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Quick Update [13 Jul 2005|10:20pm]
Tuesday was awesome!! Woke up got dressed took a walk and just so happened 2 end up at Ashlyns :0) So we talked outside then she showed me her new room its soo cute then we just hungout god did i miss her. I stayed there till around 4 just bein blondes then i had a hair appt went to that came home got ready n picked up Jill aww i love her! We got to tha movies n waited for Meg to come then we went to see War Of Tha Worlds really good but confusin at first ha. Then we went to friendlys for icecream yummy then i brought Jill home and then went home myself. Today i dano wats up imma call ppl see if ne1 can do anythin cas i hate bein home alone o welll
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