his cum all over my face and tits. About 10 spurts of his hot sticky cum sprayed and covered me. " Have you ever seen so much cum in all your life?" he said triumphantly. I glared at him and went to clean his cum off of me. When I came back He was laying on the couch. His dick was limp. I started sucking it but it wouldn't get hard. I told him that I never came and asked if he would give me some oral so I could get off. He laughed and said he never does oral because with a dick as big as his he doesn't have to. I told him that as big as his dick was, he didn't know the first thing about fucking. "I know guys with 5 inch cocks that are 10 times better at fucking than you are!" I screamed aat him. "You can't even last 1 minute inside of a pussy and when you blow your load you can't get it up again. Now get out and take your useless cock with you. Just a lesson for you boys out there Size doesn't matter as much as you think it does. You have to be able to satisfy as well.
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Ok I have been dormant for a while so I figured id post [07 Mar 2003|01:10pm]
I have cleaned out my page and im thinking about a new story to write if anyone has Ideas let me know.
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